28 comments on “More Sexual Harassment Crap

  1. W&N:

    I think it’s obvious what is happening here. A group of women want to get rid of you.
    You are lucky you are moving to self-employment because if they coordinated their stories it would be very hard if not impossible for you to defend against them unless you recorded conversations or something like that while at work.

    Good luck working for yourself. I do agree that SH law is insane in how it is interpreted and enforced. It’s also unfairly applied and enforced in many companies as you know.

  2. I don’t really comprehend how you could get accused of sexual harassment 3 times. Is this at one company or different companies. I mean really I don’t understand it.

    I told a girl at work I thought she was hot. I joked with the same girl about how the special sauce in a burger looked like semen. We make endless jokes at work about masturbation, prostitutes and strippers. Its an open secret at work that me and a bunch of guys regularly go to strip clubs. One day we took a girl from work out to a bar and a friend of mine joked about how he had completed Asian bingo because he fucked prostitutes of all the different Asian races. I asked another girl whether she was sexually conservative (She is a muslim). But nobody has been accused of sexual harassment. And I work in finance.

    Maybe I haven’t been working long enough.

    • I don’t think you have been working long enough. You have to remember sexual harassment isn’t about what you did or didn’t do. It’s about how women don’t believe in basic human rights.

      The women who have accused me were between 22 and 40 approximately.

  3. I am in HR, but thankfully I live in Miami where the feminist movement does not have a death grip on society. I have never had to deal with a sexual harassment complaint, even though the men will compliment women on their looks. We’re all friendly.

    I fear for when I move up north. Sounds like a nightmare.

    I wish you the best of luck. Fight this as much as you can. I hope you bury this bitch. They’re making us all look very bad. If you need an HR advice let me know.

  4. You are right about avoidance not being that easy. For once avoiding a woman can lead her to become more interested in you, sometimes even trying to snare you. If you dont fall for that she will have the other girls in the office make remarks about you being gay or some other bullshit. So no total avoidance is not always something that works.

    I think the best way to deal with such a situation is to remember that women want validation, so give them some validation while at the same time avoid any behavior that could be misrepresented. I think te gamers are onto something in that they have learnt to put different mask’s or “avatar’s” that can be used depending on the situation. Such skillsets is probably inborn in most people. Never be yourself at work, and never invest any emotional attachment to the persona you present at work.

  5. I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. Do any of you really believe this overgrown boy? You are being manipulated. Either he works for the elite or is a pawn in one of their psy ops. Don’t fall for his scheme to start a gender war.

  6. Thomas George :

    I’ve had two experiences in my twenty year odd work history that were very bad and match up with what W&N says to an extent.

    The first time I was in my early 20’s and a group of young women decided it would be fun to pinch, slap, poke, hug and otherwise torment me. They did this for about a week until they grew bored with it. I complained to the “leader” of this group of girls and she basically told me not to complain to anyone because they would all claim *I* harrassed them. Who do you think my employer at the time was going to believe? One shy awkward guy or a group of 6 young women?

    The second time was only a few years ago. I was in training for a customer service position and two young ladies complained about me and almost cost me that position. Mind you, they didn’t claim I touched them or anything, they merely claimed I stared at them creepily and made comments. This was a partial truth – one of the two was rather cute and i had looked but not alot and certainly not down her shirt or anything like that. Nor did I make the comments they claimed I had. The other girl was fat and unattractive and I certainly wouldn’t have looked at her even if I had been a lust hound. Anyway, some of the other people there defended me, but even so I was sort of put on probation for awhile longer than normal. The “cute” girl was barely there 6 months. The “ugly” one was there for several years, and I was always very cautious around her, and hardly ever talked to her and whenever I would I made sure to do it in earshot of other people.

    Now admittedly these don’t rise to the level of what has happened to W&N. But I’ve worked at various places including quite a few temp assignments. The SH policies are always very vague and sketchy as to interpretation. And as I’ve found out they are very easy to abuse. And it was feminists who pushed these policies , and feminists who pushed for the “reasonable woman” as opposed to the “reasonable man ” or “reasonable person” standard. So don’t be a dick and deny that among a certain segment of radical feminists some of whom have happened to have legislative successes there isn’t very much a “gender war” going on. This is true, even though the vast majority of normal women are unaware of it.

  7. All:

    Why can’t you tell that this W&N’s story stinks? He claims that he keeps getting accused of sexual harassment over and over again falsely? Why? Why would women do that? Wouldn’t they notice that it doesn’t work the first or second time? It makes no sense. Either W&N is lying about it or was really sexually harassing these women?

    Has W&N claimed anything negative happened to him because of sexual harassment? No. He hasn’t claimed that he lost a job or had any negative repercussions as a result. From reading what W&N has told us it’s the women who lost their jobs.

    Sexual harassment is unfortunately a real problem in the workplace. Because most males are really “boys who shave” and not men, sexual harassment happens a lot. If anything W&N is saying is true (and I doubt that) then he needs to man up and he will be fine.

    Assman, why should you believe me? The first question you should be asking is why should you believe W&N? Who is he really? Is he really just some guy who gets victimized by women every day? That’s not possible. Start asking some real questions like how do the elite benefit from W&N’s actions and words? The elite benefit from a gender war which is why they funded and supported feminism and now so called mens rights. Mens rights even supports their depopulation agenda even more than feminism ever did.

    One thing that puts the conspiracy theory community to shame is that they are willing to question everything except mens rights. They spend too much time thinking about feminism. Women were the victims of real problems like rape and abuse. The elite were able to use feminism so effectively because too many overgrown boys refused to man up. Mens rights is not the scrappy underdog it portrays itself as. It has real power and money behind it. Who really funded The Spearhead? Take a look at guys like The Fifth Horseman and Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech. These are guys with real money and power and they both promote the anti-Christian philosphy of transhumanism in order to merge it with mens rights and enslave women.

    Today is 9/11, the day of the most effective false flag operation in American history. I don’t know if W&N works for the elite or is just a pawn in one of ther psy ops. It doesn’t matter. This blog is nothing but a false flag operation.

  8. Thomas George:

    Perhaps if you would be so kind as to unequivocably define what sexual harrassment is , I might be inclined to think you are something other than a troll.

    So, since you claim that SH is a problem for so many women (apparently what happened to me doesn’t count because I’m a man) you should be able to define it in clear terms. How about it, TG?

    • The law already has a definition for sexual harassment. That is the one I use. Here is something that explains it better.

      This probably won’t convince you so just answer this for me. Why should we believe W&N? If what he describes is really happening why hasn’t he lost a job yet? If it’s really happening then how can the women all be wrong? The only common factor between all of W&N’s SH problems are him. Why shouldn’t I be asking what the real deal is?

      • Thomas George:

        I’m afraid your link merely proves my point.
        Sexual harrasement doesn’t really have any standards. It is whatever those most easily offended say it is.

        Given this, it is illogical to think that such a term can’t easily be abused. Hell, the very first page mentions the freakin “male gaze!!” If you don’t recognize that phrase, let me just say you need alot more education into feminism. Google it.

        Given all this and considering that things such as having a pic of your wife in a bikini can be construed as SH, I refuse to:
        A. Believe everyone accused of it is guilty
        B. Believe every instance of it is abuse in the first place.

        It’s kind of hard to take this stuff seriously as oppression of women when such radical feminist notions are codified into the very structure of the law.

        If it was up to me, I’d modify SH law to keep the first two prongs, and get rid of the totally subjective third. It would cut down on abuses of the law, and make workplaces much more pleasant places in which to work. We are all presumably adults and getting offended as a 3rd party by a private joke, or a pic of a bikini goes too far for me to have any respect for someone so fragile.

        • Maybe you shouldn’t have a picture of your wife in a bikini at work.

          Just answer this question for me. Assuming that we take White & Nerdy at face value, how bad can it be if he keeps winning and why should we believe him? Wouldn’t the women shut up after they realize that they can’t take him down after the second or third try?

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  10. I don’t agree with everything Thomas George says. It’s pretty out there. LOL. But he’s the only one making any sense. Women have no reason to lie about sexual harassment. I know what really happened is the pathetic author of this blog sexually harassed these women and got away with it. Then he pretends he is the victim of women when he is abusing women.

  11. Carla:
    Are you TG under another name?

    What about MY experiences, hmm?
    Women don’t lie about sexual harrasment even if doing so gives them the power to get someone fired in at least some cases?

    My God, the naviete..

  12. W&N, you’re onto something. I’d like to help you complete your analysis of the situation, so you finally get the woman YOU want. Also, GOOD GOING, getting the previous three accusers fired. Awesome work. Good luck with going independant; any way I can help, let me know.

    An Omega wouldn’t fight back; I don’t think you’re an Omega. Are you just a potential alpha, like me, saddled with a religious or moral belief system that is actively persecuted in modern times?

    • I don’t really believe in the alpha-beta-omega system or at least its use beyond certain limits. Calling myself an “omega” is meant to be in a similar vein to African Americans who use the word nigger to refer to themselves. Most people didn’t get that so I have been thinking about changing the name of the blog to something like, masculinist revolution.

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