If you are familiar with Whiskey’s blog or his comments elsewhere then you know that he points out again and again that “women HATE HATE HATE beta men”.  (Personally I would take that to mean “non-alpha” men rather than “beta” men because if you’re not an alpha which greek letter you are doesn’t matter.)  You may think Whiskey is insane or just exaggerating.  He’s not and he has no trouble finding evidence as he does in this post.

Whiskey found some cunt who wrote some book who all but calls for concentration camps for non-alpha men.  Whiskey quoted several things that this cunt said that need to be exposed.

Historically, leading men, at least in comedy, have featured either the feckless or the boorish: the Fred Flintstones and Bullwinkles and then useless beta males.

It’s the teenage boys I’m worried about. They’re not going to college in numbers. They’re going to be angry — depending on who’s coming back from the war. There are charities for girls and I’m all for that, but ultimately, the real problem is the epidemic of inferior men – which is basically what my book is about.

“What I say in the book is the white, nerdy, sensitive guy is not the minority anymore,” Julie said. “Between tech jobs and the creative establishment, I mean, they are the ones who feel repressed but they are actually high status.”

Julie explained how the “white, nerdy, sensitive” guy, who is most in control of the comedy world, is not the nice, non-threatening person a lot of women think he is.

but you don’t like sports so you think that makes you less of a misogynist

The “mousy” girl she’s talking about, the kind that every guy around her seems to want, is brought up in her book as the character Pam Beesely on “The Office.” She writes: “There’s nothing scary about Pam because there’s no mystery: she’s just like the boys who like her; mousy and shy…I feel like the whole ‘Pam’ thing is a result of straight, angry nerds taking over the world, frankly

Before I comment I want to point out some of the things Whiskey had to say about this cunt since there is no reason for me to repeat what he said.

Average women are now no longer shamed (by more beautiful and Alpha women) from sharing the few desirable men. Be they indie rockers, trust funders, felons, pornographers, and hipsters. These are the men after all, Klausner chose to sleep with. Her book was not titled: “Accountants, Actuaries, Engineers, Programmers, and Managers: Boring Beta Nice Guys I Slept With.” Those guys go home to their porn collection, while a few male winners go home with a new girl every night.

The biggest losers in the new Sexual Marketplace are ordinary guys, who live a life of involuntary celibacy in intermittent spurts, unless they can generate their inner asshole, and become at least for a while, the dominant, jerky, asshole that professional urban women like Klausner craves.

Yep, from the woman who dated felons and trust-funders, the enemy is the nerdy White guy who is really a misogynist.

And that is the other part of it. Klausner has no complaints about Hip Hop and Rap artists spouting off about bitches and hos. Nor the lurid imagery of most rap videos. Nor Mexican/Latin machismo. Nope. Her complaint is White guys are not macho tough and dominating enough. When of course, any masculine display by a White guy is allowed only if he is entirely outside the professional workplace. The macho assholes Klausner and most White female professional women crave, can only exist in the indie band, trust fund, hipster, and felon environments. Try that in the professional corporate workplace and you as an ordinary White guy get fired. Fired fast. Complaining about White guys not being as tough and as dominant as a Hells Angel’s biker is like a guy complaining that the girls at the mall are ten pounds overweight, and are not in fact supermodels.

Klausner’s ideal society would be comprised of a few bad boy Alpha Male White guys, plenty of non-Whites and all the beta males turned gay. So they won’t bother her and be instead politically correct. Since most of PC is designed to channel “evil Male White energy” into a denatured and de-masculinized emo-boy dead end, that at least “stops racism” and such. Since every White guy who is not Alpha is a threat. A threat to hit on her, quite likely, which most SWPL women, urban professional White women, find revolting and sickening.

Again, while Klausner is more extreme than most White professional women, she is not expressing anything that is not fairly common among most of them. Disdain for White beta males (and implicit approval for pretty much any non-White guy?) Check. Hatred for “useless beta males?” Check. Love of the gays and hatred of Straight White Guys Not Charlie Sheen? Check.

As does 9/11 Truther Charlie Sheen (it only makes him more attractive to women, he’s getting great ratings among his almost exclusively female audience on Two and A Half Men).

Reread some of the phrases from the cunt, “useless beta men“, “epidemic of inferior men“, “they are the ones who feel repressed but they are actually high status“, and “straight, angry nerds taking over the world“.  Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot would be proud of this cunt.  She all but calls for concentration camps for her “useless beta inferior men” who secretly run the world.  This would not be complete without a conspiracy theory.  Somehow these “straight angry nerds” who are “useless and inferior” took over the world when no one was looking and this cunt says “something needs to be done” about this “epidemic”.

This type of thinking is widespread among women.  Look at cunts like Kara and Carla who keep saying I need to be thrown in jail on the say so of women or the women who keep slinging sexual harassment charges against myself and other men.  Somehow I (and other men similar to myself) are some sort of mysterious nebulous “threat” that needs to be eliminated.  And there are those who claim I’m part of some sort of world ruling conspiracy along with other MRAs.  (One reason I’m strenously against conspiracy theories is that they seem to be a platform to attack me and/or men like me.)

Looking at the comments of Whiskey’s post it’s no surprise that a lot of men are saying they think they would be better off with the Taliban running things.  While I’m not sure that isn’t just trading one set of problems for another (and one of the pro-Islam arguments I hear constantly is that its “better for women”) I understand what these men are thinking.  Anything has got to be better than this.

If you are not one of the alphas, this is what women think of you.  Whiskey is right when he says, “Women HATE HATE HATE beta men”.


25 thoughts on “Women HATE HATE HATE Beta Men

  1. one of the pro-Islam arguments I hear constantly is that its “better for women”

    That’s true, if by “better” you mean “men can beat and rape women with impunity”.

  2. Is that the choice, Bob Smith? Men being imprisoned at the whim of women, or men being able to beat and rape women with impunity?

    It sure seems like that to me, and if it has to be one or the other (since feminists have forced that choice on us), I’ll come right out and say I prefer the latter.

    • If those are really the choices then we should pick the latter. But I’m not sure those really are the choices. Islam allows for limited polygamy which leaves a large male population indexed and willing to become suicide bombers for the promise of 72 virgins. Being that kind of cannon fodder doesn’t seem like a real improvement for men.

      • polygamy isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. First of all it’s not really that prevalent in the muslim world,


        and then:

        “A slightly earlier but relevant statistics of polygamy (1961 census report) totally smashes the myth of Muslim polygamy, unless the social trends have worsened drastically, which obviously have not. As per this, the incidence of polygamy is highest among the Adivasis (15.25) followed by Buddhists (7.9), Jains (6.72), Hindus (5.80) and behold, followed by Muslims (5.70). Research carried out by Mallika B Mistry of Gokhle institute of Pune, concludes that “there is no evidence that the percentage of polygamous marriages (among Muslims) is larger than the Hindus”. A comparison of nuptiality patterns for Hindus and Muslims shows great similarity, the incidence of polygamy has been declining among both Hindus and Muslims.”

        in India.

        and saying that they’d become suicide bombers just for the promise of 72 virgins is much worse than saying that your blog and your topics are a result of being a virgin.

        and Smith:

        “That’s true, if by “better” you mean “men can beat and rape women with impunity”.”

        A man shouldn’t accept Islam because of the lashings that can be meted out to him. You are quite off-base with that comment, continue living in your delusions.

        • Off base how? Islamic law is quite clear: men may beat their wives if they displease them, and wives have no right to refuse sex. Further, the requirement that there be 4 male witnesses to a charge of rape makes rape, for all practical purposes, a non-crime. And in a he said/she said situation (“he beat me”), don’t forget that a woman’s testimony is worth 1/2 a man’s in an Islamic court, meaning that a man will automatically have the charges dismissed against him. So yes, Islam pretty much means men can abuse women at will, and actual facts on the ground show that in Islamic countries that’s exactly what they do. That’s what we’ll get if we replace what we have with Islam.

        • Islamic law is quite clear: men may beat their wives if they displease them, and wives have no right to refuse sex. Further, the requirement that there be 4 male witnesses to a charge of rape makes rape, for all practical purposes, a non-crime.
          Women in Islamic countries have divorced their husbands for physical abuse AND
          have falsely accused men of rape.

          Please, Islam WON’T stop feminism.

      • actually back in ancient times women out numbered men. like with persian royalty the women made more than 60% of that class. even to this day male infant mortalty rates are higher than women world wide. plus back then just about every virus killed u. hunting accidents. killed by other men or killed in war. women were always left over to become sex slaves. so to pervent that was to take an extra wife(with 1st wifes permission of course)

  3. If the choice is Islam, then that is indeed the case, because Islam has a profoundly immoral value system. What you don’t know is whether the men pushing Islam are simply ignorant of that, really do want the right to hurt women, or are Muslims preaching dawa (conversion).

    Islam is the fool’s choice, and I reject it. In reality our choices are much wider than “current system or Islam”.

    • Who said anything about Islam? I hate Muslims too, so that’s not the solution.

      Patriarchy is still what is needed, and does not have to come in Islamic form.

  4. “Islamic law is quite clear: men may beat their wives if they displease them,”

    ‘may’ or do you like how DV cases are handled with VAWA?

    “and wives have no right to refuse sex. ”

    and do you think it’s wrong? and how different is it from america a few decades back? and where has it landed america? Then count the things that a husband can’t refuse.

    If you read up the history of Islamic empires, you’d find that women were quite influential in them at some point or the other, they could take up jobs, inherit property and it’s currently that so much hue and cry is being made over the woman issue.

    Why does this subjugation of women happen periodically is an interesting question.
    pg 17 here might shed some light on it:

    “Further, the requirement that there be 4 male witnesses to a charge of rape makes rape, for all practical purposes, a non-crime. And in a he said/she said situation (“he beat me”), don’t forget that a woman’s testimony is worth 1/2 a man’s in an Islamic court, meaning that a man will automatically have the charges dismissed against him.”

    is it better to have “she said’ having priority over “he said” and lock up a man every time there is a rape accusation against him? We won’t even talk of what a travesty of rape has been made of in the western world.


    sounds like they had safeguards against false rape accusations, considering that it’s punishable by death, though not that they aren’t illogical by today’s standards.

    “That’s what we’ll get if we replace what we have with Islam.”

    No one’s asking you guys to replace anything with islam, but what you have isn’t gonna stay in its place by merrily saying that Islam is bad for women. Women convert more to islam than men, patriarchy breeds more, men are men in Islam and that’s something that will lure women more than the abstracts of “freedom” that feminists like to celebrate by speaking out against the “rape culture”.

    What you have instead is your own women beating men up their heads by rousing their chivalry against the “subjugation” of women in the Islamic world, while at the same time being tolerant to muslims in real life so as to appear as good little society people. Crying against female genital mutilation in africa, while each day thousands of infant baby boys undergo circumcision in their own country. Muslims might treat their women as animals, but your own women treat animals better than men.

    What’s funny is that I read a recent piece in which some Islamic cleric said that it’s western people who treat women as animals by getting them fucked by a hundred boyfriends and not providing them with a single husband. What’s not funny is how easily this stupid logic can become accepted like the feminist idiocy has. There is no end to human stupidity, female rationalization is especially legendary.

    And I don’t think you’d have a return to patriarchy without having to do away with the supposed equality of rights and in the process having to look like Islam in all its brutish glory. The rot is simply too deep.

    The spectre of islam should have been used by men to reassert themselves in a better way, instead it’s something that they are made guilty of and you have TIME that publishes a woman getting her nose hacked off while thousands of men die in the war.

    It’s utterly naive to think that women won’t abuse their rights in the future, if there’s ever a going back. The society will always will be female-centric, the state has to be prevented so from becoming female-dominated too, the concept of equality is a canard, and it’s impossible to do so in a democracy where inevitably the focus will be on women’s troubles. Has feminism ever stopped at equality anywhere? In colleges? In the workplace where young women now earn more? When equal rights come down to protests of roaming around topless, one should get that the lunacy is already out of hand.

    The women’s rights movement has only meant added responsibilities for men, and you’d realize that it’s simply because whatever power women have is given to them by men, and whatever power women have they use it against men. It starts out with the noble aim of equality and devolves into radical feminism. Same story, repeated again and again.

  5. This female ‘author’ (hack, really) should be deported to Africa or the middle East where she and others like her can engage in polygamy with alpha males. While there she can benefit from their advanced civilizations and escape the oppression that plagues her as a female in western society.

    There is no such thing as gender ‘equality’. Female domination in workplace, government, etc. ultimately means the end of civilization as we know it

  6. Thank you very much for your kind words and the link.

    While most women are not as extreme as Klausner, the phenemona of ordinary women being able to sleep with but not marry Alphas, and thus being disappointed and angry (particularly at Beta Males because it is NEVER EVER an Alpha male’s fault) is fairly widespread. Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for a young woman who believes herself to be “special” and desirable despite being far overweight.

    I think the key is enforcement of “slut shaming” by Alpha women. Those most beautiful and powerful, who certainly don’t want Rielle Hunter types screwing their husbands and bearing bastard children who siphon off wealth from their own. Elizabeth Edwards types need to be more powerful.

    Beta males have potential allies — beautiful women. Nope, beautiful women won’t sleep with them either, but they do want ordinary women keeping their paws off their own Alpha males. This requires not patriarchy in extreme Muslim form, which wastes resources putting women in veils/harems, but the enlightened self interest of female enforcers of fidelity.

    Look at Klausner. No raving beauty, all she has is an offer of sex without strings to Alpha males. A beauty say like Gisele Bundchen on the other hand has a built in incentive to keep Tom Brady from straying. This means constraining average women and Alpha males, to benefit beautiful women and beta males. It is also resource efficient, because it mins the restrictions on women’s input on the workforce, which is considerable benefit to society (teachers, nurses, doctors, etc.)

    I would caution that while most average White professional women don’t like or have much sympathy for beta males, the attitude of Klausner is extreme. But, she is pointing in the same direction certainly as her less extreme, non entertainment sisters. The point is making her far less powerful by pushing up the power of Gisele Bundchen. Who certainly does not want Brady tomcatting with Klausner types.

    • I’m really not sure that betas plus beautiful women is really going to be enough. The only solutions that will work are more radical ones probably involving transhumanism in one way or another.

      • “I’m really not sure that betas plus beautiful women is really going to be enough.”

        If those beautiful women don’t abuse their Beta boyfriends and actually learn to love and respect them, YES IT WILL.

        But this shit would have to happen on a very large scale and in a very short period of time. That would require the majority of hot babes rejecting the Playas and Thugs in favor of the Nice Guys.

        And we sure as hell know that ain’t gonna happen now, is it? And so our pathetic downward spiral continues towards oblivion 🙂

        • Whatever you believe, you are right.

          Never say never, you had me up until that point. There’s a sort of mystical power about words, making assertions, and the state of one’s will. And by saying that “x” will never happen is handing-over power to our common enemy. This is a battle of the mind as much as anything else. Since the corporate ladder tends to be dominated by cheating alphas, and since we genuinely value fair-play, truth, hard-work, perseverance, and tenacity, (often for its own sake) in my mind it is most logical to become an entrepreneur with exclusive dependence on other like-minded individuals. No players, feminists, hipsters, felons, or thugs allowed.

          Think George Lucas. Think fighting against the cheaters. Think Star Wars. Think inventing your own effects company. Today, even non-nerds are wearing Star Wars T-Shirts because it is a symbol of nerd power. As a result, the world today is more dominated by nerds than ever before. We must put to death the defeatist mindset and claim what is practically being offered to us upon a silver platter today.

          This is actually my, sorry “our” current plan of action. Our venture’s mandate in part is to strip the enemy of power and resources through independent channels. The more important and broad-reaching aim of our venture is to stimulate education and intellect by contributing to the pool of scientists. I am confident our efforts will overshadow drama-junkiedom and even convert players into nerds complete with the virtues of nerdom. Will this venture solve all the world’s problems and fix everything? of course not. I am focused on destroying my enemies.


          In this life or the next.
          The space-time manifold doesn’t scare me.

      • To continue my last reply. This is why I believe the Alphas, the Playas and the Feminists are on the same side. All three of them despise Beta males but for entirely different reasons.

        The Feminists feed into women’s natural hatred towards Betas by making their sisters believe the Betas are their enemy. Mostly because they believe this evil lie themselves. Plus, they hate men.

        The Alphas and the Playas profit from the demonization of Betas because it eliminates potential competition. By rewarding women’s hatred towards Betas, it keeps their harem nice and large, maintaining the status quo.

        Meanwhile, the average man burns in Hell.

    • Many women are disappointed and angry at having married Beta men because it means that they are not married to an Alpha man.

      In no way do they think they are responsible for ruining the life of the Beta man who could have found someone better. Maybe that is the problem with the Beta man. He thinks he doesn’t deserve better, or is too scared he will come off as being picky.

      Then again, a system which promotes the idea that men should be grateful that he is her last choice…
      is going to produce a lot of mothers that tell men to be nice without standing up for themselves, if they want to attract girls.

      But that is a lie…
      because many girls will be looking for fallback guys, when their age is right.
      And since the alphas don’t give them a second look,
      “We know we were young and foolish, but everybody had sex back then (minimising their own faults, trying to make you reach their level of debauchery), and you must value me as I am (eventhough previously the nice guy didn’t exist to her), and I’m the only one who can put up with you (women age every year, and if your attitude is the problem… why isn’t she with the Alpha guy?)”

  7. Whiskey wrote:
    Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for a young woman who believes herself to be “special” and desirable despite being far overweight.

    Fascinating reading, but it’s mostly a story of a woman who’s had her self-esteem hyped into overdrive by more than a dozen years of schooling reinforcing how “brilliant” she is. Her story isn’t much different from countless other women who believe that scholastic or financial success translates into sexual success.

    I think the key is enforcement of “slut shaming” by Alpha women.

    Nice idea, but I’m more than a bit skeptical it’s going to happen. That role used to be handled chiefly by older women and supported by the larger culture. Since “older women” are now used-up hags like Germaine Greer with zero moral authority, we have a bit of a social problem.

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  11. The overuse of the word “cunt” proves this was written by a true disgruntled beta male. You have a very small vocabulary. This is probably why you fail with women.

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