14 comments on “Virgin Men Should Celebrate Being STD FREE

  1. I respect virgin men. Especially if they are virgin due to moral principles. The dudes who just can’t get laid but are horny as hell and would sleep with anyone or anything that would have them and are frustrated that nobody will and thus angry with women as a whole – NOPE. I can’t respect those guys.

    But virgins on principle – those I can respect.

    • Why don’t you even mention the men who are virgins but want to find a woman to love and be devoted to with sex being part of that relationship? You just pick from two extreme possibilities. Do you know how ignorant that makes you look?

      What about the men who can and do get laid but are still “horny as hell and would sleep with anyone or anything that would have them”?

      I would like you to consider all the possibilities. There aren’t just two.

  2. Ms. Y – Maybe you and White and Nerdy Omega Virgin Revolt should hook up! I mean “hook up” as in “meet” not as in “meat”.

  3. The word is riddled. Herpes riddled or disease ridden. Any who, white and nerdy seems a smidge angry although it is nice to see men respecting themselves despite any adversity. Never the less, on the grounds of the herpes virus being used to discern virgins for non virgins is a strange veiw. Herpes out breaks do come and go so pantsing someone would be silly. A blood test is better. Besides no one is blaming you virgin men for anything, lol. Really do not think it is us virgins vs those with herpes. But we do need to show the world waiting is worth it, but let us not do so from a place of judgement.

  4. For you to write this blog and not even understand HSV….there aren’t even words. This just seems like paranoia personified writing this, that the world is made up of those with herpes and the virgins. Many people live their entire lives without even knowing they’ve been inflicted with the disease. Many people may only have 1 outbreak in their entire life. Don’t get me wrong, HSV isn’t a fun disease to have and I definitely wish I didn’t have it, but you are completely uneducated in the matter and to write a blog article about it is ridiculous. Anti virals DO help in treating the disease, of course there is no cure for ANY virus that we know of yet, only vaccinations. But to say that anti virals don’t work is completely unfounded, Valtrex and drugs of the like help control outbreaks and build up your anti bodies for the disease and overtime your body, along with the drugs you take, will control the amount and severity of the outbreak.

    And in the United States we have this little thing called the HIPPA and if you have HSV, or any infection/disease for that matter, it is no one’s business but your own. People will not go pulling down your pants to see if you have an outbreak, and I really do not think people are so stupid as to believe that just because you don’t have a wart you don’t have HPV. Just because you don’t have a blister does not mean you don’t have HSV.

    • I don’t know how ignorant you are to believe that herpes is something completely private. If you are an international student, countries worldwide require your health to have been screened for such diseases.
      That’s why I find the campaign to normalise herpes both disgusting and funny.
      Disgusting because in the majority of cases the people got it through unfettered sexual contact and irresponsibility.
      Funny, because if it was so “normal” to have herpes, why is it a requirement that you NOT have it if you intend to study overseas?

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  8. I saw a family guy episode where Steewie gets herpes when he decides to become blood brothers with Brian. He freaks out when he gets an outbreak and gets super mad that Brian didn’t tell him…

    IRL, you can get oral herpes when you are a baby when your granny gives you a kiss….

    Also, if you got chicken pox, you’ll be less likely to get herpes when you are older…

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