26 comments on “Victory

  1. I second the congratulations for your victory.

    Second these women didn’t believe they did anything wrong. They lied right until the end

    That’s not what I would take from it. They knew they were doing wrong, they just didn’t believe anybody would call them on it. I’m rather surprised that once caught they didn’t attempt the tried and true “cut them off at the knees by crying” sympathy play. It’s all too often very effective at stopping righteous justice directed their way.

  2. Victory? It’s the victory of male privilege. The world needs more feminism if a creepy guy can sexually harass women and get away with it and get paid for it.

  3. It’s obvious as the sky is blue that White & Nerdy is lying now. His story is a complete lie. Why does everything fit is ideology of hating women? Why does women keep accusing him of sexual harassment if he didn’t sexually harass them? Why does he never lose his job as a result if women are everything he says they are? Why is he encouraging men to “fight” women? His story is nothing but a lie. He’s trying to start a gender war using mens rights. Can’t you all see how this benefits the elite? Instead you are congratulating this boy who needs to man up and find Jesus. Don’t fall victim to the manipulations of the elite and their agent, White And Nerdy.

    • The medications your doctor described to you were meant to be used. Paranoid schizophrenics off their meds are usually a hazards to their environments.

      • Try thinking for yourself for a change. Ask yourself some questions like who benefits from a blog like this or how “mens rights” fits in with the elite’s depopulation agenda. Analyze White & Nerdy’s story instead of just trusting him. Think for yourself and realize that his story makes no sense. Start connecting the dots.

  4. Congratulations. But don’t make the mistake that way too many men do of blaming the liberals. The conservatives are just as big manginas. It was Bush, not Obama who signed VAWA into law. And Republicans have been in the White House for roughly 50% of the years since WW2, so they were overseeing the rapid evisceration of mens’ rights along with the Democrats.

    Look into the Libertarian party. With smaller government, we necessarily remove the social safety net and transfer payments that finance womens’ bad behavior.

    • I agree with you. Even the Tea Party is filled with women and manginas. The Republican/Tea Party Senate candidate for Delaware is a woman who sued a former employer for gender discrimination. If you read up more on that woman you will find out that her employment and education record is spotty to the point that she’s obviously doing a typical female thing to hide her own failure. If the Tea Party is this feminist then there is no option in the Republican Party.

      I’m even skeptical of the Libertarian Party because they’re too obsessed with crap like the Patriot Act, abortion politics, and meanginless minutia. When someone like Mary Ruwart can nearly become the Libertarian presidential candidate I don’t hold out hope for the Libertarian Party doing anything for men. Regardless they are the least bad option.

      I don’t see any other option than Masculinist Revolution.

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  8. Completely impressed.

    Sorry, But you are no OMEGA.

    You’re an alpha.

    Hiss and spit at me all you want. There is no way an OMEGA stands up for himself like this.

    • I do tend to use “omega” in the same way a black person uses “nigger” to combat those who hate them. In that sense I’m not using it in the same way the gamers do. I’m the proof that alpha behaviors don’t produce women interested in you.

      Otherwise I agree with you.

      • “I’m the proof that alpha behaviors don’t produce women interested in you.”

        They never did. If you’re too short, too fat, too whatever, she won’t see you as alpha, she’ll see you as a dork. Now, if you look like Alex O’Loughlin, those same behaviors will be alpha indeed.

      • There’s no way you are an alpha because if you were you would of been able to get laid several times no matter how you look. You’re probably just a beta being hindered by his looks.

      • It is empowering. I do something similar. I describe myself to women as a “loser” 😀 This is especially fun, because I’m the most confident, charismatic, don’t give a f*ck guy they’ve ever met. It fries their brains, I take away all their tools, before they can use them.

        I do this, so they can’t later try to shame me. I do it first, and it robs them of all power. I say “I’m a bitter loser who can’t get laid, so therefore I give up on women ;)”. Its like ZAP, strips them of all power, immediately.

  9. You – get cooler by the minute.

    And – I completely identify with what you are going through – when I was teens-twenties – all my approaches – no matter what I tried – were met with hostility typically – or at best – a cold shoulder.

    I’m officially an omega too then (aka black equivalent of nigga).

    P.S. I had one woman “try” to FALSELY file a sexual harassment suit against me. It failed before she even filed it – because a male coworker called her a bitch to her face.

    • @Richard

      Its not innate though. I can related as I probably spent like 5 years of being treated like crap whenever I tried to talk to women.

      Today (years later), I approach any woman, anywhere, and the woman is literally drooling over the possibility to talk to me. A woman can be rejecting 20 guys in a row in theatrical displays of harshness, and then I walk up, and she starts acting like she’s talking to Brad Pitt.

      You know what brought about this shift? Its a bit of complex-inner-shift… but it can be summed up as “who gives a f*k about women”, to put it harshly, or to put mildly, as “indifference”. The moment I truly detached from caring what women think, or if they approve of me, is the moment they started trying to win me over and do everything in their power to have me.

      Btw, I’m less then average in looks + chubby… and the only shift was mental. Its odd, but not giving a crap about whether women say yes or no, makes them yell yes.

      From a feminazi perspective, its because you gave them “breathing space” and stopped opressing them by wanting a yes, lol 😀

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