At Least Elliot Rodger Didn’t Reenact The 40 Year Old Virgin

At the Dickless Man Project there is a lament that Elliot Rodger is no longer a member of The Reserves.  The article isn’t phrased in that manner but that is its message.

Despite what the Dickless Man Project says, giving it time would not have made things “better” for him.  Would there have been women who eventually would have faked interest in him for his wealth and/or ability to provide?  Would he have been able to lose his virginity eventually like the examples in the Dickless Man Project article?  Probably, yes, but so what?  It’s not an improvement to be pursued by  desperate STD ridden “former” sluts especially if they have kids who only want you for what you have.  While all of the examples in the Dickless Man Project may be “happy” now (although it’s likely their wives don’t have sex with them anymore), they won’t be so happy when their wives surprise them with a divorce.  And it’s a guarantee that will happen once their wives have sucked them dry.

What the men in the Dickless Man Project article went through was the same thing Steve Carell’s character in The 40 Year Old Virgin did albeit younger.  Catherine Keener’s character got everything, and Steve Carell’s character got nothing.  Yet, we are expected to believe this is a good thing.  The whole movie is propaganda for keeping men in the reserves.

At least Elliot Rodger didn’t reenact The 40 Year Old Virgin movie and stayed out of the reserves.

Copycat Victims

Women have lied to men and lied about men more times than I can count.  That’s why we have a false sexual harassment industry, a false rape industry, a false abuse industry, etc.  What women have done is create a massive false accusation industry backed by government as an enforcer of women’s false accusations.  The worst thing any man has done to a woman pales in comparison to the false accusation industry.

Despite the reality of the false accusation industry and the millions of men harmed by it, many people still believe that women never lie.  I found the ultimate example of a woman making a false accusation in a comment at AVoiceForMen.

It proves women enjoy sharing hysterics. I personally don’t know a single woman who has been genitally mutilated, but I keep hearing how it’s somehow men’s fault “we” suffer at their hands.

From my own experience, I once told my sister in law an upsetting story of an instance of sexual molestation I experienced as a child.

She seemed unusually interested in the story and had me repeat it several times. She hadn’t shown much empathy or concern about other bad experiences of mine, but this one she really zeroed in on.

A few months later, in front of a group of friends, she started repeating My story as though it had happened to her – using my vocal inflections, and tearing up exactly as I had.

I thought she was mocking me! It felt like she was literally de-pantsing me in front of everyone, until she turned to me, searching my face for approval of her story…looking for attention and sympathy.

I realized she had simply liked the dramatic quality of my story so much she had adopted it as her own. She didn’t even realize I was the original source of the story.

If you notice, cops shows, murder shows, extremely violent and over the top perverted CSI type shows proliferate on TV now days, usually featuring woman-as-victims. I really believe women are internalizing that stuff and adopting it as their own, just as my sister in law had. It’s like the Coast Guard fielding hundreds of calls to report the shipwrecked people stranded on Gilligan’s Island.

Those old PSAs proclaiming “In America a woman is raped every thirty seconds” should have included “…on TV”.

24/7/365 some woman, some where on TV is suffering rape, domestic abuse, violence and murder.

Next time you hear a woman make an accusation against a man, ask yourself if it really happened to her or if she just copied some other woman’s misery.  This copycatting has probably happened so many times that only a tiny fraction of what women accuse men of actually happened.

Copycat killers and other copycat criminals are bad enough, but women’s game of copycat victims is much worse by several orders of magnitude.

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The Dating Advice Industry Drove Elliot Rodger Insane

I’m sure all of you have heard about Elliot Rodger, a young man who killed several people in Santa Barbara by now.   He is another murder driven insane by game similar to George Sodini and Gunwitch.  While the gamers have been doing damage control by pretending Rodger was “anti-game” because he visited PUAHate a few times (which has sadly but understandably been taken down).  Before PUAHate went down, I read it regularly and never saw any comments from Rodger.  That’s how little he actually posted there.  (At least some of the so called manosphere probably realizes this so they are already manufacturing conspiracy theories about how the shootings were really a false flag to discredit the so called manosphere.)

Rodger’s manifesto was filled with manospherian ideology and terminology (as well as dating advice ideology and terminology from sources other than the so called manosphere) to the point where he referred to himself as an “alpha male”.  That’s not how an a man truly against game thinks.  All Rodger’s few visits to PUAHate prove is that he knew at some level something was wrong with all the manospherian and dating advice bullshit he was reading was a complete lie.  The world of dating advice is filled with so many logical contradictions in addition to outright lies that it’s easy to sense something is wrong.  Unfortunately, Rodger didn’t spend more time on PUAHate (or better yet MGTOW websites) because trying to believe all of the logical contradictions and lies in dating advice will drive you insane.  That’s what happened to Rodger, and he cracked leading to the shootings.

The dating advice industry is going to turn more men into killers with their scams.  While the so called manosphere is using Rodger as an excuse to push game, other purveyors of dating advice are doing the same thing.  The “Strategic Dating Coach” promises that his system can prevent more Rodgers.

rodgerdatingcoachOther purveyors of dating advice say the same thing and try to pretend that they’re different than the so called manosphere.  A good example of this is at the Dickless Man Project where another dating coach pretends to attack the idea of the alpha male and other manospherian BS just to repackage it under a different name.  The only differences between various purveyors of dating advice is minor aspects of style and presentation.  The substance is all the same so the dating advice industry is guaranteed to produce more Rodgers, Sodinis, and Gunwitches.

She Would “Do Something” About Me If She Could

Back in April I wrote about a person on Reddit who thinks the government should be tracking me.  This was their comment.

I really hope some government agency is watching this guy, because I’m genuinely pretty sure he’s going to snap, kill a woman and wear her skin around his house.

This person is still obsessed with me.  First, she made a completely off topic comment about me on Reddit just to start talking about me.  Then, she says she would “do something” about me if she could.

I’m very worried he’s going to kill someone and would do something if I could.

EDIT: He linked to one of my comments! I’m the second quote. I really want the government tracking him because he thinks most women want most men dead and that’s the sort of thing that would actually justify a shooting rampage.

What is more likely here, that I would go on a shooting rampage, or she would shoot me if she could?  Obviously, it’s the latter.  She’s obviously paranoid and by her own admission the only thing stopping her from doing something to me is the opportunity.  (That and ideally, she wants to hide behind the government.)

This reminds me of how conspiracy theorists talk about the Jews, the Rockefellers, etc.  According to the conspiracy theorists, they are going to murder you, and somebody should “do something” about them.  Someone other than the conspiracy theorists, that is.  It’s a combination of paranoia and incompetence just like with the woman talking about me on Reddit.

The Reserves

In many countries, the military has a reserve.  In the US, each service has a reserve component, and there is the National Guard.  The reserves are made up of citizens who may get activated when extra troops are needed to supplement the standing military.  When they’re not activated, the reserves train on a regular basis.  In the US, the reserves train one weekend a month and two additional weeks a year.

I have noticed a disturbing parallel to the military reserves in the world of dating advice.  A piece of dating advice I have been given numerous times is, “Just wait until X” where X was “you’re out of high school”, “you’re out of college”, “you’re 25″, “you’re 30″, etc.  In other words, there was going to be some point in time in the not too distant future when all of sudden women were going to be interested in me.  That point in time was always not now, but later.  As time went on, and it didn’t happen people just kept moving the goalposts from after high school, to after college, and so forth.  (Goalpost shifting is common in dating advice.)  This piece of dating advice is not unique to me.  I find it all over the place even when I’m not looking for it such as with this example on the Dickless Man Project.

I would also suggest something I heard from a sex advice columnist. Roughly paraphrased: “Don’t focus on getting your teenaged self laid. Think about getting your 22 year old self laid, and work on becoming a good person (and good future sex partner) in the meantime.”

On the surface, it sounds like this piece of dating advice is just to get men to shut up for a while about not getting laid/not having a girlfriend.  In reality, what is going on is much more sinister.  Notice how the quote above doesn’t say to just wait, but to “work on becoming a good person”.  (It also says to work on being a good future sex partner, but that’s impossible without practice.  This is another example of doublethink in dating advice.)  Whether it’s the so called manosphere, feminists like Dr. Nerdlove Manginalove, or anyone else peddling dating advice, they all spend almost all of their time on nebulous and meaningless “self improvement” and political ideologies instead of how to meet women and get laid/get a girlfriend.  The last thing any of the dating advice peddlers want to see is a man successful with women.

The reason why the dating advice peddlers don’t want you to successfully get women is about more than just money.  It’s not just about keeping you as a paying customer.  Many of the dating advice peddlers don’t even sell anything.  Wanting to make you become a feminist, white nationalist, conspiracy theorist, paleo dieter, etc. is a big part of it, but that isn’t the only reason.

The dating advice peddlers want to keep you in the dating equivalent of the reserves.  If you have something women want like money, eventually there will be women who will show interest in you.  Their interest will be fake, and they will probably be plotting their divorce before you get married.  However, given enough time, there will be women who will at least fake interest in you.  Women are only interest in the 20% of men they find attractive.  Women ignore all other men for the most part until they start realizing that their looks are fading.  This can happen as early as her late 20s or as late as her 30s.  Women have nothing to show for the decades of screwing around with the 20% of men except STDs, a ruined vagina, lots of financial debt, and maybe some kids.  When it’s clear that one of the men in the 20% won’t commit to her, out of desperation she will try to get a man in the 80% before her looks fade.  She needs a stupid man to pay her debts, pay for her kids if she has them or give her kids before she hits menopause.  For women to be able to do this, there has to be men waiting in reserve for her.  The 20% of attractive men aren’t enough to go around.

The problem is why should a man be in the reserves.  There’s no benefit for us in getting together with a ruined former slut with a STD especially if she has kids.  It’s not like we would even get sex out of the deal.  As soon as we’re locked in, our relationships/marriages with them would become mostly if not completely sexless.  We’re all better off going our own way and opting out of anything having to do with women.  To combat this, the dating advice peddlers are trying to keep us on the MDAD treadmill by distracting us with meaningless crap that has nothing to do with meeting women and getting laid/relationships with women.  Self improvement bullshit is perfect for this since it doesn’t have any objective metrics for measuring improvement so they can keep you going in circles until a woman fakes interest in you.  Ideological bullshit is also perfect since gynocentric ideologies such as feminism, white nationalism, the red pill, etc. since it keeps you focused on serving women without getting anything in return for your service.  By distracting you from being aware that you aren’t getting together with women, the dating advice peddlers are keeping you in a position of weakness for when a woman fakes interest in you.

When a man decides to give up on women, he is dropping out of the reserves.  This is something women recognize as an existential threat to them because women are incapable of doing anything except manipulating men.  A man who has dropped out of the reserves can’t be manipulated by women any longer.  This is why giving up on women generates more vitrol from women than men who physically abuse women do.

If you’re part of the reserves, drop out.  All that’s waiting for you are debts, STDs, and a sexless marriage that will end in divorce with you losing half or more of your assets.

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Slaughtering The Most Sacred Of Cows

My last blog certainly generated some reactions.  All these reactions had something in common.  They completely avoided what I actually said.

Somehow my last blog got noticed by the conspiratard and blue pill reddits.  I got attacked multiple times for being a virgin/incel. Here are a couple of examples.

Another incel! Those guys are the craziest.

I think it goes incel > MGTOW > Red Pill > MRAs > PUAs

Is another incel dude with too much free time and an internet connection?

This just proves my point, especially since someone else said a government agency should be tracking me for being a virgin.

I really hope some government agency is watching this guy, because I’m genuinely pretty sure he’s going to snap, kill a woman and wear her skin around his house.

Because the government shouldn’t be watching terrorists, drug dealers, or organized crime.  No, the government should track some nobody with a blog because he isn’t getting laid.  (I bet the person who wrote this is against NSA spying on us except when it’s done to male virgins.)  Again, this proves my point.  Others accused me of being part of the True Forced Loneliness movement and believing that women are having meetings to murder men.  Neither is true.  The reason why I brought up the SunshineMary example in my last blog is to point out that women are incapable of organizing the mass murder of men.  Ironically, women are dependent on men doing it for them.  Thus, you have pathetic attempts at manipulating men like such as with the Sunshine Mary example.  While the genocide of men isn’t going to happen, we still have the problem that the evil of wanting men dead is festering among women.  Just because they can’t implement it doesn’t mean that women don’t desire it.

QTS brought up an interesting point in that the people who criticized me don’t bother criticizing real nutjobs.

Yet you never condemn the white nationalists and conspiracy theorists who think that the Jews and bankers are out to murder us. If Black Pill is going off the deep end here, then why do you support those much farther off the deep end? The manosphere is filled with kookery like Return of Kings telling us that Communists are hiding under our beds, but you think Black Pill is the the crazy one for seeing that women regard large numbers of men as tools as best or garbage to be disposed of at worst.

Black Pill may not be the most objective here, although he has a point about women using men to do their dirty work and viewing us as discardable, but you are a hypocrite.

I find it very interesting that Peter Andrew Nolan, someone who actually has threatened women and broken the law of multiple countries, or the edenist nutjobs who believe that they are all the second coming of the neanderthals don’t get this treatment.  I’m just as obscure as them if not more obscure so it’s not like they should go unnoticed.  The reason why I got these reactions and the real nutjobs don’t is because I went after the most sacred of cows, women.  That’s all that happened here.  If I wrote rants about how the Rockefellers were behind feminism or how the world is secretly run by the coneheads (the edenists actually believe this), no one would care.  I was attacked because I’m NOT insane and for dealing with real world facts.

Hitler Screwed Up Female Plans For Male Genocide

Women want most men dead.  There is plenty of evidence for this such as the #KillAllMen and #KillMostMen Twitter hashtags.  Women regularly talk about how they want to reduce the male population to between 1% and 10% of what it is now.  There’s the SCUM Manifesto which advocated eliminating the male genderA Voice For Men exposed RadFemHub’s desire to mass murder men.

The desire to kill most men isn’t limited to feminists, radical or mainstream.  Most women want to see most men dead.  They just have different ideas about what group they want to survive.  (Typically, it maps to whatever group of men a woman finds attractive.)  However, the average woman usually won’t describe it in feminist terms so it’s not as obvious.  Red pill woman, SunshineMary called for the death of all non-Christian men.

I see that SunshineMary is posting all about “allies” and “morality”.

Here is what she wrote to PUA’s on her site, after mentioning them as possible “allies”:

The minute we have driven off our common enemy, it is my hope that the men of the tribe of Christ will kill your kind

What red pill woman, SunshineMary, wants is to eliminate most men through attrition.  That way she can have men do all the killing and can maintain plausible deniability.  (You can think of this as the mirror reflection of the “I was just following orders” excuse that was used by many Nazis at Nuremberg.)  SunshineMary doesn’t explicitly call for the death of most men here.  Yet, that is the result of what she wants.  Don’t be fooled because she defines this first as Christians and PUAs vs. everyone else and then Christians vs. PUAs (and presumably anyone else who survived).  SunshineMary is calling for the death of most men just like a feminist is but with slightly different terms.  This is similar to how most women want most men (i.e. the men they find unattractive) dead but don’t define their desires in terms of explicit misandry.

I know I’m going to get people saying, “Well, most men want most women dead too”.  That is not true.  For example, Stalin was a man yet his purges disproportionately murdered men.  Stalin’s purges were effectively very feminist.  Men don’t have the desire the genocide women as the example of Stalin demonstrates.  Yet, the reverse is horrifyingly true.

There have been many genocides throughout history from the Holocaust, the Holodomor, the Genocide of the Armenians, and others.  What was unique about the Holocaust is that it forced the world to take notice of genocide.  Hitler once said that no one remembered the genocide of the Armenians which happened only a few decades before the Holocaust, and he was right.  The Holocaust forced us to see the reality of genocide.  It didn’t stop genocides from never happening again, but we know how to recognize them now.  The Holocaust was the Streisand Effect of genocides.

Because the Holocaust forced us to witness the horrific reality of genocide, we can recognize women’s desires to genocide most men for what they are.  We get the benefit of knowing that women want us dead.  Otherwise we wouldn’t know until we all ended up in concentration camps for unattractive men.  This has made it more difficult for women to see their genocidal desires implemented.  In other words, Hitler screwed up female plans to genocide most of us men.