Going Green Will Not Get You Laid Because Of The Just World Fallacy

I have talked about how dating advice is used as a scam to convince people to believe in a particular ideology.  While the manuresphere is a good example of this, using dating advice to make men believe in a particular ideology is not limited to them.  The Dickless Mangina Project has a page about how going green will makes men attractive and sexy (and by extension get men laid).

If going green will get a man laid, then it should be easy to show examples of ugly and poor men who go green and become attractive to women.  The page has no examples.  In fact, the two examples the page gives of guys who are going green are a rock star and a rich and famous actor.  Both men are good looking.  Women would be attracted to them whether they were going green or industrial level polluters.  This shows that going green has no effect on a man’s attractiveness.  If a man is already attractive, then going green won’t have a negative effect, but it won’t have a positive effect either.  If an unattractive man goes green, women won’t care and will treat him the same as they did before.

A while ago, I was in downtown Vancouver for several days.  There was this homeless guy who was picking up trash and trying to keep part of the downtown area clean and green.  (He was doing this as a form of panhandling, but he was trying to do something rather than just hold his hand out.)  It was pretty obvious that this homeless guy was not getting laid at all.  His decision to be green did not help him proving the page at The Dickless Mangina Project to be a complete lie.  This is just another example of trying to use dating advice to manipulate men into a political ideology.

Why are there all these attempts to link being successful at getting women with believing in the “right” political ideology?  It is because most people believe in the Just World Fallacy when it comes to men and dating/relationships/sex.  They believe that a man who is successful at getting women must have the “right” politics whatever they believe the “right” politics to be.  This is because having the “right” politics is believed by most people to be equivalent to being moral and virtuous.  In the page from The Dickless Mangina Project, the “right” politics happens to be environmentalism.  For others it is feminism.  For the manuresphere, it is racism and anti-semitism.  The reality is that the Just World Fallacy is a fallacy for a reason.  There is no connection between being attractive to women and having a particular set of political beliefs.  In fact, there is no connection between being attractive to women and being moral and virtuous.

Why White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists Keep Showing Up Here

I have wondered why white vagina worshiping nationalists keep commenting on this blog.  They are wasting their time because no one here is convinced by their arguments.  I don’t go to white vagina worshiping nationalist blogs and forms so they are not following me back here because I was trolling them.  Thanks to Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School (H/T Boxer), I now know the reason why.

Herbert Marcuse wrote about something he named “the defeated logic of protest”. His ideas are applicable here. By going to these mainstream feminist churches and raising hell, the protestor is actually entering into a dialogue with them, and in effect strengthening them. The fact that he shows up means that (at some level) he recognizes their authority. The feminists get lots of media time when people do this and their feminist message grows stronger.

White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists recognize my authority.  Unconsciously, they know I am correct about everything.  Thus they continually protest me despite their inability to convince me or the readership of this blog of anything.  White vagina worshiping nationalism has nothing to offer men.  It is filled with man hating women.  Because of this they already defeated before they start saying anything to me.  They protest me since their own women have them on a leash, and they can’t do anything else.  I have already defeated them by pointing out these facts before they attempt to protest me.

When taking about “the defeated logic of protest”, Marcuse had a suggestion to deal with that.  In a general sense it is MGTOW.

I guarantee you that Marcuse’s suggestion here will be used as a basis for a conspiracy theory that MGTOW is a Cultural Marxist plot.  At least with this, they will be referencing something someone in the Frankfurt School actually said instead of making shit up about the Frankfurt School.

Both Conspiracy Theorists And Feminists Demand You “Listen And Believe”

We have been talking a lot lately about the Cultural Marxism/Frankfurt School conspiracy theory.  With this conspiracy theory, there is a lack of original references about cultural marxism from the Frankfurt School’s own texts.  (This is common in a lot of conspiracy theories besides the cultural marxism conspiracy theory.)  If you want to know what happens when you ask for an original source reference from cultural marxism conspiracy theorists, take a look at what happened when Boxer tried asked for a original source reference on the subject.  (This was after another person who tried to pass off a youtube video as “proof” of the cultural marxism conspiracy theory which didn’t reference any original sources.)

Boxer, knock off the faux-scepticism. The Frankfurt School’s influence on Cultural Marxism is undeniable. They literally *invented the term*; they talk about it in their papers. The idea that it’s a conspiracy theory is Leftist whitewashing, and an attempt at covering their tracks to delude the masses.

Boxer then asks for the specific source where the Frankfurt School invented the term, “cultural marxism”.  After that the conspiracy theorists do nothing but throw links at Boxer that have no references to any original source material and attack Boxer for asking for references to original source material.  Boxer describes what is happening with an excellent analogy.

Citing sources that you’ve never read is a problem, no? It’d be like arguing that the author of Dalrock blog is a misogynist who has written articles on his blog encouraging men to play grab-ass with random chicks on the street. When (and it’d be when, not if) the claimant was asked for a source, he’d post links to Amanda Marcotte and Manboobz, who made that claim.

The problem with all these conspiracy theories is that the sources are mostly online, free for anyone to read. You’re going to run into people like me, who have read them all and written peer-reviewed journal articles on the original sources, who will have to say “he’s an internet kook” when people wonder where you’re pulling all this nonsense from. Sadly, it makes everything else you say suspect.

Whenever you ask a conspiracy theorist for a reference to original source material, they will almost never provide it.  Instead they will give you youtube videos and other links that provide no references to original source material.  They love youtube videos because they are trying to hide the fact that what they are saying has no connection to original source material.  In the rare cases, you get a reference to a piece of original source material, one of two things will happen.  Either the original source material never existed, or the original source material says something completely different.

Boxer makes an apt comparison to feminism.  Feminists want you to “listen and believe” instead of investigating and evaluating evidence.  Conspiracy theorists want you to “listen and believe” instead of investigating and evaluating evidence, too.  This is another example of how feminism and conspiracy theory is similar.  Never listen and believe.  Always demand evidence and original source material.  If someone whether a feminist or a conspiracy theorist refuses to produce references to original source material or produces false references to original source material, assume they are lying because most likely, they are.

White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists Should Want To Kick People Out Of The White Race

White vagina worshiping nationalists believe that white race is the elite of the human species.  They also believe that they are the defenders of the white race.  While they have these beliefs, they don’t actually implement them.

White vagina worshiping nationalist Vox Day got a letter from a father who is disturbed that his daughter is interested in dating a black boy.  The comments at that link echo the same sentiment with the additional worry about how children of mixed race couples will supposedly be ugly.  If they were serious about protecting and improving the white race, then they shouldn’t care.  According to white nationalist “logic” they would be best off by declaring that man’s daughter defective.  If the father actually cared about the white race (via white nationalist “logic”), then he should disown her and kick her out of the white race.  By their own “logic” that would make the white race better off than trying to “save” her from this darkie boy.  This just proves that white vagina worshiping nationalists don’t actually care about the white race.  They only care about being slaves to the white vagina.

This picture sums up the end result of white vagina worshiping nationalism.


It’s pathetic, and white nationalists don’t care because they’re too busy worshiping white vaginas.  Personally, I don’t care about what happens to the white race, but neither do white vagina worshiping nationalists.

It Is All About Conspiracy Theorists Making Excuses For Their Lack Of Action

Tamerlame asked about this Yuri Bezmenov video and why it is linked to antifeminism.  If you bother to watch the video (and watching it is a waste of time), you will notice that feminism is not brought up at all in the video.  So why is this video linked to antifeminism at all?  There are two reasons.  First, conspiracy theory is filled with old men who are fighting enemies that no longer exist like communists.  They are incapable of dealing with the reality that communism is dead so they still imagine communist conspiracies.

Second, the video talks about what would be called “useful idiots” getting theirs.  Conspiracy theorists don’t believe that feminism is actually bad.  They believe that a secret entity is behind feminism, and that entity is bad.  One thing that is either implied or explicitly stated in conspiracy theories about feminism is that whenever whoever is behind feminism is done with it, they will remove feminism.  In the video, part of the plan for communist takeover involves murdering supporters of the communist takeover who are considered too dangerous to keep around for whatever reason.  Similarly, conspiracy theories only see feminists as “useful idiots” that will be eliminated by the conspiracy eventually.  Conspiracy theorists find this comforting since it means they don’t have to do anything.  Someone else will take care of the problem even if it is the the same conspiracy they’re fighting against.

Conspiracy theorists don’t want to accept that there isn’t a plan behind feminism.  They find the idea the feminism doesn’t have a plan behind it to be scary since it requires conspiracy theorists to actually do something about it.  If there’s a plan behind feminism, then conspiracy theorists can justify their laziness and cowardice.  Similar thinking that leads to inaction and apathy is pervasive in conspiracy theory and has been documented in scientific studies.  We see conspiracy theories bitch a lot on the internet, but nothing beyond that.  Given the nature of the conspiracy theories they believe in (i.e. conspiracies to murder 80% or more of the world’s population), we would expect conspiracy theorists to try to stop the conspiracy from implementing their plans, but conspiracy theorists never do that.  If you question conspiracy theorists on why they don’t do anything about the conspiracies they believe in, they will give excuses like accusing anyone trying to do something as “controlled opposition”.  In other words, anyone who tries to oppose the conspiracy is really working for the conspiracy.  It is a Kafkatrap that provides an excuse for conspiracy theorists to be lazy cowards.

Another excuse that you will commonly see from conspiracy theorists is that the conspiracy is “spiritual”.  Thus, the conspiracy can only defeated with “spiritual” means which requires something like the return of Jesus.  This is just another example of conspiracy theorists being lazy cowards since they are using Jesus as an excuse to not do anything.  There are other excuses that conspiracy theorists come up with to avoid doing anything, but they are all the same.  Somebody else is going to conveniently take care of all the problems caused by the conspiracy even if it is the conspiracy itself.  The reason why the Yuri Bezmenov video is linked to feminism is because it is a way for conspiracy theorists to make excuses for their lack of action against feminism.

Nearly All Sexual Harassment Accusations From Women Are False

The Men’s Rights subreddit found information from the EEOC about how many sexual harassment accusations are false.  The EEOC is willing to admit that more than half of all sexual harassment accusations have “no reasonable cause”.  In other words, they’re false accusations.

Unfortunately, there is no breakdown by gender how many of the sexual harassment accusations are false even though they list how many sexual harassment accusations were made by men.  We can assume that sexual harassment accusations by men have reasonable cause because men know they would be laughed at if they made sexual harassment accusations like women do.  Based on that and the numbers provided by the EEOC, that means that at least two thirds of sexual harassment accusations from women have “no reasonable cause” or are false.

The EEOC probably used every trick they could to keep a sexual harassment accusation from a woman from being classified as having “no reasonable cause”.  We can reasonably conclude that nearly all sexual harassment accusations from women are completely false.