Conspiracy Theorists Are Objectively Pro-Feminist

I wrote back in 2011 that conspiracy theorists would turn on the MRM.  There have been examples of this I have documented in the past.  I found another good example of this at Dalrock, where they were talking about Jenny Erikson, a Christian feminist woman, who is in the process of divorcing her husband.  (Jenny Erikson is the “she” in the following comment.)

She’s the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t she? If the manosphere had tried to invent a woman to prove everything we say is true, we couldn’t have done so well.

Not saying she is. Not saying she isn’t. But it’s worth remembering that “cyberwar psy-ops” do exist. Don’t take anyone on teh Interwebz at face value.

Someone else commenting points out that it is silly for this woman to be working for the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO.  That gets this response.

Well Boxer, she does perfectly hit all of the stereotypes and memes the manosphere always discusses. Either she’s the perfect example of everything wrong with the West today because she’s followed the mass media script like a rat following the pied piper…

…or she’s a deliberate, calculating representative of the pied piper, helping to lead all the other rats astray.

Either she’s a deliberate change agent, or she is a useful idiot.

I know someone is going to bring up that these comments only say it’s “possible” that Jenny Erikson is working for the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO.  That doesn’t matter because it’s an admission that even if the conspiracy theorists don’t think this woman works for the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO, they still think there still is at least one equivalent woman doing so.

Let’s take a look at this logically beyond the conspiracy theorists’ fake rebellion against the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO and their unwillingness to see that women have agency.  The life story of Jenny Erikson may convince some women to divorce, but it most likely won’t.  As was pointed out in the comments at Dalrock, Jenny Erikson isn’t smart enough, good looking enough, slim enough and is too mediocre to convince women to divorce.  The only thing that Jenny Erikson could do is convince men to not get married at all.  She could only act an example of how capricious and evil women can be to men.  Since Jenny Erikson is a walking and talking anti-feminist billboard, how can Jenny Erikson be a “change agent” or “cyberwar psyop”?  There is only one answer to this question.

The only way for Jenny Erikson to be working for the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO is if the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO are anti-feminist.  Obviously, Jenny Erikson isn’t working for some conspiracy, but conspiracy theorists believe it’s possible which tells us what conspiracy theorists actually believe.  What conspiracy theorists believe is that anti-feminism is being promoted by the Rockefellers/Illuminati/NWO.  Conspiracy theorists may say that they’re against feminism, but as this analysis proves, they are objectively pro-feminist.

No Con Artist Wants A Solution

I found a blog that asks, “Does the manosphere really want a solution?”  The answer is no.  Since we know that everything in the so called manosphere from game to the paleo diet is a scam, the biggest threat to the so called manosphere is someone who comes up with working answers to the questions of women, weight loss, etc.

Twenty years ago there was a movie called, Leap of Faith, about a group of faith healer con artists.  At one point the main character says that the biggest threat to his scam is not the police because the police can always be paid off.  The biggest threat is the genuine article.  This simple and to the point explanation is why the so called manosphere doesn’t want an actual solution to anything.  An actual solution means that they can’t sell you books over and over again and that they can’t keep on the MDAD treadmill.  In other words, game and the paleo diet being lies actually benefits their cause.

An actual solution would be end to the so called manosphere’s business model.  Knowing this, what happens if feminism were to cease to exist tomorrow?  The scam that is the so called manosphere would collapse.  This is another reason why you will never see any true anti-feminist action from the so called manosphere.  It needs feminism to survive.

The Shifting Goalposts Of The MDAD

Anytime you think that you have followed some dating advice and accomplished what the advice recommended, you will find that it’s not good enough. You won’t get what the dating advice promised. What will happen is that you will be given new dating advice that will supposedly deliver. Of course, that dating advice won’t produce results either, but there will be more dating advice you must follow waiting in the wings. Shifting the goalposts is common in dating advice, and it serves the purposes of the MDAD (Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction).

One of the reasons that the goalposts are constantly shifting in dating advice is to keep you on the MDAD treadmill.  The last thing feminists and manginas want is for men to give up on women because avoiding women denies women their power.  Instead what they want is for you to keep chasing women.  They can’t actually give you dating advice that works because what they really want to keep you in a constant state of chasing women.

To justify their shifting of the goalposts women and manginas will use bullshit reasons like “self improvement is a continuous process” (ignoring that dating advice isn’t and can never be “self improvement”).  Dr. Mangina love recently tried justify his goalpost shifting in his dating advice using that reason.

Realize That There Is No End

One of the things that people often complain about is feeling as though that there’s always more to do and to work on or improve. It’s like a race that can never be won because you keep realizing that what you thought was the finish line was another lap marker.

“Goddamn it, they moved the finish line back again!”

Alternately, to take it back to the mountain metaphor at the beginning, it’s like climbing to the top of the Matterhorn and realizing that the summit there is just the base of K-2. Believe it or not: that’s a good thing.

If there’s no end to dating advice then how do you measure progress?  By definition nothing gets accomplished.  Not being able to measure progress is part of the point.  The last thing that dating advice pushers want is dating advice that is testable and measurable.  They don’t want you realizing that their dating advice doesn’t work.

What feminists and manginas are doing is giving you dating advice that is “turtles all the way down” and hiding it by calling it “self improvement” and other things.

A Great Metaphor For Game

If you need a single, simple example of why game is complete bunk, here it is.  A bunch of gamers gave $14000 of their hard earned money to a woman dealing with breast cancer.  (H/T: Barbarossaaaa)

This is exactly the sort of thing that gamers say game will prevent a man from doing.  This is absolute evidence game is a fraud.  While these gamers will give a woman $14000, they won’t do the same for you.  This makes this video a great metaphor for game.  The game scam benefits women, but won’t do anything for you.  Just watch the first bit of the video.  The gamer even white knights for feminists by implying that only a tiny minority of feminists hate men.

Game scams money from men to benefit women just like the video.

More Exit Strategies From The So Called Manosphere

Note: This article was edited because Bill Price returned to The Spearhead

People vanish from the so called manosphere all the time.  Most of the disappearances are nobodies leaving the so called manosphere for whatever reason.  In many cases, it can be due to anything from realizing that the manosphere is filled with bullshit to the failure of married gamers to keep their marriages.  Sometimes, bigger names in the so called manosphere disappear.  This is what happened after the Great DC Manosphere Meetup of Epic Failure.

Now another big name in the so called manosphere has disappeared (for a month).  This is probably the biggest manosphere disappearance so far even though it was only temporary.  Bill Price, owner of The Spearhead, has completely disappeared, and no one else at The Spearhead knew where he was until today.  Why did Bill Price disappear?  While we know that it was because of family problems, there was speculation that he is in jail because he got behind on his child support payments.  (It was also possible that he has realized manosphere red pill ideology was completely bullshit and couldn’t pull a “player burnout” excuse or that Bill Price’s feminist wife demanded that he pull the plug.  This is still possible even though he’s back for now.)

We heard from him today, but from his own words it’s still possible he might disappear due to financial reasons.

However, during my time offline, I was forced to confront a few realities that may have some implications for the future of this site. Quite frankly, the ROI isn’t adequate given the time I put into it. Of course, that wasn’t the point initially. If I’d started the site for money, I would have taken an entirely different approach (in fact, I would have avoided men’s issues altogether).

For now, I’ll keep The Spearhead going, but I have to start selling something, and fast.

Financial reasons for leaving the so called manosphere can be valid.  Manospherians have been trying to monetize their content and failing to do so.  Bill Price may be the first to leave due to financial reasons, but if he does others will do the same as it will be a safe excuse (like “player burnout”) to leave.

Another excuse to leave is to declare victory.

I think this made a difference, and I have noticed the narrative has shifted somewhat over the last few years. How much remains to be seen, as one still runs across feminist tripe with some regularity in trendy magazines and the like, but this isn’t the 90s anymore; people don’t take it as gospel.

The so called manosphere hasn’t done anything about feminism except spend countless hours trolling feminists online.  This has produced exactly ZERO results.  No laws have been changed.  Feminism is still as powerful as it ever was.  Another excuse to leave the so called manosphere is to pretend that you actually produced results in rolling back feminism.  It’s like how Saddam Hussein “declared victory” at the end of the Iran-Iraq War while having absolutely nothing to show for the longest and deadliest war of the 20th century.

I’m sure we will see more silly reasons used as exit strategies from the so called manosphere.

Where Is The Depopulation Agenda When I Need It?

I’m visiting my family for Christmas right now, and it’s an exercise in frustration.  Everyone has been asking if I’m seeing someone.  I have been through this a million times and have tried explaining the reality of modern women to no avail.  What’s behind my family bothering about this is grandchildren.  I have no siblings (or cousins) so I’m the only source for the next generation of my family.  It’s gotten to the point where I’m considering threatening to not visit on subsequent holidays especially since they don’t do anything to actually help solve what they think is a problem.  Do they do anything like introducing me to single women (putting aside that the only way that could work would be if she was an extreme gold digger)?  Nope.  They just talk my ear off and tell me I should consider single mothers.

This made me think.  Conspiracy theorists think that there is a depopulation agenda to murder somewhere between 80% to 95% of the world population.  Part of this depopulation agenda is preventing people from getting married so they don’t have children.  Conspiracy theorists believe that people are being “tricked” (or commanded) into thinking marriage is dangerous.  Many conspiracy theorists think MGTOW is part of the depopulation agenda (and the rest are probably trying to subvert MGTOW from the inside).

The depopulation agenda sounds great to me.  If it existed, my family would stop bothering me about women and having children.  The depopulation agenda would convince them that avoiding women, marriage, and children is what men like me should be doing.  They would support me instead of trying to convince me to get involved with single mothers.

This proves that the depopulation agenda doesn’t exist.  My life proves conspiracy theory is bullshit.

Anything And Everything Will Be Done To Keep You On The MDAD Treadmill

In the MDAD (Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction), anything and everything will be done to keep you in the MDAD.  This includes giving you bad dating advice to keep you on the MDAD treadmill.  A very long time ago I saw this exchange (which I’m greatly paraphrasing) on a dating advice forum.

Man Trying To Solve His Dating Woes: I have been completely unsuccessful in dating.  I’m looking for new ideas to try to change that.

Man Serving the MDAD: You should get a job in sales.

Man Trying To Solve His Dating Woes: What?  That makes no sense.  Why should I have to completely change career paths?  No one else has to do that.

Man Serving the MDAD: You’re just unwilling to do the work it takes to get a relationship with a woman.  You just want to whine about it.

Man Trying To Solve His Dating Woes: Fuck this.  I will try somewhere else.

I have actually seen “get a job in sales” and other things equally as absurd actually given as dating advice.  Absurd dating advice is not a bug.  It’s a feature of the MDAD designed to keep you on the MDAD treadmill looking for more and more dating advice.  (There are also other aspects to this such as dating advice givers entrapping men into a lecture about self improvement and being a keyboard jockey.)  Even absurd dating advice that pisses you off is designed to keep you looking for more and more dating advice because you figure that there has to be better dating advice out there.  As long as you stay on the MDAD treadmill and don’t give up on women, they have done their job.  If you are constantly searching for new dating advice, you won’t realize that your life is functioning just fine without women (and is probably better without women).