30 comments on “The Real Conclusion You Should Draw From All Of The Game Blogs

  1. Yes, women are nuts some of the time. And “game” helps deal with that. My marriage works because I have the right approach, and this has been helped hugely by a more conscious use of “game”.

    • Yes it does. I had no clue until recently. If I would have known I could have prevented the meltdown that is my life. Game is not magic. Game does not make you invulnerable. Game does not let you get any woman you want. What it does is allow you to make the best of your situation as a male. It will allow you to keep your NUTS and be a man. Women are not like men and DO NOT HAVE the same moral compass as the average male.

      My wife (when we were trying to work through things) and I, sat down to watch 2&1/2 men and Charlie has game Allen does not. He does not seem like a bad guy but my wife finds him repulsive. He is acting and doing “anti game” Charlie is “Gaming” my soon to be ex finds him attractive.

      on the bad: (what women claim they hate, but really love)
      He is not pretty, he treats women like cum dumsters, he’s a drunk, rude, etc.

      on the good: (what women claim they love, but only like if he has them “WET” by having “game”)
      he has money and leisure, he’s not fat

      This is “game” realizing the difference between what they claim they want and what they really want. Understanding what makes them fulfill their insane instinctual programming and shit on decent men.

  2. I do not like game blogs because, although many of their observations are valid, in the end these observations can be gained by having few consecutive relationships and talking to your more successful friends. Basically this means that visiting game-blogs only confirms what I already knew.

    But what really gets me is this navigating the woman in your life nonsense. Passing shit tests? Please! If she shit-tests you, you should not put up with her, dump her before she gets on your nerves. You never know what exactly it is that is on her mind, and you do not want to know. If you are married, you in a dangerous territory. What are you going to do when she divorces your ass and takes you to the cleaners? Chicks can dump men very quickly, and wives will take away their wealth. Are you going to blame yourself for a lack of game when that happens?

    Also, the fact that you are not getting laid Mr. White and Nerdy does not mean you are not a “real man.” Personally, I feel so free when I don’t have a girlfriend. If you need to get laid, visit a brothel or call an escort, that can provide you with a companion for a week. You say you have money, if you happen to live in a state with no brothels, do it on holiday. Hooker in my opinion is much better than a girlfriend and lot better than a wife. Besides, some good brothels make you feel great in ways other than sex.

  3. Hookers don’t give you an ego boost like a girlfriend does. What does it say about how much of a worthless lowlife I am that I can only attract women when I pay them cold hard cash?

    • You would do well with that shaming of men who go to hookers if this argument was not easily deconstructed. Allow me the pleasure:

      First of all, most men that go to hookers have no problems getting a girlfriend, those that are in that category of unsuccessful are a minority. You sound like someone who needs affirmation from women by getting laid. I’m sorry but that is a pretty immature attitude…

      You might have heard the saying:

      “The difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually cost a lot less.”

      I do not have to mention that a girlfriend can get pregnant with you (or somebody else) and make you pay child support. If you spend that child support on hookers you do not have that problem. Girlfriends are a intermediate stage for women, they want to be wives. In some places you might even end up paying alimony if you make your girlfriend used to a certain lifestyle or if you just live with her for a while. Not to mention other problems.

      With hookers there is no such danger.

      Besides this is not just about financial costs. Girlfriends and dating cost time and often cost nerves. Contrary to the commonly held perception, most contemporary women are pain in the ass. If they are hot, you might have an initial ego boost by banging them but the effect is pretty much the same when you bang a good looking luxury hooker.

      Personally speaking, banging a hot girl used to be an ego boost for me in my late teens, early twenties. Maintaining relationships with them was not…

    • Bob, your worth has nothing to do with how a “female” values you. No woman can make you worthy or unworthy. It is instinctual to feel the need to find a female who wants to reproduce with you but try to resist. Just because one of these self centered whores does not want you is not reason to be discouraged.

      Games is the manipulation of the weaker sex. If you have game, you are in a place where “some” women are only as good as a warm moist napkin.

  4. W & N, I still can’t wrap my head around this concept that you “pick being alone”, I want you to help clarify to issue for me. Are you saying you don’t want any woman, or are you saying that the only woman that you’d ever be able to attract are fat, ugly, bitter (possible single mothers) who will never feel any genuine attraction towards you? When did you come to this conclusion that you “pick being alone”? Obviously there was a period of time in your life when you repeatedly tried and failed to attract women, at what point in your life did you have that ultimate “fuck this shit” moment?

    • are you saying that the only woman that you’d ever be able to attract are fat, ugly, bitter (possible single mothers) who will never feel any genuine attraction towards you?

      This is what I’m saying. (And I’m not even sure I would be able to attract this desperate of a woman either but that’s beside the point in answering your question.)

      I don’t think you understand just how bad the option of a fat ugly bitter single mother is. Since she doesn’t want me, why would she go after me? There is only one reason. MONEY. And it’s not like she has stay with me forever to get my money. She just has to stay with me long enough to divorce me. Plus since I was a “father figure” to her womb turds she gets child support from me even if the real father is paying. So why get together with this kind of woman when all that will happen is that I will end up just as alone as I am now but with a lot less money? And that’s assuming she doesn’t do some crap like accuse me of child abuse and I end up in jail. Even the time I spend with her will be crap. She’s only going to fuck me the absolute minimum and I would have to deal with her crap and her piece of shit kids.

      I ask the question, what’s the point?

      And we should never forget that as men avoid marriage more and more, cohabitation and later just a relationship with a woman will take the place of marriage as far as the government is concerned. Even just going out a few times with a single mother will get the government going after you for child support in the future. Again, what’s the point?

      Obviously, I didn’t exactly choose this, but I’m not going to choose to make this any worse. As bad as things are for you now, they can get worse. That’s what you need to understand.

      • “Since she doesn’t want me, why would she go after me?”

        Maybe someone would because they feel sad that you haven’t experienced sex/intimacy?

        • What if you did?

          For example, I offered to give oral sex to a 29 year old virgin I went out with. He declined since it was a one-time offer (he wanted more of a relationship than I did), but had he accepted I’d have happily pleasured him.

          Sometimes making others feel loved is its own reward.

        • Clarification: It’s not as though having sex raises one’s inherent human value, and I was not offended that he declined my offer.

  5. I’m not trying to say that your wrong in coming to the conclusion you did W & N, its just unfathomable to me. I’m 22 and in the exact same position you are, only I’m broke and will likely eke out my life as a blue collar shitkicker. I know what it is to be alone for years on end and to look into the future and see nothing but more of the same. The prospect of being in your shoes even for another mere ten years bothers me more than I care to say, so it baffles me that could ever say such a thing as “I pick being alone”. Who the fuck would choose to live life as an involuntary celibate? Anyway, if I’m completely misunderstanding things I apologise and I hope you can fill me in.

    By the way I want to ask you, does being in an involuntary celibacy get easier or harder over time? I can say for myself that with each passing year I lose more hope and become resigned to my fate. I just can’t get over the fact that your still here and werent found hanging from a beam somewhere a long time ago, not trying to throw stones here, its just that I know what it is.

    • Yes, it does get easier. Hopefully, you too will eventually come to the conclusion that cumming in a hole is meaningless. Life offers so much more than that. All across the world you can find monks. Why don’t we see mass suicides of monks? Because there’s so much more to life than getting laid.

      Beyond that it’s only going to get easier in the future, not just for me but for men in general. We are going to have virtual reality sex in the next 10 years. Sex bots in a decade or two after that. If you want to get laid that bad, VR sex or a sex bot is a much safer option that will get you everything you want. Women will just be more likely to give you an STD.

      Like I was telling FAT, finding out about transhumanism has helped me too. Read my comments to him about life extension technology. Or do you want kids? If you do, you won’t need a woman. In the future with cloning and artifical wombs having kids with a woman will seem silly, ineffecient, quaint and error prone.

      Things will get better.

  6. Young men committing suicide because they cannot get laid is a scary idea. The fact that someone is alone does not mean he should feel lonely. Think about the scores of lonely relationships, try to tune your self into the lives of men who although not being alone are lonely anyways. That’s real loneliness right there, and it is a much scarier predicament than being alone…

    • I’m sure men committing suicide because they can’t get laid happens a lot but we will never know since these men die in complete silence. It’s a known fact that women don’t really try to commit suicide. They’re just attention whoring. Men are serious when it comes to suicide.

      Anger is something that has helped me avoid such a fate. Women want me to die. I will not give them the satisfaction.

      Something else that has helped me is transhumanism. When you start finding out about things like life extension technology you will be amazed. It really gives me hope for the future. Think about 300 years from now of being able to piss on the graves of the women causing you hell. I have the money to be able to afford life extension treatments. They won’t. And that’s just one example of how transhumanism will benefit you as a man.

      • let’s just hope the state does not take our money away and give it to them like it is doing with everything else.

        I assume you read Kurzwiel, and Aubrey de Gray. Are you a member of SENS or follow the longevity institute?

    • I don’t think it is ’cause they can’t get laid. I think it is because of the soul crushing effect of the cruel rejection from self centered and insane females who are the cause. I would bet if a socially inept young man who was not getting laid was given some type of decent treatment from the opposite sex. (I define that as treating them like a person and not being nice to use them etc.). That would not be an issue. I think there are far more men who have gotten laid who have committed suicide due to a life shattering betrayal and rejection FAR outnumber the ones who have done it because they can’t get laid. The suicide rate for divorced men is huge. This does not even count the number of men who have been shiite on by their non-married partners and done themselves in.

  7. So far, all the “game” I have encountered is NOT what I do. In fact, when doing that in the past – if memory serves, it did not work.

    I think that “game” is something every man has to discover for himself – as it is probably going to be different for each man (maybe not terribly different)…

    I keep hearing horror (whore) stories of men spending 300 dollars on a date – rubbish.

    I have never spent more than 10.

    I’ll have to examine more game sites – and review them.

  8. Game only works if you already satisfy certain criteria that the female seeks. These include things such as penis size and good looks. The former is a very important gossiping topic among women in private (they would never dream of admitting this openly to retain their so-called ‘innocence’). I agree with previous comments that the development of sexbots will partly reduce the problem. Women may try to prevent companies from making these products as they begin to realize their market value will fall. Females love to boost their self-esteem by knowing a particular man likes them even if they have no intention of going out with him. With the advent of sexbots, they will not receive interest from beta males who will have superior alternatives.

  9. W&N and FAT,

    Guys, when you pass 30, your sex drive WILL fall off. When it does, so will your desire for women. I’m 48 going on 49 in February, and I don’t care anymore. Hell, I find a good, steaming dump more SATISFYING than an orgasm these days; I’m serious!

    That’s not to say that my plumbing doesn’t work; it still does. However, it takes more urging, more finagling to get it up to steam. You guys too will reach that state. When you do, you’ll feel like Socrates; he said that when his sex drive died, that he’d been released from the clutches of a terrible beast. How true it is…


    • True… but if early on you already recognised that there was something rotten and self-serving in the way many females interacted with men who thought they had a chance at a relationship, you can easily hold back on being their gofer. Of course, after that they will start saying you “have a problem” “need to be quiet or they will call you mental and a terrorist” “are such a nice guy”… I still like this one that I heard in passing “My boyfriend will beat you up” (yeah, lady, like he’ll want to end up in jail for _YOU_… a significant reason why you were attracted to him, was because he DIDN’T react to your drama – so what makes you think he’ll do so now?)
      Whether your libido is controlled or not, when it is advantageous for women to find a way to control you socially through relational aggression – and you have the potential to serve some use to them that can’t be honestly leveraged towards a relationship, (hypothetical example: “Hey, you’re here to help me with my homework, not ask me for a date! Don’t do that or I won’t speak to you again!) – you can bet they’ll take the opportunity to do so.

      • Now I really am shaming you. Women can feel two positive things about the men, the two of which not always simultaneously existent in the same person: (1) respect; and (2) affection. The problem many men face is that while women respect them, they feel no affection for them. You, sir, presents a different problem. Women both dislike and despise you. Why? Plus the fact that women would threaten you with their boyfriends also speaks volume about your social dominance (or lack of). This kind of posts really pisses me off. Were you the same guy who insisted that women go only for looks?

        • Save your rhetoric. The reality is that unless you’re not savvy enough to understand that females mostly say one thing and do another, or nothing at all, why kill yourself trying to match their demands when it is patently clear that you will be made out a scapegoat or unreasonable when you have demands of them?
          I think it’s great that my (and I hope by extension, White&Nerdy’s) posts piss you off… because I have a great disbelief for people who say what you see is what you get – since that is evidently not the case when it comes to relationships.

        • Never said that, and I agree that most people say and do different things. If you already know that, why are you still “killing” yourself? Are you by nature not good at acting socially? Small talking and the ability to distinguish between what someone says and who he or she is is a fundamental social skill that is good to have in a complex, modern society.

        • I agree with Alek. It was a very well written post and I’ve read that before.

          That’s why you can’t go after every woman that catches your fancy. You will freak out in front of some of them and not act like Sean Connery. But that’s life, you know? We have a problem only if you act like a stunted idiot around all women.

  10. I will now summarize game: “Might is right”. There. Easy. You may now return to the African savanna and rut with the other australopitheci.

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