13 comments on “The One Thing I Hate About The Holidays

  1. I agree White and Nerdy, I think it’s one of those things that society just expects us to have. Girlfriend is one of them and so if job. If you are missing one, then questions will arise and people will think something is wrong with you. This is just the way that most people are in general, they just see life as survival (job) and reproducing (girlfriend or wife).

    I think those things can be important, but if you are missing one of them it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It could mean you aren’t ready yet, are trying to figure yourself out in this world, there are a variety of reasons, but most people just look at the surface rather than trying to understand the deeper meaning.

  2. You need to let them believe you’re gay. Don’t say it outright just insinuate it. The more awkward and embarrassing it gets the better. And it will shut them up for good.

  3. What was so bad about my previous comment for it to be removed?

    Anyways, my main point was that it is human nature for people to expect a guy to have a girlfriend. I think in this modern society, it’s becoming a common occurrence for lots of men to not have a girlfriend or not get married. However, a lot of people still think things are like before feminism became strong such as the 1950s where almost every single guy was able to get a girlfriend. Eventually, the reality will settle in with the majority of the public, but it may take decades or even a century for this to happen.

  4. It might help if society provided some actual genuinely single women. It didn’t for me. Every young woman (7 or up) I ever met was either married or had a live-in boyfriend. Divorcees with 1-3 kids just don’t cut it. My parents didn’t help either. This society just doesn’t care.

  5. White and Nerdy if you truly believe that your family have such little regard for you then why spend any time with them at all? I completely disbelieve in any concept of unconditional love, I would cut my family off if they did enough to truly offend me.

  6. When your parents wonder if you’re gay, it’s not fun. It’s an insult. It’s piling on. You expect your parents to be smarter than that. But they’re not. And that sucks.

  7. I occasionally still get such questions from my parents, but less so than before. Since their marriage is pretty lousy, they cannot sell me on what a wonderful institution marriage is.. As inappropriate as it is to say, money is a necessary (but not sufficient) component to a marriage. My dad always had job insecurity, and my mom never missed a chance to let him know that he was an inadequate provider. My brother works his ass off to give my sister in-law a dream house, and it keeps the domestic peace. You don’t have to be rich, but you do have to make enough so that the woman never worries about money. The kind of income where if the wife wants to quit her job to have kids or “explore her options”, they will not have to sacrifice too much.

  8. “And then there’s the people who are like, “I just want to know you’re happy”. So I can’t be happy alone?”

    No, at least not according to their line of thought. My parents say similar things to me;

    ‘When are you going to find a man to care for you?’
    ‘You’re the oldest, you should settle down first.’
    ‘Don’t you think it’s time to look for husband material instead of that FwB?’
    ‘When are you going to give me grandchildren?’

    I tell you, it just doesn’t ever let up.

    • What pisses me off about this is that everyone’s “solution” to this is to talk my ear off about it. Nobody ever says, “I know a woman you should meet”. It’s like they get off on blaming me for women thinking I’m subhuman.

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