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  1. Hi, just came across your blog from The Spearhead and am liking it.

    You’re addressing the reason why I don’t debate with women about these issues. It’s literally impossible. 98% of them are not capable of the level of objective thought to wrap their minds around these issues. Even the “good” women will still uphold at least some female privilege and herd mentality.

    Left to themselves, women will claw each other’s eyes out over a sparkly hairbrush. But when under perceived threat from a man, they will herd together. And no amount of logic or rhetoric will cut through the herd mentality.

    This is, in my opinion, the main reason why Feminists promote the “evil male” mythology such as All Men Are Rapists. If they make every woman feel afraid, every woman will be in a constant state of female herding mentality.

    • You are right. Outside of Hestia and a small handful of other women, women refuse to understand what is happening to men. I’m not sure how much of it is an inability to do so vs. a refusal to do so. The herd mentality of women is pervasive. There are lots of women who claim to support men and understand our problems but most of them really don’t. They’re just using that as an excuse to attack us later. I have lost count of the number of times a woman comes to an MRA blog, says she supports us, and then proceeds to tell us how we’re all wrong. And there is always the “our problems are worse than yours” screamed by women.

      • “And there is always the “our problems are worse than yours” screamed by women.”


        Let’s check the gender that’s more likely to be a victim of violence: Men.

        Dying in Neoconservative war profiteering schemes: Men.

        Laid off / Chronically unemployed: Men.

        Undereducated and systematically denied scholarships: Men.

        Seriously injured or dying in workplace accidents: Men.

        False Rape/Harrassment Accusations and Cuckolding: Men.

        Gets their genitals mutilated at birth: Men.

        Has to sit down to pee: Women.

        Can never find the right lip gloss to match her favorite shoes: Women.

        You’re right, ladies, you really do have it worse. My bad.

        • And lets not forget…

          Having your spouse take your children from you on a whim, with the full backing of the family courts and the feminist police state: men

        • I don’t know if this is the right place for this but I’m a42 year old virgin male. Just as well maybe as I have diabetis and things often don’t work so well . Things described here were done to me by my own family and your right, the mental health profession is a joke. I spent a bunch of money to hear “life’s rough” and be given expensive, rather worthless “ant-depressants” with awful side effects. One nice thing about being broke with no health insurance is I need not worry about those clowns.

      • I think most women are just ignorant about what’s happening to men. Try to think of it from their point of view, they can’t possibly understand what we are going through because of the simple reason they are not men. Just like how we can’t imagine how it is to be a woman even though their problems are minuscule compared to ours.

        Only men know what is happening to men because they are men after all and are experiencing the problems themselves or have friends that are experiencing such problems if they aren’t. The women who do understand and care aren’t going to be motivated to do much because since when do you hear of women joining together to help men? That idea just seems absurd and unheard of. Then of course there are women who do understand, but don’t care and these are the types of women that worsen the problems of men.

        • Women in my family fell into that category, in fact they exploited my misery for personal gain.

  2. I think the difference between male and women having problems is that the majority of men are having problems attracting women and a minority of women are having problems attracting men. Women are hypergamous by nature, I read in Susan Walsh’s site that they will only mate with the top 15 to 20% of men. Men in the other hand are the other way around, they’d be willing to mate with any woman that isn’t in the bottom 15 to 20%.

    It’s hardwired in females brains to go for a guy that is better than her in every way (looks, status, confidence) and so on. This is why average guys will find mostly unattractive women attracted to them and a few average looking women attracted to them. It’s unfair, but it’s the just the way it is.

    If it makes you feel any better White and Nerdy, the kinds of women that men are most attracted to are psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists. The reason why? Because their abhorrent personalities naturally trigger all the attraction switches in a woman to an extreme, not because they are better men, but because their personalities are based on self-delusion and grandeur.

    • In that last paragraph, I’d like to correct an error:

      “If it makes you feel any better White and Nerdy, the kinds of men that women are most attracted to are psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists. The reason why? Because their abhorrent personalities naturally trigger all the attraction switches in a woman to an extreme, not because they are better men, but because their personalities are based on self-delusion and grandeur.”

  3. I have a particular dislike for Susan Walsh, I have an easier time dealing with out and out whores than I do with women who pretend to be decent, morale, married women yet who will lock you out in the cold and then scream at you for shivering. What situation is better having lots of sex but no love, or having no sex as well as no love? Pretty simple to wrap ones head around the idea, but apparently not for cunts like her. And by the way, we know that women are not ever being deprived of relationships, that NEVER happens, their being deprived of relationships with alpha males. I’m Susan Walsh will dismiss this, and say its just the way it is and therefore you have no right to complain.

    When it comes to modern slutty women, one thing they sometimes have going for them is they are so flagrantly promiscuous and hyper sexual that even the lowest men can be drip feed titillation, such as when they frequently sport very revealing clothing, or kiss other women in night clubs and all the bumping and grinding shit in semi public places. I know it really isn’t much, but isn’t it more than girls like Susan Walsh give you, sure the sluts have contempt for you but so do the Susan Walsh’s of this world, so who do you respect more (or disrespect less)?

    Most of these traditional women have NONE of the empathy, compassion and nurturing qualities that used to be associated with women, at the end of the day they are just as cruel as the empowered career chicks, yet think they deserve the respect traditionally conferred upon women. They have all the cruelty of modern women, but none of the sexual openness, the worst of both fucking worlds and they think their superior to sluts? By the way I’m trying to defend sluts here, sluts are shit, Susan Walsh is shit piled higher. Susan also has the most ridiculous looking face, its a spitting image of a real life raggedy anne doll:


    • “What situation is better having lots of sex but no love, or having no sex as well as no love? Pretty simple to wrap ones head around the idea…”

      That depends on how pleasurable or *painful* the sex is.

      Having lots of sex but no love and having all that sex be very painful because the guy doesn’t love me enough to care how I feel and just chafes my vagina (or my ass once he reams out my vagina enough for it to not be tight enough for him anymore) instead would *obviously* be worse than having no sex as well as no love.

  4. @Herbal Essence:

    “Even the “good” women will still uphold at least some female privilege and herd mentality”


    I have been trying this – not just with women – but indoctrinated men as well – it is proving to be pointless.

  5. Maybe she was just trying to relate to you. Personal anecdotes, especially of a similar topic are ways that females try to connect with others. I don’t really think she was being malicious, maybe just a little insensitive to your troubles. I’m sorry that the worst of women have soured you to the whole lot. Or that the whole lot has soured you to the few remaining nice ones.

    • I didn’t come to my conclusion about Susan Walsh from a comment or two. I came to it after reading her writings for months. And not just to me but to lots of men, some in the same situation as me, some not. Do a search for Susan Walsh at PMAFT’s blog. He’s dealt with her bullshit and he’s no woman hating virgin. The other men commenting here have no trouble seeing what she’s doing.

      Susan Walsh was not a 32 year old virgin (nor an 18 year old virgin) so it’s not a personal ancedote. She’s talking about a theoertical 18 year old female virgin not a woman she knows to actually have a personal ancedote.

      It took me thirty years of being crapped on by women to get me to my current POV on women. Why am I supposed to believe things have suddenly changed? If anything they are getting worse. Sure the Hestia’s, the Dr. Helen’s, the Dr. Tara’s, etc. do exist but they are so few in number that it was only by dumb luck and the internet that I even know they exist. There’s not enough of them to do any good.

      None of this is unique to me. I have no trouble finding lots of men similar to me in any way applicable.

    • Let me ask you a serious question. Let say there are some nice chicks around and yet they still universally reject guys like myself and White and Nerdy. Do you recognize that this would make the entirety of women completely useless dead weight to men of our ilk? I’m not trying to say that a woman simply rejecting a man is enough reason to become an avowed misogynist, I just want you to try and really put yourself in our shoes, as seeing as how you spend enough time here you may as well try and understand.

      None of us are all that altruistic, the biggest question on our minds is going to be “what’s in it for me”. For him and me the answer to the question with regards to all women, whether they be promiscuous whores, Christian virgins, feminists, those who believe in Patriarchy, women that are sex hungry, women who are prudes, homebodies and nesters, career chicks………is FUCK ALL!

      That’s why I don’t give a fuck about hypergamy and game theory, whether or not women want to be courted with the flowers and the sweet nothings and all that shit, or whether they want to be negged repeatedly in some bar then unceremoniously fucked in the bathroom stall doesn’t make any difference. What we know for sure is that they don’t want to be on the receiving end of either approach when it’s coming from us. Bearing all this in mind, can you how such distinctions between typical women and “nice girls” (even though the distinction may be real) doesn’t mean shit to men in our situation?

      • “Let say there are some nice chicks around and yet they still universally reject guys like myself and White and Nerdy.”

        That’s after *you* reject *them* for being too ugly, nerdy, or whatever, right?

        • Fits in nicely with all men are oppressors, right? Because all of them have rejected a sweet girl that was ready to build a life with them.
          Yeah right. Why is the divorce rate over 50% then, with women initiating over 70% of the divorces?

  6. Dream Puppy-
    Enough with the “There are a few nice women left.” We’re not buying it anymore. Though it is probably true, there are a few nice women, that fact is utterly useless to men because the “nice women” will still stand around, smiling and nodding, while men are being eviscerated by women and the State. They’ll even do so when their own sons are at risk.

    • Exactly, Hell my mom went out of her way to see I was punished for both my Alpha Dad who left her and my betaness. Hell she once told me I should commit suicide as it would remove a great burden to her and others. I remember that after almost a quarter century, she, conveniently, does not.

  7. BTW, Susan Walsh is way off here. The women she describes aren’t being denied relationships per se; they’re being denied relationships with alpha males. They could have relationships with guys who are at the same SMV level (betas), but they turn up their noses at such men cause they’re “not good enough” for them. Yet the beta guys who get ignored, rejected or LJBFed by these women are then supposed to feel sorry for them when they inevitably get their hearts broken by alphas? Really?

  8. It is a good thing MRA’s are figuring out that by and large traditionalist’s(male or female) are very much the enemies of all free* men and boy’s(and if one gender is allowed to be un-free then it will be sooner rather than later when all humans will be in a state of un-freedom).

    The cozy relationship between traditionalist’s and MRA’s has always been alarming to me. And I think this is a good turning point, albeit if it is only a small turning point.

    And from what I have seen so far, when the chips fall most MRA’s are fairly egalitarian. So it makes perfect sense to adopt an ideal of “if your not with us then your against us”.

    Even though it is easy to feel hostile emotions and project them(I try my best not to either), in any run, short or long-term it is utterly pointless.

    The best thing to do with all the Susan Walsh’s of the world is amusingly the cruelest. Ignore them. They are an obstacle, one that can’t be jumped over or pushed through. They can only be called out for what they are and banished.

    By jumping up and down your giving them something they want, a reaction. It doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative. Dismiss them the same way the Civil Rights leaders dismissed the KKK and white supremacists of yesteryear.

    There is no point in dwelling too long on all the bad apples. Because you will find a few or more in every bunch, that just can’t be helped.

    But what can be helped and what does matter, is how society reacts to them. That is what must be changed if we ever hope of future generation’s of males escaping the horrors that I am sure many here have either seen or experienced first hand.

    *I use the word free to mean reasonable self agency.

  9. “Where did you get this idea that either myself, Mahoney, or any guy in our situation has ever had the opportunity to reject a woman?”

    I got the idea from all the times I’ve been rejected myself.

    In a system where only men ask out women, never getting asked out by a man is how a woman is rejected (she can’t say yes or no to men’s questions if they don’t ask her in the first place!). Likewise, I’ve gone years and years without being asked out on a date and almost never been asked out for a 2nd date after I’ve gone on a 1st date with a guy.

    In a system where men and women can ask out each other, having a man say no after she asks him out is how a woman is rejected (and *both* men *and* women deserve the right to say no instead of going on dates they don’t want). I’ve had men tell me no after I ask them out, ignore my messages on online dating systems (and I don’t send a guy a 2nd message after he ignores my 1st), etc.

    • Why do I feel that the number of males you’ve asked out yourself is extremely low?

      You’re not sexually deprived, you’re not suffering, you’re not in a bad spot. You’re an entitled bitch who is angry at men because they don’t find you attractive enough to give you what you feel entitled to. And you’re way too entitled to actually do any searching yourself. Of course! You’re the girl!

      • I’m a 32-year-old virgin.

        “You’re an entitled bitch who is angry at men because they don’t find you attractive enough to give you what you feel entitled to.”

        I don’t feel entitled to anything from them – no means no, and they have every right to reject me.

        “And you’re way too entitled to actually do any searching yourself.”

        I’ve done more searching than you could dare imagine.

      • TrueOmega,

        Ever heard of a “downward spiral”? Not sure why no girl wanted to lay you *at first* (assuming, of course, that you didn’t behave like that toward them), but your nasty attitude *at present* certainly does not help.

      • Just to give a clearer reply to “You’re an entitled bitch who is angry at men because they don’t find you attractive enough to give you what you feel entitled to.”:

        I am not one of those. I am a the female counterpart of an entitled jerk who is angry at women because they don’t find him attractive enough to give him what he feels entitled to.

    • Ok lemme back up here Leslie… I can’t say for sure that your lying about your situation, there are an extremely few women who are being chronically rejected. But for this to happen to a woman, she has to be at the absolute bottom of the totem pole in physical attraction, whereas a man can look like a GQ model and yet still not meet all the rest of the qualifications expected of him. So there are more men facing this issue than there are women (by a huge huge margin). But there are an extremely few women facing this issue.

      If you are telling the truth about your situation, then you have every right to speak out about it just as much as any man here. We are not mysogynists… Well at least I’m not, and most other men here aren’t, though I can’t necessarily speak for everyone.

      And to the men here, we need to be very open to the select few women who are dealing with this issue. I’m not saying we should place them on a pedistal, not saying that at all…But who is more likely to get through to the sisterhood and this gynocentric society about this issue, a man, or a woman?

  10. You men should check out the True Forced Loneliness movement, I used to be a part of it but I don’t really join movements though, to those who know about the NWO and the feminist ideology, even the truth movement was funded by the CIA. All opposition is controlled, rather wittingly (disinfo agents) or unwittingly (ie they dunno theyr being used for something). TFL movement actually isn’t infiltrated yet, but, one reason is because there is no money involved. Money is really a global slave system, always has been… But that’s a whole nother story…

    To be honest, most of these female posters on here know exactly what we’re talking about, it is a game to cover up what they and their sisterhood are out there doing. And their pussy-whipped man-ginas will do likewise. In fact there are hard cover-ups and soft cover-ups to this issue. An example of a hard cover-up is when they blatantly attack you for speaking about this issue, and constantly try to flip your words to what THEY want you to say, or hide behind lies and assumptions…. A soft cover-up is a “friend” telling you “Oh I get what your saying bro, it must be hard, but you know, life goes on,” thereby trying to discourage any further discussion of the issue.

    Part of the problem is (obviously women have ALL the pick) lust has replaced love, or companionship. This is why a woman knows within 1-5 seconds if she even wants to get to know you or not. Yet women act like they are totally sexually pure and innocent and only men lust lol… This problem in the dating scene did not hardly exist before the education system, feminist movement, modelling industry, porn industry, etc. All of these things were used to engineer this problem. It is a eugenics system, we men are the “undesirables.”

    So-called “natural selection” was given to us by the father of eugenics, Charles Darwin. Who was from an elite bloodline mind you, and largely inbred (the only other family the bred with, that wasn’t inbreeding, was another elite family, the Wedgewoods). All this Hitlerite mumbo jumbo about “Alpha Males” and “Beta Males,” and “Omega Males” are eugenics terms… People are not animals, yes we are creatures, but we’re supposed to have something other animals don’t have, empathy, compassion, complex thought. Few people have this anymore it seems, and people are becoming like animals now:( “Omega” is PC way of saying “genetically inferior,” and “Alpha” is the PC way of saying “genetically superior.”


    Now, nobody is superior or inferior to anyone, the stigma of “Omegas” not being competitive enough is fucking ludicrous. Get over yourselves, you are no better than anyone else. Basically your telling us that, if we don’t pick a team on something and blindly group think, and “play the game” to screw someone else in society over, then we are “weak” or “Omega”? So in other words, if we don’t bow down and kiss ass to our global slave masters who taught women and their man-ginas to act like this, with all the division between gender, race, religion, etc, we are “weak” for treating other people the same way we want to be treated?

    Or for not following group think like a stupid sheep? How many of these “alpha males” have the balls to confront the NWO (sure some do, even though they are hippocrites because they still practice eugenics), but there are a lot who don’t. So how would I be an “omega” to someone who bends over the desk and proudly takes the big old red white and blue dick in the ass?

    We so-called “omegas” are not the pushovers society stereotypes us to be, I will flat out guaran-damn-tee you that I won’t take shit from anyone. And if someone needs to be put in their place, I’ll do it without batting an eyelash. I am just mature enough not to go around looking for a reason to slam someone. It’s called growing up…

    Make know bones about it, the average person may be too dumbed down to wrap their minds around eugenics (even though theyr openly practicing it), but instinctively they know damn well what they are doing to us men (and a select few women). You will never get them to admit to it in a billion years though.

    • “Omega” is PC way of saying “genetically inferior,” and “Alpha” is the PC way of saying “genetically superior.”

      Not true, being omega, beta or alpha has little do with genetic superiority. All it has to do with is being socially dominant, which is a state of mind. You can get two identical twins and attach the alpha dominance mentality in one and he’ll be an alpha and attach the omega subservience mentality in the other and he’ll be an omega. It’s all about state of mind of who is stronger than who, which is something all mammals share.

      Usually, this is decided by accident around the age of two when the child is learning to master his surroundings, if he succeeds in extraordinary fashion he becomes an alpha, if he does an adequate job, he will become a beta, and if he fails miserably in mastering his surroundings he will become an omega. It all comes to do environmental chance and genetic susceptibilities as well.

      Usually those stuck at the stage of mastering their surroundings usually end up becoming narcissists, sociopaths or even psychopaths. Their whole mentality is wrapped around dominating people and their environment and men of this nature are successful with women for this reason.

  11. Also, one more thing to the insiders, could you explain your ideal of “survival of the fittest”? Because I’m pretty sure treating others like dog shit for your own short term gain and making a ton of enemies is not a wise survival choice (but then you don’t wanna be treated that same way back in return). I’m also pretty damn sure that if a society is divided and fighting in cliques to one up one another, to gain superiority, the society will end up destroying itself, especially when all “teams” work for the same boss, who plays both sides of the fence (but theyr too deluded to understand this factor). Selfishness and greed don’t sound like much of a survival traits to me.. It sounds like death wish traits.

  12. Of coarse they won’t admit to it. The BITCH above (yes I called you a bitch, your a dirty cunt stinking fucking whore and I hope you get cancer), trying to flat out lie about what “Alpha” and “Omega” means… It states plainly in your so-called natural selection that people of “weak and inferior genes” are weeded out.

    So stop trying to speak in large words and shit to cover up your evil. Your not making yourself look any smarter. And you obviously didn’t read a fucking thing I said, because people are not animals. This problem of millions of men being FORCED into loneliness did not exist a few generations back.

    And this is WHY I would have no sympathy for you if you were raped, because you and your sisterhood are asexually raping millions of men as I type (myself being one of them). And you clearly have no sympathy for your male victims. Not at all saying that I condone rape, because I don’t. I just don’t have any sympathy for you if you get raped by someone else…

    In fact I’d rather enjoy the opportunity to use your own lies and excuses back against you. But I guess my chance will come when they crash your dollar and you have food shortages, remember, nobody owes you a meal. It’ll be your fault your starving, so remember to keep a positive attitude. Because nobody wants to feed you if you have a nasty attitude;)

    Hell, especially when so many snot-nosed cunts go around half naked with their t&a hanging out, leading strange men on, those bitches bring it on themselves. To use an analogy, I’m not gonna starve a lion for days, teasing him by waving meat in his face, then enter his cage wearing a suit of raw meat, and then be surprised if he attacks me.

    But lets entertain your argument that it’s “natural” that the woman has all the pick, ok, so then it’s also natural that you belong in the kitchen cooking dinner, or on the bed making babies. Or is it only sexist when it’s used against women, but not when it’s used against men?

    I don’t expect you to answer honestly bitch, I’ve barried lying cunts like you a billion times in these arguments. So really, I have nothing more to say to you… DUCES BITCH!

    • When you can bury them in arguments, you have an attitude problem(with them).
      When you don’t want to interact with them, you have an attitude problem(with them).
      When you allow them to leech off of you without questioning what’s going on, when you allow them to talk nonsense without stopping, when you allow them to ignore procedures and palm off work to others “because I’m a woman”, is when you have the right attitude.
      Watch your managers carefully, many are manginas… which is why, it’s not a question of “if you go MGTOW”, it’s a question of “when”.

  13. Who here knows what it’s like to live beyond suicide? To wanna die so bad, the only point left to living, is waiting to die? I can damn near guarantee it’s all us “omegas” and people who are FORCED to live True FORCED Loneliness.

    At least the fucking NAZI’s were humane enough to just put a damn gun to our heads and blow our heads off rather than leaving us alive to suffer.

    • Who put us into such a position, though? Feminists? Yes, they’re a major culprit with their anti-male persecution laws and continuous shaming tactics.

      But our real enemies are the gamers, the Alphas, the Real Men. Feminists couldn’t get anywhere without them. They’re the ones coming after us most aggressively, attempting to humiliate us into suicide. A commenter to my blog recently admitted that he was attempting to “beat me down” to such a degree so that I couldn’t speak out any longer, as instructed by his God, Ferdinand Bardamu. It is these people we must fight against primarily.

      “So then is it “normal” when he rapes a woman, or when he flies off the handle and you end up with a Va. Tech situation?”

      Yes. Not “good”, but normal and natural.

      • I think that feminists started this – they are using the people you mention as tools.

        People like gamers, “real” men, are very easy to manipulate.

        I have seen this at my work. These younger men all engage in “game”, some woman sees right through what those men “think” they are doing – and plays along (enforcing his belief that he is getting somewhere with her because of “game”). Those guys eventually lose by getting co-erced into marriage, or have a psycho bitch go bonkers on them in a relationship – costing them their job, property, money and time.

      • The man-ginas are merely the slave class of the feminazi sisterhood. They try to use their man-ginas to keep us “omegas” in line… To keep us from speaking up that is. But more “omega males” are speaking up now, hell, I don’t even hide that I live TFL in society.

        I mean what’s to loose? Women and society will look down on us? They already look down on us. If we say and do nothing, if we live in the closet, we are allowing the sisterhood to beat us, and are therefore just as guilty as the feminists and their “bad boy” pussy slaves.

        • Remember, a woman can sniff out an “omega male.” She knows in the first 5 seconds rather she wants to know you or not. So we need to start coming out of the closet and not giving a fuck if they look down on us. As I stated, they already look down on us.

          The truth is for those who don’t care about what others think of them, and who are willing to question the status quo, even when it is unpopular, and even when it doesn’t have our benefit in mind. Any time a repressed or oppressed minority stands up to abuse of power against a dominant majority, it will never be a popular struggle. History shows this. People who want superiority over equality will not give up their power easily.

  14. Ok so the bitches still wanna talk about so-called “natural selection.” Do you know what happens among animals, when males can’t attract females, among animals? The male rapes the female. That is animal biology. You can’t just cut that drive off, if there is no outlet for it in the wild, the male will rape the female, it is an “evolutionary” method of propagating their genes.

    So, if it’s “natural” for women to reject a man in 1-5 seconds, and treat him like he belongs in the circus all his life, and then the man-ginas also gang up against this man, and this man is always put 2nd in line in the job market, the housing industry, the education system, etc etc, this man is always being treated like an inferior… But that’s “normal” right? So then is it “normal” when he rapes a woman, or when he flies off the handle and you end up with a Va. Tech situation?

    • Natural selection is only “good” when it benefits women.
      Many women themselves regardless of how they look or what their prospects are, think they deserve the world because thinking otherwise would undermine their fragile self-esteem.
      This is why they believe in the sisterhood:
      The same sisterhood that says, if the vacancy to be filled is between a man and a woman, pick the woman first, because she’s been oppressed;
      And if the vacancy to be filled is between an ugly woman and a pretty woman, pick the pretty woman first, because “It’s the way the world is”.
      Funny how they don’t mind putting down men to gain an advantage, but don’t dare speak up against this corruption… maybe it’s because deep down many of them are just opportunists and bullies, along with being lazy and solipsistic.
      Who wants to marry such a woman like this? Because, men that marry are seen as losers for many women – why? Because the men that get married are the ones that the women see as a safe option – she got too tired chasing after alpha, so she hides her sexual past from the man she marries, all the while saying “I don’t want to work” (eventhough she gave her youth, beauty and labour to get close to an alpha).

  15. I had an idea a while back, lemme know what you think of this plan:

    – Gather as many chronically rejected “omega” males, and females (even though it is a helluva lot more rare that you ever see a chronically rejected female, but there are a small few) as possible into one high status place (like Hollywood or somewhere), on top of a major high rise where we are bound to get attention and can’t be ignored.

    – Every half hour, someone walks off the edge and sacrifices themselves, until we reach some sort of agreement to stop pushing us into isolation.

    My current thoughts about this plan…. Well on the up side if we gathered enough people (like in the hundreds or thousands) and we did everything just right, we could theoretically force society to stop this game.

    On the other hand, the government may just quiet this up really fast and actually, it would be aiding their depopulation agenda…. Although it wouldn’t seem likely to be able to keep a total hush up policy on the situation if it were done big enough. But then again I’m sure most of society wouldn’t really mind a bunch of “omegas” dying, it’s not like they think too highly of our lives anyhow. They may even be glad that many more “undesirables” are off the planet. So I dunno there…

    What do you guys think?

    • “But then again I’m sure most of society wouldn’t really mind a bunch of “omegas” dying, it’s not like they think too highly of our lives anyhow. They may even be glad that many more “undesirables” are off the planet.”

      This is exactly right. Society loves when people like us commit suicide. It pleases them more than anything. They wish for us to suffer as much and as long as possible, then kill ourselves.

      So don’t play into their game. Don’t give them that pleasure. If you’re going to suicide, make sure you really, REALLY make your mark just before doing it.

    • The moment they get you to think life is not worth living is when they win. Don’t let them have the pleasure — read up on the false rape society, protect yourself and your assets. The only way they can steal then is through a bitter, prolonged and embarrassing court battle or acts of murder.
      Whichever way it is, they will not have earned anything off of lying back, starfish-style. And it will of course make people more aware of the sinister pathology of many modern women.
      Suicide is not worth the pleasure you get of living your own life, which is a poke in the eyes to people who think they get to have everything their way.

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