9 comments on “You Are A Gay Virgin Player Rapist And Worse Than Hitler

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  6. You aren’t worse than hitler for pointing out facts, you are worse than hitler for generalizig all feminists as being “feminazis.” Women also have issues in marriage and society. You are so “me oriented” and incapable of “logic and empathy” that you expect that someone who is going through so much negativity is just going to put down their protest sign and say “hey you know, you seem to have the same issues as me even if it is at a smaller scale so I am going to try to help you get everything i have ever wanted” 😒. Not every woman is churchgoing, that’s a pretty determining label so not everyone is going to feel the same. Stop trying to put everyone in a box that only a few people belong in.

    • Women not getting to marry the guys in college and high school that got their vagina dripping wet or not being able to completely deprive their ex husband of all his assets in marriage are not legitimate issues.

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  8. The gay virgin thingy resonates with me. As a teenager the insults were either “You’re gay” or “virgin”. Rapist fits more in a work place related environnement. The men calls you gays, both sexes then call you a virgin and the girls calls you a rapist. It all fits.

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