Hitler Screwed Up Female Plans For Male Genocide

Women want most men dead.  There is plenty of evidence for this such as the #KillAllMen and #KillMostMen Twitter hashtags.  Women regularly talk about how they want to reduce the male population to between 1% and 10% of what it is now.  There’s the SCUM Manifesto which advocated eliminating the male genderA Voice For Men exposed RadFemHub’s desire to mass murder men.

The desire to kill most men isn’t limited to feminists, radical or mainstream.  Most women want to see most men dead.  They just have different ideas about what group they want to survive.  (Typically, it maps to whatever group of men a woman finds attractive.)  However, the average woman usually won’t describe it in feminist terms so it’s not as obvious.  Red pill woman, SunshineMary called for the death of all non-Christian men.

I see that SunshineMary is posting all about “allies” and “morality”.

Here is what she wrote to PUA’s on her site, after mentioning them as possible “allies”:

The minute we have driven off our common enemy, it is my hope that the men of the tribe of Christ will kill your kind

What red pill woman, SunshineMary, wants is to eliminate most men through attrition.  That way she can have men do all the killing and can maintain plausible deniability.  (You can think of this as the mirror reflection of the “I was just following orders” excuse that was used by many Nazis at Nuremberg.)  SunshineMary doesn’t explicitly call for the death of most men here.  Yet, that is the result of what she wants.  Don’t be fooled because she defines this first as Christians and PUAs vs. everyone else and then Christians vs. PUAs (and presumably anyone else who survived).  SunshineMary is calling for the death of most men just like a feminist is but with slightly different terms.  This is similar to how most women want most men (i.e. the men they find unattractive) dead but don’t define their desires in terms of explicit misandry.

I know I’m going to get people saying, “Well, most men want most women dead too”.  That is not true.  For example, Stalin was a man yet his purges disproportionately murdered men.  Stalin’s purges were effectively very feminist.  Men don’t have the desire the genocide women as the example of Stalin demonstrates.  Yet, the reverse is horrifyingly true.

There have been many genocides throughout history from the Holocaust, the Holodomor, the Genocide of the Armenians, and others.  What was unique about the Holocaust is that it forced the world to take notice of genocide.  Hitler once said that no one remembered the genocide of the Armenians which happened only a few decades before the Holocaust, and he was right.  The Holocaust forced us to see the reality of genocide.  It didn’t stop genocides from never happening again, but we know how to recognize them now.  The Holocaust was the Streisand Effect of genocides.

Because the Holocaust forced us to witness the horrific reality of genocide, we can recognize women’s desires to genocide most men for what they are.  We get the benefit of knowing that women want us dead.  Otherwise we wouldn’t know until we all ended up in concentration camps for unattractive men.  This has made it more difficult for women to see their genocidal desires implemented.  In other words, Hitler screwed up female plans to genocide most of us men.

Honest Dating Advice Would Tell You To Avoid Most Women

One of the reasons why dating advice is a scam almost all of the time is the refusal to admit that most women are unsuitable for dating (and relationships).  If the purveyors of dating advice were honest, then they would tell men not to date most women.  While you can find lists of “women to avoid” on the internet and elsewhere, when it comes to brass tacks in dating advice, those women don’t exist.  (Or their situations are somehow a man’s fault so you should still date them.)

On average women are significantly more likely to have STDs, debt, a higher number of sex partners, etc., and the psychological problems associated with them than the average man is.  (This is due to the effects of the 80/20 rule.)  For the average man, most women are a losing proposition even if dating advice had a sure fire way to get them into bed/make them your girlfriend.  This is why many men have decided to go their own way/go ghost/opt out.  The value proposition for most women simply isn’t there.  Nearly all dating advice refuses to recognize this sobering fact.

Why do purveyors of dating advice refuse to admit the state of most women?  The first reason is financial.  There is no money in it.  Because telling men not to date (and by extension not get into relationships and marriages with) most women doesn’t require books, DVDs, and seminars.  It only requires a paragraph of text which can’t be sold.  The second reason is ideological.  Dating advice is used as a gateway into tricking men into various ideologies from feminism to red pill “Christianity”.  All of these ideologies are similar in that they don’t have men’s best interests in mind and that they are gynocentric.  A statement of fact such as most women are unsuitable for dating (and relationships and marriage) can not be used to trick men into gynocentric ideologies that are bad for them.  It directly contradicts their ideologies and is an admission that their ideologies are nothing but lies.

Women Lie About Being Persecuted Just Like Conspiracy Theorists

With the presidential election just a couple of days away here in the US, those of us in the US are getting bombarded with political advertisements via mail, radio, TV, internet, etc.  A lot of these advertisements basically say women are being persecuted by evil men or will be if anyone but Obama gets elected president.  It’s all lies.  Both Obama and Romney are working for women.  One example of these ads involves a bunch of women talking about how [insert politician here] is going to take away their “choices” and doesn’t respect their “constitutional rights”.  In reality this isn’t going to happen.  I wish it was.  I wish that the politician these women are attacking really was bold and courageous enough to stand up to women, but that isn’t the case.  On top of that, these women are hypocrites.  They work to take away my choices and the choices of other men and to take away my constitutional rights and the constitutional rights of other men for real.  Even if I hadn’t read about PMAFT’s suggested voting strategy, I would vote for whoever they are attacking.  I would vote for that person even if they were the devil for the same reason that Winston Churchill would support the devil if Hitler invaded Hell.

Whether it’s that female political ad or the many others, they all the same thing, that (a significant percentage of) men are conspiring against women.  Most people reading this know that’s a lie, but the evidence that it is a lie is the fact that women can get on a multitude of media to say men are conspiring against them.  If (a significant percentage of) men were really conspiring against women, then women wouldn’t be allowed to say so on national TV, radio, the internet, etc.  The opposite would not be allowed to happen.  Just try getting a commercial shown on national TV that shows the truth that women are oppressing (non-alpha) men.  You won’t get anywhere.  Women are persecuting (non-alpha) men and lying about men persecuting them.  This is another example of how women project their own ideology and behavior on to men.

Who else lies about being persecuted?  Conspiracy theorists.  No one should be surprised by this similarity.  Women believe that (a significant percentage of) men are conspiring against them just like how conspiracy theorists think that the Federal Reserve or the government or the Rockefellers are conspiring against them.  Conspiracy theorists lie about the government persecuting them all the time.  Women are choosing to be conspiracy theorists when it come to men so it’s natural that they would lie about being persecuted just like conspiracy theorists lie about being persecuted.

What Is With Women Who Say They Support Me?

There are three groups of women who come to my blog.  The first are women who hate me and come to attack me.  The invasion from Manboobz due to my post about how dating advice doesn’t need female approval is a good example of this.  They are the largest group of women who come here.  The second group is female MRAs, like Hestia, Laura Grace Robbins, etc.  They aren’t around that often because usually there isn’t a reason for them to be here, and they are so few in number.  They are the smallest group who come here.  There is a third group that comes here that’s slightly bigger than the female MRAs.  These are women who say that they support me, but who aren’t female MRAs.  The most recent example is a woman using the username, kotoula01.  Read what she said.

Jeezuz, that last post by Martian Bachelor about the New Aristocrats was spot on! I am a 46 yo mother of 5 sons in their 20s. I adore my sons absolutely. They struggle and have to work at such physically difficult jobs because they are men, and it’s ‘expected’ of them. I ask them ” have you met any nice girls lately” and the answer is always the same: ‘there are no nice girls mom, only sluts’ That is sad.

Femcunt has to realize that a new class of people has been given special privileges such as outlined in this description of the New Aristocrats, and it is patently unfair and I don’t blame men like Black Pill for raging against this. I have no idea where my sons are going to find good women, feminine women to settle down with and make families. Not in this country (Canada) that’s for sure. They certainly realize the dangers of spreading their seed in the wrong place…and how they will lose everything if they piss off the wrong female.

Black Pill, I do agree with your position and I’m glad you’re trying to raise awareness. It’s a friggen uphill battle.

Sounds good, right?  Not so fast.  I did a search of her username and found her blogger account.  From reading the blogs that she follows from her blogger profile, I found out what she is really about.  Most of the blogs that she follows are of no consequence, but there are conspiracy theorist blogs like “NWO Intel Briefing”, a paleo diet blog called “The Paleo Diet”, and a couple of Roissyite game blogs including Athol Kay’s BS.  She’s really about Roissyite game, the paleo diet, and conspiracy theory.  Even from her comment you can tell what she’s really worried about is not getting any grandchildren, not her sons.

In the archives of this blog are the occasional comment from a woman like kotoula01.  I also have gotten the rare email via the contact from from women like this.  Typically, they didn’t keep their motivations hidden like kotoula01 did.  These women fell into three groups.

  1. White supremacists and other Jew haters who blamed the Jews for feminism.  They tried to convince me the problem was really non-white women, and anything a white woman may have done to me was really because they were tricked by Jews.  The implication of that is that I shouldn’t hold white women responsible for their actions despite their guilt and hatred for me.  These women were trying to recruit me into anti-semitism.
  2. Conspiracy theorists who blamed the Rockefellers or some other conspiracy theorist mythical evil for feminism.  They tried to convince me that the problem was some sort of shadowy conspiracy so women were really tricked by the Rockefellers or whoever else they think is “really” behind feminism.  The implication was the same as the Jew haters in that I shouldn’t hold women responsible because it’s “not their fault”.  These women were trying to recruit me into conspiracy theory.
  3. Traditionalist conservatives who blamed “liberals” for feminism.  These women might actually fall into one of the other groups, but I never talked to them long enough to find out.  They might have a point in that feminism started out in the left side of politics, but feminism is really the ideology of women and women’s interests so that makes that irrelevant.  Like most MRAs in the last few years, I have realized that traditional conservatives are just as feminist as their liberal counterparts.  These women were trying to recruit me into traditional conservatism.

All three groups of women are effectively lying about being anti-feminist.   None of them are willing to hold women accountable for their actions.  (This makes them completely different from true female MRAs.)  They are all trying to transfer responsibility to some irrelevant third party whether its the Jews, the Rockefellers, liberals, or someone else.  It’s all somebody else’s fault to them.

I’m actually insulted by their attempts to recruit me into their alternate forms of feminism.  They think that I must be so desperate for female attention that I will go along with their crap just to have contact with a woman.

Some of you think that I’m being too harsh on these women and throwing away potential allies for no reason.  The problem with that is that these women are offering me absolutely nothing.  Even if I was inclined to believe that any of these scapegoats was really responsible for women’s bad, immoral, and in many cases illegal behavior, why should I?  Is my life going to be better for believing the Jews or the Rockefellers or whoever else is responsible for feminism?  No.  It’s not going to stop women from trying to destroy my job/business, steal my assets, and steal my freedom.  Are these groups going to protect me from that in any way?  No.  Do any of these groups women who are truly not feminist?  No.  The truth is that joining up with any of these groups would just put me into a position for more women to attack me.

What would happen if I joined any of these groups?  If I joined the Jew haters, eventually I would be attacked for not doing my “duty to the white race” since I wouldn’t be getting married to a female white supremacist and having white children.  Even if I wanted to do that, the Jew hating women would still hate me and not want anything to do with me.  I would also be attacked for not accepting these women’s past as sluts and man haters since I would hold these women accountable for their actions and not blame the Jews.  If I joined the conspiracy theorists, eventually I would be attacked for not doing my “duty” to fight the (non-existent) “depopulation agenda” by getting married and having children.  Like with the Jew haters, the conspiracy theorist women wouldn’t marry me because they sill hate me and not want anything to do with me.  I would be attacked here as well for not accepting these women’s pasts and holding them accountable for their actions instead of blaming the Rockefellers or whoever else the conspiracy theorists want to blame this week.  If I joined the traditionalist conservatives, eventually I would be attacked for not doing my “duty to God” since I wouldn’t be getting married and having children just like with the Jew haters and the conspiracy theorists.  The problem is the same since traditionalist conservative women will still hate me and not want anything to do with me.  Again, I would be attacked for not accepting these women’s past and holding them accountable for their actions instead of blaming “liberals”.  All these groups make a big deal about being “pro-family” so that means I would end up a pariah because there is no way I could form a “family”.

If I were to join any of these groups, it would be a completely one sided relationship where they benefit 100%, and I would never benefit.  These women aren’t potential allies.  They are parasites with their own anti-male agenda.

The Edge Of The MDAD

The Spearhead had a post today about how foreign women aren’t necessarily better than American/Western women.  A common myth out there is that women from outside North America or the West are somehow better than women from North America and the West.  As the post from The Spearhead shows this isn’t the case.  Women are the same everywhere.  Expating to find a woman is a stupid idea.  (Expating for other reasons isn’t.)

As I was writing the previous paragraph I realized that pursing foreign women is a part of the MDAD, the Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction.  Telling a man to look for a woman outside the West is effectively dating advice.  Just like with other dating advice, it doesn’t deal with the real problem, the depraved nature of women.  The foreign women are better myth exists at the edge of the MDAD.  It is different from the rest of the MDAD in that, it admits some truth about how North American/Western women are depraved, (which is different from the rest of the MDAD which refuses to admit any truth about women) but it uses that truth to distract men from the same depraved nature of women everywhere else.  The distraction that the “foreign women are better” myth causes is no different from the rest of the MDAD so it is just another part of the MDAD.

Why Do I Care About Gamers, Conspiracy Theorists, Etc.?

This post is an exact copy of this page.  I have disabled comments here so that all comments will end up on the page and not on this post.  If you want to comment, leave your comments here.  If you want to link to this be sure to link to the page and not this post.

I get asked from time to time why do I spend so much time on gamers, conspiracy theorists, paleo dieters, etc.  Here is the latest example of this.

Why the hostility towards gamers? If you think that they are worthless and not getting laid, why not just move along? Attention whore? Beta who doesn’t like getting called beta? I really don’t get it. I could give a shit what you think but I am curious, now that I stumbled upon your blog…

There’s only one reason I care about any of these lunatics.  They are invading the mens rights movement.  That’s it.  I’m opposed to the white supremacists invading the MRM for the same reason.  The only reason I even know that there is something called game (much less Roissyite game) or something called the paleo diet is because these lunatics invaded the MRM.  (Obviously, I was aware of conspiracy theorists before my involvement with the MRM.)  I would not have searched them out or even come up with ideas so insane to be able to search them out.

When it comes to conspiracy theorists, I have seen them invade other online communities so I know the result of their invasion.  I have seen forums and blogs on subjects ranging from aviation to video games get ruined by conspiracy theorists who decided to invade them.  In the end the people who came to the forum or blog for aviation, video games, or whatever the actual subject was eventually left since they got tired of arguing against conspiracy theorists.  When enough sane people leave, these blogs and forums get ceded to conspiracy theorists.  While annoying, there are other forums for subjects like video games and aviation.  However, there is only one MRM so if we lose it to the conspiracy theorists, it is gone forever.  Thus we must fight for the MRM against the conspiracy theorists and anyone else who is invading the MRM.

Gamers, conspiracy theorists, paleo dieters, etc. also contribute nothing to the MRM except problems.  There is no benefit to their presence in the MRM.  They don’t do anything for further the cause of mens rights.  (This is not surprising as they have problems holding down jobs and just leaving their houses.)  They don’t even actually believe in mens rights.  They are invading the MRM to look for chumps to run their scams on.  That’s it.  Their presence in the MRM causes huge problems.  They push out sane anti-feminist men and give ammo to the enemies of the MRM by tying us down with insane ideas that have no relevance to the MRM like racism and conspiracy theory.  These people are useless and an albatross around the MRM’s neck.  The more of them we push out of the MRM the better.

I have noticed how whenever the question of why I care about gamers, conspiracy theorists, the paleo diet, etc. comes up there is always an attempt to paint me (or anyone else who is against them) as irrationally hostile and angry and attacking them for no reason.  Like above, I’m asked why don’t I “move along”.  The gamers, conspiracy theorists, paleo dieters, etc. are like burglars who break into your house.  When you realize your house has been broken into, you get your gun, find the burglars and order them to leave, but they respond with, “Why are you so hostile?  We haven’t done anything to you?  Why are you pointing a loaded gun at us?”  That’s the equivalent of the invaders behavior.  They are burglars who are trying to rob the MRM’s “house”.  I can’t “move along” just as I refuse to give up my house to burglars.

I want to see the MRM succeed.  The only way for the MRM to succeed is to get rid of the gamers, conspiracy theorists, paleo dieters, white supremacists, and anyone else who is invading the MRM to run a scam.  If all the invaders would leave the MRM alone, I wouldn’t talk about them anymore and move on to other ways to advance mens rights.

The Experience Of Richard Jewell

I was going to write a post on what I am calling, “The Feminist Time Machine”, today, but The Spearhead had a post about Richard Jewell that is relevant to some of the things we have recently been discussing here.  The Feminist Time Machine Post will be up in a couple of days.

Richard Jewell was the hero who saved many people during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta when he discovered a suspicious backpack which had a bomb in it.  Jewell got the backpack away from everyone else at great risk to himself.  How was Jewell rewarded for his act of heroism?  He was investigated, tracked, searched, and harassed by law enforcement for months.  He also experiences a “trial by media” being viciously and constantly attacked by the media.  The media decided to attack him because he was male, single, had no girlfriend, unattractive, and supposedly a “loner”.  These were aspects of Jewell’s life that were used to attack him.

The way Jewell was attacked by the media was completely based on the perceptions of women of him.  Otherwise, the media would have used aspects of Jewell’s life other than his being single/lack of a girlfriend/unattractive/supposedly being a loner to attack him or not attack him at all.  Effectively, Jewell was attacked by women or by men acting on the behalf of women since the only things that could be said to be “wrong” with him were based on female values.

The Spearhead article had the following to say about the media’s treatment of Jewell and many other men.

What do we have now and what have we seen up to this point but anything less than blatant SHAMING of men in the news whether (or not) rightly charged with a crime, infidelity, etc. whether the man is a famous movie star or some railway worker from Pennsylvania “threatening” his ex-wife. It is “sensational” to report not the facts of each story but the juicy stuff such as some guy’s allegedly “violent” past, his poor luck with girlfriends or lack-thereof, things he said in anger, crap his “friends” say about him now that he’s in the news, and even the word of ex-wives that typically paint him in a bad light no matter what he has (or hasn’t) done. The man in the news for the slightest accusation or “suspicion” is painted with a tar brush in blatantly biased stories that would make a 1940s Nazi propagandist drool with envy. Now my friends, name one female of the species who has been treated by the modern western media in such a way…..

Many of you may think that since that you have gotten laid or have had a girlfriend, that there is a limit on the amount of bad things that can happen to you because of women.  Many of you may think that you can never have the problems I have, for example.  However, Richard Jewell was not a virgin.  He had a girlfriend before.  This did not stop the media from attacking him as if he was a virgin like me.  Even if you have had sex/had a girlfriend before, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had sex enough/had enough girlfriends.  You can still have your life destroyed by women and manginas because you’re not an alpha.

What Would You Do If A Woman Showed Interest In You?

I have been asked the question, “What would you do if a woman showed interest in you?”  Putting aside how that will probably never happen, I wouldn’t trust her.  It would be strange that after being treated like a leper by women for my entire life since puberty, that one woman would suddenly think different.  Chances are she’s up to no good.  I found a link about a woman who married a man who is a good man and a good provider, but fucks other men who are the actual fathers of her children that shows that I would be right.  This cunt’s own words show how evil she is.

Nature wants us to mate with strong, virile men who can beat the shit out of the other men, have strong immune systems and produce the highest quality DNA sperm. But these types of testosterone driven men rarely, if ever, make good long-term partners.

My husband is a sensitive caring man with soft features. The men who fathered my children are much better looking, more masculine, and healthier than my hubby. If you were to ever meet my husband, you would agree that he is not the ideal man to mate with, but he would be a good dad.

It’s clear that this cunt doesn’t consider her husband to be a man.

Yes, he is one of the nicest and most emotionally available men I’ve ever known. If he were a woman he would be my best friend. He is a great husband. I would venture to say that most women would never even think about cheating on him. I do not expect him to be a stallion in bed like my lovers, but he is ok. When we have sex (these days about once a month or so), I don’t mind it.

She also won’t let him have sex with other women.  Only she gets the privledge of sex with others.

An open relationship with my husband? No way. One of the main reasons I married him is his ability to provide me and my children with the resources we need. I don’t want to share my husband’s time and money with other women. That is out of the question.

Here comes the reason why I’m using this example.

I seriously doubt my husband has ever been unfaithful. It is not the way he is. He was a virgin until we started dating. He was 36 when I took his virginity. He has never been the player type and I can tell he embraces being married and “off-limits.”

What this cunt did was find a well off virgin to steal from.  She has comitted paternity fraud and is a thief.  She is a criminal but more evil.  The man this cunt victimized thinks he has a family.  He doesn’t.  He has another man’s children and a criminal cunt and whore in the house he pays for.

As I said at the beginning I doubt that any woman will actually ever show interest in me, but if it does happen I know the truth.  Since I know the truth, I will not let what happend to the above cunt’s husband happen to me.

An Example Of Why You Should Hide Your Virginity IRL

For all of you virgin men out there like me you should never let anyone know that you are a virgin.  Lie about it.  Do whatever it takes although there are many cases where less is more since most people aren’t thinking about your sex life.  Here’s an example of why you should never let anyone know you’re a virgin in real life.

A HOSPITAL worker was so upset after being branded a 35-year-old virgin that he left his job claiming sex discrimination.

Frenchman Christophe Lepeltier said his life was made a misery by a whispering campaign at Lothian Health Board.

The cleaner, who worked at Edinburgh’s Eye Pavilion, was the butt of jokes about his sexuality, his nationality and claims that he had HIV.

He moved to another hospital – but found that the bizarre rumours had got there ahead of him.

Yesterday, an employment tribunalwas told Lepeltier wanted to claim sexual and racial discrimination against the health boardBut they said his allegations didn’t amount to discrimination and threw them out.

Lepeltier, who says he has had sex, told the hearing colleagues had made jokes about ‘sacrificing’ a 35–year-old virgin.

He said when he moved from the pavilion to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, staff already knew all about him and believed he was a virgin.

And he accused colleagues of playing a trick on him and spreading the rumours. Lepeltier, who is originally from Normandy, said workmates brought a woman known as the X-ray Lady to the hospital and got him to walk past her.

The woman – said to be able to diagnose illnesses by looking at people – allegedly said Lepeltier was HIV-positive.

The Frenchman, who has lived here for 10 years, said he found the claims distressing.

He told the pre-tribunal hearing in Edinburgh: ‘They were always making sexual comments, claiming that I had never slept with a woman.

‘One colleague used to say she would like to sacrifice a 35 year-old virgin Frenchman.

‘She and other members of staff would make comments about me being a virgin.

‘They were constantly talking about it. They’d mention my nationality as well.’

Lepeltier, who represented himself, left without comment after the tribunal refused him a full hearing.

There you have it.  Even a man who isn’t a virgin is having his life ruined due to accusations of virginity.  The “sacrifice a virgin” cracks were jokes but don’t think that really can’t happen in the future.  I have speculated that in the future so many people will have STDs that virgin men will be blamed as a scapegoat.  Back in Nazi Germany men would have their pants pulled down to see if they were circumcised and thus Jewish.  The same thing could happen to virgin men in the future but instead of checking for herpes.  If you don’t have herpes you’re a virgin.  What comes next?  Perhaps those “virgin sacrifices” they keep joking about.

Sounds pretty insane, right?  The propaganda against virgin men is relentless.  Don’t think something like that can’t happen.  Desperate people look for scapegoats and the paranoia against virgin men is massiveMultiple women have come on to this blog and said I should be thrown in prison just because they say so.  These women keep blabbering on how I and other men like me are a threat.  It’s not long before paranoid beliefs like that turn into action to eliminate what they believe is the threat.  It’s happened throughout history and this is no different.