28 comments on “False Sexual Harassment Claims

  1. Just don’t talk about anything other than work-related subjects with Women at work.

    Even if they are in earshot of you talking to another man.

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  4. I had the same thing happen to me back in 1993. The cunt admitted that I had no contact with her, but felt “uncomfortable” because I would engage in conversations with the department secretary (a wonderful married woman–all the best ones get snapped up early) who sat outside her cubicle. In other words, I should be fired so her “feelings” won’t be hurt!

    I wonder how often this takes place in America today, and I look forward to the first time one guy snaps and cuts her open. They just better hope I’m not on the jury for that.

    • I wonder how often this takes place in America today, and I look forward to the first time one guy snaps and cuts her open.
      Or even rapes her, although cutting her open would be much more likely as most men find rape to be abhorrent and detestable.

    • I’m sure it happens all the time. I was about to say, “how long will it be until some woman makes a sexual harassment claim based on what happened in a dream?” That’s a silly thing to say since I’m sure its already happened. The real question is how long until that happens to me.

  5. I had one of these from my boss. I’m not sure how I was supposed to be “harassing” her since she has all the power. It was the result of a power struggle and she was having trouble getting me fired so she pulled out every woman’s trump card.

    Didn’t work, I survived long enough to change jobs of my own choice.

    Scary experience, I’m with the writer of the blog. I don’t think that sexual harassment exists. It’s all b.s.

    • I have never seen an actual case of sexual harassment happen. It couldn’t happen because men would be too scared to do it unless they were legitimately insane. Any man would realize that he would lose his job so he wouldn’t do it unless he was mentally unstable.

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  11. Peadophile paranioa is causing men not to work with children , and even worse there have been children hit by cars because if a man captures the child, the big bad and dumb police will acuse him of being a child molester….. Let’s hope that sexual harrasment paranioa does not lead to stupid behaviour …… With this PC nonsense getting out of hand ……. Women and girls flaunt their bodys and men and boys who enjoy having a look are branded as sex offenders .

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  14. I just got fire over a bull shit false sexual hrassment calim today because I am white and part time. I can’t appel it. She didn’t like my facebook page. And the fact I gave her my number to call to hang out and be friends. because my wife and family are back home and I am lonly I. Though she cool and she from eastern europe like I am. Damn. I learn. To be anti socal is better. This is bull shit. My boss no I did none so ever. But hr lady had a stupid smirk on her face I wish I smash her face i n to the table now.

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  19. What kind of “harassment” were you accused of, BP? I personally would think of sexual harassment as inappropriate physical touch or blatant demands for sexual favors/acts, but I’ve heard of cases where men have been pulled into HR because a female coworker was eavesdropping on a private cell phone conversation. Apparently “harassment” doesn’t even have to be directed at someone…it can be a single instance of being “uncomfortable”.

    • Basically sexual innuendo, but they made the whole thing up. Lucky for me they made mistakes like not checking when I was actually in the office so I was able to trip them up with how could I have spoken to them at all if I wasn’t even in the office that day.

      The whole thing was about the phenomena you talked about elsewhere where women push themselves into male dominated jobs. In the software industry where I work, these women are unable to become programmers because they lack the skills and intelligence necessary so they get in via the “back door” of support jobs like quality assurance and human resources. One inside women start to go after men they don’t find attractive.

      • Pfft. Unless your “sexual innuendo” is so direct and crude that it’s actually offensive, I do not see any reason to not just laugh it off anyway.

        Fools, the lot of them it would seem. There’s a reason so few women actively sought out jobs in STEM or the military…it really doesn’t appeal to 95% of women.

        • You don’t understand. I never spoke to nor was conceivably was in earshot of these women when this supposedly happened. There was no misunderstanding. They lied, plain and simple.

        • My apologies, I understood that you weren’t in their vicinity when these supposed comments were made. I should have responded in such a way that it was clear. I simply meant that they were acting like prissy morons in the situation…whether anything had been said by you or not (which it wasn’t).

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