21 comments on “Two Good Reasons To Avoid Women In The Future

  1. Michael Ejercito says:
    One observation I have is that in order for women to oppress men, they need the blunt instrument of government.

    Men, on the other hand, do not.

    I wonder what this reveals.

    It reveals that unless women are helpless without the cooperation of men.

  2. “…women are not going to improve even then.”

    I agree. They have effectively claimed victim status. Nothing is their fault anymore – hence, they feel no desire to improve or better themselves.

  3. Wow. No wonder you guys are still virgins. Not all women want to yell “RAPE!” at every sexual encounter, or claim sexual harassment for ridiculous reasons.

    • Desiray says:
      Wow. No wonder you guys are still virgins.>/i>

      I’m not. Try and respond to the content of his post instead of the usual “your dick is tiny and you can’t get laid” crap.

      Not all women want to yell “RAPE!” at every sexual encounter, or claim sexual harassment for ridiculous reasons.

      No, but some do. If enough of them do it, it’s only natural for men to reduce their risk by minimizing their involvement with women.

        • white and nerdy says:
          Ray, I love the implied threat of “women won’t have sex with you”. How will women not have sex with me more?

          He wants to keep jerking men around in the hope that some day, some way, they’ll get laid if they play by the rules.

          I’d like some input from Desiray as to how that will keep working when inexpensive sexual substitutes emerge over the next 10-30 years, as detailed in The Misandry Bubble.

    • Wow. No wonder us guys don’t want to have anything to do with women anymore. Not all men are dumb enough to put up with you childish morons for a little bit of fish taco.

    • @Desiray:

      You are correct: Women do not Cry “RAPE” at every sexual encounter, or claim sexual harassment for ridiculous reasons.

      They do such things for very cold and calculated reasons – to hurt men.

      I am wondering at this point in my life how many of these claims are even valid.

      It seems like these things were put into place simply to hurt men and nothing else – regardless of whether they are sexual harassers or rapists even.

      • Also, it’s illegal to discriminate (re: employment) against a woman who has sued for harassment in the past. Think about it. If you’re in charge of hiring, and there’s an application from a woman who has sued for harassment, you pretty much have to hire her.

        Why? Because…

        1. She can sue for discrimination if you don’t, and

        2. She has a history of filing lawsuits against corporations. So there’s a good chance she’ll sue again, if she can.

        And even if she’s lazy and unreliable, you have to think twice before letting her go or laying her off, lest she sue your ass. It’s the corporate equivalent of “cheaper to keep her”.

        So basically, once a woman cries “harassment,” she’s pretty much guaranteed employment for the rest of her life… or until she finds a beta sucker who puts a ring on her finger.

        Then he works his ass off so she can stay home, eat bon bons, and watch Oprah and Dr. Phil whine about how oppressed women are and how men need to appreciate them more.

        God bless America.

  4. Interesting. The Swedish term for these “suppression tactics” is “manliga härskartekniker” (“male techniques of the conqueror”). Pronounced “mahn-ligha hare-skarr teckneeker”.

  5. Uhr, I came across this website in a bit of my usual upset over the treatment of those that are prudent. I immediately saw the “Male virgins are at the bottom of society. It’s time for us to FIGHT BACK.” and did a little happy dance in my head. I’m not a virgin but I was at 22, and if I had been ideally strong, I would have remained that way until 24 or 25. But what is all this? Is this a website about that, or is it about hating women? What the hell? What gives? Way to ruin the awesome potential this website momentarily had in my mind. It’s not like virgin women have it easy by any means either, btw, although in comparison to men they may.

    • When a 700pound woman can find a boyfriend, whereas normal, healthy men, law-abiding and socially capable, save the fact of being virgins, can’t… it says a lot about the state of society and the world at large. Virgin women do not have it easy, but they certainly do have it easi-ER. Besides, this site is about men who are virgins, not women.
      From a website:
      “I once read in a campus magazine about a sociology class experiment. They sent a reasonably attractive woman and a reasonably attractive man (no definition or proof was provided) around campus to ask members of the opposite sex for things like a phone number, a date, or just for sex.
      On the sex question, the man had a 0% success rate. The woman, on the other hand, had something like an 80% success rate, with the majority of men who turned her down apologizing to her that they had prior commitments. “

      • When a 700pound woman can find a boyfriend, whereas normal, healthy men, law-abiding and socially capable, save the fact of being virgins, can’t find a girlfriend… it says a lot about the state of society and the world at large.

      • That doesn’t really have anything to do with it though. And both genders are at fault for promoting the stupidity of gender roles like that one. It doesn’t mean you should hate women, and sexist little shits like the woman this article is about are just stupid bitches, just as stupid men are likewise. You’ll find there is no shortage of people that very much agree about this. You see them parody it on Family Guy, when Brian sits down next to a girl, asks for a pencil and she maces him. Furthermore, there are those girls that will get pissed if you approach them for good reasons, not because they’re conformists to this sort of nonsense, but because of the same reasons I, as a male, would shun a stupid slunt for thinking she’s just entitled to fuck me.

        • (and as such, it’s actually the prudent or virgin girls in these cases, which makes this all a bit ironic)

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  7. I found this blog by searching about ways to minimize interactions with women as much as possible. Apparently they have become too risky for a sane human today. I don’t believe virginity for men is the only solution, but whatever suits one. I got really shocked about the story of the Swedish professor expert in sexual harassment, who accused the student essentially just for being in proximity to her. That was insane. Where has reason, on which our Western Civilization has been founded, gone? Are women after all the irrational beings they have been portrayed throughout history? Sadly the answer might be yes.
    But don’t worry much, because this system will destroy itself. Apparently reproduction isn’t a high priority for women of this mindset, but other, faster reproducing sectors of the world do not share this mindset. Muslim countries will beat the West if that trend continues for sure.

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