10 comments on “This Is What We Are Up Against

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  2. Found your blog via a comment you left elsewhere, and figured I’d check it out, and this title caught my eye

    In terms of “up against”. I guess my question is OK, then what. If preselection is hardwired into the female brain, what is your proposed solutiion here? Re-education camps? Yes, I am being ridiculous.

    Listened to your other videos on PUA dysfunction. Just a thought here, but I doubt there will ever be any sustained “men’s right movement” that accomplishes much politically anytime soon which really means that any attempt to form some cohesive group with a “call to action” is just a waste of time.

    The answer is that for men the solution is not a political movement but in the personal day to day living of life.

    • As a fallback we can always wait until things get to the point where the power grid starts failing because men don’t see the point of working and a military dictatorship takes over to start solving some actual problems.

      One good way to start is by holding individual women accountable for their actions. One reason I started this blog was to generate ideas like anonymously emailing coworkers of women who engage in sexual harassment BS. None of this requires a sustained mens movement. It can be done by individual men.

      Another place to look is the future of technology and the economy. The Misandry Bubble and Pro-Male/Anti-feminist Tech’s blog are good places to start on those subjects (even though The Misandry Bubble is wrong about “game” being a real concept since “game” does not exist).

    • Not everyone values a focus on day to day matters to the exclusion of vision, purpose and meaning. When you start telling yourself that only x matters and that y is a waste of time, you are beginning to close your mind off to the truth of just how vast and malleable reality truly is. Whether or not one cares about that is irrelevant, consequences will follow despite intellectual tastes. But that is a good thing because suffering wakes people up.

      There is nothing wrong in leading a solid day to day lifestyle unless there is nothing but a shaky morally relative and largely uncertain outlook on life beneath it. That is the problem and that is what needs to change or else anarchy is just around the corner.

      It is ridiculous and presumptuous to think guys hurt because they can’t get laid. We want to be loved, basically what healthy humans do, we don’t want to be told what’s wrong with us, we don’t want to be told how to change our lives, and we don’t want to be ignored and excluded. We want someone to grow with. Why is that too much to ask? Do you even have an answer?

      I don’t sense anything immediately hostile or antagonistic about this girl’s video, but I do sense a self-proclaimed matriarch vibe and I sense a know-it-all. I sense a person who has never suffered a day in her life. A great many men can’t stand these characteristics because they know that narcissism is self-directed love not other-directed love. It’s a very very bad idea to get involved with people like this and the vast majority of Westerners are just like this. I think that clarifies what we’re up against. You can’t build a relationship on parallel self-interest, it doesn’t work.

  3. That video seems so…redundant. It’s obvious virginity’s a turn off for her, so why does she not focus on the player/experienced/sexually-active blokes she *does* want?

    • Because giving those guys (player/experienced/sexually-active blokes she *does* want) attention means qualifying them (he’s “bad” enough to disappoint her by not jumping to her tune and doing his own thing) therefore making other women like/have their interest piqued for those guys thus increasing the competition against her for them.

  4. Look at her sequel video “Virgins 2”. For all the involuntary virgins, she’s all “you you you YOU need to change. We are not to blame for anything, it’s YOU who’s got the problem!”

  5. I love how she talks about herself, and what “she looks” for in a guy. A previous relationship, and other areas.

    So when did she “lose” it? I am sure “that dude” is no longer in the poicture, nor has he been for awhile. She probably hates him.

    • If the kind of guy she is after, is the kind of guy who is very successful with women, she should not complain that “all men are bastards” as she is selecting for the man who is capable of getting his needs met elsewhere if she disappoints him.

      There again you have the proof, that if a woman loves a man she is terrified of losing his love and will do anything to keep it…
      with the opposite idea that a woman who doesn’t love a man is not too concerned about losing his love… and nothing he does is going to change her view of him, since she has already “moved on emotionally” so that anything the rejected man does “makes him creepy” or “you only push her away by trying to get closer to her”.

  6. ” There again you have the proof, that if a woman loves a man she is terrified of losing his love and will do anything to keep it…”

    This is a horrible basis for love. A woman or man who’s terrified of losing the love of their partner is most likely not in a healthy relationship. Love should never be taken for granted but neither should it be something that one partner uses as a tool to manipulate, or a “reward” they can give or remove as the mood strikes them. Love is either there…or it’s not.

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