An Example Of Why “You MRAs/MGTOW Hate Women” Is Garbage

We MRAs and MGTOW and anyone else interested in mens rights gets the “You hate women” canard thrown at us a lot.  This is a code red anti-male shaming tactic so that alone should prove its bullshit.  It’s no different than “You have a small penis”.  But like with all anti-male shaming tactics it keeps getting used.

Unless you have been underground the last few weeks you have heard about Wikileaks and Julian Assange.  The Spearhead reported on the crazy rape charges against him.  The woman, Anna Ardin, accusing Julian Assange is a radical feminist bent on a massive campaign of terror and just plain evil against men.  (As an aside this is why we all need to support Julian Assange now regardless of anyone’s opinion of what he has done.)

What does this have to do with code red anti-male shaming tactics?  None of us supposed “woman haters” have done anything like what Ardin has done or what thousands of feminists have done in calling for the genocide of some, most, or all men.  Women and manginas who say “You hate women” never criticize women much less one like Ardin.

Or take this cunt who posted (a quickly downvoted) comment which basically says all men are rapists.  The “You hate women” women and manginas are nowhere to be found to criticize her either.

Anyone who uses the “You hate women” anti-male shaming tactic is nothing but a hypocrite.  Period.