4 comments on “Women Want Fried Ice

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  2. “With Christmas coming up he’s trying to find a way to navigate the maze coming up to keep his girlfriend. The problem is that there is no solution.”

    I would (perhaps wrongly) think the solution is to tell the woman that the relationship isn’t going to progress to marriage at any time, as well as make an agreement to not spend over $25 for any holiday presents or birthday gifts.

    For example, this past Yule/Christmas I bought my FwB a box of his favorite maple candies and a Barnes&Nobles gift card, and he gave me 3 rare D&D minis I’ve been looking for to complete a set. Under $25 means not only do you not have to put extra money away for frivolous, over priced gifts, but that a bit of thought has to go into picking out the gift.

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