12 comments on “The Truth About Game Is Coming Out

  1. It’s not that far of a stretch to realize that game doesn’t exist.

    It’s actually a pretty damn huge stretch.

    I don’t think you’ve ever fully outlined why you think game doesn’t exist. That might be a good idea for a future post.

  2. Game exists, it’s quite obvious to anyone who pays attention to social situations well enough. Saying game doesn’t exist is like saying looks doesn’t exist, it makes no sense. All you have to look for evidence in game existing is Alpha males, that exude qualities naturally that are attractive to women. If you only hang around males that are the polar opposite of Alpha males then you won’t see any evidence of game.

    It’s simple, this is not rocket science, and for the most part it’s something that you are born with. Just like how a lucky few women are born with a high level of beauty, there are only a lucky few men that are born with a high level of game. Of course most men can learn to imitate the behaviors of these Alpha males to make himself appear more attractive in the same way a woman can use exercise, diet, makeup and clothes to look more beautiful.

    • I’d also like to add that there are of course limitations with game. Just like how an ugly woman cannot make herself look beautiful no matter how much she exercises, diets, uses makeup and dresses proactively. There is of course low status men that no matter how much game they attempt to use, they’ll still be unattractive because of how unnatural the game appears to women.

      Women are a lot better at picking up body language than men, so this will make them more attune to this. However, if game doesn’t work for you because your nervous system won’t allow it to work for you, it does not mean it does not exist. It’s the same bullshit like when people say all women are attractive and beautiful even if they are ugly and fat.

  3. FWIW, I think there are some truths to game. For instance, holding your head up high, unlearning submissive/nervous body language, etc. is applicable not only to women but in any life situation.

    I agree though that this whole idea that you can completely train your way out of your problems by hitting on women is kind of a dead end. You (or I, at least) suffer from problems that make you unattractive to women, which also is likely to turn some hysterical women into overdrive thinking that you’re stalking them or something, hence the sexual harassment charges. This is just a huge extrapolation and could be wrong but I hope you see the point I’m trying to make.

    The main barrier as I see it is that rejection by women just doesn’t leave you with a warm feeling in your heart. It becomes difficult to ask out women when you don’t have any previous positive experience. You don’t know what to do, you fuck up, and you get mired in a loop that makes it impossible to apply “game” tactics believably. A commenter said on the In Mala Fide post that game helps people who are lesser or greater betas, i.e. people who have maybe had a few girlfriends but struggle to keep them, or people who have sex but struggle to get it. It’s much less likely to work for somebody who’s never gotten anything at all despite all his attempts, especially if he finds himself in the same boat in his mid-late 20s and early 30s.

    There’s just something that we don’t have that other guys do. I hate to resolve it down to a mysterious “it” factor, but in our case “it” is missing. My guess is that it’s due to a lack of previous positive reinforcing experiences from peers, girls, childhood, etc. And I believe confidence is heavily dependent on a long string of positive experiences that occurs over and over again for years.

    Of course this doesn’t explain people who have shitty lives but somehow manage to find girlfriends or partners. They must have something else, though. Probably more intrinsic “default” confidence or something. There’s also extra-confidence factors like looks, environment, sheer blind luck, etc.

  4. “Saying game doesn’t exist is like saying looks doesn’t exist, it makes no sense.”

    Except this analogy is wrong. Men know that looks are important for both sexes, as it’s the major thing we look for in women. However, we do not make sexual selections on how “alpha” a woman is, like they do with us.

  5. “Except this analogy is wrong. Men know that looks are important for both sexes, as it’s the major thing we look for in women. However, we do not make sexual selections on how “alpha” a woman is, like they do with us.”

    Well, for women looks are secondary to how alpha a male is. For men it’s the other way around, how alpha a woman is secondary to how beautiful she is. It varies for each person as some women tend to value looks more and some men tend to value how alpha a woman is.

    However, you bring a good point in that most women tend to be more picky and look for both looks and how alpha a male is, while most men in the other hand often ignore how alpha a woman is solely for her looks.

  6. People who try and downplay how a man looks are worthless bullshit artists of the highest order. Looks do matter a great deal. Being even moderately good looking is a serious advantage, being ugly is a fucking monumental handicap. I think they are other basic factors such as looks, money, intelligence, which must be factored in before once also determines how much “game” he has. I mean if there’s a dude whose ugly, stupid and broke, yet has confidence and swagger, you can’t convince me that women will be lining up the drop their panties for this dude. There are many reasons women reject me, I am ugly and also have no game, if I had game I might be more socially accepted in the general sense, by my ugliness will always be a major barrier to romantic/sexual success. Anybody that disagrees is either a liar or a fool

    • I think you’re correct Mahoney. I find that there are three types of guys that women usually are attracted to. It’s either a guy with average looks and above average confidence, a guy that is very good looking and average confidence or a guy that is ugly with supreme confidence. If you aren’t one of these three guys or someone better, then chances are it is not going to be easy for you to get a woman.

      I think from experience and observation, I notice that women tend to value these things, but they do not necessarily have to be together. So someone’s good looks can compensate for the fact that their confidence isn’t great, or their extraordinary confidence can compensate for the fact that they aren’t that good looking.

      I have seen very ugly men with beautiful women, but they had a high level of extreme confidence to compensate. I’ve also seen men with confidence that was pretty ordinary, but they were good looking enough to make up for it. Of course, the type of men that have the best success with women from my own observations seems to be a guy that is above average in looks and above average in confidence.

  7. Game definitely exists and can make a world of difference to how successful you are with women. I’ve known pretty average looking guys pick up some stunning women all because they had great game.

    One of the posters said game is something you are born with. That is absolute crap, game is something you learn, some guys just learn it at a younger age than others, which could give other guys the impression they are “naturals”.

    And yes look do matter to women, and yes some women place looks ahead of confidence. Only problem is looks and confidence normally go hand in hand. It’s reasonably rare an average looking guy will have uber confidence, but it does happen, and these guys also get plenty of women.

    • Well it seems you didn’t read what I was saying clearly. I mention that even though there are men that are born with natural, most men can learn to imitate the behaviors of game well enough that it looks natural. The men that are born with game naturally have a nervous system that is attractive to women, so everything they do will just appear like game. These are men that have the natural territorial mentality, this is something you are born with or learn at a very young age like two.

      However, there are men such as yourself, that even though they were not born with game. They are still intelligent enough to understand how game works from life experience so well that they can learn to imitate game well enough that it looks natural. However, I’d also like to point out, that it’s not just about learning game.

      It’s also about unlearning how to be a wimp, which for a lot of men learned to be this way because they were misled by either media or parents. Once they unlearn to be a wimp, then they can replace that with a high level of game if they wish.

      Of course not everyone can do this as it depends how flexible of a person you are so you can unlearn the wimp behavior, but also how intelligent you are so you can learn. Game is either something you are born with or learn at a very young age or something that is acquired with experience as a result of intelligence and flexibility.

  8. The best part about “game” is that its a vague term, that changes definitions and has triple-meanings, so that it can never be disproven. Game is an article of faith. If you don’t believe me, go into ANY game blog, and replace the word “game” with the phrase “the bible” and/or “jesus”.

    Let me give you an example:

    “Game is what makes men powerful! The reason you’re against game, is because you don’t realize the power of game. Look at so and so, he learned game, and he’s back with his ex-wife”

    It now becomes…

    “”The bible is what makes men powerful! The reason you’re against the bible, is because you don’t realize the power of jesus’ teaching. Look at so and so, he learned the bible, and he’s back with his ex-wife”

    If game were truly a “thing” that objectively exists, then everyone would agree on it. Ask 500 “game guys” to define it, and you will get 500 definitions… And that means at least 50 COMPLETELY different trains of thought.

    The thing that most muddies up the issue and makes the religion of “game” continue to thrive is the following… A lot of the snake-oil-salesmen that sell-game, mix it in with some decent, cool, common sense stuff. They explain that confidence and game improve your odds with women. They say that knowing how to approach better and knowing how to tell which women are interested will improve your odds with women, and will improve your game and make you “alpha”.

    Notice how one is true, and common sense, but the second is vague and completely unprovable. That’s the main secret behind “game-pushers”. They take solid advice and mix it in with filler. They then sell you the filler “game” which they can shape, reshape, redefine and change however they please to sell you more stuff.

    The problem with the game-cult, is that its so damn effective. They literally will not listen to reason, argument, fact, or any form of logic. In fact, game-MRAs are very similar to feminists. In fact, any time you try to challenge them logically, they shoot back at you with shaming tactics, emotional retors and anything to avoid a “2+2=4” kind of discussion.

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