25 comments on “Conspiracy Theorists Are Manginas

    • Tell the conspiracy theorist manginas that. Their verbal crap was about men so I responded about men.

      Tell the conspiracy theorist manginas about straight women watching gay porn and I know they will blame it on men in some messed up way.

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  3. Ok, seriously alot of conspiracy dudes are nuts but you can’t deny that the media has had a huge impact on everyone’s behavior in this country. What people, especially women, have done is that they just parrot something they hear on the media and whatever it is they just copy it. Hollywood shits out all this stuff constantly, like diarrhea, and we all swallow it up. We pay to become stupider.

    Yes, theres heaps of Jews in Hollywood, it was basically started by them, but they don’t run the world, only the vast majority of media in the states. They aren’t forcing anyone at gunpoint to eat their shit, they’re just selling it, and the dumb whores and idiots that buy it get screwed over who in turn screw the rest of us that just want to be “normal” over. I mean, just look at the common attitudes of a regular dumb whore and note to what movie she got it from, dumb parrots I swear. Best to ignore them, not even worth it.

  4. There is a libraries worth of hard PROOF of evidence of conspiracy, I’m not talking about the crazy alien shit or anything like that which is put out to discredit any real truth, but c’mon the bankers and elites and media and all are basically fucking admitting this and bragging about it in our faces… Here is one example:

    politician man in UN Assembly room or w/e you call it, basically admits to using weather tampering technology to starve millions of americans for NWO objectives. That was even pretty much his exact words. And he went on to admit they’ve been using these types of technologies as far back as Viet Nam…

    Here is more proof:

    JFK talks about secret societies right before the time he was assassinated…

    Here is another thought, “human nature,” history, has it not been competing conspiracies from day 1? This shit didn’t start in 10 yr or 100 yrs, I can follow the trail of hard evidence back to ancient Babylon and Egypt. I don’t think people realize how deep this shit is.

    • YouTube is not a credible resource. What you have is confirmation bias; you only look for stuff that comfirms YOUR theory and nothing else.

      There are no libraries with this “proof”. Name some, if you can.

      As for your ridiculous claims on the NWO and the weather, let me give you some advice:

      – the weather can’t even be predicted accurately in a few days’ time, what makes you think it can be controlled?
      -if there really was a world government being created, what makes you think that all countries would agree to it?
      – If world peace is impossible, what makes you think a world government would?

      Your conspiracy theories are nothing but words, and words are wind. As for your claims on JFK, they are all wrong. Read some books on JFK and not videos on YouTube.

  5. But it isn’t a conspiracy “theory,” there is no theory when you can prove it. They aren’t exactly hiding it.

  6. The problem is the disinfo agents like David Icke, Zacharya Sitchin, Jordan Maxwell, Credo Mutwa, etc, are all pushing this matriarchy shit… But who do you think put the truth movement here? The CIA funded the truth movement, like they do every movement (including the MRA movement, the government put this here too just like they did the feminist movement). They give you all these gurus to bait you in with some truth in order to sell you lies, mixing truth with lies or hidden agendas. So of coarse they all promote matriarchy, because those gurus aren’t really against the NWO, they just pretend to be…

    It’s kinda like the PUA gurus who SAY they wanna help men get women, but are secretly feminist sympathizers. In fact it’s exactly like that.

    • PUAs hardly help the solution… they don’t make marriages last, the business model is based around “trading up”, there is always “a special line/routine that you forgot”, while at the same time the girl is special enough for you to put your entire life on hold…
      It’s like running a hamster wheel, having to keep going just to stay in the same place.
      No wonder many of them need drinks to cope… I don’t think the idea of meeting thousands of women with lines is very healthy, it then just becomes another job and a very tiresome one at that (how you need to subsume your personality or change your interests at somebody else’s whim)
      On the other hand many women bring this on themselves, by thinking that a man “must be experienced in romance” to have feelings… which is nonsense.
      If a man knows too much about women he isn’t going to get married, ahahahaha!

      • Exactly, theyr there to give people false hope, having their followers BELIEVE they are going against feminism when in reality, the PUA supports feminism… but that is also what the truth movement gurus are there for, to lead people into NWO agendas while making their followers BELIEVE that they are fighting against the NWO… The morale of this is to be your own leader in life– self sovereignty.

        I am working towards breaking down the version of history and esoteric knowledge put out, to eliminate all the feminist and matriarchy propaganda thrown into it, and to build a more male-friendly base of knowledge and truth with all the conspiracy knowledge… I’m working to put a more even, non-biased account out there, THE REAL TRUTH.

        • But the system always plays both sides of any fence, be it race, religion, gender, nationality, w/e… “Divide and Conquer.” What they do is they send their puppets into any group, organization, movement, etc, they send in their puppets and once they get their puppets into a high position, they can steer it whichever way they want it to go… There has never been a true grass roots movement.

        • Oh for fuck’s sakes, shut up with your NWO bullshit.

          This “real truth” your pursuing is NOTHING but paranoia. Get it through your thick skull: THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS AND NEVER WILL BE REAL.

          Jesus fucking Christ, I am tired of you goddamn retards.

          You are not a truth revolutionary. You’re a fuckwit who doesn’t accept reality and instead dwells in a world where he is the saviour of humanity. You want to combat feminism and find the truth? Get the fuck out of your basement.

          No one is plotting against you. There is no New World Order being created. If there was, Iran, North Korea, and China are such great pawns, aren’t they?

          Shut your fucking mouth, you little shit. It’s twats like YOU who distort the TRUTH (yeah, the thing you claim to be searching for!), and make this movement look like a piece of shit!

          You’re already biased in your “truth movement”. You are no different than the feminists you oh-so-claim to be against. You’re nothing but a mangina. Shut the fuck up and go outside and cut the damn lawn. I’m tired of you fuckers going on about the “truth” when you don’t know anything about it. Or history. Or politics.

  7. There are a lot of man-ginas in the truth movement though, I won’t deny that because it’s the truth… Just blame it on the gurus they place out there, to create division among the truth seekers and to draw them back into the control loop. They are using the truth movement to tear down the old system so that they can bring the new system in eventually (which will be even more tyrannical than anything we’ve seen)… So the people following these gurus will THINK they are beating the NWO when in reality they are helping it.

    PUA has gurus too who are there for similar reasons, so use the PUA as a window into what is going on…. Is every “omega male,” trying to “spit game,”?

    • You only get told you are “spitting game” when it is considered you are “unworthy” of having that skill, i.e. when you’re “fishing in familiar waters”.
      That’s one of the reasons why guys are encouraged to date out of their normal hangout – for the simple reason that the “pool of people they are familiar with” is inevitably tainted by cockblockers and relational aggressors<- this is the kind of girl that goes around talking "creepy" and assassinating reputations, along with making false rape accusations.

      And since most women are herd animals, you can see why men are quite literally forced to act in this way. If you wanted to know why the relationship market has become a losing proposition, you will have to inevitably blame the women. The ability to effectively ruin reputations along with an overriding herd instinct plus the desire to never lose out, along with the ego-swelling "you go grrrl" attitude accompanied by oftentimes ridiculously low standards of proof required to get others in trouble, creates a monster that men have to be very careful in dealing with.

      After all, "you can predict male reactions from female behaviour, but the reverse is not possible".

  8. What it is is that all these gurus are also promoting the New Age religion, which is the 1 world religion they wanna force onto the world, feminaziism and matriarchy are a staple in that religion… fucking shit though, eugenics has been practiced against us our whole lives bro, eugenics is a major part of the orwellian system.

  9. See I see what he’s doing here, he is stereotyping anyone who talks about anything conspiracy related…

    # Jews have done nothing to me.

    Answer: Jews are merely being set up to be scapegoats

    # Zionists have done nothing to me.
    Answer: Zionist hurt everyone, it has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism other than hiding behind the facade of a Jewish state in order to deflect criticims. Half the zionist families are gentiles. It has everything to do with “elite” bloodlines coming together to rule the world

    # Little known kooky religions have done nothing to me.

    Answer: Not directly no, religion is mind control though. It’s a major tool for controlling the masses.

    # Homosexuals have done nothing to me.

    Answer: Yes and No. I have no problems with gays, but there is an agenda behind the gay movement. I don’t blame everyone who is gay for this though, just as I don’t blame the jews because some jews run Hollywood, or banking cartels, or media.

    # The Illuminati doesn’t exist so it has done nothing to me.

    Answer: Your a fucking retard and you wouldn’t accept any level of proof if it were offered. You’ll probably end up being lead to the camps with an AK47 at the back of your head by some Chinese or Russian soldier, still muttering “conspiracy theory” under your breath.
    # The Vatican has done nothing to me.

    Answer: The Vatican runs a helluva lot of this corruption.
    # Satanists or Occultists have done nothing to me.

    Answer: See religion
    # Freemasons have done nothing to me.

    Answer: Actually read the books high ranking and influential Freemasons put out, like Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma.” Btw, Albert Pike was also the guy who founded the KKK.

    # Neoconservatives have done nothing to me.

    Answer: Not that your willing to investigate.

    Dude your a fucking retard, my dog is smarter than you are. These MRA issues, millions of “omega” males being pushed into loneliness, none of this shit existed 60 yrs ago. None of it, back then almost everyone could find a mate, and a good one at that. So how do you suppose this problem came about?

    • Gay agenda? Do you realise homosexual men where treated like sub human shit up until recently? I hate LGBT alliance bullshit but society pushed gay men into feminist arms.

  10. Hell, swallowing the “official” story, bending over and spreading your ass cheeks for the guberment makes you just as much a man-gina as the pussy whipped bad boys.

    • Brent I’m your fan.

      I have a paper I’d like a critique on. If you get this message in a timely manner head over to my blog, friend, and send me a message.

      • Saying that there isn’t a conspiracy is like a fish saying there is no water. What do rich industrialist, financiers, and royalty do with their free time?

        • What do rich industrialist, financiers, and royalty do with their free time?

          Fuck, masturbate, travel, sleep, play video games, etc.

          Saying that conspiracies exist because “rich people have free time” is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

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