26 comments on “A Former Criminal Investigator On Women

  1. I am glad that cunt Sheila can be futher exposed. Despite my cowardly death threats I think the points I raised in response were all valid. I responded in a very poor manner that sadistic, screeching bitch, but I am adamant that she deserves to have pain inflicted upon her, not physically but psychologically.

    I was going to state that I hope my commenting here isn’t going to hurt you through guilt by association, but does it make a differnce? Women (and most men) will see you as a violent extremist either way, so having a dude who has a lot of trouble containing his murderous rage hardly makes a differnce.

    • You weren’t wrong. What Shiela is doing is the most evil option when it comes to dealing with penis size. There are four possible cases:

      1. The woman doesn’t care about penis size and says so. This is the best case obviously.
      2. The woman cares about penis size but lies about it. As bad as this is at least she’s trying to protect the man invovled.
      3. The women cares about penis size and admits it. As bad as this is at least she’s being honest and the man can break up with her.
      4. The woman doesn’t care about penis size but claims she does. This is worse than the women who care about penis size regardless of whether they admit it or not. This woman is engaging in psychological torture on men. This group of women are nothing but sadistic bitches.

      Don’t worry about guilt by association. I have had everything thrown at me for speaking the truth. It doesn’t make a difference. You will be accused of being a “violent extremist” if you do anything other than extreme supplication to women. Over at The Spearhead a man told a story about how he was recently told by a woman that he was “worse than Hitler” simply for pointing out that more men than women have lost their jobs in the current recession, a simple fact. That’s what we’re dealing with. You’re a violent extremist for simply refusing to be a slave to women.

      • I don’t understand *how* women can care about penis size anyway, as the vast majority of men are between 5.5-7 inches. The penises you see in porn are the very small minority, and shouldn’t be used for comparison of typical men anymore than porn actresses bodies should be used for comparison of typical women.

        Honestly, I think most porn actors’ penises look painful to be with. My lover is 6″ long, and his length feels like it lightly stretches me…I can’t imagine being with one that is 8″ or more. It would probably hurt, not feel good.

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  3. I live on a different planet.

    Just now,not two seconds ago, the Finance Manager told me, the HR manager, that “my muffin smelled really good. In fact, I would eat your muffin if you let me.”- this was in front of a few other people.

    I laughed and said “Oh my god, get out of here.”

    No criminal charges were filed. No sensitivity training.

    By the way, this happens all the time between guys and girls at my office. Then again we’re all young and Hispanic (or acclimated to the culture). I don’t ever see someone filing charges unless they were physically molested.

    I wonder what would have happened if he had said that to someone in Seattle?

  4. HAHAH. Dude, no. You should see this guy, He’s OK looking, pretty goofy, around 5’6. He loves batman, and on casual days his de-facto outfit is white pants and a (knock off) batman sweatshirt.

    Tucked into his pants. HAHA. It’s pretty awesome.

    We’re just not all bitchy war pigs that hate men and want to destroy them.

    We’re all just friends and we know he loves to be a little creep sometimes. But all the girls know that if we were ever in actual trouble (we work in a ghetto area) he would come and help us. He’s a nice guy and not threatening. I think that has more to do with it. It doesn’t matter if he’s good looking or not. One can tell when a guy is serious and threatening and creepy and when he is just fooling around.

    • So you’re saying I’m threatening and creepy? I don’t really interact with women so there is no possibility of a “misunderstanding”. Either women are right then I’m a monster or I’m right. I pick me. I know I’m not a monster so what does that say about women?

  5. I should have said “I can tell” instead of “one can tell”. I don’t think you’re creepy, but I don’t know you, so it’s hard to say.

    I would assume that the women that you deal with are different from the women in my office. There is also the environment. You probably work in an environment hostile to men, whereas I don’t. Therefore, I can make the assumptions that only creepy, threatening men would be reprimanded for their actions in my workplace, whereas in your workplace I can assume that sexual harassment charges are unwarranted and are used to punish men the women don’t like.

    I just want to make the point that all women are not the same, especially when you are dealing cross-culturally.

    • The problem is that the women in my previous places of employment would also all claim that they don’t work in a place hostile to men. They would all say the exact same thing you just did. I’m sure some alphas are able to get away with it without a complaint being filed but that proves nothing except that women are hypergamic.

      Frankly, what you are saying is very feminist similar to the “if you have nothing to hide” justification for a police state. I am sure women justified their actions towards me and other non-alpha men with the same argument about “creepy” and “threatening” men.

      Since you have made the assumption that creepy and threatening men are reprimanded in your workplace then you clearly haven’t investigated for the truth.

  6. No one has been reprimanded at my workplace!! And a guy who tucks his batman sweatshirt into his WHITE pants is NOT alpha!!

    You are reading what you want to into my statements. There are times when punishment for sexual harassment is warranted: inappropriate physical contact and very lewd statements or propositions are some. 99% of the time, it is not warranted.

    I a not using a police state rhetoric. I never said “if you have nothing to hide.” I said that in MY situation, I believe that if a woman or man came to me with a sexual harassment issue that it would most likely be worthy of investigation due to the fact that we all joke around and are silly with each other with no problem and no one feeling uncomfortable. Also, we don’t have malicious bitches working here that want to ruin men’s lives just for fun.

    You want to believe all women are deceitful snakes. Sorry. Maybe in your neck of the woods, but not mine.

    • Given the losers that are popular with women that Guy could be alpha.

      You have made an assumption of male guilt. That’s very feminist and the same argument that women will use here. It’s worded exactly the same.

      It’s all the same “women would never lie about rape/abuse/sexual harassment” bullshit that we hear all the time. Aren’t you bothered by how you’re repeating the same things feminists say (even if the context is different)?

  7. Dream Puppy you waste your time. White & Nerdy is a harasser and abuser of women. He deserves what’s coming to him for being so creepy and terrorizing women. He’s pissed that he can’t rape a woman and get away with it.

  8. Carla, I am sure your comments have caused a complete turnaround in White and Nerdy’s way of thinking. Thank you for contributing to the conversation.

    (BTW W&N my previous post was contextual!!!!! In the context of a workplace with no anti-men sentiments and plenty of riffing between the sexes I will take a charge of SH more seriously. In your environment I would not, and would be more likely to investigate the female. Can you please understand context!?!??!?!?!? ARGH!!)

    • White & Nerdy is nothing but a reject. There’s a reason no woman wants anything to do with him. We can sense his damage and his threat to us. You are a woman. You know what I am talking about. I do not care about changing his mind. I care about seeing that he gets put in prison before he becomes another Sodini.

  9. Please don’t waste YOUR time Dream Puppy. There are female commenters in the manosphere who like to sing their sweet siren song of NAWALT (that would be you), and their are strait out biligerant, brainwashed cunts like Carla. She is an enenmy, an enenmy deserves to be destroyed, period.

  10. But Mahoney. Not all women ARE like that. Just most, as they are encouraged by society and the legal system. We can speak in generalities, but not absolutes. That’s some Sith shit, right therrrre.

  11. “Dream Puppy you waste your time. White & Nerdy is a harasser and abuser of women. He deserves what’s coming to him for being so creepy and terrorizing women. He’s pissed that he can’t rape a woman and get away with it.”

    That’s a shame, I rape women and get away with it all the time. I’m actually raping a woman right now as I type this comment.

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