21 comments on “I Pick Being Alone

    • I’ve been living on the edge so long
      Where the winds of limbo roar
      And I’m young enough to look at
      But far too old to see

      Wounds are all I’m made of
      Did I hear you say that this is victory?

  1. Something does not make sense, white and nerdy.

    Why would a single mother be more likely to be interested in you than women in general?

    • Assman provided one answer. I answered the EHF’s question as asked which assumes that I would have a choice in the future. I doubt I will. If I was to have such a choice in the future it would be because of desparation on her part. She wouldn’t be interested in me but in my wallet and maybe a few other things. That’s why I assume that she would dump me like a hot potato once she sucked me dry like the financial vampire she is.

  2. “Why would a single mother be more likely to be interested in you than women in general?”

    I can answer that question with a question:

    “Why are single mother dating websites the only ones where the females outnumber the males. “

    • “Why are single mother dating websites the only ones where the females outnumber the males. “

      Because most males would not think of posting a dating profile on a site catering to single mothers.

  3. One of the problems I have with gamers is that they believe (whether they realize it or not) that any woman no matter how bad is worse than being alone.

    Not most of the ones writing blogs. A lot of us have no desire to ever settle down. We just believe cumming in a pussy is better than cumming in our hands.

    • That’s tempting but really it’s not possible for me. Not when women hate my guts simply because I exist. If I had the opportunity I probably would go for it since God knows women deserve to be “eaten by the bear”.

      Although there are real problems since I would have to make sure that any woman I might bang goes through a super comprehensive battery of STD tests at least 10 times since any woman I could get probably has already fucked hundreds of guys at least. And avoid single mothers since I will not deal with her womb turds and I don’t want to give the government another excuse to go after my money. (Even with not being married child support agencies have gone after men who were stupid enough to date single mothers.)

      Yes that’s one of the reasons why I chose the name. The other was that at the time I found this area of the internet someone was talking about “white and nerdy” guys who can’t get laid. I thought it was only going to be temporary but I stayed in this part of the internet so the name stuck. I’m not as bad as the guy Weird Al plays in the video.

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  5. Dude,

    Freeman nailed it. You probably really should be doing hookers. And in that vein, there are studies showing that the pussy actually gets tighter the more it fucks.

    Check out my blog – I talk about my experience with hookers a lot. Feel free to ask questions.

    Hookers are the greatest.

  6. I am by no means a whiteknight, but a lot of it would depend on the single mother. I am not excusing women for their lack of responsibility but a lot of women are victims of feminism as well. some lower status women dont have access to decent men, and if a woman has 1 kid out wedlock (depending on the age) it is not a good thing but morally I dont know if it is worse than dating a hypergamous divorcee who financially raped her husband. I think the worst thing in the world would be to engage the world with black or white thinking in these times. Social survival oftentimes requires hypocrisy. So I would say generally I would not date a single mother but there COULD be exceptions.

    • Those advocating hookers may be onto something, but I’d be worried about going broke. May have to try it sometime.

  7. Avoid single mothers. They wouldn’t have wanted you when they were without children. Keep your dignity. If you’re the kind of man who would never leave the mother of your children, then you deserve better. Just say no.

  8. @Pumpkinhead

    I’m confident most single mothers of kids out of wedlock got left by the guy – at least those who didn’t just get pumped and pregnant on a one-nighter – and not the other way around.

    Personally, if the single mother is a girl you would have had no shot with before, I believe it can serve as justification. I’m 47, my sugarbaby is a hot 23 year-old single mother. Had she not had a kid, she wouldn’t have been dating a guy twice her age like me. IMO, it balances out.

    If its a girl that should have wanted a guy like you in the first place, then I would avoid her, because all you end up with is what you should have had, and all the hassles, baggage, and expense.

  9. Single Mom´s are generally a BIG NoNo!
    This list sums it up nicely: http://www.menarebetterthanwomen.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6703

    The only exceptions I´d even remotely consider is rape victims(whole other set of issues there) and widows. And only for the guys approaching half a century(like Dirk above) and with Mom´s in the rapidly wanning fertile phase of 25-35.
    Though never without a prenup and a though screening for hardcore feminist brainwashing. Which right there excludes most of the entitled western females.

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