Creep Week Makes As Much Sense As Jew Week

Dr. Manginalove just finished what he calls Creep Week.  This is an event he has regularly.  Dr. Manginalove having a creep week is like a white supremacist blog having a Jew week.

Imagine you went to a dating advice website, and it was filled with conspiracy theories about Jews and Blacks.  The only dating advice that website had was not to act Jewish or Black (and acting Jewish or Black was defined completely by antisemitism and racism).  That’s what Dr. Manginalove is doing with “creeps”.  (Remember that “creeps” are just men who women find unattractive and nothing else.)

Demonization of a group or groups are commonplace in dating advice. In the so called manosphere they demonize Jews and minorities.  Dr. Manginalove and other feminist purveyors of dating advice demonize unattractive men with the “creep” label.  They even demonize each other.  Their use of demonization belongs at a KKK rally not as part helping men get laid and establish relationships.

Why are purveyors of dating advice engaging in this kind of demonization?  It isn’t just a matter of demonizing people for getting in the way of their income stream.  Eben Pagan and other purely financial dating advice con artists do the least amount of demonization.  It’s because the purpose of dating advice is not helping men get laid/establish relationships, but tricking you into supporting a (totalitarian) ideology.  Since no totalitarian ideologies work, they need a demon to blame everything on.  That demon can be Jews, minorities, unattractive men, or some other group.  It all comes back to dating advice not actually being about dating but the (totalitarian) ideology of its purveyors.

Honesty Doesn’t Exist In The So Called Manosphere

I have said before that the so called manosphere is filled with dishonesty and fraud.  I keep getting proven right.  Roosh decided to prank the manosphere with a fake story of him getting arrested and jailed in Poland.  The members of his forum were actually stupid enough to believe this.  Roosh admitted this was a hoax.  If manospherians had any brains, they would use this opportunity to question what Roosh (and the rest of the so called manosphere) has been telling them for the last several years.  Other than a few outliers, that’s not going to happen despite all the evidence of dishonesty right in front of them.

From now on just assume that anything a manospherian says is a lie.  You have a 99.9999% chance of being correct.  I don’t know if manospherians are compulsive liars, but they sure as hell act like they are.

No Con Artist Wants A Solution

I found a blog that asks, “Does the manosphere really want a solution?”  The answer is no.  Since we know that everything in the so called manosphere from game to the paleo diet is a scam, the biggest threat to the so called manosphere is someone who comes up with working answers to the questions of women, weight loss, etc.

Twenty years ago there was a movie called, Leap of Faith, about a group of faith healer con artists.  At one point the main character says that the biggest threat to his scam is not the police because the police can always be paid off.  The biggest threat is the genuine article.  This simple and to the point explanation is why the so called manosphere doesn’t want an actual solution to anything.  An actual solution means that they can’t sell you books over and over again and that they can’t keep on the MDAD treadmill.  In other words, game and the paleo diet being lies actually benefits their cause.

An actual solution would be end to the so called manosphere’s business model.  Knowing this, what happens if feminism were to cease to exist tomorrow?  The scam that is the so called manosphere would collapse.  This is another reason why you will never see any true anti-feminist action from the so called manosphere.  It needs feminism to survive.

The Sockpuppetosphere

Sooner or later anyone who disagrees with the red pill cult will get accused of being a sockpuppet of everyone else that disagrees with the red pill cult.  The so called manosphere acts as if there is only one person who disagrees with them.  Sockpuppet accusations aren’t limited to just those of us who disagree with red pill bullshit.  It even happens to lukewarm game supporters who get accused of being one or more of us.  Why do manospherians accuse us so much of being sockpuppets of each other?  It’s not because it’s true of us.  It’s true of them.

Earlier this year, we found out about Matt Fornedarmu.  At the end of July, Rob Fedders did the same declaration of “leaving the manosphere forever”Rob Fedders didn’t leave the manosphere.  He did a Fornedarmu name change.  Rob Fedders is now posting under the name Jeb.  (Ironically, this was uncovered by Fifth Donkey who occasionally engages in sockpuppetry himself.)  Rob Fedders or “Jeb” didn’t even do a good job of hiding his name change.  “Jeb’s” blog is here, and the first post on his new blog was immediately after he wrote his last post on his old blog.

Moving from sockpuppet to sockpuppet appears to be a trend in the so called manosphere.  The reason why a lot of manospherians disappear isn’t because they have left (although many of them do leave).  It’s because they want to start over fresh in the so called manosphere.  It makes one wonder just how many personalities in the so called manosphere are just new identities of old timers that have “left the manosphere”.  This is just another example of how manospherians constantly lie to everyone.

The so called manosphere should be called the sockpuppetosphere.

Why Is This My Job?

I have seen a very odd argument from conspiracy theorists, gamers, paleo dieters, etc.  It goes, “Sure there is a lot of bullshit in game/the paleo diet/conspiracy theory, but you have separate the bullshit from the truth”.  I ask, “why is this my job?”  Why did the gamers, paleo dieters, & conspiracy theorists let their communities get so out of hand?  Why don’t they get rid of the bullshit from their communities instead of telling me I have to search through it?

When you’re trying to convince someone of some idea, it helps to be as clear and concise as possible.  The last thing you want is extraneous rubbish particularly insane extraneous rubbish.  This is doubly true for weird and unusual ideas because you already have an uphill battle in trying to convince people of weird and unusual ideas.  Since it’s obvious that gamers, paleo dieters, & conspiracy theorists should want their ideas to be accepted, then they should be working on separating the truth and the bullshit from each other.  However, they do the opposite demanding that I separate the bullshit from whatever truth they think is there.  If this was anything else such as demand would obviously be absurd.

What’s really going on here?  In reality, there is nothing bout game, the paleo diet or conspiracy theory, that’s correct.  If there was, then the believers in those things would have gotten rid of all of the bullshit long before I was around instead of demanding that I do it.  It’s effectively an admission that game, the paleo diet, and conspiracy theory are completely wrong, and that the believers in those things are either mentally unbalanced, liars, and/or con artists.

The Reason Why The Manosphere Attracts Scams By The Truckload

We know that game is a scam, the paleo diet is scam, conspiracy theories are scams, and everything else the so called manosphere believes in are scams.  The so called manosphere doesn’t just fall victim to large scale scams like game, the paleo diet, and conspiracy theory.  It falls victim to small scale scams like the fake Georgetown admissions employee that was supposedly discriminating against men and photoshopping of faces on to underwear models.

On top of this there are other scammers which are trying to break into the so called manosphere.  John Rambo has been trying (unsuccessfully) to get the so called manosphere to buy into his fake Indian bride scam.  Peter Andrew Nolan (who is probably the same person as John Rambo) is running a scam known as “freeman on the land”.  “Freeman on the land” is a conspiracy theory where there is a secret way to make yourself exempt from all laws, debts, and taxes (including alimony and child support).  Of course, to get this exemption for all laws everywhere you need to have one of these “freemen” help you who conveniently charge a lot of money for their “help”.  Peter Andrew Nolan has been trying to sell “freeman on the land” unsuccessfully to the so called manosphere.  The only reason Rambo/Nolan haven’t been successful at conning the manosphere with their scams is because their method of selling their scams was to insult, harass, and spam the manosphere.  If Rambo/Nolan had a more slick presentation everyone in the manosphere would be trying to get an Indian bride and trying to exempt themselves from the law.  (I wish that Rambo/Nolan did have a more slick presentation at least when it came to the “freeman on the land” scam because anyone who has tried it has ended up in jail.  It would have been a good and quick way to get rid of the so called manosphere.)

Why are there so many scams in the so called manosphere?  Why does the manosphere fall victim Why is the “gullibleosphere” a more accurate name for the so called manosphere?  Why are scams outside of the manosphere trying to get into the manosphere?  There are several good reasons for this.

It’s the same reason the scam capital of the U.S. is in Utah.  Scams are a huge problem in the Mormon Church to the point where the leadership of the Mormon Church had to directly address the problem.  The reason why scams happen so much among Mormons is because of what is known as “affinity fraud“.  People trust members of “their group” whatever that group is.  In the case of the Mormons, a Mormon will trust another Mormon more than a non-Mormon.  This makes it easier for scammers and con artists to do their job in the Mormon Church because they are already starting from a state of trust and a lack of skepticism.  While the Mormons are the best known example of affinity fraud, it can and does happen in every other group whether its an ethnic group or even just a group of like minded individuals.

Affinity fraud is much easier to accomplish in fringe groups such as white (vagina worshiping) nationalists.  Not only do the W(VW)N trust each other more than the outside world (even more so than say the Mormons), scammers and con artists have additional ways to deflect any skepticism of their actions with techniques like accusing skeptics of working for the Jews.  The nature of W(VW)N makes it easier for scammers and con artists to scam them.  A good example of this is the “redemption” scam/conspiracy theory.  The “redemption” scam was a scam started by a white (vagina worshiping) nationalist named Roger Elvick.  He told his fellow W(VW)N that the government created a secret bank account for each American worth $630,000.  This was supposedly started when the U.S. went off the gold standard because the U.S. had to put up its own citizens as collateral to get loans from bankers.  (Of course, these $630,000 bank accounts are managed by a Jewish cabal.)  Elvick’s scam was that he told people you could access that $630,000 through some legal tricks to pay off debts.  (I’m sure he charged for the service of this “help”.)  Elvick ended up in jail, of course, but he was able to scam so many of his fellow W(VW)N because his scam was an affinity scam squared.  Not only did all of the W(VW)N Elvick scammed trust him because he was one of them, but they trusted Elvick more because they thought they were constantly under siege by the government and the Jews.  Their thinking prevented them from rationally analyzing Elvick’s claims.  Plus, Elvick could shout down any skeptic by accusing them of working for the government or the Jews.  Even scammers in the Mormon Church don’t have options like that.

The redemption scam didn’t die when Elvick was put in jail.  It was repackaged by Mary Elizabeth Croft into its current version which is known as “freeman on the land”, the scam that Peter Andrew Nolan promotes.  (When it comes to the redemption/freeman on the land scam, Roger Elvick is its Eben Pagan, and Mary Elizabeth Croft is its Roissy.)  “Freeman on the land” continues to scam people because its an affinity scam spread among fringe groups who are more susceptible to affinity scams than more mainstream groups.

The so called manosphere is the fringe of the fringe so they are even more susceptible to affinity fraud than regular fringe groups like like the W(VW)N.  The so called manosphere has already attacked scientific inquiry and rational analysis making a scammers job much easier before he even tries to scam the first manospherian.  By their own admission manospherians evaluate things not on an objective analysis of the facts but on verisimilitude.  In other words, the manosphere evaluates things on whether it appears to be correct to them.  For something to appear to be correct to them, it has to fit their own biases and ideology.  Manospherians determine if something is true or not based on their own feelings about it, not facts.  This makes a scammers job much easier since any scammer can easily fool any manospherian by putting the right packaging around their scam.  Unless you’re looking to make millions of dollars (because the so called manosphere doesn’t have much money), the so called manosphere is a wet dream for scammers, particularly small scale scammers.

I wasn’t joking when I said that the so called manosphere should be called the gullibeosphere.  The reason why the so called manosphere attracts scams by the truckload is because it’s incredibly easy to scam them.  A scammer won’t make huge amounts of money off the manosphere since they don’t have much money, but a scammer only needs to do a minimal amount of work to scam the manosphere.  Given how little work a scammer has to do to scam the manosphere, the ROI (return on investment) on scamming the manosphere is higher than the ROI on scamming anyplace else despite the small amounts of money the scammer will be getting.

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Manosphere Unity Is Not A Virtue

Every so often I get attacked for “trying to divide the (so called) manosphere”.  The guys making this accusation are doing it out of misguided dedication to “manosphere unity”.  Manosphere unity is not a virtue.

Most of the people who make that accusation have never actually tried a good portion of the gullibleosphere’s crap.   The best arguments against game and the paleo diet any everything else the so called manosphere peddles is actually trying it and finding out how it doesn’t work.  The second best argument against what the manosphere peddles is seeing the results from other people trying it, namely a lot of guys not getting laid and a lot of guys becoming or staying fat.  The guys defending “manosphere unity” are doing it for anything that has the word, “manosphere,” attached to it no matter how absurd it is.

How is everything the so called manosphere peddles in any way coherent?  If a guy is going to defend “manosphere unity”, then all of the parts of the so called manosphere should make sense together (in a way that is positive for men).  However, they don’t.  For example, what does a diet and game have to do with each other?  There is no commonality between the two except that both are scams.  Scams feed off each other and make each other stronger.  That is what the manosphere is, scams making each other stronger.  Guys defending “manosphere unity” aren’t just useful idiots for each scam that is a part of the manosphere, they’re co-conspirators for making those scams much worse.  They are guilty of promoting fraud.

An Example Of How Conspiracy Theories Are Scams

Anything and everything the so called manosphere (or gullibleosphere) believes in is a scam.  That’s true when it comes to game, the paleo diet, and to conspiracy theory as well.  A good example of how conspiracy theory is a scam is with Agenda 21 conspiracy theories.

As the so called manosphere believes in every conspiracy theory out there, they believe in Agenda 21 conspiracy theories too.  To them Agenda 21 is a secret (or not so secret) plan to murder billions of people via environmental sustainability.  The reality is that Agenda 21 is a non-binding, unenforceable, voluntary policy paper, developed in 1992 and signed by 178 countries including the United States.  It’s not even a treaty.  Anyone can ignore part or all of it without any repercussions whatsoever.  That’s what most do.  The reason why is was signed by 178 countries is that it doesn’t require anyone to actually do anything.

Since there is nothing to Agenda 21, it wasn’t even noticed by conspiracy theorists until a few years ago despite being created in 1992.  This is supposed to be some evil plot to murder billions yet the conspiracy theorists couldn’t find it for close to 20 years.  (So much for conspiracy theorists being “truth seekers”.)  On top of that the only reason conspiracy theorists are talking about Agenda 21 is because of Glenn Beck.  A few years ago, Glenn Beck started talking about Agenda 21, and the conspiracy theorists took it from there.  This means that conspiracy theorists are in the best case scenario for them, incompetent.  If they’re right then they should have been on top of this since 1992, but they couldn’t figure it out without Glenn Beck’s handing it to them.

Glenn Beck is making money of the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory.  He is selling a book about it to gullible people like those in the so called manosphere.  There is no Agenda 21 conspiracy.  It’s all just a scam to enrich Glenn Beck just as game is (or was) a scam to enrich Eben Pagan and the paleo diet is a scam to enrich Joesph Mercola.  All of these scams operate in a similar manner so it’s no surprise we see all of them under the same roof in the so called manosphere.

Just as Agenda 21 conspiracy theories are a scam to enrich Glenn Beck, other conspiracy theories are a scam to enrich others in the conspiracy theory community like Alex Jones and David Icke.  Like everything else the so called manosphere believes in, conspiracy theory is a scam.

The So Called Manosphere Should Be Called The Gullibleosphere

When I talk about the so called manosphere, I almost always say the “so called manosphere” because there’s nothing about it that benefits men.  Thus the term “manosphere” is inaccurate.  Based on the behavior of everyone in the so called manosphere, the correct name for it should be the gullibleosphere because gullibleospherians are constantly being fooled by pranks and scams.  Just think about the long list of scams that have successfully scammed everyone in the gullibleosphere from the paleo diet to (Roissyite) game.

It’s isn’t just the large scale scams that fool the gullibleospherians.  Last month, Paul Elam was fooled by a fake website that was supposedly by a former Georgetown University employee and grad student who was discriminating against men in admissions for Georgetown.  The website had several red flags that suggested it was a prank or a scam, but Paul Elam went ahead with it anyway.  Recently, The Awakening of the Disseminating let us how Roissy used a picture that had a normal guy’s face photoshopped on to a male underwear model as an example of confident asshole game.  (There is more info about this at PUAHate.)  This whole thing was sent to Roissy as a prank, and he fell hook, line, and sinker for it.  Even after being told that the picture is fake, Roissy just dug deeper.  These two examples show just how gullible the gullibleosphere is.

The gullibeosphere has earned its name.  There probably is not a more gullible group of people anywhere.

It’s Dishonesty And Fraud, Not A Difference Of Opinion Or Worldview

All of you know by now that Matt Forney revealed himself to be Ferdinand Bardamu.  This means a lot of things.  It means that while Paul Elam was defending “Ferdinand Bardamu” to me, Matt Forney/Ferdinand Bardamu was attacking him practically at the same time.  Paul Elam really can pick his allies.  That’s not as important as other aspects of this revelation.  All of you should remember that I was accused by manospherians of being the same person as Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech.  While that’s a flattering comparison, what Matt Forney’s revelation proves is that the reason why I was accused of being PMAFT is not because there’s any evidence of us being the same person.  It’s because the manospherians make use of multiple identities for the purpose of deception like Matt Forney did, and they project it on to their enemies.

This is part of a larger pattern within the so called manosphere and related communities like the conspiracy theorists and the gamers.  They lie, scam, and commit fraud.  Too much of the disagreement with the so called manosphere, the Paleo-Game Cult and the gamers contains an implicit assumption, that the manosphere, the Paleo-Game Cult and the gamers are honest but misguided people.  This is not the case.  They may believe what they’re selling (although we have to question just how many of them are true believers vs. scammers).  Even the true believers are willing to lie and deceive you.  Whenever I have attacked the manosphere, gamers, the Paleo-Game Cult or even dating advice in general, a large component of my attacks has always been pointing out their lies, scams, and fraud.  This is because I don’t have a difference of opinion with these people.  This isn’t a matter a differing worldviews.  The so called manosphere, the Paleo-Game Cult, the gamers, and others involved in the dating advice industry are LYING to you.  They are trying to DEFRAUD you.  They are trying to SCAM you.

There are examples of lies, scams, and fraud in related communities like the conspiracy theorists.  For example, Hawaiian Fat Blob has often said that the Illuminati and devil worshipers ruling the world were nothing more than attempts to discredit “real” conspiracy theory.  It turns out he was lying about this.  He admitted that he believes in the Illuminati and that things are run by devil worshipers.  Just like the gamers, conspiracy theorists are lying to you and trying to defraud you.  (This is one of the reasons why I have said before that conspiracy theorists will stab the MRM in the back eventually.)

Whether it’s the gamers, the conspiracy theorists, or any of the other related manosphere groups, our strongest argument against them is their own lies, scams, and attempts at fraud.  We must constantly speak up about their lies, scams, and fraud.