Hitler Screwed Up Female Plans For Male Genocide

Women want most men dead.  There is plenty of evidence for this such as the #KillAllMen and #KillMostMen Twitter hashtags.  Women regularly talk about how they want to reduce the male population to between 1% and 10% of what it is now.  There’s the SCUM Manifesto which advocated eliminating the male genderA Voice For Men exposed RadFemHub’s desire to mass murder men.

The desire to kill most men isn’t limited to feminists, radical or mainstream.  Most women want to see most men dead.  They just have different ideas about what group they want to survive.  (Typically, it maps to whatever group of men a woman finds attractive.)  However, the average woman usually won’t describe it in feminist terms so it’s not as obvious.  Red pill woman, SunshineMary called for the death of all non-Christian men.

I see that SunshineMary is posting all about “allies” and “morality”.

Here is what she wrote to PUA’s on her site, after mentioning them as possible “allies”:

The minute we have driven off our common enemy, it is my hope that the men of the tribe of Christ will kill your kind

What red pill woman, SunshineMary, wants is to eliminate most men through attrition.  That way she can have men do all the killing and can maintain plausible deniability.  (You can think of this as the mirror reflection of the “I was just following orders” excuse that was used by many Nazis at Nuremberg.)  SunshineMary doesn’t explicitly call for the death of most men here.  Yet, that is the result of what she wants.  Don’t be fooled because she defines this first as Christians and PUAs vs. everyone else and then Christians vs. PUAs (and presumably anyone else who survived).  SunshineMary is calling for the death of most men just like a feminist is but with slightly different terms.  This is similar to how most women want most men (i.e. the men they find unattractive) dead but don’t define their desires in terms of explicit misandry.

I know I’m going to get people saying, “Well, most men want most women dead too”.  That is not true.  For example, Stalin was a man yet his purges disproportionately murdered men.  Stalin’s purges were effectively very feminist.  Men don’t have the desire the genocide women as the example of Stalin demonstrates.  Yet, the reverse is horrifyingly true.

There have been many genocides throughout history from the Holocaust, the Holodomor, the Genocide of the Armenians, and others.  What was unique about the Holocaust is that it forced the world to take notice of genocide.  Hitler once said that no one remembered the genocide of the Armenians which happened only a few decades before the Holocaust, and he was right.  The Holocaust forced us to see the reality of genocide.  It didn’t stop genocides from never happening again, but we know how to recognize them now.  The Holocaust was the Streisand Effect of genocides.

Because the Holocaust forced us to witness the horrific reality of genocide, we can recognize women’s desires to genocide most men for what they are.  We get the benefit of knowing that women want us dead.  Otherwise we wouldn’t know until we all ended up in concentration camps for unattractive men.  This has made it more difficult for women to see their genocidal desires implemented.  In other words, Hitler screwed up female plans to genocide most of us men.

The Most Dangerous Idea In The World: Women Have Agency

While liberals, conservatives, and many other groups have different ideas, one thing they will agree on is that women have no agency.  Here is a sampling of answers you would get if you asked members of various groups if women have agency (and they answered honestly).

Liberals: No, anything bad a woman does is the fault of the patriarchy and sexism.  The world is ruled by misogynistic conservative men, and women have no power.  Anything good that happens to women is the result of “benevolent sexism” which women have no control over.  Women are forced into becoming housewives and mothers they do not want to be.

Conservatives: No, anything bad a woman does is the fault of liberals and feminists tricking them.  Women don’t even have agency when it comes to abortions which are the result of trickery by men.  Women are forced into jobs and careers they do not want.

White (Vagina Worshiping) Nationalists: No, anything bad a woman does is the result of the Jews and minorities tricking them into feminism and multiculturalism.  The Jews have been so successful in tricking women that they can convinced (white) women to act against their own race.  Everything bad a woman does is caused by the Jews so women aren’t responsible for the bad acts they do.

Conspiracy Theorists: No, anything bad a woman does is the result of the Rockefellers, the Jews, and other rich people conspiring to trick women into feminism.  The real enemy is the Rockefellers, the Jews, etc. (and minorities) who are conspiring to depopulate the world so women aren’t responsible for their behavior.

Roissyite Gamers: No, women’s bad acts are the correct biological response to men who have no game.  Women can’t be held responsible for their own biology.

I could list many other groups, but its always the same.  They all believe women have no agency.  In fact the only groups that believe women have agency are MRAs and MGTOW.

Women having agency is the most dangerous idea in the world right now, dangerous to women and manginas at any rate.  If a person has agency, then that person is responsible for their own actions.  If a person doesn’t have agency then that person is not responsible for their actions.  If you want to avoid being held responsible or accountable for your actions, then you need to convince the world that you have no agency.  And that is what women did (except for MRAs and MGTOW).  The idea of women having agency is dangerous because if enough men start believing it, those men will hold women responsible for their actions.  Women will be forced to deal with the same standards of accountability as men.  This would be an outright disaster for women because they would be exposed for the frauds, feral children, and in some cases criminals that they are.

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Women And Manginas Will Resurrect Hitler Rather Than Accept Men Have Rights

StonerWithABoner provided a link that has a list of MRM sites that have been banned by a couple of UK mobile phone service providers.  Here is the current list as of 3/17 when I’m writing this post.

http://www.antifeminismus.chall 7 domains blocked igaf.ch ig-antifeminismus.ch antifeministen.ch antifeminismus.eu antifeminismus.info antifeminismus.com
http://www.rulymob.com/  (now unblocked!)

Take a look at this list.  Take note of who is missing from this list, The Spearhead, Roissy, Roosh, Hawaiian Fat Blob, Frost, Matt Forney, Koanic Soul, etc.  What is missing are sites from the so called manosphere.  Some of the sites on this list are pretty obscure so there is no reason to completely miss the so called manosphere, especially the big names in the so called manosphere.

What is happening here?  It tells us that women and manginas aren’t worried about the so called manosphere.  They’re worried about authentic MRAs because the MRM demands human rights for men making it a real threat to women.  On the other hand the so called manosphere looks for new ways to be slaves to women.  A lot of people reading this are thinking that this can’t be so because the so called manosphere is filled with angry misogynists.  That is not true.  You will see a lot of accusations by manospherians against other manospherians that they hate women such as this example, or this example. (Even cases like this where manospherians try to pull the naturalistic fallacy are part of the same set of accusations.)  With all of these accusations of hating women flying around, it’s easy to get confused, but the fact is that any accusations of hating women in the so called manosphere are just AMOGing.

If women and maginas have to pick someone between the MRM and the so called manosphere, they will pick the manosphere since manospherians just want to be slaves to women.  That’s what we see with this list.  It’s also what we see with in cases where Manboobz ends up supporting Matt Forney.  They will still pick the so called manosphere even knowing that the so called manosphere is a bastion of white supremacism, anti-semitism, conspiracy theory, and pseudoscience.  That is what we see with the list of blocked sites.  White supremacism is fine with them, but human rights for men is a big no-no.

This is the length that women and manginas will go to deny men their human rights.  They will (metaphorically) resurrect Hitler in an attempt to stop men from getting our human rights.  I am certain that in a few decades that you will see women and manginas joining forces with Neo-Nazis (who by definition want to serve women, at least white women) in a desperate bid to prevent men from getting human rights.

Women Lie About Being Persecuted Just Like Conspiracy Theorists

With the presidential election just a couple of days away here in the US, those of us in the US are getting bombarded with political advertisements via mail, radio, TV, internet, etc.  A lot of these advertisements basically say women are being persecuted by evil men or will be if anyone but Obama gets elected president.  It’s all lies.  Both Obama and Romney are working for women.  One example of these ads involves a bunch of women talking about how [insert politician here] is going to take away their “choices” and doesn’t respect their “constitutional rights”.  In reality this isn’t going to happen.  I wish it was.  I wish that the politician these women are attacking really was bold and courageous enough to stand up to women, but that isn’t the case.  On top of that, these women are hypocrites.  They work to take away my choices and the choices of other men and to take away my constitutional rights and the constitutional rights of other men for real.  Even if I hadn’t read about PMAFT’s suggested voting strategy, I would vote for whoever they are attacking.  I would vote for that person even if they were the devil for the same reason that Winston Churchill would support the devil if Hitler invaded Hell.

Whether it’s that female political ad or the many others, they all the same thing, that (a significant percentage of) men are conspiring against women.  Most people reading this know that’s a lie, but the evidence that it is a lie is the fact that women can get on a multitude of media to say men are conspiring against them.  If (a significant percentage of) men were really conspiring against women, then women wouldn’t be allowed to say so on national TV, radio, the internet, etc.  The opposite would not be allowed to happen.  Just try getting a commercial shown on national TV that shows the truth that women are oppressing (non-alpha) men.  You won’t get anywhere.  Women are persecuting (non-alpha) men and lying about men persecuting them.  This is another example of how women project their own ideology and behavior on to men.

Who else lies about being persecuted?  Conspiracy theorists.  No one should be surprised by this similarity.  Women believe that (a significant percentage of) men are conspiring against them just like how conspiracy theorists think that the Federal Reserve or the government or the Rockefellers are conspiring against them.  Conspiracy theorists lie about the government persecuting them all the time.  Women are choosing to be conspiracy theorists when it come to men so it’s natural that they would lie about being persecuted just like conspiracy theorists lie about being persecuted.

I Support Gary Johnson

I read a couple of PMAFT’s recent articles, and he had some good ideas about how to vote in this election and others after it.  He also showed us that the Libertarian Party candidate for president, Gary Johnson, is the only person in this election that supports mens rights in any way.  It’s pretty minimal, but I will take it, so I support Gary Johnson and will be voting for him.  If you’re in the US and not voting for Gary Johnson then there’s something wrong with you.

One thing I like about Gary Johnson is how fake libertarian conspiracy theorists don’t like him.  They’re pissed that he would do things an actual libertarian would like cut medicare (which as we know is a government program that primarily benefits women and not men) instead of pandering to their pet issues.

Beyond Gary Johnson this shows us the difference between the real MRAs and the so called manosphere.  Real MRAs like PMAFT are finding new ways to help men.  PMAFT’s voting strategy will make a real difference as long as we actually do it so I am going to vote in the manner PMAFT suggested.  You should too.  The so called manosphere is so bathed in conspiracy theory that they tell men to not vote which is effectively supporting feminism.

Sign The Petition To Reinstate Artis Hughes

I know just how difficult it can be to deal with women in the workplace.  All of you know about my experiences with false sexual harassment accusations.  At least I didn’t have to deal with women violently attacking me.  Artis Hughes wasn’t so lucky.  Mr. Hughes is a bus driver who had to deal with a woman, Shidea N. Lane, who boarded his bus and refused to pay the fare.  She said that she had no money but was shown to be a liar because she eventually paid.  She then became verbally abusive against Mr. Hughes.  She threatened to spit on him repeatedly.  Then she actually did spit on him.  After that she grabbed his head and punched him.  Several passengers recorded the assault with their phone cameras.  (Here is one of the videosAnother video actually showing Lane attacking Hughes was pulled from Youtube for violating Youtube’s policy on “shocking and disgusting content”.)  Hughes defended himself (and by extension all of the passengers on the bus) from Lane but was later suspended by his employer, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, pending an investigation.

A petition has been setup to call on the Greater Cleveland RTA to reinstate Hughes.  Do something for mens rights and sign it.

Just like with the Brian Banks documentary, (except for a few voices)you won’t be hearing about this in the so called manosphere.  What happened to Artis Hughes doesn’t fit into their conspiracy theory, paleo diet, or game bullshit.  It can’t be used by them to fake government persecution.  Plus, like Brian Banks, Artis Hughes is black so the so called manosphere doesn’t care about him.

Fighting feminism takes real world action, and that includes supporting men like Artis Hughes.  Make sure you sign the petition to have the Greater Cleveland RTA reinstate him.

The So Called Manosphere Is Nowhere To Be Found On This Either

One of the problems with Obamacare is that it is extremely anti-male.  The good news is that there are men who are actually trying to do something about it.  I don’t know if this will succeed, but it is better to do something than not do anything, so I support it.  I suggest that you support this petition too.

Of course, the so called manosphere had nothing to do with this petition.  Just like with the Brian Banks Documentary, the so called manosphere (except for maybe a couple of guys) is nowhere to be found.  They’re too busy trading conspiracy theories about blacks, the Rockefellers, and the Jews.

We Need Male Spaces That Are Hostile To Women

PMAFT had a good post this weekend where he asks the question, “Is it possible to have a truly male space without it being hostile to women?”  Experience says that eventually any and all male spaces that do not take extreme measures to defend themselves end up taken over by women and feminized to the point where a conquered male space will end up being something completely different than what it was.  It is not possible to have a male space that can stay a male space without it being hostile to women.

Even if it was possible to have a male space that without it being hostile to women, we should still have some male spaces that are hostile to women.  A male space that is hostile to women provides a much needed refuge for men like myself who are hated by women where we can still socialize with other men.  A male space that is hostile to women is place where men like me know they don’t have to worry about women scheming to destroy our jobs, send us to jail, and make us homeless.  This is one reason why feminists are out to destroy male only spaces.  They don’t want non-alpha men to have a place free from female hatred of us.  It’s also difficult to make false sexual harassment accusations, false rape accusations, false abuse accusations, and other false accusations against men who aren’t around any women.

Another reason why we need male spaces that are hostile to women is that such spaces are the only place where the truth about women can be freely discussed.  In any other place women control the discussion.  This is another reason why feminists are out to destroy male only spaces.

PMAFT said that the only true male space was MGTOW because women find it automatically hostile to them regardless of the actions and beliefs of MGTOWs.  I think he is right because I can’t think of any other true male spaces, and I don’t know if MGTOW can truly be considered a “male space” due to its decentralized nature.  This shows us that we need more spaces that are hostile to women.

The Brian Banks Documentary

Here is an excellent opportunity to fight back against feminism.  Brian Banks, a man who was working towards an NFL career, became the victim of a false rape accusation.  He is now telling his story, and is seeking funds to complete a documentary about it via Kickstarter.  Follow the link and donate some money to fight false accusations against men.  They need all of the money they can get so even though they have already met their target, any extra helps.  Earlier this week I donated a sizable sum.

What is very telling is the lack of a call to action to support Brian Banks in the so called manosphere.  Only PMAFT and The Fifth Horseman have been talking about supporting this documentary.  The conspiracy theorists and the Paleo-Game Cult are no where to be found, probably because what happened to Brian Banks can’t be blamed on the Jews, bankers, the Rockefellers, the Federal Reserve, or whatever their boogeyman du jour is.

Here on this blog I’m about real world action to help men hurt by feminism so I support Brian Banks.  You should support him too.

Update: Jim reminded me to mention that Brian Banks is black. This is another reason the manosphere is useless. Besides guys like PMAFT and The Fifth Horseman, the manosphere won’t help Brian Banks because he’s black in addition to all the other reasons I said.