10 comments on “Getting Back To Real Work

  1. I think at this stage of the game it needs to be about subtle ways of getting the message out there. Most guys are still under the impression that women are all sunshine and rainbows, and all they have to do is “be themselves”.Few guys are truly aware that all women have a “dark side” and that most are conniving snakes.

    The internet has been huge but I think the next steps need to be subtle, creating more a “lifestyle movement” that speaks softly without getting into too many people’s face.

    May be something as simple stylish T-shirts, hats, etc. I know that sounds silly but right know most people are still unaware of the existence of a men’s movement. This also helps to grow the “culture” of men’s rights, mgtow, ect. The only way this movement succeeds is if it creates a distinctive culture (i.e like biker culture).

    To that end, I think even more critical will be getting guys together in real life, if even just to hang out socially. Obviously the movement cannot move forward if it exists solely online, and it will also fall apart if we try-like some seem to advocate- protests, political activism, or an in your face style education on college campuses. (These approaches can come later)

    If more of us were to meet up in real life, it would allow for the movement to grow slowly and more organically. Individuals in their own various locations will have a better idea of what works best in their area, and also what fits their own personalities.

    Anyway that’s my 2 cents.

  2. Guerilla sniper teams targeting feminist rich environments. Metaphorically.

    Hey White and Nerdy. I’ve been skimming through your blog and I feel you man. I know where you’re coming from. I also sense some apprehension and confusion still now that you’ve gone down the rabbit hole. Its all good. I look forward to watching your evolution as an MRA. If I may so humbly throw some advice and comments at you in a random and stream of conscious way:

    1. Nice site layout. Very professional. Do you have some graphic design background?

    2. Don’t give up on game. Read Roissy. Give it time. The most important thing, the biggest obstacle to overcome, is “not caring”. See, you’ve been cursed with not being a sociopath. It sucks, I know. Unfortunately, the fastest way to numb your emotions is to have them ripped to shreds over and over again until a thick layer of protective scar tissue covers your heart and soul. It will take 1 to 3 years. Now get out there and get rejected.

    3. If someone says you have Aspergers, tell them “The Jabberwocky says Asperger’s is a sign of an extreme male mind, and thus that inherent maleness makes it superior. Only an inferior female mind would want a man with a similiarly silly and trivial brain, and only a mangina would want a female oriented mind to better relate to such solipsism.”

    4. How do we fight back best right now? Guerilla advertising.

    5. Also, if there are any hackers or people out there that know hackers, please hack the shit out of any and all femnist’s websites.

    Jabberwocky out. If you need me, you know where I hang out.

    • This is a standard wordpress.com layout. That’s why it looks so good.

      I have given game time. I probably given it more time than most gamers. What really made me question game was how despite doing what it claimed worked even before I heard of game never worked for me. I got the exact opposite results that game claims. The more I tried, the more women negatively reacted to me. I started questioning game and figured out it has to do more with internet tough guys and keyboard jockeys than anything that happens in the real world.

      That’s a good retort when someone says I have Aspergers. I will remember that. It tells us a lot about when supposed MRAs who use such feminine thinking.

  3. Ultimately this is a political battle. There is no way to avoid it. We won’t win unless we change LAWS. Cultural change is necessary but it is insufficient. The only way to change laws is to have some women on our side. Remember women + manginas > 50% of population. So we have to persuade women we are correct. BTW, WN being bitter and blaming all women is no help in this regard. The best way to persuade women is logic and reason. Careful logic and reason. Women are human beings and will be persuaded in exactly the same way as men.

    And so the path forward is obvious we need an intellectual movement. We need to march through the institutions. We need to be organized. There are two very successful movements we can learn from: feminists and the conservative movement. Both were incredibly successful. We need to understand how they were successful and replicate it. There are many lessons here we can learn from the Left. E.g. Saul Alinsky’s book Rule for Radicals. We need to learn from our enemies.

    • You might be able to convince some of the manginas but most women will not give up their position. Most of the ones who do are really pretending since they are worried that they are killing the golden goose.

      I have come to the conclusion that democracy has been a disaster. Democracy and meritocracy are on a collision course and for civilization to survive meritocracy must win. Or something other than democracy.

  4. Ultimately this is a Biological battle. There is no way to avoid it.
    Man makes everything but everything he makes is for naught if he does not transmit his genes into the future.
    In the first world women control who transmits their genes and under what circumstance.
    Every man is competing for wombs, for conduits to his legacy.
    Competing for women.
    Giving them whatever they want.
    Just to get a chance at genetic success.
    Those males that fail fall off the face of the universe.

    Offer man an alternative to womans Uterus. The organ that she claims makes her the “giver of life” and little princess falls off her pedestal in an instant.

  5. Ulimately this is a metaphysical battle. There is not way to avoid it. We won’t win unless we change the very fabric of reality. Socio-biological change is necessery, but is insufficient. Every man is competing against entropy, for the extension of his evolution. Those males that fail fall off the face of the universe. Careful logic and reason is needed to reshape the internal dynamics of dyametrically opposed universal forces, but utilizing force to neutralize those who will not be assimilated into the new masculine collective may be necessary as well. When our reptillian overlords come back to enslave us our genders must be united in order to advance society so that we may reach a state of pure energy in order to fight off our intergalactic ancestoral forefathers. Join hands with me and repeat, “Ommmmmmmmm. Ommmmmmmm. Ommmmmmmm.”

    Just kidding. No one has paid me attention yet. I don’t comment in the mano-sphere for the greater good or anything, I’m just trying to be a minor blog celebrity. Just half kidding. Feminists are bad.

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