Why Won’t AVFM Go In For The Kill?

Tamerlame brought this article from AVFM to our attention where AVFM calls out Roosh (and Matt Forney) for selling piece of shit “supplements” and game that doesn’t work and doesn’t exist.  While I liked a good portion of the article, one of the problems with it is that AVFM will be in bed Roosh again next week.  They have a yo-yo relationship.

There is a fundamental flaw in the article, namely accusing Roosh (and Forney) of being rapists.  If you believe what they have written, they may be rapists.  However, that is all predicated on whether Roosh (and Forney) are getting laid or not.  By definition rapists get laid.  A man who doesn’t get laid can not logically be a rapist.  If you know that game is bullshit, if you have talked to men who have had disastrous results from trying game (as Dean Esmay, the author, has), why would you believe that Roosh and Forney are rapists given that their alleged rape exploits are based on game working?  On the one hand Dean Esmay says that game doesn’t work.  On the other hand, he is accusing Roosh and Forney of being game based rapists which mean that game must work at some level.  Why doesn’t AVFM go in for the kill shot on these two and point out that their rape stories are lies so that they can pretend they are getting laid?  Why doesn’t AVFM point out that it costs $6500 for Roosh to get laid?  Even when AVFM is attacking Roosh, it is still propping up Roosh.

There are two possible reasons I can see that AVFM isn’t going in for the kill.  One, they’re going to flip flop on Roosh again.  Two, like with the rest of the manuresphere, they won’t give up on game because it would be an admission that the best thing for any man to simply avoid women.  AVFM is too filled with tradcons and other assorted old guys to speak the truth about women.

Why We Must Fight The MDAD

In the comments of the last post, there has been a conversation about the importance of our rights instead of worrying about getting laid.  This is why we must fight the MDAD (the Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction).  While idiots are talking about how to get laid (and failing to do so) or complaining about women are not being attracted to them, they are creating a distraction from the real problem.  And that real problem is that women are coming up with new strategies to take away our rights.

Here is a good example of that.  Back in 2011 the manuresphere was saying (as it still does) that game will prevent false rape accusations.  In 2011 women were creating a new way to take away the rights of men, by using Title IX to move rape cases from the criminal justice system to college “courts”.  The Dear Colleague letter that started the whole college “courts” mess was written in 2011 while the manuresphere and others were busy trying to sell (fraudulent) ways to get laid.  Now, we have a human rights travesty where men can get thrown out of college simply on woman pointing a finger at them.  Worse, men attending college can have their lives ruined simply for resembling an alleged rapist.

We need to stop giving a shit about getting laid.  We need to stop giving a shit whether women find us attractive or not.  Instead we need to put a stop to the loss of our human rights.  Otherwise, we men will all end up in concentration camps.  Many men wouldn’t care if they ended up in a concentration camp.  The manuresphere would start writing books about “concentration camp game”.

This is why we must fight the MDAD.  If we expose dating advice (AKA all of this how to get laid bullshit) as a fraud (which it is), then there will be no way for men to ignore the loss of their human rights.  There will be no way for women and manginas to hide what they’re doing behind, “You’re just pissed that you can’t get laid”.

It’s as simple as asking the question, “Do you want a blow job or do you want freedom and human rights?”  And you’re not going to get the blow job, so you might as well pick freedom and human rights.

Manurespherians Are Cultural Marxists

There’s this conspiracy theory that “Cultural Marxists” were behind feminism.  Cultural Marxism is an obscure set of ideas created by the Frankfurt School.  Except for people doing very in depth studies of philosophy, cultural marxism and the Frankfurt School was unknown because it had little to no effect on the world.  Somehow conspiracy theorists found the Frankfurt School and decided to make them a conspiracy theory.  It’s the same thing that conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck did with Agenda 21. Agenda 21 was an obscure non-binding policy paper created in 1992. Nobody cared about it until a few years ago until Glenn Beck decided to lie about it to sell books.  Now, Agenda 21 conspiracy theories are everywhere.

Cultural marxism and the Frankfurt School had nothing to do with feminism except that feminists hated the Frankfurt School. This is a historical fact. In particular, they hated Theodor Adorno, a leading member of the Frankfurt School, to the point where feminists disrupted his last public lecture with a topless protest in an attempt to shut it down.  In other words, the cultural marxist conspiracy theory has everything backwards.

What the Frankfurt School was mainly about was criticizing the Enlightenment.  The manuresphere also criticizes the Enlightenment.  And both groups criticism of the Enlightenment is pretty similar. Despite all the verbal diarrhea of the manuresphere and related conspiracy theorists, they are not against cultural marxism. Ironically, they are cultural marxists.

White Vagina Worshiping Nationalists Are Con Artists

All of the major personalities (and minor personalities) in the manuresphere are incapable of holding down jobs.  This is why they try to sell books and other media about game.  They don’t have the ability to produce anything of value.

It’s not just the manuresphere either.  Men with similar beliefs have the same problem.  Take Angelo John Gage, a white vagina worshiping nationalist, who Barbarossa talked about due to his emotional female like rant where he blamed MGTOW for the New Year’s Eve rapes in Germany (which we don’t even know if they happened).  I did a search on Gage and found out that what he does for a living is “teach” NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and hypnosis. He also is a “life coach”.  NLP was a predecessor to game, and it’s a scam in its own right.  Life coaching is also a scam.  In other words, Gage is a con artist just like the major personalities of the manuresphere.

It’s not a coincidence that Gage is a con artist.  Any man who starts buying into manuresphere ideology or one of its components like white vagina worshiping nationalism is going to have trouble with gainful productive employment or running their own business.  All that is left for them is to become a con artist trying to sell game (or something related like NLP).

The same thing was true with white vagina worshiping nationalists before they discovered game.  The redemption conspiracy theory is a conspiracy theory where there was a secret account of $630,000 which you could access if you signed the right government forms. This conspiracy theory was created by Roger Elvick, a white vagina worshiping nationalist, who used the conspiracy theory to defraud other white vagina worshiping nationalists.  Elvick ended up in jail but lots of white vagina worshiping nationalists STILL believe that the redemption conspiracy theory isn’t a scam.

This just proves that white vagina worshiping nationalists (including the manuresphre) are all con artists by definition.  They hate MGTOW because MGTOW will never fall for their scams.


Why Does AVFM Spend So Much Time On Roosh?

We have been talking about how Paul Elam and Roosh have started a feud.  This seems strange since AVFM has been pretty pro-Roosh, especially since AVFM has Obsidian still writing for it.  It gets stranger if you dig deeper.  I tried reading some of things that AVFM was saying about Roosh and PUAs in general, and it is all over the place.  They say that they are against PUA works yet they give Roosh a platform.  They complain that feminists are unfairly conflating MRAs and PUAs (which is true), but they give the feminists ammo running a bunch of posts defending PUAs.  There’s lots of contradictions like that if you take a look at what AVFM has been saying about PUAs.  So what is going on here?

As far as I can tell, what AVFM is doing is part of the MDAD (Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction).  AVFM has completely alienated MGTOW by lying about it, and AVFM’s track record in terms of action for men’s rights is abysmal.  AVFM is in a bind so out of desperation AVFM is playing some sort of strange game with Roosh by constantly switching between being for and against Roosh to stay relevant by generating PUA content.  (Using non-manuresphere PUAs won’t work for AVFM’s purposes so they are stuck with manuresphere PUAs which means Roosh now.)  Roosh is an attention whore so he’s happy to oblige.

What AVFM is doing is using dating advice to distract from their failures at advancing mens rights.  That makes it part of the MDAD (Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction).

Feminists And Manginas Will Soon Say That Paul Nungesser Is A Gay Virgin Player Rapist

When it comes to the gay virgin player rapist accusations, they are usually the result of throwing a bunch of accusations that a man is gay, a virgin, a player, and a rapist semi-separately and seeing what works the best against that man.  When it comes to Paul Nungesser, the victim of mattress girl’s false rape accusations, it looks like feminists might be trying to make false accusations against where he is gay, a virgin, a player, and a rapist (of women) all at the same time.

First, we all know about the false rape accusations against Paul Nungesser.  Those false rape accusations make him out to be a player abusing women.  Paul Nungesser has also been the victim of the false accusation bandwagon effect because mattress girl’s friends also made false rape accusations against him.  Part of the false accusation bandwagon against Paul Nungesser has been a false rape accusation against him by a guy.  Already, feminists and manginas have tried to turn Paul Nungesser into a gay player rapist (of women).

The only thing missing is virgin.  Sooner or later, I expect that feminists and manginas will say that Paul Nungesser has only had sex when he was raping someone.  Thus they will accuse him of being a virgin.  With all of their other accusations, that will mean they will be accusing him of being a gay virgin player rapist.  This may be the first time that feminists and manginas have tried to make all of their contradictory accusations against a man (i.e. being gay but also a rapist of women, being a rapist but also a player, being a virgin but also a rapist, etc.) into a merged false accusation against a man.  I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Conspiracy Theorists Want To Put You In A Concentration Camp

Conspiracy theorists believe that there is a secret plan to implement a totalitarian surveillance state.  They also believe that there is a secret plan to force people into concentration camps.  (Although, they refer to those concentration camps as “FEMA camps” since they think that FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, runs them.)  Conspiracy theorists talk about these things over and over again.  You can see that within the manuresphere or outside of it.  Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that they are against a totalitarian surveillance state and concentration camps.  To show just how much he was against the latter, Alex Jones once attacked Michelle Malkin for defending the internment of Japanese-Americans.

Yet, conspiracy theorists want a totalitarian surveillance state and concentration camps.  This became clear when Donald Trump went on the Alex Jones show and spoke about the “need” for state surveillance.

After Jones assured Trump that his memory was correct and that there were “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in the streets of New Jersey on 9/11, the front-runner explained why this fact was so important. Trump said that we know many of “these people” are “evil” and “we need proper surveillance, whether it’s a mosque or anywhere else. Because we’re not going to have a country anymore.

Trump said that not only do we need surveillance on Mosques, but pretty much everywhere.  Since Alex Jones has been a vocal opponent of the state engaging in surveillance in the past (although he has been more of an opponent of his fantasies about state surveillance than actual reality), one would expect him to strongly disagree with Trump and call him a fascist.  That did not happen, and Alex Jones still supports Trump.  Similarly, we have not seen any reaction from the manuresphere, and they are still sucking Trump’s dick.

In fact, there are plenty of examples of conspiracy theorists supporting what Trump wanted to do not opposing it.

Conspiracy theorists are fine with the surveillance state and concentration/FEMA camps provided their man is in charge of it.  Psychological research has shown that conspiracy theorists believe in conspiracy theories because they want to do what the conspiracy theories say.  They want a surveillance state and concentration camps.  Their “opposition” to them is only because they believe that their enemies were in charge of those things.  It is a massive case of projection on the part of conspiracy theorists to believe that their enemies are even interested in a surveillance state and concentration camps.

This also answers the question of why conspiracy theorists never do anything to stop the alleged conspiracies they believe in.   While it is still true that conspiracy theorists don’t do anything because conspiracy theory is a scam and conspiracy theorists are incapable of accomplishing anything, there is a darker reason why conspiracy theorists do nothing to stop the alleged conspirators.  It is because they want everything they accuse their alleged enemies of doing.  They want the surveillance state and the concentration camps.  However, conspiracy theorists don’t want to stop them because they want to take them over when their alleged enemies are finished building them.  Since there is no secret plan for FEMA camps or anything else in conspiracy theory, conspiracy theorists will be the ultimate layabouts forever.

Who do conspiracy theorists want to put in their concentration camps?  Clearly, the answer is non-mangina men.  We know this because Alex Jones said that men aren’t the “full species of humanity” but that women are. He also said that men were meant to die for women.  In other words, men are only half human (which is the same as saying not human) according to Alex Jones.  It is clear from his words that Alex Jones (along with other conspiracy theorists) would have no problem putting men in concentration camps.  That means that conspiracy theorists want to put you and me in concentration camps since we refuse to die for women.