4 comments on “Being Trolled And Real Victory

  1. At first we had a decent conversation with real arguments and logical reasoning (so much for being “trolled”) but now it devolved into this mess.
    You mixed up a lot of things. You attack me for no real reason using shaming language.
    Is there any reason to try to continue this? I don’t think so.

    • What is there to have a decent conversation about? Disagreements about game and conspiracy theory aside why aren’t you guys actually FIGHTING the conspirators? Instead you either waste your time talking to me or attacking me. How does making shit up aka LYING about me when I can disprove it easily with a few links or throwing around the Aspergers label like Hawaiian Neo-Marxist did help your cause? And you have the gall to accuse me of shaming language????

      I’m not interested in being a keyboard jockey and internet tough guy like you guys. I want real action. This is why I will become self employed in about a month and a half. I am doing something. You think the Rockefellers or whoever are out to “depopulate” then why aren’t you guys DOING SOMETHING? All this time you spent on this blog should be spent with real action. You don’t fight back but claim to not be depressed about the Rockefellers effective omnipotence (compared to you) because of game. Why shouldn’t I believe this is bullshit?

      You guys lost the authority to accuse me of shaming language. I’m going to quote your friend Hawaiian Neo-Marxist, “It’s not shaming language. It’s the fucking truth.”

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