24 comments on “Female Terrorism

  1. Tell us the truth. You sexually harassed these poor women. Women know you’re a creep. That’s why we want nothing to do with you. Go off and die.

    • Wow, Carla. Tell us how you *really* feel…

      If you win a big settlement and the company has to lay men off, use the money to expand your self-employment gig and hire them on yourself…

      Make sure you have personal copies of all your work email. Sneak them out on a USB stick, if you have to. Bonus points if you have email requesting permission to take that day off, and another email giving it. Or if you fill out a timesheet showing you didn’t work that day.

      I hope you’ve consulted, if not retained, a lawyer specializing in this field of law.

      • I found this blog from a link at another blog as an example of creepy men. Women can sense how the author of the blog is a creep from 20 miles away. That’s why we want nothing to do with him.

        How is it not obvious he’s a creep? He just said women are terrorists because we won’t have sex with him. He’s nothing but a Sodini in training.

        • Lol. Completely agree with you.

          White and nerdy has some resentment issues with women.

          These people can´t assume their own responsability over their actions and then are looking for expiatory sheeps to unleash their grudge.

          Maybe White and nerdy didn´t sexually harrassed his workmate, but I´m sure he has disrespected her in one or another way, thinking himself he was being “cool” and “rad” (lololololol).

          White and nerdy, you are creepy. And if you keep like these nothing will get better.

        • So if he’s as creepy as you say, why do you waste your time here?

          It is clear that you buy into the cunt definition of sexual harassment, which is “whatever she says it is, whoever she says did it, and whenever she says it happened.”

          You also don’t get W&N’s premise here, which is not that he’s “entitled” to get laid. He has made that point quite up front numerous times. His rage is directed at those who would starve him to death as a matter of public policy in order to provide a $60K job for a cunt working for “self-fulfillment” and already married to a guy making $200K!

          I can relate to this premise because twenty years ago I was accused of sexual harassment by a cunt in my company too. Before you find me guilty as charged, let me tell you also that in the inquisition that followed, she ADMITTED that I had no verbal or physical contact with her (and in fact I went out of my way to avoid her), and that the sole basis of her complaint was that she “felt uncomfortable” in my presence. That’s it!

          So in other words, I should have been fired so she shouldn’t feel “uncomfortable”. I wonder how many other men in the company were judged similarly. Should all of them have been canned as well?

          Fortunately, the inquiry was handled by a wonderful black woman HR rep, who was completely dispassionate through the whole process–truly a gem in a field dominated by the worst bitches around. The issue was settled to my satisfaction, at least. I didn’t concede anything and refused to apologize because I did nothing wrong, and the cunt left the company about six months later.

          Bottom line is this: it’s one thing not to be able to get laid, but something we can live with–and increasingly easier as we age. It’s quite another to be fired from a job or even imprisoned at the whim of a cunt. Sodini was wrong because his victims were innocent to him. However, sooner or later there will be a man in my circumstances back then who WILL lose his job and cut the cunt open. You can count on it, and I’ll be on the sidelines cheering him on.

        • I think I’m “cool” and “rad”????? Where do you come up with this shit?

          How did I possibly disrespect a woman I had basically no contact with? How I can take responsiblity for actions I never did? Only a mangina would say that.

          I have to ask the same question that sestamibi asked. Why are you here?

  2. Maybe Carla knows White and nerdy.

    HR must know about your days off, so the girl that is accusing you of Sexual Harrassment has nothing to cling to.

    Also, have you tried talking to the person in charge of HR? Why do you call her a “cunt”? Is there a woman in this world that you can talk to? Is there a woman out there that doesn´t make you afraid?

    • “Also, have you tried talking to the person in charge of HR? Why do you call her a “cunt”?”

      Probably because she is a cunt. I have dealt with HR and I agree they are cunts.

      “Maybe Carla knows White and nerdy.”

      No Carla is a pure feminist bitch cunt. I can smell feminist bitch cunts from a mile away. They smell like rancid fish, mixed with bile and ass juice.

      • I have dealt with different HR female coworkers along my life, I personally have had female bosses as well as male bosses. Let me tell you something: The only difference on them was their clothes.

        But let´s assume HR officer is a cunt, let me hear White and nerdy explain why she is one.

  3. “Everyone involved is going to pay. If this place burns to the ground as a result, then good riddance. The only thing that bothers me about that is that men would lose their jobs and that I would be adding to the mancession.”

    Your too angry. Why are you even fighting this. I would just leave.

      • “Do you know why everything is in the sorry state it’s in and feminism is running rampant? It’s because men have not been fighting back. ”

        True but you have to choose your battles and you have to be strategic. You attack your enemy when he is weak and you have a lot to gain. Not when they are strong and you have nothing to gain.

  4. @white and nerdy On the topic of “female terrorism”(LMAO!!!):

    I´m sure every women would treat you nice if you could manage to be just a little bit less creepy, not so “EVERYONE IS COMING AFTER ME!! EVERYONE IS A CUNT!!” ideology.

    Any guy who has dealt with a crazy girl knows that if she continues to give you shit, what you need to do is ignore her. COMPLETELY. On a few days she will return with a puppy face urging for your attention.

    I´m sure you have insulted “Sexual Harassment” girl in more than one ocassion, and she is not putting up with your shit and now is making up the story of sexual harassment.

    • So by not kissing womens ass makes a man creepy?

      Fuck that shit.

      Spineless excuses for a man such as yourself ought to be taken out and shot.

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  6. Wow. Judging by some of the comments on here, any woman should be able to get any of her male coworkers fired on a whim, and any “creepy” man should be forced to live on the streets.

    • Any woman can get her male coworkers fired on a whim. Women don’t think creppy men should be forced to live on the streets. They think any may they arbitrariliy define as “creepy” should be put in internment camps.

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  8. carla holmolka sucks ass!

    you should be put in jail for spouting such garbage and that jail should be a mens jail heh(since ya know, your supposedly a man and all that right?).

  9. OK, I’m female and I agree with this post completely!!!! – Women are the biggest cunts in the workplace! They cannot distinguish between mommy and manager roles! They can be extremely difficult outside of work, too! Everything with them is taken personally. It drives me insane! You can never really get any decent amount of work done because you constantly have to watch your back and pussyfoot around! If you try and be friends with them, it’s about a 75 – 80% chance they’re gonna back stab you in the back the minute you walk away. I wish I would’ve went to school for agronomy with my father and brother just so I had a better chance of working with mostly men.

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