5 comments on “The Need For More Militancy and Extremism

  1. I strongly disagree with the idea of militancy and extremism.

    The simple truth is that men are losing rights because men don’t care about their rights. Men have allowed feminists and their allies to do whatever they want. Militancy and extremism is what you do when you are denied input into the political process.

    I would advocate militancy if I thought political solutions had no chance of success but right now men have plenty of political power….we just aren’t using it very effectively. 50% of the vote belongs to men and the majority of politicians are male. Men dominate every political sphere. The first step is for men to start demanding legal changes and regulatory changes.

    “Where are women when men are losing their freedom? Cheering those who are taking away our freedom.”

    And where are the men?! Surely men should be the first to stand up for their political rights. The men are doing nothing too or even cheering things on.


    Women and men are largely apathetic in the political process. The difference is that women have loud well-funded hyenas to stand up for them called feminists while men have no one. None of these legal changes could occur without the complicity of men.

  2. I have a sister, and she cares about me, as do my female cousins, as does my mom.

    The truth is, that women don’t actually *know* about the crap that men deal with. Women have been brainwashed into thinking that men are emotionless robots who can deal with anything and have no feelings, no emotions, and can produce money by just snapping their fingers.

    I’m not justifying women falling for this crap, but I will propose the following. I genuinely believe that if women lived the life of an average guy for a month, almost all would become a lot more compassionate about men, and a lot more would support MRA causes.

    I don’t think we should go out of our way to make them support us, as that’s a waste of time. I’m just saying some women have less brainwashing, and any woman should be given ONE chance. If she shows absolutely no chance of understanding, then ignore… But at least give that one first chance.

  3. ‘Fighting back’ happens all the time. If a woman has seriously messed up a man’s life, chances are that he will kill her. Why do you think there are so many male murderers? You cannot have Game without having a high homicide rate (guns help, too). In the wild, alpha males are often ‘murdered’ by betas who wish to usurp them and many lower-status males who lose their bid get killed too. However, when this fight to the death is played out in human society the competitors get jailed. Game encourages this; it encourages competition to get out of control.

    Say one male ‘wins’ and takes a female from another man. Quite often you hear of ‘crimes of passion’ where the losing male goes berserk and kills the other competing male (and sometimes the unfaithful female too), so everybody loses. This kind of behaviour is the ultimate end result of Game.

    You needn’t worry too much about fighting back, because those who get too deep into the Game end up dying (or at the very least having their lives ruined). If you cannot get a nice female by being yourself, just donate some sperm because it is much easier and safer and ultimately does the same job. Make do with having a few female friends and watch from the sidelines as competitors in the Game tear themselves apart to reach a goal that is actually very simple to achieve.

    The Game is a corrupt system that seeks to devalue and take advantage of honest, productive individuals. Like any corrupt system it will ultimately consume itself.

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