10 comments on “You Are Supposed To Get Angry At Injustice

  1. Thanks much. I’ve been a non-virgin of long standing and married for 13 years, and even though life’s been pretty good to me for the last 15, the bitterness lingers. I was unemployed for nearly three years at one point, a virgin until 27, and endured a 16 year dry spell.

    When HRC talks about “it takes a village to raise a child”, the she means the legions of single men who have to pay for the “choices” of Murphy Brown types going the sperm bank route or getting knocked up by the handful of badboy alphas fathering a disproportionate number of kids. The good news is that more and more men are refusing to play this game. And when more are forced out of the market and cunt have all the jobs, they’ll have to pay for all of this themselves.

    • I think this is a good thing too. This is what we saw at The Spearhead recently. They rejected Obsidian’s woman worshiping crap and rightly so. Obsidian’s completely and utterly absurd reaction was proof that they were right about him. In reality it’s the same shaming tactics we see every day. Obsidian and others like him are worried that men are going to refuse to play the game. Women will not be able to pay for everything themselves (and we already see that happening).

      A few years from now game will be regarded as the joke and shaming tactic that it is. No one will care when “sexual harassment” expands to include being the wrong guy asking for a date at the wrong time. Obsidian and his bootlickers will all be in jail. They won’t get it even then. They will be thinking, “But I had game! This could not have happened.” I won’t care since there is real work to do in fighting back. That’s what you get for saying that if you don’t have game you deserve to lose your job.

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  3. Well I agree with you, White and Nerdy that some of the game proponent s are over the top.

    Nonetheless , while quality girls don’t go for “asshole” game, the type most prevalent on the web, there is some use to the more common principles on even those type of girls. What I’m saying is that the majority of the good relationships being formed are being formed because of some form of game (even if the guy never studied it) so I fail to see all game as inherently bad or even “catering to female interests”. After all, one of the things that attracted my current girl to me is that I do things my own way, and I am not shy about setting boundaries. And yet, I do things such as support the False Rape Society because life isn’t just about poon, and fairness isn’t just about what is good for me or her personally.

    • Is what you are doing game or just having a backbone? If it’s as simple as having a backbone then why can’t we just say that instead instead of talking about some complex nebulous construct called “game” (or worse yet GAME as Obsidian always writes it)? To me the difference is that talking about having a backbone recognizes real problems whereas game is about shaming language and/or trying to sell you something. Talking about having a backbone doesn’t preclude saying that real problems like sexual harassment, false rape, and the corrurpt divorce system exist. Proponents of having a backbone aren’t going to pretend that you could stop any of this from happening to you by just having a backbone. It’s a recognition of reality. On the other hand game proponents like Obsidian and Dave from Hawaii will tell you that if a woman creates a sexual harassment charge against you it’s your fault for not having enough game and that you deserve to lose your job.

      Having a backbone is not a guarantee that you will get a woman. I’m living proof of that.

  4. By the way:

    Some may think you are “over the top” about sexual harrasement being criminalized and vastly expanded but you are not. There is indeed an effort to get street harrasment (which can include LEERING, whistling, and making a comment to a buddy for Christ’s sake) put into the category of “sexual harrasment” and punished accordingly. If this succeeds your nightmare will become real.

    • Then this will lead to more actual rapes.

      When street harassment and rape are made equivalent under criminal law, thus eliminating the differences in deterrent factor, some men will choose to commit rape.

  5. W&N it’s a mixture of the techniques of “game” and the fundamental inner quality of having a backbone. It’s not an “either- or” thing. There is nothing inherently pedestalizing about sexually attracting women – indeed, sometimes open misogynists get groupies of the “fair” sex. What you miss is the viewpoint of the techniques of seduction as a tool-chest IF you want women in your life, or even in some ways if you just want to understand group behavior on small-scale or individual levels. What idiots like Obsidian miss (and yes, he IS idiotic in this way) is that
    A. The real problems men of all races and colors face are REAL, not imaginary and game can only alleviate not solve some of them. It can’t even touch many of them. Being less likely to get divorced with LTR game doesn’t make the fact go away that you are likely to be screwed if a divorce comes down.
    B. Many men in the MRA and ghost movements care absolutely nothing for women anymore. They are for the most part NOT trying to attract them. Most, MRA’s I’d say see some room for “game” techniques when used to procure a mate (if you are one who want one) or for younger men to give them a bit more power and confidence in their almost inevitable interactions with women. But that is as far as the usefulness of “game” goes.

    Lastly, Obsidians posts make it sound like he believes all MRA’s are just whiners who can’t get women, even though if you read some of his earlier posts he agrees that there are some real issues. So he’s shooting himself in the foot with the shaming crap he’s doing. I suspect also there’s a racial reason for it – he’s been fighting people like oneSTD about hbd for over a year now, and he just loves to think of white male nerds dying out because they can’t get laid. So it’s personal to him and I don’t think he can be rational about it.

    • If game was described the way you described it then I would have no problem with it. However, it never is. There’s Obsidian and his racial crap about how MRAs are white nerds who can’t get laid, but it’s not just him. There’s also Dave from Hawaii and his conspiracy crap who uses game to attack anyone who dares to point out his conspiracy crap is nuts. Then you have gamers like Athol Kay who claim MRAs are out to destroy marriages. And then there are those people who tell me to “get game” but it’s really just an excuse to attack me. You are the first person I have seen not to use game as a weapon to attack other men.

      Besides I have tried game. It didn’t do anything for me woman wise. I certainly have more of a backbone than any of the gamers so it should have worked more for me than for them.

      You don’t see this crap from the ghosts. They are rational and level headed.

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