I’m Thankful For #GamerGate

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for #GamerGate because #GamerGate is everything the so called manosphere is not.  #GamerGate is actually anti-feminist.  #GamerGate actually does things instead of starting meaningless internet fights and trying to con men out of their money.

#GamerGate has accomplished more in 3 months than the so called manosphere could accomplish in 3 centuries.  #GamerGate’s latest accomplishment is getting the Federal Trade Commission to take action against the feminists masquerading as game journalists.  This may not seem like much, but the so called manosphere has never gotten the FTC to do anything.  Consider how much fraud and corruption feminists engage in.  Action by FTC will lead to larger actions by the FTC and other government agencies.  This is only the beginning, so this Thanksgiving be thankful for #GamerGate.

The False Accusation Bandwagon Effect

There have been a lot of sexual assault accusations against Bill Cosby recently.  Some of these go back 30 to 50 years, yet the women involved conveniently all decided to speak now.  Each new accusation against Cosby gets more and more bizarre and unbelievable involving women getting drugged and Cosby’s wife being in the next room when Cosby supposedly committed at least one of these sexual assaults.  The accusations against Cosby don’t pass the smell test especially since none of these women will take their accusations to an actual court room.  Even if statue of limitations is a problem, at least one of the accusations involves a case where it is still within the statue of limitations.  There’s also some disturbing racial aspects as, so far, all the women accusing Cosby of sexual assault are white.  It’s safe to assume that the accusations against Cosby are false.

If the accusations against Cosby are false, then how can all of these women be wrong?  The only point in common is Cosby, right?  While true, Cosby is a celebrity so people know who he is so that principle doesn’t apply.  Plus, women are known to copy other women’s stories of victimhood to make themselves victims.  Based on that alone, Cosby would have only needed to have sexually assaulted one women, or be falsely accused by one woman to get a bunch of women choosing to be “copycat victims”.  The copycat victim effect gets magnified by Cosby’s status as a celebrity so you have lots and lots of women all suddenly “discovering” they were sexually assaulted by Cosby at almost the same time.  This phenomena is the false accusation bandwagon effect where one false accusation by a woman creates more false accusations by other women.

There’s an additional factor to the false accusation bandwagon effect beyond women being copycat victims.  Even though what Cosby is accused of doing is a criminal offense, none of the alleged victims will press criminal charges.  Instead they will sue Cosby or use the threat of a law suit to extort money from Cosby.  Being a rich celebrity, Cosby likely has a large umbrella liability insurance policy.  That is where the money will come from that will be used to pay off these women, at least until the limit of the policy.  The insurance company holding Cosby’s policy isn’t interested in doing an investigation over something that happened 50 years ago.  Cosby’s insurance company will want to pay off the women accusing him as soon as they determine that the cost of paying off the women is less than the cost of litigation.  If it gets to that point, Cosby’s insurance company will force Cosby to agree to have them pay off the women or they will terminate Cosby’s policy.  Given the situation Cosby won’t be able to get an umbrella liability insurance policy from another insurance company, if Cosby chooses to fight this.  (A similar situation happened to the Frugal Gourmet in the 90s where all of a sudden as he got more popular he was accused of molestation of an increasing number of people.  No criminal charges were filed, and the Frugal Gourmet was never able to defend himself because his insurance company forced him to agree to pay off his accusers.)  As more women get on the false accusation bandwagon, the insurance company sees the cost of litigating a defense against the accusations go up until it hits the point where they think its cheaper to pay off the women.  In addition to the copycat victim problem, this creates a financial incentive for women to get on the false accusation bandwagon against Cosby.  The more women falsely accuse Cosby, the more likely all the women will get an easy pay day.

Given the financial implications, a cluster of accusations against a man especially a rich celebrity like Cosby doesn’t mean a thing.  Even without the financial incentive, women will get on the false accusation bandwagon as soon as one woman makes a false accusation against a man.

“Street Harassment” Is A Polite Term For Gang Stalking Conspiracy Theories

I realized something interesting about that New York City street harassment video.  Sure, it’s racist, and over 50% of it comes from the same intersection.  Sure, there’s a million ways in which it has been edited that makes it pure propaganda and not reality.  That has been covered elsewhere.  What I noticed is that the NYC street harassment video is incredibly similar to gang stalking videos.

The definition of gang stalking is organized staking by a group of people.  If you do some reading on it, gang stalking is the province of conspiracy theorists and other mentally ill people who think the government or the Illuminati is gang stalking them.  There are plenty of videos on youtube that supposedly document “evidence” of gang stalking.  Yet, the videos only show the supposed gang stalkers going about their business doing normal things.  The people who believe in gang stalking would have us believe that normal everyday actions by people are somehow evidence of a conspiracy against them.

In the NYC street harassment, much of the supposed street harassment are men saying things like, “Hello” and “Have a pleasant evening”.  In other words, the creator of the video would have us believe that normal everyday actions are supposed to be “street harassment”.  This is exactly like the nutjobs who believe in gang stalking who use normal everyday actions as “evidence” of gang stalking.  The entire concept of “street harassment” is just another gang stalking conspiracy theory.  It’s just a more polite term for gang stalking conspiracy theory.

We don’t trust people who believe in gang stalking conspiracy theories for good reason.  Since “street harassment” is just another gang stalking conspiracy theory, we shouldn’t believe women who believe in that as well.

Leftism In Disguise

Last Friday was Halloween, and it got me thinking of something I have noticed about the so called manosphere and related groups like the white vagina worshiping nationalists.  They all will tell you that they are right wing, but that isn’t true.  They are all leftists in disguise.

With the white vagina worshiping nationalists, they believe in Marxist redistribution of wealth just like regular socialists do.  The only difference is that the white vagina worshiping nationalists want wealth redistributed to the white proletariat instead of the entire proletariat like socialists do.  There is a reason why Nazi is short for national SOCIALISM.  Additionally, white vagina worshiping nationalists are pretty much indistinguishable from feminists.  Take that Viking Bitch woman who showed up here a while back.  If you try reading her blog, it becomes clear that she thinks of “Jews” as men and “whites” as women (even to the point where she accuses Jewish men of being obsessed with their penises).  If you removed the word, Jew, from her blog it would become indistinguishable from a feminist blog.  Even the name, “blonde gynocide” makes it indistinguishable from a feminist blog.  On top of that, she’s a single mother and defends single motherhood just like a feminist would except for using the white race as a defense for her bad choices that wreck society.

The so called manosphere also has plenty of leftism in disguise.  The Dickless Mangina Project has an author named RudyDeuceTruth who is indistinguishable from Hawaiian Fat Blob and other conspiracy theorists of the so called manosphere.  If I showed you RudyDeuceTruth’s writings without telling you it came from the Dickless Mangina Project, you would think it came from a conspiracy theorist in the so called manosphere.  This is because the conspiracy theory in the so called manosphere is completely leftist so it can be re-posted on a feminist blog without changing it one iota.  The “bad guys” in conspiracy theory are always rich capitalists (even if a conspiracy theorist believes that they’re taking direction from extraterrestrials or demons).  Even when conspiracy theorists are supposedly opposed to socialism, it’s because they believe socialism is a plot by said rich capitalists, not because they’re opposed to big government, Marxist redistribution of wealth, or actual socialist policies.

The so called manosphere also has a contingent of tradcons (traditionalist conservatives).  They are also hostile to capitalism and the free market.  Most of them will tell you that they’re opposed socialism too, but that’s because they associate socialism with being “godless” not because of actual opposition to socialist policies.  Many of the tradcons in the so called manosphere are Catholic and subscribe to “distributism”, an economic theory that grew out of Catholic social teaching.  They will use this to show that they are opposed to socialism in addition to capitalism, although distributism requires socialist policies like nationalization of banks.  Also, it grew out of Catholic social teaching which means it came from Catholic versions of social justice warriors or a Catholic form of leftism.  The Catholic Church is a very leftist organization.  The only reason people think otherwise is because of the Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion.  However, if you look at how the Catholic Church’s support for Obamacare until the church would have to pay for abortions, for example, it becomes obvious that the Catholic Church is nothing but a bunch of leftists who happen to be anti-abortion.

I had no trouble finding examples of manospherians actually explicitly agreeing with feminist ideas.  Obsidian, a major figure in the manosphere, said that white men in the manosphere were filled with privilege.  That’s exactly what a feminist would say and think.

What you see in all of these examples is trying to get men to believe in socialism, feminism, and other parts of leftism through the back door.  It’s leftism but the people promoting it disguise it with use of anti-semitism and rhetorical tricks.  That isn’t to say that these people don’t actually believe they’re right wing.  They do, but 99% of their political ideology is leftist with an attempt at putting it in a right wing costume.  And it doesn’t even work well since anti-semitism is now more associated with the left than the right now, for example.  What we are seeing here is the horseshoe theory of politics in action.  The white vagina worshipping nationalists, the so called manosphere, conspiracy theorists, and related groups moved so far to the right that they ended up adopting leftism, including feminism, wholesale.


This Could Have Been Partially Inspired By My Blog

Over at the KotakuInAction reddit, there’s a page about Anita Sarkeesian’s connections to online marketing scams.  It references the Scamworld video and even mentions Eben Pagan/David DeAngelo and game.  With that last part, it’s like the reddit entry could have been partially inspired by my page on The Syndicate.

Was part of the reddit entry inspired by this blog?  Probably not, but that doesn’t matter.  My ideas are based on observing reality.  That’s why someone on the KotakuInAction reddit can come up with the same conclusions as me.  Typically, I just get there first.  It’s frustrating waiting for others to catch up, but over time more and more men will come around to my thinking.  A man who is dealing with reality and not a mangina can’t help it.

There Is No Such Thing As Extremism When Defending WizardChan

One of the things that preceded #GamerGate was Zoe Quinn’s invasion of WizardChan where she falsely accused them of attacking her so that she and her personal army could harass and abuse them.  As we know, the wizards are suffering from depression, and there’s a suicide hotline on every page at WizardChan for good reason.  There are rumors that Zoe Quinn’s invasion was enough to push several wizards over the edge to commit suicide.  What Zoe Quinn did was effectively a form of murder.  You would think one invasion would be enough for them.  It turns out that it isn’t.

First, we have Arthur Chu, the Jeopardy champion who went full mangina at the beginning of #GamerGate, trying to tie Elliot Rodger to WizardChan and encouraging more invasions of WizardChan.

This even got people outside of WizardChan riled up enough to report these tweets to Twitter.  That’s how disgusting this is.  But, it doesn’t stop there.  Gawker has also declared war on WizardChan (link is NSFW) and is leading a campaign against adult male virgins and men with autism.

Reading about these new attacks on WizardChan has made me so fucking angry.  It’s made me angrier than anything else has in years.  It’s like watching a group of thugs go around and beat up disabled elderly people in wheelchairs.  I’m sure more wizards will commit suicide as a result of this.  If I was a family member of a wizard that committed suicide after today, I would immediately start a wrongful death lawsuit against Zoe Quinn, Arthur Chu, Gawker Media, and any other publicly known individual or corporation that supports attacks on WizardChan.  If any wizard commits suicide after today, they are all responsible and must be held accountable.

Another thing to consider is that these attacks on WizardChan aren’t simply a matter of opportunism.  If you look at the collection of people opposed to #GamerGate, it includes (supposedly former) supporters of Nazism.  While they may have technically given up the Nazism, it’s likely that they’re still fine with causing the deaths of men they consider inferior like the wizards.  Because of this, there is no such thing as being too extreme when it comes to defending WizardChan.  The wizards simply want to be left alone.  I intend to use everything available at my disposal to help the noble cause of protecting WizardChan.  Everyone reading this should do the same.

Impotent Threats

There’s a hashtag called #NeverKissAGamer that got started by some mangina opposed to #GamerGate.  Looking at the tweets for it, #NeverKissAGamer has been turned into a joke which makes sense because it is a joke.

When I first heard of it, my first thought was, “how are women going to not kiss me more than they do now?”  It’s not like women can kiss me less than zero times.  It’s an impotent threat.

You may say that while it is true for me, most gamers aren’t kissless virgins so it wouldn’t be an impotent threat for them.  The fact is that it is an impotent threat to them as well.  Most people don’t make dating, sex, and relationship decisions based on politics and ideology.  And when they do, they don’t do it long term.  This is an impotent threat even for a gamer that has a harem of women.

A central fallacy of dating advice, or even just dating, sex, and relationship issues in general, that most people engage in is deriving their ideas on the subject from their preferred political ideology and not observation and scientific testing.  This is true in the so called manosphere, on Dr. Manginalove’s website, feminist websites, etc.  (This is a subject I will discuss more at some point in the future.)  Thus, all these groups think that they can make threats to men denying them dating, sex, & relationships based on their political ideology.  Since people almost never base their dating/sex/relationship lives on a political agenda, such threats are impotent.