5 comments on “Women Think Men Owe Them Sex

  1. “Finding out that women believe men owe them sex should surprise no one. Women believe men owe them their money too.”

    As well as anything else they want. This feminist argument can quickly be put to bed by posting a link to any woman’s dating profile on any matchmaking website. The spinning of the wheels is hilarious to watch after pointing out that in addition to sex,women think they are owed unrealistic and physically unachievable romance based on fantastical and fictional story elements.

    Well, not this cat, the next time I’m romantically involved with a woman, I will demand a purple basilisk,cold fire, or powdered water from her. That way, no woman can accuse me of only wanting “one thing”,which a woman could realistically give me. If I was vapid or stupid enough,or smoked enough weed, I’m sure I could come up with a thousand more impossibilities,ladies. Just in case you’re looking for a “challenging man”.

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  3. “Finding out that women believe men owe them sex should surprise no one.”

    Indeed, the romantic fantasies that they call love is just a lubricant

  4. …or a paying client of a prostitute.
    Or a man who supports a woman, e.g. traditional marriage arrangement – man works and pays woman for exclusive breeding rights, child rearing and homemaking.
    Marriage laws are different now though, so the contract serves no real purpose, (if it ever did) and is wholly bias toward females, there is no benefit to marriage for males other than to stop the female from complaining. She can commit paternity fraud, kick him out of the house he paid, get the real father to move in, get the ex-husband to pay child support and mortgage, and maybe other expenses.

    Women think men owe them sex and everything else, including fulfilling impossible fantasies.

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