The Hypoagency Scam Women Use To Manipulate Men

A lot of you have already seen this video where Whoopi Goldberg points out that a woman shouldn’t hit a man and expect that a man won’t hit back.  The other women in the video are aghast at what Whoopi Goldberg is saying.  There’s an acronym for this, DHMIAG, or “don’t hit me I’m a girl”.  What’s missing from that acronym is the second part, “but I can hit men because I’m a girl”.

This is an example of how women use hypoagency, the idea that women are never actors but only acted upon, to manipulate men.  Hypoagency is also tied to women being “weaker” than men.  In the DHMIAG example, there are two things going on.  First, if a woman hits a man it’s assumed to be a man’s fault.  The woman is only reacting to what the man did so he “deserved” it.  Second, the man isn’t supposed to hit back, that is engage in self defense, against women because it was somehow his fault that she hit him.  Third, the man isn’t supposed to hit back because the women is basically equivalent a child or a pet.

When described in this fashion, it sounds pretty demeaning to women in theory.  Yet, women across the political spectrum from liberal feminists to conservative traditionalists argue in favor of women having hypoagency.    Supposedly, this means that women are treated as “inferior”, but in reality that isn’t the case.  On the feminist side, this shows up in lobbying the government for special treatment (affirmative action, transfer payments that only go to women etc.) since women are supposedly in a “weaker” position, yet women get all this free stuff.  This was what the Hobby Lobby case was all about.  Women are supposedly incapable of getting their own birth control so employers have to pay for it.  It’s using “weakness” as an attempt to get free stuff.

On the traditionalist side, it’s even more obvious.  In traditional Christian churches, for example, it is taught that women are the “weaker vessel” and are “inferior” to men.  What ends up happening is that the church says that men are supposed to “lead” but if women sin, then it’s all the fault of a man (typically a husband) for failing to lead.  Even though women are supposedly in an “inferior” position in church, women conveniently are exempt from all responsibility and accountability.  This is why women are the biggest defenders of traditionalism.

While in the DHMIAG example women have the equivalent status of a child or a pet, it’s important to remember that most people treat children and pets very well.  And it’s not like women are treated like children or pets all the time.  Women can move back between child/pet and independent adult status as is convenient for them.  And that’s how all these examples work regardless of whether it’s on the feminist or the traditionalist side of the political spectrum.

Women know that most men are honorable so that men will instinctively defend those they perceive as weak.  So women present themselves as “weak” to manipulate men into giving them whatever woman want.   Women use our honorable nature against us in a very insidious and evil manner.

Anytime you hear a woman arguing for their “inferiority” or “weakness” in some area, it’s an attempt to manipulate you.  The thing to remember is that women have political power so even though men are on average stronger than women, for example, it doesn’t matter.  Political power trumps all, but part of the hypoagency scam is to distract you from that.

Where Are The Grandmothers?

I asked a few years ago why all these supposed “good women” never do anything to show themselves and differentiate themselves from all the evil women out there.  The obvious answer is because there are so few good women out there as to make them practically nonexistent.  That there are so few female MRAs and similar women is proof of that.

The problem of the lack of “good women” is worse than you think because there are plenty of cases where it would benefit the “good women” to make themselves known and differentiate themselves.  We’re not just talking about cases where “good women” should be doing things to help men just out of the goodness of their hearts.  We’re talking about cases where if nothing else the “good women” should be doing things that would help men but generate benefits for them at the same time.

On another blog a while ago, I read about the perfect example of this.  During divorce, which happens frequently and is mostly caused by women, women get custody of the children most of the time.  This means that men lose access to their children especially since women can prevent men from seeing their children with impunity.  Even when courts order that men get visitation, they won’t bother enforcing it.  Thus, a divorced man’s access to his children is completely dependent on his ex-wife.  For many divorced men this means being completely shut out of their children’s lives.

A divorced man losing contact with his children isn’t the only victim here.  The divorced man’s parents also lose contact with his children.  The children lose a relationship with their paternal grandparents.  This brings up a question, why aren’t mothers of divorced men fighting for their sons when it comes to visitation and custody issues after a divorce?  You don’t see any organization of grandmothers fighting the divorce courts on this issue.  They aren’t joining any fathers’ rights groups.

This isn’t just a case of these mothers should be helping their divorced sons out of the goodness of their hearts (although that should be reason enough for them).  These grandmothers (presumably) lose contact with their grandchildren because their sons do.  It would benefit these women to help their sons on this issue because they would regain a relationship with their grandchildren.  It directly benefits grandmothers to fight for their sons visitation and custody rights.  Since this obviously isn’t happening even though it would benefit the mothers of divorced sons, there are only two possibilities why grandmothers aren’t doing this:

1. Women are willing to sacrifice a relationship with their grandchildren just to stick it to men, even their own sons.  In other words women hate men more than they love their grandchildren.
2. While the divorced son loses visitation with his children, the grandmother is getting visitation from her son’s ex-wife but is complicit in cutting her own son out of her grandchildren’s life.  A woman is willing to conspire with her son’s ex-wife against her own son, her own flesh and blood, because she hates men.

Either one of these is pretty evil.  Women don’t just hate men in general.  They hate their own sons (and other men in their own families).  Women are willing to sacrifice their own sons on the altar of supporting other women EVEN WHEN IT PERSONALLY HURTS THEM.  This example pretty much puts the issue of “good women” to bed.

On a side note, this is another reason why white vagina worshiping nationalists are full of shit.  They talk a lot about duty to kin and racial solidarity, but this example proves that women are stabbing their own male kin in the back.  They’re stupid to trust to their female kin or white women in general.  Of course, white vagina worshiping nationalists are fine with white men being stabbed in the back by white women as long as white babies are produced.

stoner and tarnished, your parents, while abusive, succeeded in producing White children. You would even call yourselves “normal” White children. But a Negro, even if he was one of the very few moral and talented negros, can never produce White children.

There you have it, an example that shows “good women” are incredibly few in number and shows another reason why white nationalists are white vagina worshipers.

I Renounce The White Race

I’m white according to most people’s definition of white.  I feel absolutely no solidarity with the white race so I renounce the white race.  I also renounce all other races for what its worth.

One of the problems with all race based (and ethnic based) nationalism is that it is obsessed with producing babies.  Thus, in race based nationalism women are worshipped and men are lowered to slaves or beasts of burden.  This is why I use the term white vagina worshipping nationalists.  It’s not just an insult.

This means that for men, women and manginas of their own race will stab them in the back.  This is true for all race nationalists of every race so there is no such thing as racial solidarity as far as men of any race are concerned.   It’s also true when dealing with people who aren’t race nationalists.  The difference is that they aren’t spewing propaganda about racial solidarity.

Since woman worship is widespread among most people regardless of race and regardless of whether they believe in some form of race nationalism or not, there are really only two actual races.  Women and manginas are one race, and non-mangina men are another.  I would not be surprised if a genetic analysis showed that non-mangina men are a different subspecies than the rest of humanity if not a different species. 

Women Have No Right To Free Contraceptives Or Anything Else From Men

Mark Plus asked a good question.

Mark Plus has a point. Women accuse men of feeling entitled to sex with women, but the reality is that women are full of entitlement. Women think they’re entitled to free contraception (paid for by men whether its their male employers or via government assistance) and men’s wallets in general. Women think they’re entitled to husbands when they decide they want to get married and divorce where they get half or more of a man’s assets when they no longer feel like being married. Women even think they’re entitled to sex. You just don’t notice it most of the time because they don’t want to have sex with most men, but they quickly get violent when a man they want refuses to have sex with them. As you can see from that link, women also feel entitled to use violence against men while denouncing “violence against women”.

When a woman accuses a man of entitlement its just really projection on her part. Women think they’re to entitled to anything a man has including his body. In reality, men owe women absolutely nothing. If women want contraception or anything else, they can work to pay for it themselves without government assistance like the supposedly adult humans they claim to be.

The So Called Manosphere’s Supremacy Clause

When it comes to A Voice For Men it’s a case of two steps forward, one step back.  AVFM had really cleaned up many of the things that I had issue with so it was with great surprise that AVFM allowed a pro-game article.  One thing AVFM always had going for it was its strong anti-game stance.  At least in the comments, there was men pointing out how game is a scam and otherwise useless to the MRM.

One in the things in the article (and some of the comments) was how the MRM and gamers supposedly have common interests.  I will show you this is false.  The problem is that the so called manosphere has its own version of the U.S. constitution’s supremacy clause.  For those of you who aren’t aware the supremacy clause in the U.S. constitution says the U.S. constitution is the supreme law of the land so if any law conflicts with the U.S. constitution, it is invalid.

In the so called manosphere when anything conflicts with white vagina worshiping nationalism, it gets declared invalid.  You can see a good example of this in the comments to a recent article at Return of Court Jesters.  The article is about women during WWII in allied countries who would have sex with Nazi soldiers while their men were off fighting the Nazis.  It’s a good article showing the depraved nature of women.  However, the commenters at Return of Court Jesters objected to the article citing a bunch of conspiracies theories, antisemitism, and justifications how the Nazis soldiers were “alphas” because they were defending the white race.  This is a case where the reality of women came into conflict with white vagina worshiping nationalism, and the readership of Return of Court Jesters showed that in such conflicts they will always choose white vagina worshiping nationalism and throw away anti-feminism.

Since white vagina worshiping nationalism, antisemitism, and conspiracy theory overlaps heavily and is pervasive in the so called manosphere, anti-feminism is in constant conflict with white vagina worshiping nationalism.  Between that and the so called manosphere’s supremacy clause, any anti-feminism in the so called manosphere is effectively negated into meaninglessness.  This is why the MRM (and MGTOW) have no common interests with the so called manosphere.  It’s not a matter of agree to disagree on some issues.  The so called manosphere’s ruling ideology of white vagina worshiping nationalism always comes first for them and is pervasive enough any possible common interest MRAs (or MGTOW) may have with them effectively doesn’t exist.

Declare Your Independence From The Global Uganda

I have been sympathetic to the idea of expating, but I haven’t really seen its value.  Most men who do it think they can find a different type of woman outside of the US or outside of Western countries.  While that may appear to be the case for now, women are the same everywhere.  Some countries and cultures are just more openly misandrist than others.  The ones that are less openly misandrist are rapidly becoming openly misandrist.  Unless there are some unique local problems that you need to escape, there is no point to expating.  Wherever you go, there you are in a misandrist nation and culture.

I have realized what the problem is with expating.  The problem isn’t with the concept as such.  The problem is that most men’s view of expating is way too limited.  Even more radical expating ideas like seasteading, cities in Antarctica, etc. still are too limited.  It’s too easy to travel to anyplace on Earth so such places can’t be used to escape women and manginas.  While such places can be used as temporary stepping stones, we have to look to space to escape women and manginas.  Even then the Moon, Mars, and anywhere else in the solar system probably still won’t be enough (although they too can be used as stepping stones for further expating/escape).  We need to look to other star systems and beyond.

The problem is that Earth (and possibly even the solar system) is equivalent to the Great Rift Valley in Africa.  The Great Rift Valley is the home of humanity in planetary terms just as Earth is the home of humanity in galactic or universe terms.  At the alternate history forums, it was pointed out that the Great Rift Valley or in national terms, Uganda, is the home of humanity but hardly the best example of humanity.

Uganda is the home of humanity.  It is laughed at, poor, and not the best symbol for humanity, but it is still inhabited.  Earth will eventually be one giant Uganda.

Africa is a very matriarchal place.  A lot of Africa is under the control of women with manginas as the front men doing the work.  This is why so much of Africa as well as places like Detroit are such basket cases.  It has nothing to do with race as the white vagina worshiping nationalists would have you believe.  Any differences between Africa and other places in the world are simply due to the matriarchies running them being slightly weaker.  The differences between the first world and Africa are minimal.  The whole world won’t just be a giant Uganda in the future.  The world currently is a global Uganda, but you don’t notice because you have nothing to compare it to.  You don’t know what a truly matriarchal free state and culture looks like.

While Earth isn’t going anywhere, the real future lies elsewhere far away from the global Uganda of Earth, far away from women and manginas.  We need to look towards a place like the Tau Ceti star system.  Places like that are where we can develop a civilization completely free from matriarchy.  While the planets around Tau Ceti may not be ideal for us, this isn’t a problem.  Terraforming will take care of some of it.  The rest can be handled by genetic engineering and/or becoming cyborgs.  This is a good thing because we need to remove genetics that predispose us to be manginas anyway so we might as well make more changes while we’re at it.

You may think this is some far off future that you will never see in your lifetime.  While it will be a long time before there’s an exodus to another start system like Tau Ceti, other parts of this vision are already in progress.  For example, the development of cyborgs in primitive form is proliferating in areas such as financeAnti-aging medicine is on the verge of several breakthroughs that will radically extend our lifespans.  While no one is going to be getting on a spaceship to another star system tomorrow, this is a vision we can realize.

Today is Independence Day in the US so declare your independence from this global Uganda we are all living in.  Just as our ancestors had to choose to leave the Great Rift Valley a long time ago to find a better life, we must do the same on a larger level.  It’s going to take a long time and a lot of work, but we must do it.  It’s the only way to build a better human civilization.

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Scams Are Everywhere In The Dating Industry

I talk a lot about scams in dating advice, but pretty much everything involved in dating has scams embedded in it.  Online dating certainly isn’t safe.  Netcraft has discovered that criminals are running MASSIVE phishing scams against online dating sites.  Netcraft describes how the online dating phishing scams work.

Online dating fraud is often orchestrated by criminal gangs who use fake profiles to trick victims into developing long distance relationships. Once the fraudsters have gathered enough sympathy and trust from a victim, they will exploit this by claiming they need money to pay for travel costs, or to afford medical treatment for a family member. After the money has been stolen, the criminals will make up further reasons why they need more money. In some cases, the fraudsters blackmail their victim into sending money – if the victim has sent any explicit photos or videos to the criminals, they may threaten to send them to the victim’s friends and family.

The amount of money involved in these scams can be considerable. In 2011, a woman in Britain was tricked into sending more than $59,000 to a pair of fraudsters who pretended to have inherited millions of dollars from a military friend in Nigeria. The fraudsters – who were actually a mother and daughter in America – managed to net more than a million dollars before being jailed in 2013.

When I read this I realized that other than the parts that make this an organized scam, this isn’t much different than what the average woman does, especially when she taps into the reserves.  Everything in the dating world whether its dating advice or online dating is a ready made venue for fraud.  Whether its just a woman looking for a man to fix her financial problems or a criminal organization running a massive phishing scam, it’s all the same.  The world of dating is filled with so much deception that it creates a venue that criminals can use easily.  Fraud attracts more fraud so a venue where women are trying to defraud men will naturally attract actual criminals sooner or later.  There’s no way of protecting online dating sites from criminals since the fundamental nature of everything involved in the dating industry is fraudulent.

When you use an online dating site, do you know if you are dealing with an actual woman or a criminal organization?  No, you don’t.  And in some ways it doesn’t matter.  It’s all about defrauding you.  In the dating industry, scams are everywhere and fundamental to the way it operates so you should just avoid it.