Women Have No Right To Free Contraceptives Or Anything Else From Men

Mark Plus asked a good question.

Mark Plus has a point. Women accuse men of feeling entitled to sex with women, but the reality is that women are full of entitlement. Women think they’re entitled to free contraception (paid for by men whether its their male employers or via government assistance) and men’s wallets in general. Women think they’re entitled to husbands when they decide they want to get married and divorce where they get half or more of a man’s assets when they no longer feel like being married. Women even think they’re entitled to sex. You just don’t notice it most of the time because they don’t want to have sex with most men, but they quickly get violent when a man they want refuses to have sex with them. As you can see from that link, women also feel entitled to use violence against men while denouncing “violence against women”.

When a woman accuses a man of entitlement its just really projection on her part. Women think they’re to entitled to anything a man has including his body. In reality, men owe women absolutely nothing. If women want contraception or anything else, they can work to pay for it themselves without government assistance like the supposedly adult humans they claim to be.

The So Called Manosphere’s Supremacy Clause

When it comes to A Voice For Men it’s a case of two steps forward, one step back.  AVFM had really cleaned up many of the things that I had issue with so it was with great surprise that AVFM allowed a pro-game article.  One thing AVFM always had going for it was its strong anti-game stance.  At least in the comments, there was men pointing out how game is a scam and otherwise useless to the MRM.

One in the things in the article (and some of the comments) was how the MRM and gamers supposedly have common interests.  I will show you this is false.  The problem is that the so called manosphere has its own version of the U.S. constitution’s supremacy clause.  For those of you who aren’t aware the supremacy clause in the U.S. constitution says the U.S. constitution is the supreme law of the land so if any law conflicts with the U.S. constitution, it is invalid.

In the so called manosphere when anything conflicts with white vagina worshiping nationalism, it gets declared invalid.  You can see a good example of this in the comments to a recent article at Return of Court Jesters.  The article is about women during WWII in allied countries who would have sex with Nazi soldiers while their men were off fighting the Nazis.  It’s a good article showing the depraved nature of women.  However, the commenters at Return of Court Jesters objected to the article citing a bunch of conspiracies theories, antisemitism, and justifications how the Nazis soldiers were “alphas” because they were defending the white race.  This is a case where the reality of women came into conflict with white vagina worshiping nationalism, and the readership of Return of Court Jesters showed that in such conflicts they will always choose white vagina worshiping nationalism and throw away anti-feminism.

Since white vagina worshiping nationalism, antisemitism, and conspiracy theory overlaps heavily and is pervasive in the so called manosphere, anti-feminism is in constant conflict with white vagina worshiping nationalism.  Between that and the so called manosphere’s supremacy clause, any anti-feminism in the so called manosphere is effectively negated into meaninglessness.  This is why the MRM (and MGTOW) have no common interests with the so called manosphere.  It’s not a matter of agree to disagree on some issues.  The so called manosphere’s ruling ideology of white vagina worshiping nationalism always comes first for them and is pervasive enough any possible common interest MRAs (or MGTOW) may have with them effectively doesn’t exist.

Declare Your Independence From The Global Uganda

I have been sympathetic to the idea of expating, but I haven’t really seen its value.  Most men who do it think they can find a different type of woman outside of the US or outside of Western countries.  While that may appear to be the case for now, women are the same everywhere.  Some countries and cultures are just more openly misandrist than others.  The ones that are less openly misandrist are rapidly becoming openly misandrist.  Unless there are some unique local problems that you need to escape, there is no point to expating.  Wherever you go, there you are in a misandrist nation and culture.

I have realized what the problem is with expating.  The problem isn’t with the concept as such.  The problem is that most men’s view of expating is way too limited.  Even more radical expating ideas like seasteading, cities in Antarctica, etc. still are too limited.  It’s too easy to travel to anyplace on Earth so such places can’t be used to escape women and manginas.  While such places can be used as temporary stepping stones, we have to look to space to escape women and manginas.  Even then the Moon, Mars, and anywhere else in the solar system probably still won’t be enough (although they too can be used as stepping stones for further expating/escape).  We need to look to other star systems and beyond.

The problem is that Earth (and possibly even the solar system) is equivalent to the Great Rift Valley in Africa.  The Great Rift Valley is the home of humanity in planetary terms just as Earth is the home of humanity in galactic or universe terms.  At the alternate history forums, it was pointed out that the Great Rift Valley or in national terms, Uganda, is the home of humanity but hardly the best example of humanity.

Uganda is the home of humanity.  It is laughed at, poor, and not the best symbol for humanity, but it is still inhabited.  Earth will eventually be one giant Uganda.

Africa is a very matriarchal place.  A lot of Africa is under the control of women with manginas as the front men doing the work.  This is why so much of Africa as well as places like Detroit are such basket cases.  It has nothing to do with race as the white vagina worshiping nationalists would have you believe.  Any differences between Africa and other places in the world are simply due to the matriarchies running them being slightly weaker.  The differences between the first world and Africa are minimal.  The whole world won’t just be a giant Uganda in the future.  The world currently is a global Uganda, but you don’t notice because you have nothing to compare it to.  You don’t know what a truly matriarchal free state and culture looks like.

While Earth isn’t going anywhere, the real future lies elsewhere far away from the global Uganda of Earth, far away from women and manginas.  We need to look towards a place like the Tau Ceti star system.  Places like that are where we can develop a civilization completely free from matriarchy.  While the planets around Tau Ceti may not be ideal for us, this isn’t a problem.  Terraforming will take care of some of it.  The rest can be handled by genetic engineering and/or becoming cyborgs.  This is a good thing because we need to remove genetics that predispose us to be manginas anyway so we might as well make more changes while we’re at it.

You may think this is some far off future that you will never see in your lifetime.  While it will be a long time before there’s an exodus to another start system like Tau Ceti, other parts of this vision are already in progress.  For example, the development of cyborgs in primitive form is proliferating in areas such as financeAnti-aging medicine is on the verge of several breakthroughs that will radically extend our lifespans.  While no one is going to be getting on a spaceship to another star system tomorrow, this is a vision we can realize.

Today is Independence Day in the US so declare your independence from this global Uganda we are all living in.  Just as our ancestors had to choose to leave the Great Rift Valley a long time ago to find a better life, we must do the same on a larger level.  It’s going to take a long time and a lot of work, but we must do it.  It’s the only way to build a better human civilization.

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Scams Are Everywhere In The Dating Industry

I talk a lot about scams in dating advice, but pretty much everything involved in dating has scams embedded in it.  Online dating certainly isn’t safe.  Netcraft has discovered that criminals are running MASSIVE phishing scams against online dating sites.  Netcraft describes how the online dating phishing scams work.

Online dating fraud is often orchestrated by criminal gangs who use fake profiles to trick victims into developing long distance relationships. Once the fraudsters have gathered enough sympathy and trust from a victim, they will exploit this by claiming they need money to pay for travel costs, or to afford medical treatment for a family member. After the money has been stolen, the criminals will make up further reasons why they need more money. In some cases, the fraudsters blackmail their victim into sending money – if the victim has sent any explicit photos or videos to the criminals, they may threaten to send them to the victim’s friends and family.

The amount of money involved in these scams can be considerable. In 2011, a woman in Britain was tricked into sending more than $59,000 to a pair of fraudsters who pretended to have inherited millions of dollars from a military friend in Nigeria. The fraudsters – who were actually a mother and daughter in America – managed to net more than a million dollars before being jailed in 2013.

When I read this I realized that other than the parts that make this an organized scam, this isn’t much different than what the average woman does, especially when she taps into the reserves.  Everything in the dating world whether its dating advice or online dating is a ready made venue for fraud.  Whether its just a woman looking for a man to fix her financial problems or a criminal organization running a massive phishing scam, it’s all the same.  The world of dating is filled with so much deception that it creates a venue that criminals can use easily.  Fraud attracts more fraud so a venue where women are trying to defraud men will naturally attract actual criminals sooner or later.  There’s no way of protecting online dating sites from criminals since the fundamental nature of everything involved in the dating industry is fraudulent.

When you use an online dating site, do you know if you are dealing with an actual woman or a criminal organization?  No, you don’t.  And in some ways it doesn’t matter.  It’s all about defrauding you.  In the dating industry, scams are everywhere and fundamental to the way it operates so you should just avoid it.

At Least Elliot Rodger Didn’t Reenact The 40 Year Old Virgin

At the Dickless Man Project there is a lament that Elliot Rodger is no longer a member of The Reserves.  The article isn’t phrased in that manner but that is its message.

Despite what the Dickless Man Project says, giving it time would not have made things “better” for him.  Would there have been women who eventually would have faked interest in him for his wealth and/or ability to provide?  Would he have been able to lose his virginity eventually like the examples in the Dickless Man Project article?  Probably, yes, but so what?  It’s not an improvement to be pursued by  desperate STD ridden “former” sluts especially if they have kids who only want you for what you have.  While all of the examples in the Dickless Man Project may be “happy” now (although it’s likely their wives don’t have sex with them anymore), they won’t be so happy when their wives surprise them with a divorce.  And it’s a guarantee that will happen once their wives have sucked them dry.

What the men in the Dickless Man Project article went through was the same thing Steve Carell’s character in The 40 Year Old Virgin did albeit younger.  Catherine Keener’s character got everything, and Steve Carell’s character got nothing.  Yet, we are expected to believe this is a good thing.  The whole movie is propaganda for keeping men in the reserves.

At least Elliot Rodger didn’t reenact The 40 Year Old Virgin movie and stayed out of the reserves.

Copycat Victims

Women have lied to men and lied about men more times than I can count.  That’s why we have a false sexual harassment industry, a false rape industry, a false abuse industry, etc.  What women have done is create a massive false accusation industry backed by government as an enforcer of women’s false accusations.  The worst thing any man has done to a woman pales in comparison to the false accusation industry.

Despite the reality of the false accusation industry and the millions of men harmed by it, many people still believe that women never lie.  I found the ultimate example of a woman making a false accusation in a comment at AVoiceForMen.

It proves women enjoy sharing hysterics. I personally don’t know a single woman who has been genitally mutilated, but I keep hearing how it’s somehow men’s fault “we” suffer at their hands.

From my own experience, I once told my sister in law an upsetting story of an instance of sexual molestation I experienced as a child.

She seemed unusually interested in the story and had me repeat it several times. She hadn’t shown much empathy or concern about other bad experiences of mine, but this one she really zeroed in on.

A few months later, in front of a group of friends, she started repeating My story as though it had happened to her – using my vocal inflections, and tearing up exactly as I had.

I thought she was mocking me! It felt like she was literally de-pantsing me in front of everyone, until she turned to me, searching my face for approval of her story…looking for attention and sympathy.

I realized she had simply liked the dramatic quality of my story so much she had adopted it as her own. She didn’t even realize I was the original source of the story.

If you notice, cops shows, murder shows, extremely violent and over the top perverted CSI type shows proliferate on TV now days, usually featuring woman-as-victims. I really believe women are internalizing that stuff and adopting it as their own, just as my sister in law had. It’s like the Coast Guard fielding hundreds of calls to report the shipwrecked people stranded on Gilligan’s Island.

Those old PSAs proclaiming “In America a woman is raped every thirty seconds” should have included “…on TV”.

24/7/365 some woman, some where on TV is suffering rape, domestic abuse, violence and murder.

Next time you hear a woman make an accusation against a man, ask yourself if it really happened to her or if she just copied some other woman’s misery.  This copycatting has probably happened so many times that only a tiny fraction of what women accuse men of actually happened.

Copycat killers and other copycat criminals are bad enough, but women’s game of copycat victims is much worse by several orders of magnitude.

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The Dating Advice Industry Drove Elliot Rodger Insane

I’m sure all of you have heard about Elliot Rodger, a young man who killed several people in Santa Barbara by now.   He is another murder driven insane by game similar to George Sodini and Gunwitch.  While the gamers have been doing damage control by pretending Rodger was “anti-game” because he visited PUAHate a few times (which has sadly but understandably been taken down).  Before PUAHate went down, I read it regularly and never saw any comments from Rodger.  That’s how little he actually posted there.  (At least some of the so called manosphere probably realizes this so they are already manufacturing conspiracy theories about how the shootings were really a false flag to discredit the so called manosphere.)

Rodger’s manifesto was filled with manospherian ideology and terminology (as well as dating advice ideology and terminology from sources other than the so called manosphere) to the point where he referred to himself as an “alpha male”.  That’s not how an a man truly against game thinks.  All Rodger’s few visits to PUAHate prove is that he knew at some level something was wrong with all the manospherian and dating advice bullshit he was reading was a complete lie.  The world of dating advice is filled with so many logical contradictions in addition to outright lies that it’s easy to sense something is wrong.  Unfortunately, Rodger didn’t spend more time on PUAHate (or better yet MGTOW websites) because trying to believe all of the logical contradictions and lies in dating advice will drive you insane.  That’s what happened to Rodger, and he cracked leading to the shootings.

The dating advice industry is going to turn more men into killers with their scams.  While the so called manosphere is using Rodger as an excuse to push game, other purveyors of dating advice are doing the same thing.  The “Strategic Dating Coach” promises that his system can prevent more Rodgers.

rodgerdatingcoachOther purveyors of dating advice say the same thing and try to pretend that they’re different than the so called manosphere.  A good example of this is at the Dickless Man Project where another dating coach pretends to attack the idea of the alpha male and other manospherian BS just to repackage it under a different name.  The only differences between various purveyors of dating advice is minor aspects of style and presentation.  The substance is all the same so the dating advice industry is guaranteed to produce more Rodgers, Sodinis, and Gunwitches.