7 comments on “Still Not Getting It

  1. Where was that I read you were only going to post once per week ? 🙂

    You live in your body, in your head. No one else does.
    What do you honestly think it will take?

    • Where was that I read you were only going to post once per week ?

      I said I was going to post at least once a week.

      What do you honestly think it will take?

      Take to do what?

      • Sorry, I didn’t have your exact words in front of me and I was relying on memory which is a sketchy proposition anyways.

        Well I’ll put it this way. Are you looking to modify or change anything about your life?

      • At this point I’m not sure where I want to go. Women younger than 55 or so despise me so it really doesn’t matter what I change. I have tried changing lots of things and none of it worked. Really at this point if a woman expressed interest in me why shouldn’t I assume she’s out to get me?

        Knowing that I would like to go ghost but that isn’t a realistic option. I still have to work and deal with women a little even after reducing my interaction with them. It would work if I could be left alone, but women won’t leave me alone. I will still have to deal with women trying to get me fired with sexual harassment stories and their other obnoxious, uncivilized, and well cruel behavior.

  2. I think this is a great blog and I’m really glad to see you guys on here standing up for yourselves. Intellectual & technically oriented guys get treated like shit by our society.

    For what it’s worth some of the guys in my circle (we consider ourselves tough guys but we still get treated like shit by women) have started fighting back.

    We can’t do anything at work but we call women out on their bullshit anywhere outside of work. If they are rude to us, we are rude to them right back (with a fat comment thrown in for good measure). We also refuse to fall for any of their requests for “help” and any of that crap. Some of us are refusing to pay for dates (this pisses them off to no end)

    We are trying to figure out a way to fight back against the sexual discrimination/affirmative action bullishit at work. We don’t want to have to live in fear of these bimbos for every. Please let us know if you guys come up with a solution.

    One idea we’ve had is to email (anonymously) coworkers of women who’ve made false sexual harassment claims telling them these women have made false claims. This might hurt their reputations, however it requires really good IT skills (which we have to borrow) as the emails must be truly anonymous and untraceable.

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  4. Holy crap…have you literally had drinks thrown in your face? I admit I’m naive since I don’t go to bars or clubs, but I thought this was just something from movies. If this has actually happened, couldn’t you sue the offender for assault?

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