15 comments on “The Mere Existence Of A Mens Rights Movement Justifies It’s Need

  1. W&N

    If you had a chance to have a very attractive plantonic female freind, who would provide you with ample physical affection but no sex, would you take it?

  2. White and Nerdy,

    I want to ask you some more questions that I’ve been asking myself lately. If you had the choose between cohabitating with a single mother, taking on a degree of financial and emotional responsibility for her children, and spending the rest of your life alone what choice would you make? To me all ideas about retaining dignity and making sure your keeping within the ideological guidlines of mens rights mean very little when your staring down the barrel of spending decades of your life completely alone. I’m 22, a virgin, never been on a date and all that, but I see my father over 55 completely alone, virtually no chance of getting any worthwhile female attention, living a hermit like existence and slowly withering away. So I know what my future is if I don’t find a solution to my omeganess, and it frightens me more than I can express in words. At this point I truly cannot possibly understand how somebody could say that being a mangina is worse than spending your entire life without any sexual/romantic connections with women whatsoever.

    I would say that unless somebody has been a longtime incel who sees no possible change in sight they have absolutely no fucking idea what their talking about. So would you take the single mother, or the woman whose fucked over 100 duides over lifelong virginity?

    • If you had the choose between cohabitating with a single mother, taking on a degree of financial and emotional responsibility for her children, and spending the rest of your life alone what choice would you make?

      What is great about single mothers?

    • Your only 22. You already believe no change is possible. Why? I mean I have to confess I don’t understand you or white and nerdy. Unless I seem some evidence to the contrary I really don’t believe there is anything wrong with either of you except for the shit in your head.

      You remind me of the movie Dinner for Schmucks where Steve Carrell’s character thinks he can’t move because he believes galifianakis character has mind powers and has paralyzed him. We don’t live in wolf packs. Humans don’t have alphas, omegas, and betas.

      • I’m a lot older than 22. I’m rapidly approaching 35.

        I agree that humans don’t have alphas, omegas, and betas. The reason why I called this blog omega virgin revolt was for the same reason African-Americans use the word nigger. It’s a manner of fighting back against the insult.

  3. Michael you’ve completely misunderstood my point, I never said there was anything great or good about single mothers. I understand why men (who have other options) would avoid them like the plague. I’m talking about men who either have to hook up with single mothers or go without any women at all. Would you rather be a life long celibate or be with a single mother, or just a woman that has a very worn out, stretched used up pussy. This is a question that many extreme omegas like White and Nerdy and myself must confront. Betas and especially alphas and not forced to confront such a shitty reality and therefore I don’t feel they have the capacity to appreciate the dilemma that those at the bottom of the barrel (sexually speaking) face. What I’m really getting at is what is worse, crippling life long loneliness, or being a mangina who has sex and female companionship with an immoral woman. Those who haven’t felt the crippling loneliness and overwhelming sense of inadequacy and social ostracism will always dismiss the question out of hand but I don’t would have the strength to resist the single mother option if they faced the possibility of decades worth of involuntary celibacy.

    There are some omegas like myself (and evidently W&N too) who even if they were willing to become an extreme mangina still couldn’t get any female attention. White and Nerdy said that he wouldn’t want the kind of women who might (but have yet to be) interested in him because that would be a “shit sandwich”. I do agree with him on this point but I’d have to raise the point that isn’t his life already a great, big, thick, chunky “shit sandwich” already. It may be suffering to be with a single mother, but its also suffering to life your entire life alone without the hope of any woman ever being interested in you. I guess the question becomes what options causes the extreme omega to suffer less, which option has carries more dignity and self respect. Society would say that the omega taking up with the single mother with children by several fathers is more dignified, I and the entire manosphere would disagree. But is that little bit of extra dignity that comes from rejecting the single mother or the former promiscuous slut woman worth the loneliness of being alone until the day or your death.

    • For me the answer is easy. I pick lifelong virginity/celibacy every time. What does getting together with a single mother with a stretched out cunt get me? Companionship? Love? My own kids? The answer is nothing.

      This isn’t about dignity but practical concerns. Practical concerns say stay completely alone. I have to ask is this stretched out single mother really interested in me? I doubt it. What she is looking for is a chump to pay the bill because she probably has a mountain of debt. Then when she’s done she will dump me and take half my stuff. If I’m going to end up alone no matter what I do then I should pick the option where I get to keep my money and freedom (such as it is in the totalitarian socialist feminist West).

      EHF you said that you don’t want to end up like your dad. Your dad had you. I assume that means he was at some point married to your mom. If he is withering away alone now then getting together with a woman didn’t help prevent that problem. If my only options are single mothers then the then question is why not pick life long celibacy/virginity/loneliness? To me the answer is obvious.

      • I think it’s interesting that you dismiss companionship and love so easily. Is it because you don’t believe you would get them from a single mother or because they aren’t important to you?

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