11 comments on “Why This Blog???????

  1. I would use Obs blog post and the comments as a good barometer of what the average woman would go for in a man. Those men are celebrities and people, regardless of sex, tend to drool over celebrities.

    Us women drooling over men we will never meet and arent in our leagues anyways does not reflect on you.

    Just keep that in mind.

    • Point taken but whatever women want IT ISN’T ME. No woman has ever wanted me, period. Women views of what celebrities they find hot does not change that. Women want me to go away but not completely since then they can’t take my money via socialism.

  2. White and Nerdy – how much are you worth that women wanna keep you around for socialist money???? I mean, if you’re really worth that much, maybe I should marry you, divorce you and take alimony.

  3. I kind of feel sorry for you that you are this paranoid. It would be interesting to hear your story. I’m a virgin woman at age 27 and I feel similar, but it seems that you have let this define you. You seem to have a valid reason for choosing this path and if you are hanging out with people who don’t respect that then well maybe you need new friends. Really if a woman wants to just use you I don’t think it is because you are a virgin. Maybe you are going for the wrong woman. There is someone out there that is not going to try to use you. However, you have to give them the chance.

    • Of course being a virgin defines him, as it shows that he could not get a woman to freely share the most intimate part of her body with him, something that everyone else did.

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  5. Megs, what a load of crap. There isn’t a single female alive under the age of 40 who can’t find a sex partner on demand, so you know damn well the difference between your situation and that of the blogger.

    I can relate to the premise of this blog because I didn’t lose my virginity until much later than I had wanted, and I didn’t marry until far later than I wanted. Today we live in a community where no one has ever known me as anything other than “Melissa’s” husband and “Cody’s” daddy, and I prefer to keep it that way.

    But that’s not the problem. No man has a right to get any, and I don’t think that’s being argued here. That, so far, is still a function of the marketplace, and I don’t have a problem with that–even when I was on the losing side.

    The problem is that it is a matter of conscious public policy to try to starve men (especially young, single, white men) in order to promote the well-being of well-educated white women so that the latter can compete with us for jobs paying $50K while married to men making $200K. We are rapidly approaching the point where more men so situated are realizing this. Soon it will reach critical mass.

  6. Guys,

    I think this is a great blog and am glad to see you guys standing up for yourselves. Don’t feel bad about your lack of success with women. Average guys who are doing marginally better actually suffer more than you guys. Yes they get more “action” but this gives women more chances to ruin their lives. They end up spending all their money on women just to get enslaved in “marriage” with some fat cow.

    Other than really good looking guys, most men are getting treated very poorly by women in America.

    • Free Man you are correct. The crap I get from women is nothing like the guys who have been through the divorce slaughterhouse. That’s just one of the many ways women torture men.

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