9 comments on “From Chainring

  1. I’ve been posting updates to this email conversation over at MGTOW. Bottom line is that she is not interested in settling for anything less than an alpha male, which she feels she deserves (LOL). Of course, when the baby rabies kicks into high gear, there’s a good chance she’ll change her tune (as women are prone to do as soon as their puppet-master hormones tell them to) and try to snag a nice guy who’s been working hard in college and his 20s and now has a good career and some money.

    Don’t let that be you!

  2. She admitted she is adopted (in a later update to that email thread) and doesn’t know who her real parents are. Wonder if there is any connection between this fact, and her irrational sluttiness?

  3. @Timothy
    Sluttiness isn’t particularly irrational in modern times. Whether you’d want to commit to a former (and potentially future) slut is a different story.

  4. Women who are hitting the wall crack me up. They simply don’t understand that they offer less than an escort for a much higher price.

    • Good point. I think a lot of guys don’t understand this either. Once they do, post-wall women will have no chance at getting married. As things currently stand, many (most?) of them are able to snag a desperate guy if they become willing to settle.

  5. Most recent update in my conversation with her, which is up on MGTOW, reveals that she was a part-time prostitute during some portion of her 20s. As if guys didn’t have enough to worry about in terms of a woman’s past.

  6. The sincerity of a woman seeking a relationship is inversely proportional to her age and experience… because once a woman has seen too much life and played too many games, she becomes very dangerous for a nice guy to have a relationship with…

  7. I find it very interesting…and ironic…that this woman talks about women who sleep around as “a dime a dozen”, yet in the same breath admits she *was* one of those. Lol, does she even read what she’s typing?

    As for being done “giving it away for free”: Why? What kind of self-disrespecting man does she hope to snag? I know I’d be pretty pissed if my hypothetical wife ever said this. Not necessarily because it meant she had sex partners prior to meeting me…that doesn’t bother me at all. It’s more the fact she understands that as her hypothetical husband, I am now literally paying for her sexual attentions whereas those previous partners got it for free *and she is okay with this concept*.

    Even if we each had, say, 10 sex partners prior to getting married it still (most likely) wouldn’t be equal since she admits to wanting a man to care for her financially. Do I, the hypothetical husband, also get cared for financially via her paycheck? She says she’s not sentimental about having kids…does this mean it will be a fairly equal marriage with both of us working full time to pay bills, buy a house, contribute to a retirement plan, and enjoy vacations together?

    Or is she going to get pregnant as soon as we’re married, become a non-working stay at home mom*, and never help with the steadily increasing bills ever again since she’s now a “professional housewife”? Honestly, I don’t understand why any man would seek to get married in this social climate. It’s just plain nonsensical.

    *Note that I take no issue with stay at home moms, so long as they know that’s what they want to do for the first part of their adulthood. Raising the next generation is a valuable job, and is to be praised if done well. I believe women who know they want to be mothers should get married before age 25 since their eggs will be of higher quality, it’ll be easier for their bodies to recuperate from childbirth, and they’ll have the energy to take care of the child(ren). It’s 35-40 year old women who get married, quit their careers (leaving their employers in the dust having to find a new, experienced worker), and become non-working stay at home moms for the remainder of their lives I disapprove of.

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