The Man-0-Sphere Is Paranoid

Lots of people don’t understand the damage conspiracy theory can do to a person’s mind.  When a conspiracy theorist lunatic starts talking about the Rockefellers, the Illuminati, or even the Jews, many people don’t have much of a reaction since the Rockefellers, etc. are far away, non-existent in the case of the Illuminati, or just too vague in the case Jews or Rockefellers.  Conspiracy theorists don’t just attack nebulously defined groups.  They attack individuals.  Birtherism is the best example of this.  Conspiracy theorist attacks on individuals aren’t just against public figures like Barack Obama.  Go to conspiracy theorists blogs and forums, and there will lots of accusations against various readers of those blogs and forums of being disinformation agents.  Conspiracy theory doesn’t just lead to paranoia about groups or public figures, but to neighbors and other relatively unimportant individuals.  Paranoia about groups and public figures go hand in hand with paranoia against no name individuals.

As the man-0-sphere is filled with conspiracy theory, it shares this pervasive paranoia.  Many of them believe that anyone who disagrees with game is the same person.  Forne-darmu thinks Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech and I are the same person.  Susan Walsh has repeatedly lied about me and other people and even pushed conspiracy theories that PMAFT, TFH, and I were in league to depopulate the world.  Knowing that the man-0-sphere is this paranoid, I wasn’t surprised to find out Susan Walsh has gotten more paranoid against other man-o-spherians.  The first was about man-0-spherian, Bastiat Blogger.

Speaking of former soldiers, Susan Walsh claimed that bastiat blogger, a frequent and eloquent commenter at HUS (and now justfourguys) and a former SEAL, was a hoax and the main reason for shutting down her comments and doing the reboot. She claimed that a reader (or readers) sent her info proving that the good looking man in the gravatar photo was not him and that his stories were fake. Susan is very prone to making false accusations and wild emotional proclamations that are not based in any reality but her own solipsistic self righteousness. Once again, she has tried to unjustly stick the knife into a male commenter (like she falsely accused Desiderius).

Bastiat has put up this post, basically proving that he is the guy in the photo by showing the scar he has (in the “hot” picture that Susan claims is not him).

So Susan has been caught in her false accusation and made to look the fool once more.

Bastiat also adds in this current picture with a nice F U to Susan et al. for accusing him of being a catfish hoaxer. Notice the same scar between his eyes as in the more “professional” picture at his blog?

Susan Walsh’s insane paranoid is limited to Bastiat Blogger.  She also accused several man-0-spherians associated with the dalrock blog of threatening to murder her and her family.

Susan is very prone to making false accusations and wild emotional proclamations that are not based in any reality but her own solipsistic self righteousness. Once again, she has tried to unjustly stick the knife into a male commenter.

I must agree earnestly with your assessment.

Earlier this year, Susan Walsh claimed that several regular commenters on this blog had threatened the health and safety of her family during the holiday season, 2012. She posted those accusations repeatedly on her blog, even alluding to some sort of grand conspiracy orchestrated by the author/editor(s) of dalrock blog.

I appeared, asking for evidence of this, on her “hooking up smart” blog, which is where she was seeking sympathy and attention. She had repeatedly written that these threats were made here on dalrock, and went so far as to claim the threats were still online.

While I was skeptical, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, and I would have openly mocked and laughed at anyone who made kooky threats toward her and her husband and children.

When I asked for a link to these threats to murder/rape/harm her, she first waffled, then told me to search for them myself, then finally she deleted my request for evidence, claiming that I was a dalrock bot and alluding to the fact that I was a dangerous person myself.

The conclusion I came to is that anyone who mildly disagrees with Ms. Walsh in an internet argument runs the risk of later being rewritten as a “stalker/rapist/murderer” by this attention-whoring perpetual victim. Most of her accusations seem to be fantasies which exist only between her ears, and I’d urge any of her readers to be skeptical of any further accusations by her, without some corroborating evidence.

The exchange did leave me with a great deal of sympathy for her husband and children. I can’t imagine having to deal with such a nutcase on a daily basis, and I’m sure her family suffers regularly from her “creative” historical revisionism.

What we have here is a repeated pattern of insanity and paranoia from Susan Walsh similar to other individuals in the man-0-sphere.  Being in the man-0-sphere makes a person paranoid against anyone and everyone including other man-0-spherians.

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16 responses to “The Man-0-Sphere Is Paranoid

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  2. Susan Walsh is a Zionist troll. It is obvious to anyone that her only purpose is to distract everyone from the machinations of the Jews. Her obviously illogical and contradictory statements are evidence that she doesn’t really believe what she is saying. I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy, just one Zionist troll acting like a Zionist troll.

  3. This is not one of the usual targets we talk about but check this out BP. There is a comic writer named Brian Wood who is well known for being feminist. He always has feminist stories and makes a big deal about collaborating with women. He gives interviews talking about feminism in the comic industry and in his comic stories, and is the darling of female comic fans as a result.

    Check out this story that came out about him recently. This time long is a bit long and detailed but easy to read and grasp:

    TLDR version: he shows signs of being the comic world’s equivalent of Hugo Schwyzer. He’s a guy who has been using feminist posturing as a way to get pussy from a certain demographic of women.

    And of course since this combines feminism and the geek community, our friend Nerdlove weighs in:

    • Speaking of GLP, I’d love to see BP discuss him too sometime. He last discussed him a while ago, when rightfully mocking him for calling Newt Gingrinch a gamer.

      His newest delusion of grandeur has been to fancy himself an investigative journalist, but his mission is to prove that all black people who die at the hands of a white person somehow deserve it. He had some weird 8 week mission of proving Trayvon Martin was a thug that deserved to die, and kept people updated on the status of his “investigation.” He recently started doing the same to the recently killed black girl Renisha McBride, actively trolling major black journalists with his theories as to why she probably deserved it, then of course acting shocked and portraying himself as a misunderstood victim speaking truth to power when people respond to his asshole trollery negatively.

  4. and notice how GL was obsessed with Zimmerman/Martin but not a peep about his recent troubles…

    guess he can’t weave it into his HBD, lazy white guy who didn;t wind up a millionaire because affirmative action narrative….

    …or he got bored with Don-0-van and wants Marcotte to peg him

  5. I agree with you in condemning the manosphere, but you don’t see who the enemy behind it is, it’s the Jews. Jews did the manosphere, and they did it because it is the other side of their coin in the war against all non-Jews as stated in the Jew Talmud, to weaken the enemy by promoting strife within the family of the enemy race. Look at all the manosphere people, they are all Jews, except for Roosh who is a Turk. Roissy is a Jew. Sailer is a Jew. Wiesberg is a Jew. Matt Forney is a Jew. hbd chick and Cochran are both Jews. Half Sigma is a Jew. I’m not entirely sure about Ed Realist, but I smell a Jew there to. The editors of the spearhead magazine are obviously Jewish, just look at how many articles they print about Israel. The Red Pill Reddit was originally founded by a Jew, and they delete all posts that address the Jewish question. Lawrance Auster is a Jew convert to Christianity. The woman who used to write the “Thingsmyboyfriendsays” blog(not part of the manosphere per se, but a major meeting place for manospherians) implied many times that she was a Jew. American Renaissance magazine is also Jewish controlled. Captain capitalism is a Jew. Rational Male is a Jew.

  6. I used to regularly check her blog out and she seemed to have gone off the deep end. Stopped going their quite a while ago when she stopped telling it like it is and started trying to soften everything down to meaningless drivel.

  7. BlackPill, you will love this comment I found in the trash can over at AVfM:

    Perhaps you aren’t a virgin, but your commander Black Pill is. He alone generates all your twisted anti-game ideas. Then you and your friends like Jalon launder them through yourselves in the failed hope men won’t catch on that anti-game is the verbal diarrhea of a bitter loser virgin. We have caught on. We know better than to think that liberals, conservatives, WNs, and gamers all worship pussy. All four groups are getting laid more than you and your commander.

    You can’t deny that you launder anti-game because you did it in the first comment and even gave credit to Black Pill for the original anti-game.

    Apparently you now invented anti-game (as we know everyone on the planet subscribes to game, and before you came along nobody doubted it). It seems you taught and commanded me and Aaron into anti-game – you are our dark overlord master you :D

    • Perhaps you used a time-machine to achieve this feat as well? :D Is this time-machine in the same basement as the millions of super-computers you have running game-denier sock-puppet accounts in the world.

      • Yes, I used a time machine. It’s located in my mom’s basement with the billions of supercomputers I have running anti-game sock puppets. Even though I have a time machine and billions of supercomputers that can control the stock market and the entire economy, I am a loser stuck living in my mom’s basement.

        At least that is what the (Roissyite) gamers think.

    • Was that a comment on this link ( I can’t find the comment there.

      One thing I was surprised by at that link was how there are sill gamers at AVFM trying to convince AVFM that game works. You think they would have given up on it by now.

      Apparently you now invented anti-game (as we know everyone on the planet subscribes to game, and before you came along nobody doubted it). It seems you taught and commanded me and Aaron into anti-game – you are our dark overlord master you :D

      (Roissyite) gamers are so conspiratorial that they think anti-game is a thing. It’s not. It’s the default state of humanity. And because they are so conspiratorial, they think anyone opposed to game is part of a hierarchical organization. If they think I’m such a loser, why am I the “commander”?

      • One thing I was surprised by at that link was how there are sill gamers at AVFM trying to convince AVFM that game works. You think they would have given up on it by now.

        I’m surprised to. The game shills have died down around here, so I thought they were done for the most part. Now all we get here are the antisemites and the racists.

        • Actually they died down around AVfM too – you have to take things into perspective.

          1) Two years ago – back in the original game-debate, there was at least 1000% more of them spamming the comments.

          2) The few who are spamming the comments now are new to this whole thing (except for 1 guy). In other words, they’re people who only recently discovered this part of the internet or avfm – so some of them aren’t yet clear/or know what the general consensus/atmosphere is around avfm/mra yet.

          AVfM hasn’t directly broached the subject in over two years, yet gamers have steered clear from spamming it since the defeat 2 years ago was so colossal. So AVfM hasn’t even had to run any anti-game pieces in a while – Aaron is just doing a refresh now, so its triggering some newbie gamer-bots into fierce spam-mode.

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