11 comments on “Looking Back At Some Recent Comments

  1. WOMEN HAVE RIGHTS!!!!!!! Women aren’t your toys. We are human beings. One day not too long from now, you will feel the power of women. We will bring you and your male privilege down.

  2. What do women mean when they call a man “creepy”? Is it a man who they know is attracted to them, but who they don’t like, and are afraid that they would lose their social status if they reciprocated to him? Or a man who obviously likes them, but doesn’t give them a chance to turn him down?

    I’ve noticed that being labelled “creepy” by even one woman is enough to turn 30 woman off of you, even if they were neutral or even attracted beforehand.

      • “Creepy” is a term, but gets overused nowadays when talking about men. I use this word myself sometimes, but never to the person’s face and regardless if it’s a man or woman. It describes a type of off-kilter or alarming behavior that people of both sexes can have, though often not on purpose or without truly knowing they are acting oddly.

        For example, I’ve had both men and women stare at me for extended periods of time, stroke my hair, invade my personal space, grab my arms when they want my attention, and follow me to my car despite not knowing them. To me, this is creepy behavior no matter who does it.

  3. stupid idiot dumbass carla…

    as usual spouting off bullshit and making themselves look like a total idiot. go to hell and die.

  4. School children get rid of teachers they dislike by falsly accusing them of being child molesters …………. Women get rid of men by falsly accusing them of sexual harrasment , which is anything from a joke gone wrong to rape .

  5. “Why can’t you tell that this W&N’s story stinks? He claims that he keeps getting accused of sexual harassment over and over again falsely? Why? Why would women do that? Wouldn’t they notice that it doesn’t work the first or second time? It makes no sense. Either W&N is lying about it or was really sexually harassing these women?”

    Dude, there are women who call the police because they want a husband. Of course it makes no sense, we’re talking about people who govern their lives by astrology. 90% of women think palmistry or numerology works.

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