At Least Elliot Rodger Didn’t Reenact The 40 Year Old Virgin

At the Dickless Man Project there is a lament that Elliot Rodger is no longer a member of The Reserves.  The article isn’t phrased in that manner but that is its message.

Despite what the Dickless Man Project says, giving it time would not have made things “better” for him.  Would there have been women who eventually would have faked interest in him for his wealth and/or ability to provide?  Would he have been able to lose his virginity eventually like the examples in the Dickless Man Project article?  Probably, yes, but so what?  It’s not an improvement to be pursued by  desperate STD ridden “former” sluts especially if they have kids who only want you for what you have.  While all of the examples in the Dickless Man Project may be “happy” now (although it’s likely their wives don’t have sex with them anymore), they won’t be so happy when their wives surprise them with a divorce.  And it’s a guarantee that will happen once their wives have sucked them dry.

What the men in the Dickless Man Project article went through was the same thing Steve Carell’s character in The 40 Year Old Virgin did albeit younger.  Catherine Keener’s character got everything, and Steve Carell’s character got nothing.  Yet, we are expected to believe this is a good thing.  The whole movie is propaganda for keeping men in the reserves.

At least Elliot Rodger didn’t reenact The 40 Year Old Virgin movie and stayed out of the reserves.

The Reserves

In many countries, the military has a reserve.  In the US, each service has a reserve component, and there is the National Guard.  The reserves are made up of citizens who may get activated when extra troops are needed to supplement the standing military.  When they’re not activated, the reserves train on a regular basis.  In the US, the reserves train one weekend a month and two additional weeks a year.

I have noticed a disturbing parallel to the military reserves in the world of dating advice.  A piece of dating advice I have been given numerous times is, “Just wait until X” where X was “you’re out of high school”, “you’re out of college”, “you’re 25″, “you’re 30″, etc.  In other words, there was going to be some point in time in the not too distant future when all of sudden women were going to be interested in me.  That point in time was always not now, but later.  As time went on, and it didn’t happen people just kept moving the goalposts from after high school, to after college, and so forth.  (Goalpost shifting is common in dating advice.)  This piece of dating advice is not unique to me.  I find it all over the place even when I’m not looking for it such as with this example on the Dickless Man Project.

I would also suggest something I heard from a sex advice columnist. Roughly paraphrased: “Don’t focus on getting your teenaged self laid. Think about getting your 22 year old self laid, and work on becoming a good person (and good future sex partner) in the meantime.”

On the surface, it sounds like this piece of dating advice is just to get men to shut up for a while about not getting laid/not having a girlfriend.  In reality, what is going on is much more sinister.  Notice how the quote above doesn’t say to just wait, but to “work on becoming a good person”.  (It also says to work on being a good future sex partner, but that’s impossible without practice.  This is another example of doublethink in dating advice.)  Whether it’s the so called manosphere, feminists like Dr. Nerdlove Manginalove, or anyone else peddling dating advice, they all spend almost all of their time on nebulous and meaningless “self improvement” and political ideologies instead of how to meet women and get laid/get a girlfriend.  The last thing any of the dating advice peddlers want to see is a man successful with women.

The reason why the dating advice peddlers don’t want you to successfully get women is about more than just money.  It’s not just about keeping you as a paying customer.  Many of the dating advice peddlers don’t even sell anything.  Wanting to make you become a feminist, white nationalist, conspiracy theorist, paleo dieter, etc. is a big part of it, but that isn’t the only reason.

The dating advice peddlers want to keep you in the dating equivalent of the reserves.  If you have something women want like money, eventually there will be women who will show interest in you.  Their interest will be fake, and they will probably be plotting their divorce before you get married.  However, given enough time, there will be women who will at least fake interest in you.  Women are only interest in the 20% of men they find attractive.  Women ignore all other men for the most part until they start realizing that their looks are fading.  This can happen as early as her late 20s or as late as her 30s.  Women have nothing to show for the decades of screwing around with the 20% of men except STDs, a ruined vagina, lots of financial debt, and maybe some kids.  When it’s clear that one of the men in the 20% won’t commit to her, out of desperation she will try to get a man in the 80% before her looks fade.  She needs a stupid man to pay her debts, pay for her kids if she has them or give her kids before she hits menopause.  For women to be able to do this, there has to be men waiting in reserve for her.  The 20% of attractive men aren’t enough to go around.

The problem is why should a man be in the reserves.  There’s no benefit for us in getting together with a ruined former slut with a STD especially if she has kids.  It’s not like we would even get sex out of the deal.  As soon as we’re locked in, our relationships/marriages with them would become mostly if not completely sexless.  We’re all better off going our own way and opting out of anything having to do with women.  To combat this, the dating advice peddlers are trying to keep us on the MDAD treadmill by distracting us with meaningless crap that has nothing to do with meeting women and getting laid/relationships with women.  Self improvement bullshit is perfect for this since it doesn’t have any objective metrics for measuring improvement so they can keep you going in circles until a woman fakes interest in you.  Ideological bullshit is also perfect since gynocentric ideologies such as feminism, white nationalism, the red pill, etc. since it keeps you focused on serving women without getting anything in return for your service.  By distracting you from being aware that you aren’t getting together with women, the dating advice peddlers are keeping you in a position of weakness for when a woman fakes interest in you.

When a man decides to give up on women, he is dropping out of the reserves.  This is something women recognize as an existential threat to them because women are incapable of doing anything except manipulating men.  A man who has dropped out of the reserves can’t be manipulated by women any longer.  This is why giving up on women generates more vitrol from women than men who physically abuse women do.

If you’re part of the reserves, drop out.  All that’s waiting for you are debts, STDs, and a sexless marriage that will end in divorce with you losing half or more of your assets.

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Creep Week Makes As Much Sense As Jew Week

Dr. Manginalove just finished what he calls Creep Week.  This is an event he has regularly.  Dr. Manginalove having a creep week is like a white supremacist blog having a Jew week.

Imagine you went to a dating advice website, and it was filled with conspiracy theories about Jews and Blacks.  The only dating advice that website had was not to act Jewish or Black (and acting Jewish or Black was defined completely by antisemitism and racism).  That’s what Dr. Manginalove is doing with “creeps”.  (Remember that “creeps” are just men who women find unattractive and nothing else.)

Demonization of a group or groups are commonplace in dating advice. In the so called manosphere they demonize Jews and minorities.  Dr. Manginalove and other feminist purveyors of dating advice demonize unattractive men with the “creep” label.  They even demonize each other.  Their use of demonization belongs at a KKK rally not as part helping men get laid and establish relationships.

Why are purveyors of dating advice engaging in this kind of demonization?  It isn’t just a matter of demonizing people for getting in the way of their income stream.  Eben Pagan and other purely financial dating advice con artists do the least amount of demonization.  It’s because the purpose of dating advice is not helping men get laid/establish relationships, but tricking you into supporting a (totalitarian) ideology.  Since no totalitarian ideologies work, they need a demon to blame everything on.  That demon can be Jews, minorities, unattractive men, or some other group.  It all comes back to dating advice not actually being about dating but the (totalitarian) ideology of its purveyors.

Honest Dating Advice Would Tell You To Avoid Most Women

One of the reasons why dating advice is a scam almost all of the time is the refusal to admit that most women are unsuitable for dating (and relationships).  If the purveyors of dating advice were honest, then they would tell men not to date most women.  While you can find lists of “women to avoid” on the internet and elsewhere, when it comes to brass tacks in dating advice, those women don’t exist.  (Or their situations are somehow a man’s fault so you should still date them.)

On average women are significantly more likely to have STDs, debt, a higher number of sex partners, etc., and the psychological problems associated with them than the average man is.  (This is due to the effects of the 80/20 rule.)  For the average man, most women are a losing proposition even if dating advice had a sure fire way to get them into bed/make them your girlfriend.  This is why many men have decided to go their own way/go ghost/opt out.  The value proposition for most women simply isn’t there.  Nearly all dating advice refuses to recognize this sobering fact.

Why do purveyors of dating advice refuse to admit the state of most women?  The first reason is financial.  There is no money in it.  Because telling men not to date (and by extension not get into relationships and marriages with) most women doesn’t require books, DVDs, and seminars.  It only requires a paragraph of text which can’t be sold.  The second reason is ideological.  Dating advice is used as a gateway into tricking men into various ideologies from feminism to red pill “Christianity”.  All of these ideologies are similar in that they don’t have men’s best interests in mind and that they are gynocentric.  A statement of fact such as most women are unsuitable for dating (and relationships and marriage) can not be used to trick men into gynocentric ideologies that are bad for them.  It directly contradicts their ideologies and is an admission that their ideologies are nothing but lies.

PUAs Are Hiding Under Everyone’s Beds

According to this link PUAs are everywhere preying on women.  They’re in grocery stores, coffee shops, and even churches preying on women.  PUAs are even in Panera preying on women, and apparently there’s some connection to carbs.  I’m sure if I read enough of those links I would find someone talking about how PUAs are hiding under womens’ beds.

This is a lack of perspective that’s disturbing for even the so called manosphere.  I have been to grocery stores, coffee shops, churches, and Panera.  There were to PUAs there.  The only way to think otherwise is to never leave your house which is typical for the so called manosphere.  So what’s behind this (beyond that members of the so called manosphere never leave their homes)?  It’s the fake anti-gamer problem.  There’s a lot of people who want to sell game, but not red pill ideology or all of red pill ideology.  There’s Dr. NerdloveManginalove who peddles game to promote feminism.  In the case of the links above, we have people wanting to promote “red pill Christianity”.  Their problem is not with game.  It’s with the supposed lifestyle of PUAs.  (It’s an example of how moral arguments against game are useless since the “red pill Christians” don’t actually question game.)

If the “red pill Christians” were actually interested in opposing game, they would be pointing out how game is nothing but a scam started by known con artist, Eben Pagan, and how PUAs don’t leave their homes and aren’t getting laid.  The most powerful argument against game is showing that gamers are liars who don’t produce results and that many are con artists trying to get your money.  Even though I have made all this information easily accessible, the “red pill Christians” (and others like Dr. Manginalove) will never use that argument.  That is because it destroys their use of game just as much.  They can’t admit gamers outside of their ideology are liars.  They have to believe those gamers are successful for their scam to be true.  Their ideology requires the delusion that PUAs hiding under everyone’s bed successfully preying on women.

What we have here are game scams that aren’t about money, but ideology.  For the so called manosphere, the “red pill Christians”, Dr. Manginalove, and many others, money is a secondary concern.  (It’s still a concern since these people are likely to be unemployed or employed at marginal jobs that pay little.)  Their primary concern is ideology.  Dr. Manginalove is using the game scam to sell feminism.  The “red pill Christians” are using the game scam to sell their perverted form of Christianity, and so forth for other groups.  These groups use a bait and switch scam where they say they will help you get laid but really are trying to trick you into their ideology.  (Even the “red pill Christians” who don’t believe in sex before marriage are doing this.  They just replace getting laid with getting marriage which will get you laid “properly”.)

All of these groups using game to sell their respective ideologies really are the C team (as in cuckold).  They are the ones who will be holding the bag when the game scam collapses.  Eben Pagan did not make this mistake.  Since the game scam for him was all about the money, he knew that he should get out eventually.  And he did that and now is using a new age business consulting scam.  Eben Pagan isn’t blinded by ideology like the current crop of game scammers.  All of these groups are “true believers” so they will just keep on going until the collapse of the game scam destroys them.

The Shifting Goalposts Of The MDAD

Anytime you think that you have followed some dating advice and accomplished what the advice recommended, you will find that it’s not good enough. You won’t get what the dating advice promised. What will happen is that you will be given new dating advice that will supposedly deliver. Of course, that dating advice won’t produce results either, but there will be more dating advice you must follow waiting in the wings. Shifting the goalposts is common in dating advice, and it serves the purposes of the MDAD (Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction).

One of the reasons that the goalposts are constantly shifting in dating advice is to keep you on the MDAD treadmill.  The last thing feminists and manginas want is for men to give up on women because avoiding women denies women their power.  Instead what they want is for you to keep chasing women.  They can’t actually give you dating advice that works because what they really want to keep you in a constant state of chasing women.

To justify their shifting of the goalposts women and manginas will use bullshit reasons like “self improvement is a continuous process” (ignoring that dating advice isn’t and can never be “self improvement”).  Dr. Mangina love recently tried justify his goalpost shifting in his dating advice using that reason.

Realize That There Is No End

One of the things that people often complain about is feeling as though that there’s always more to do and to work on or improve. It’s like a race that can never be won because you keep realizing that what you thought was the finish line was another lap marker.

“Goddamn it, they moved the finish line back again!”

Alternately, to take it back to the mountain metaphor at the beginning, it’s like climbing to the top of the Matterhorn and realizing that the summit there is just the base of K-2. Believe it or not: that’s a good thing.

If there’s no end to dating advice then how do you measure progress?  By definition nothing gets accomplished.  Not being able to measure progress is part of the point.  The last thing that dating advice pushers want is dating advice that is testable and measurable.  They don’t want you realizing that their dating advice doesn’t work.

What feminists and manginas are doing is giving you dating advice that is “turtles all the way down” and hiding it by calling it “self improvement” and other things.

Anything And Everything Will Be Done To Keep You On The MDAD Treadmill

In the MDAD (Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction), anything and everything will be done to keep you in the MDAD.  This includes giving you bad dating advice to keep you on the MDAD treadmill.  A very long time ago I saw this exchange (which I’m greatly paraphrasing) on a dating advice forum.

Man Trying To Solve His Dating Woes: I have been completely unsuccessful in dating.  I’m looking for new ideas to try to change that.

Man Serving the MDAD: You should get a job in sales.

Man Trying To Solve His Dating Woes: What?  That makes no sense.  Why should I have to completely change career paths?  No one else has to do that.

Man Serving the MDAD: You’re just unwilling to do the work it takes to get a relationship with a woman.  You just want to whine about it.

Man Trying To Solve His Dating Woes: Fuck this.  I will try somewhere else.

I have actually seen “get a job in sales” and other things equally as absurd actually given as dating advice.  Absurd dating advice is not a bug.  It’s a feature of the MDAD designed to keep you on the MDAD treadmill looking for more and more dating advice.  (There are also other aspects to this such as dating advice givers entrapping men into a lecture about self improvement and being a keyboard jockey.)  Even absurd dating advice that pisses you off is designed to keep you looking for more and more dating advice because you figure that there has to be better dating advice out there.  As long as you stay on the MDAD treadmill and don’t give up on women, they have done their job.  If you are constantly searching for new dating advice, you won’t realize that your life is functioning just fine without women (and is probably better without women).

You Are Only Allowed To Criticize Game In Very Limited Ways

In the past I have written about how moral arguments against game are useless because they don’t attack the core of game and are really a debate about premarital sex.  Moral arguments against game are extremely limited in criticizing game and really about separate ideological issues.  Anyone who makes a moral argument against game just wants a Christianized form of game where game becomes a vehicle for promoting Christianity typically of the traditionalist variety.  (Although in many cases it’s about promoting red pill Christianity which is a contradiction in terms and is a heresy as far orthodox Christianity goes.)

Feminists also only allow a limited form of criticism of game.  With feminists it’s not about premarital sex, but “misogyny”.  They are against any criticism of game that actually attacks the core of game instead of being about the supposed misogyny of its practitioners and have plenty of history of attacking anti-gamers.  A good example of this can be found at this page on the blue pill reddit.  (The blue pill reddit is supposed to be a parody of the red pill reddit.)  The page on the blue pill reddit was supposed to be about how the Great DC Gamer Meetup of 2012 was an total disaster.  The comments ended up being about my supposed misogyny, baseless attacks on Aaron Sleazy, baseless attacks on the MRM, and a defense of non-Roissyite gamers as practicing “natural pickup” (whatever that is).  IOW, the comments were about anything but how game failed.  The reason for that is because showing that game doesn’t work in no way helps their cause which is obsessing over supposed misogyny of (Roissyite) gamers.  They aren’t against game at all.  What they want is form of feminist game where game is used to force men to become feminists.  A more succinct way of saying that is that they want gamers to all become like Dr. Nerdlove Manginalove.

Neither the Christians nor the feminists are actually interested in the facts on how game is a scam.  They aren’t interested how game was created by a member of an online marketing scam group known as The Syndicate.  These facts are dangerous to them because they show that various aspects of feminism and modern (traditionalist) Christianity are lies.  Both ideologies say that women are perfect so pointing out that game (and dating advice in general) is a scam shatters the illusion of women being perfect.

Also, neither the Christians nor the feminists are actually interested in helping men get together with women (just as the so called manosphere has no use for a man actually trying to get with women).  This is the reason for the attacks on Aaron Sleazy.  Dating advice that works would by definition be free of all ideological bullshit.  It couldn’t be used to promote (traditionalist or heretical red pill) Christianity or feminism.  What the Christians and the feminists want to do is yell forever about the evils of premarital sex and “misogyny” respectively.  Dating advice that works would deny them a vehicle for doing that.

If a person or a group is unwilling to call out game as a scam like how Christians and feminists, then they really aren’t against game.  Only allowing a limited criticism of game is part of the Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction (MDAD) because groups that only allow a limited criticism of game are trying to distract you from the fraudulent nature of game and the rest of the dating advice industry.

Moral Arguments About Game Are Part Of The MDAD

Sunshinemary, a woman, showed up here and among other things made a comment about the morality of game.

In fact, I have for the past year questioned whether game as taught by pick up artists is moral and licit for Christians to use.

Even if Sunshinemary decided game was immoral (for Christians or in general), this would not be an anti-game argument.  Moral arguments against game aren’t actually arguments against game, and they’re completely useless.  To assume that game is immoral requires that you believe game works and is not a scam.  There would be a moral argument against game if it was actually leading to promiscuity.  However, We know that game doesn’t exist so that isn’t the case.  Anyone doing game is just doing a strange pantomime near women which can have no moral argument for or against.  The only moral arguments against game are related to it being a scam.  First, promoting game is immoral because promoting a scam is immoral.  Second, promoting feminism is immoral so using game to promote feminism is immoral.  (This is done by people from Susan Walsh to Dr. Manginalove.)  Third, using a scam as a gateway into other scams and immoral ideas is immoral.  (Game is used as a gateway into the paleo diet, white vagina nationalism, etc.)

Moral arguments against game still buy into the game worldview instead of questioning it.  Christians arguing against game typically just want a Christian sanitized version of it.  They don’t want to learn if it actually works or not or where it came from.  Pointing out that game is a scam started by known internet scammer, Eben Pagan, will only get you attacked by Christians and others who supposedly find game immoral.  They need to believe game works to support their worldview.  It also gives them a (fake) devil to fight in supposedly promiscuous gamers which allows them to pretend that they are moral crusaders for Christ.

What this means is that moral arguments against game are still a part of the MDAD (the Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction).  Moral arguments about game do noting to actually free men from the worldview of game or of dating advice in general.

Non-Monetary Dating Advice Scams

One thing you will hear when pointing out dating advice scams is the “defense” of, “It’s not a scam because I’m giving it away for free.”  In some cases this is because they are generating enough free content as a loss leader to hook you into buying their books and DVDs.  In many other cases, this is because the scam isn’t about money.  It’s about ideology.  In this type of scam they aren’t trying to steal your money, but your time and you.

This is the case for a lot of the so called manosphere.  Most men aren’t as successful as they would like to be with women so the so called manosphere preys on that so suck men in not just into game but other forms of rubbish like the paleo diet and conspiracy theory.  (They fake being against feminism for similar reasons.)  While a lot of them want to make money off their scams, for the rest of them they just want more people to indulge their delusions of being persecuted by the government and to add to the Paleo-Game Cult.

Ideological dating advice scams aren’t limited to the so called manosphere.  Feminists do the same thing.  Just like the so called manosphere, feminists will use dating advice as a scam to trick men into becoming feminists.  One of the best examples of this is Dr. Nerdlove ManginaloveNerdhate.  Most of his articles attack the group he is supposed to be helping, nerds.  He is preying on them to turn them into feminist manginas like him.  For obvious reasons, the most despicable scams are probably those that target the elderly.  In terms of dating advice scams, targeting nerds is equivalent to targeting the elderly in other scams.

One advantage we have in dealing with ideological dating advice scams is that the scammers will screw up.  Eben Pagan, a pure monetary dating advice scammer, was much smarter than these people.  He kept himself focused on making money and knew that he needed to get out of the dating advice scam while he was ahead (which he did).  Since the ideological scammers are zealots, they are blinded by their devotion to their ideologies won’t be able to see where they are going to screw up like how an Eben Pagan could.  This makes it easier for us to fight the ideological dating advice scammers and expose their real agendas.