You Are Not Alone

One reason I started this blog was to let other men in a similar situation to me that they are not alone.  Nothing that I have talked about that has happened to me has only happened to me.  Sexual harassment bullshit?  It’s happened to lots of guys.  Many of them weren’t as lucky as I was.  Psychologists accussing me of lying or having Aspergers (without any real evidence)?  That’s happened to lots of guys too.  I have heard even worse stories like one case where a psychologist tried to covince a dateless virgin man that he had multiple personalities (without any evidence) and that he had sex and relationships with women but couldn’t remember them because it happened with the other personality or personalities were in control.  Simply put, it’s easy to think that you are the only dateless virgin around.  You’re not.

Women and manginas opress dateless virgins (who are all men) because of misandry in general.  Our existence is proof that there is a problem with women and their behavior.  The wants you to think you’re the only dateless virgin around because they don’t want us comparing notes and finding out that the same thing is happening to men from all different walks of life and different personalities.  One “argument” they use against us is the “we’re the only common element so it must be all our fault or our attitude”.  This “argument” is nothing but a bold faced lie.  Many men are going through the same things we go through.  We aren’t clones of each other acting the exact same way.  We have different personalities and different mindsets.  The common factor is not us.  It is female behavior.