Creep Week Makes As Much Sense As Jew Week

Dr. Manginalove just finished what he calls Creep Week.  This is an event he has regularly.  Dr. Manginalove having a creep week is like a white supremacist blog having a Jew week.

Imagine you went to a dating advice website, and it was filled with conspiracy theories about Jews and Blacks.  The only dating advice that website had was not to act Jewish or Black (and acting Jewish or Black was defined completely by antisemitism and racism).  That’s what Dr. Manginalove is doing with “creeps”.  (Remember that “creeps” are just men who women find unattractive and nothing else.)

Demonization of a group or groups are commonplace in dating advice. In the so called manosphere they demonize Jews and minorities.  Dr. Manginalove and other feminist purveyors of dating advice demonize unattractive men with the “creep” label.  They even demonize each other.  Their use of demonization belongs at a KKK rally not as part helping men get laid and establish relationships.

Why are purveyors of dating advice engaging in this kind of demonization?  It isn’t just a matter of demonizing people for getting in the way of their income stream.  Eben Pagan and other purely financial dating advice con artists do the least amount of demonization.  It’s because the purpose of dating advice is not helping men get laid/establish relationships, but tricking you into supporting a (totalitarian) ideology.  Since no totalitarian ideologies work, they need a demon to blame everything on.  That demon can be Jews, minorities, unattractive men, or some other group.  It all comes back to dating advice not actually being about dating but the (totalitarian) ideology of its purveyors.

Pufferfish Game

Pretty soon the new buzz in the so called manosphere will be pufferfish game.  It’s where you try to inflate yourself to take up as much room as possible because it’s alpha to take up as much room as possible.  This was the subject of today’s Dilbert comic so the so called manosphere is guaranteed to steal it.

Like everything else the so called manosphere does, it won’t work.  If the manosphere wants to take up as much space as possible, they should do what they’re already doing, being as fat as possible.

Honest Dating Advice Would Tell You To Avoid Most Women

One of the reasons why dating advice is a scam almost all of the time is the refusal to admit that most women are unsuitable for dating (and relationships).  If the purveyors of dating advice were honest, then they would tell men not to date most women.  While you can find lists of “women to avoid” on the internet and elsewhere, when it comes to brass tacks in dating advice, those women don’t exist.  (Or their situations are somehow a man’s fault so you should still date them.)

On average women are significantly more likely to have STDs, debt, a higher number of sex partners, etc., and the psychological problems associated with them than the average man is.  (This is due to the effects of the 80/20 rule.)  For the average man, most women are a losing proposition even if dating advice had a sure fire way to get them into bed/make them your girlfriend.  This is why many men have decided to go their own way/go ghost/opt out.  The value proposition for most women simply isn’t there.  Nearly all dating advice refuses to recognize this sobering fact.

Why do purveyors of dating advice refuse to admit the state of most women?  The first reason is financial.  There is no money in it.  Because telling men not to date (and by extension not get into relationships and marriages with) most women doesn’t require books, DVDs, and seminars.  It only requires a paragraph of text which can’t be sold.  The second reason is ideological.  Dating advice is used as a gateway into tricking men into various ideologies from feminism to red pill “Christianity”.  All of these ideologies are similar in that they don’t have men’s best interests in mind and that they are gynocentric.  A statement of fact such as most women are unsuitable for dating (and relationships and marriage) can not be used to trick men into gynocentric ideologies that are bad for them.  It directly contradicts their ideologies and is an admission that their ideologies are nothing but lies.

What Ever Happened To The Manosphere Invasion Of Russia?

Almost a year ago exactly, there was talk over at the RooshV forum about going en masse to some small town in Russia where they would all get laid due to the “white god” factor. Obviously, this did not happen, and as far as I can tell all talk of this died months ago.

This is another example of how the so called manosphere can only talk.  They can never act.  If you’re actually trying to get laid/get a girlfriend, then the so called manosphere has no use for you.

In the end, it is probably a good thing that the so called manosphere never went to Russia.  They probably would have missed Russia entirely, gone to Crimea, and somehow started WWIII.

PUAs Are Hiding Under Everyone’s Beds

According to this link PUAs are everywhere preying on women.  They’re in grocery stores, coffee shops, and even churches preying on women.  PUAs are even in Panera preying on women, and apparently there’s some connection to carbs.  I’m sure if I read enough of those links I would find someone talking about how PUAs are hiding under womens’ beds.

This is a lack of perspective that’s disturbing for even the so called manosphere.  I have been to grocery stores, coffee shops, churches, and Panera.  There were to PUAs there.  The only way to think otherwise is to never leave your house which is typical for the so called manosphere.  So what’s behind this (beyond that members of the so called manosphere never leave their homes)?  It’s the fake anti-gamer problem.  There’s a lot of people who want to sell game, but not red pill ideology or all of red pill ideology.  There’s Dr. NerdloveManginalove who peddles game to promote feminism.  In the case of the links above, we have people wanting to promote “red pill Christianity”.  Their problem is not with game.  It’s with the supposed lifestyle of PUAs.  (It’s an example of how moral arguments against game are useless since the “red pill Christians” don’t actually question game.)

If the “red pill Christians” were actually interested in opposing game, they would be pointing out how game is nothing but a scam started by known con artist, Eben Pagan, and how PUAs don’t leave their homes and aren’t getting laid.  The most powerful argument against game is showing that gamers are liars who don’t produce results and that many are con artists trying to get your money.  Even though I have made all this information easily accessible, the “red pill Christians” (and others like Dr. Manginalove) will never use that argument.  That is because it destroys their use of game just as much.  They can’t admit gamers outside of their ideology are liars.  They have to believe those gamers are successful for their scam to be true.  Their ideology requires the delusion that PUAs hiding under everyone’s bed successfully preying on women.

What we have here are game scams that aren’t about money, but ideology.  For the so called manosphere, the “red pill Christians”, Dr. Manginalove, and many others, money is a secondary concern.  (It’s still a concern since these people are likely to be unemployed or employed at marginal jobs that pay little.)  Their primary concern is ideology.  Dr. Manginalove is using the game scam to sell feminism.  The “red pill Christians” are using the game scam to sell their perverted form of Christianity, and so forth for other groups.  These groups use a bait and switch scam where they say they will help you get laid but really are trying to trick you into their ideology.  (Even the “red pill Christians” who don’t believe in sex before marriage are doing this.  They just replace getting laid with getting marriage which will get you laid “properly”.)

All of these groups using game to sell their respective ideologies really are the C team (as in cuckold).  They are the ones who will be holding the bag when the game scam collapses.  Eben Pagan did not make this mistake.  Since the game scam for him was all about the money, he knew that he should get out eventually.  And he did that and now is using a new age business consulting scam.  Eben Pagan isn’t blinded by ideology like the current crop of game scammers.  All of these groups are “true believers” so they will just keep on going until the collapse of the game scam destroys them.

Honesty Doesn’t Exist In The So Called Manosphere

I have said before that the so called manosphere is filled with dishonesty and fraud.  I keep getting proven right.  Roosh decided to prank the manosphere with a fake story of him getting arrested and jailed in Poland.  The members of his forum were actually stupid enough to believe this.  Roosh admitted this was a hoax.  If manospherians had any brains, they would use this opportunity to question what Roosh (and the rest of the so called manosphere) has been telling them for the last several years.  Other than a few outliers, that’s not going to happen despite all the evidence of dishonesty right in front of them.

From now on just assume that anything a manospherian says is a lie.  You have a 99.9999% chance of being correct.  I don’t know if manospherians are compulsive liars, but they sure as hell act like they are.

Conspiracy Theorists Are Objectively Pro-Feminist

I wrote back in 2011 that conspiracy theorists would turn on the MRM.  There have been examples of this I have documented in the past.  I found another good example of this at Dalrock, where they were talking about Jenny Erikson, a Christian feminist woman, who is in the process of divorcing her husband.  (Jenny Erikson is the “she” in the following comment.)

She’s the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t she? If the manosphere had tried to invent a woman to prove everything we say is true, we couldn’t have done so well.

Not saying she is. Not saying she isn’t. But it’s worth remembering that “cyberwar psy-ops” do exist. Don’t take anyone on teh Interwebz at face value.

Someone else commenting points out that it is silly for this woman to be working for the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO.  That gets this response.

Well Boxer, she does perfectly hit all of the stereotypes and memes the manosphere always discusses. Either she’s the perfect example of everything wrong with the West today because she’s followed the mass media script like a rat following the pied piper…

…or she’s a deliberate, calculating representative of the pied piper, helping to lead all the other rats astray.

Either she’s a deliberate change agent, or she is a useful idiot.

I know someone is going to bring up that these comments only say it’s “possible” that Jenny Erikson is working for the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO.  That doesn’t matter because it’s an admission that even if the conspiracy theorists don’t think this woman works for the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO, they still think there still is at least one equivalent woman doing so.

Let’s take a look at this logically beyond the conspiracy theorists’ fake rebellion against the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO and their unwillingness to see that women have agency.  The life story of Jenny Erikson may convince some women to divorce, but it most likely won’t.  As was pointed out in the comments at Dalrock, Jenny Erikson isn’t smart enough, good looking enough, slim enough and is too mediocre to convince women to divorce.  The only thing that Jenny Erikson could do is convince men to not get married at all.  She could only act an example of how capricious and evil women can be to men.  Since Jenny Erikson is a walking and talking anti-feminist billboard, how can Jenny Erikson be a “change agent” or “cyberwar psyop”?  There is only one answer to this question.

The only way for Jenny Erikson to be working for the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO is if the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO are anti-feminist.  Obviously, Jenny Erikson isn’t working for some conspiracy, but conspiracy theorists believe it’s possible which tells us what conspiracy theorists actually believe.  What conspiracy theorists believe is that anti-feminism is being promoted by the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO.  Conspiracy theorists may say that they’re against feminism, but as this analysis proves, they are objectively pro-feminist.