44 comments on “No Woman Is Unable To Find A Man

  1. This is how I imagine the situation to be based on knowledge and experience and when you look at it this way, female behavior makes a lot of sense as flawed and unfair as it is.

    I think in the end there are some men that have minds that are simply unattractive to women, I guess you could call this male the omega male. Then there are men that their minds have attributes that make them attractive to women in some ways and unattractive women in other ways. This may result in some women liking him more than others based on their preferences. This kind of male would be the beta male. Then there is the lucky male that his mind is highly attractive to women because of his very nature. He has an instinct inside him that makes him attractive to women and it requires no effort for him to attract women for this reason.

    You could do the same analogy for women that are ugly, average and beautiful. However hypergamy just magnifies this by x10 and completely skews the market. In fact if it wasn’t for hypergamy, the vast majority of males wouldn’t be screwed over because each male would get the woman he deserves and that would be the end of it. I think this is how it is in non-Anglo saxon cultures where feminism hasn’t infected the females and they actually operate under a moral code that is required of them. In Anglo-Saxon cultures, the women operate under the mentality that they deserve much better than what they offer.

    This results in the beta male having a few amount of female prospects that an omega male should have. The alpha male on the other has an incredibly large supply of female prospects to choose from at his own disposal that leaves little for the rest of the men. This then leaves omega males with basically nothing. The alpha males have all the higher end women for themselves. The beta males fight over the lower end women that alpha males do not want. The omega males have no women to choose from at all because the high end women go for the alpha males and the low end women go for the beta males.

    Let me try to put yourself in a woman’s shoes, please bear with me and try to look at it from this perspective even though I will admit it is very selfish to behave this way. Imagine that you are an above average looking guy and the vast majority of women find you attractive. You get approached by women everyday. Most of the women that approach you are average looking, a few of them are ugly, and a few of them are attractive. What would you do? Would you sleep with all of them? Maybe at first you’d sleep with most of them, but then you’d get bored. So after a short period of time you’d just settle with the most attractive of the women and sleep with them, while the rest of the women get pushed aside.

    Now imagine you were a below average looking man. You notice that half of the women find you attractive and the other half don’t find you that attractive. You get approached by women once in a while and most of them are ugly, however there are a few that you get in a week that are average looking. At first you may sleep with all of them, but after a short time period you’d get bored and just settle with the average looking chicks.

    Basically above, I just explained the kinds of males prospects, attractive women and unattractive women get. This is simply the law of nature when it is not interfered by society. This is the state that feminism has brought us to. So what is the solution? The solution is very clear and obvious, it is to ensure women are conditioned like they were in the past prior to the feminist movement to settle for a man that she is worthy of and not the other way around. Then things will achieve an equilibrium even though it is artificial. I imagine in non-Anglo Saxon cultures that women are conditioned much differently and instead settle for guys that are on the same level as them as opposed to a higher level. The key is to reverse the damage feminism has done so women can treat men without their strict hypergamous instincts getting the better of them because they are forced to suppress them or face ridicule.

    • I still see no real solution to the problem of women that doesn’t involve something like drugs (in the short term) or genetic engineering (in the long term).

      So what if I understand why women act the way they do. They are still responsible for their actions. Especially when they commit criminal actions against me.

      • The best solution is simple and obvious to me. It’s to reverse the damage that feminism has done. All feminism did was release women’s evil natures from the cage by getting rid of society’s laws and even worse making laws that favor women. I think if you add laws that protect men against women’s evil natures and remove laws that help women attack men, I think most of the problems you have with women will disappear.

        Right now we have what you call free market courtship, which is basically hypergamy. If you have the government intervene in the same way the government intervenes in the economy, it can control the erratic behaviour of women so they at least behave diligently.

        • Also before feminism, culture was a powerful force in ensuring women behaved properly, such as the tradition of marriage and other social mores. I think culture and government is where the solution lies because it worked well before feminism went in and removed these stabilizing forces. Then women reverted to pre civilization status, which is hypergamy and the default mode of behaviour. During this time, 80% of women managed to reproduce and only 40% of men reproduced, so that is very telling.

    • “I imagine in non-Anglo Saxon cultures that women are conditioned much differently and instead settle for guys that are on the same level as them as opposed to a higher level.”

      Some of them don’t settle for guys at their level, they get *forced* to marry (and then get raped by) guys who are older and richer than them while they’re still preteen or teen girls themselves. Some girls have actually run away from forced marriages not to chase other men but to avoid sex.

      • My basis for trully believing you’ll eventually meet someone and not to give up hope? I, and many men I know were in the same position. When I thought because every girl I was showing interest in was rejecting me, I was doomed to life-long involuntary celibacy, in my lowest moment, I found my first girlfriend, and it was amazing. There is truth to the saying “Its always darkest before dawn.” A extremly overweight, online gamer friend of mine (someone I guess you can call a “omega”) found a e-girlfriend through online gaming. And yes she’s a real girl because talks on the phone with her, relatively pathetic, I know, but he’s happy.
        White and Nerdy, I know you’ve probably been told a million times that if you hit the gym, learn game, make hundreds of approaches, you’ll improve your lot with women, and your probably damn tired of hearing that because you think it rings untrue, so I’m not going to reiiterate that in any depth. However, I have to tell you, they might be only thing worse than being a white nerd, and that is being a south asian nerd in Texas. If I could use those principles I mentioned to get women, anyone can.

        • Game doesn’t exist. I know because I have spent more time on game than anyone. Do you really think I haven’t tried approaching women?

          The problem isn’t just rejection. That’s one of the smallest problems I get from women. Women are trying to purge me from all employment and social life. Since all my friends are guys in the same situation as me, they have succeeded in purging me from all social life. It’s been a constant war to protect my job/career against women trying to destroy it. Most of the sexual harassment crap I have had to deal with come from women I didn’t even interact with. Knowing how women clearly want to eliminate me how can you one will ever be interested in me?

  2. Monoandry is the problem. Women should be allowed (better: obliged!) to have more than one man. Thats the only way to break this vicious circle we suffer from today: Men hardly find women, once they find one, they lock em in, and women become more and more rare.

    • Polygamy would never work. Polygamy would result in unattractive women having multiple beta male orbiters, while the attractive ones are in the harems of alpha males.

    • That won’t work, because once the woman has a kid, the men who aren’t the daddy are gonna leave her and look for someone else. Who would hang around to help raise another man’s bastard spawn, just for a chance to share some sloppy eighths with four other guys?

  3. W and N, have you ever tried asking ugly women out? Or obese ones?

    Perhaps you are desiring positive attention from women that are average or above.

    Maybe you should aim for below average and see if you get lucky.

    • No. All this time I have been only asking out supermodels.

      Really? You don’t think I haven’t all ready tried that. Read the post again. Even a 700 pound whale of a woman can get men. There is no group of women that don’t receive positive attention from men on a regular basis.

  4. I would say that ultimately, the attitude you describe in this article is a derivative of NAWALT

    “Not all women are like that”.

    This leads to

    “There are men like that too!”

    and this becomes:

    “There are women like that too!”

    It is ultimately a form of female and feminist-supporter DENIAL. Rather than deal with social issues that they are creating by pedestalizing women, or marginalizing men, they insist that such men are in those predicaments because of themselves (remove accountability and responsibilityfrom women) .

    It is a fallacy that stems from viewing men and women as being equals.

    An orange is never equal to an apple.

    • Richard, I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re right. It is a derivative of NAWALT.

      You’re definitely right that it’s a fallacy that stems from thinking men and women are exactly equal. I have been around and around with people who think there are female virgins my age. It’s always the same thing. I exist and I know plenty of men in my situation. They claim there “must be” involuntary virgin women over the age of 30 (or 25 or 22). I demand an example because if they know that there are involuntary virgin women then they should have no trouble producing an example. Needless to say no involuntary virgin woman has ever been produced. Instead I get a lot of anger from them and anti-male shaming tactics. If I was so wrong about this, it would be easy to prove me wrong instead and they would choose to do it instead of acting like a 5 year old when I demand real evidence.

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  6. One thing to consider is that males can have whatever girl or woman they want if they resort to rape.

    (I use the term “males” because rape is an act of nithinghood, not manhood.)

  7. “Yet they can never produce an example of a 32 year old involuntary virgin woman, much less one who has had men do to her what women have done to me.”

    I *am* a 32 year old woman who’s a virgin only because I refuse to try to *force* a man to have sex with me.

    “On top of that she has a website where men pay money to see pictures of her…Donna Simpson proves these liars are all full of shit.”

    No, she proves that her body is extreme enough to satisfy a few men’s fetishes.

    • Yeah, but your a virgin by choice. Only men can be virgins against their will. And you’d be surprised how easy it is for fat women to attract men; actually, sexual activity and partner number is the same for all groups of women regardless of body weight/BMI.

      • Actually it’s not the same for all groups of women. Studies have found that that fat women have the most sex, followed by other low-self esteem groups of women.

        • yeah, i’ve also seen this too. lots of guys chase fat bitches because they think they’re going to give it up every time

  8. One thing I will say is that you shouldn’t feel so negatively about women. There are some women out there who are fairly decent and honest. Just last week I went out with some chick who was telling me how easy women have it, that the moment they break up with a boyfriend there are at least 5 dudes lined up who are willing to take her, how she agrees that any stupid shit she posts on FB – there are at least 20 dudes who “like” her status, how in high school it seemed like dozens of guys had a crush on her.

    So yeah, not every woman is a random dishonest bitch but I agree, it is indeed hard to find such women in the western world.

  9. This is true. It’s a well-known fact that just about any woman, no matter how fat or ugly, can attract many thousands of boyfriends and have sex whenever she wants.

    Looks are no impediment to any woman who seeks a large volume of sex partners and extensive sexual activity.

    What’s even more shocking is that women who are grossly obese and/or physically deformed can attract men who are far better looking and of higher social status than they are; for example, a 500 lb female can attract hundreds of average to above average males in the space of a few days, whereas a woman who is merely average can attract male models/rich guys in their thousands.

    The other day, I posted a pic of some 500 lb female on PlentyofFish.com, and I received a tremendous response, which even surprised me. In a few hours, there were at least 300 guys who had viewed the profile and I had been messaged at least 60 times. And the funny thing was that the majority of guys who found this extremely massive fat bitch sexually attractive were average to slightly above average in physical appearance and wealth, with a few ripped guys and MBAs here and there.

    So, the lesson is, that any woman who says she can’t find anyone is a liar. The second lesson is that its much worse than you think. A guy wearing a dress and lipstick would probably have no problem attracting thousands of horny guys on POF.

    • guys in their thousands.

      The other day, I posted a pic of some 500 lb female on PlentyofFish.com, and I received a tremendous response, which even surprised me. In a few hours, there were at least 300 guys who had viewed the profile and I had been messaged at least 60 times. And the funny thing was that the majority of guys who found this extremely massive fat bitch sexually attractive were average to slightly above average in physical appearance and wealth, with a few ripped guys and MBAs here and there.

      Do you have a link to this profile and/or screenshots of the messages?

        • I looked up the messages here

          They were all one-liners with poor grammar. None of the messages you quoted asked “her” more about herself, told a little bit about himself, or even was signed by his first name. I have no doubt that if such a message was received, you would have quoted it.

          Think about it. These one-liners do not incite attraction in real life. Even the most alpha of alphas would have trouble getting a quick lay (let alone start a relationship) by approaching a woman whom he had never met before and saying, “Hey sexy”, “hello beautiful”, or “U r hot lets hook up”. Were these men really seeking a relationship with “her”?

  10. @SHOES

    You’re a fucking idiot. You must be a woman, so let me enlighten you. The point is that ANY woman can log onto ANY dating site and attract responses from literally hundreds of men in the space of a few hours. That’s far more than what any average male could do and we all know that men have much stronger sex drives than women, so even a retard can see that men sending out hundreds of obsessive msgs to some cunt means instant sex/relationships.

    • You completely ignore what the responses actually were. Those responses were the online equivalent of construction workers yelling, “Hey baby”, “Nice tits”, or “want me to take up some space inside ya” at passers-by.

      • No they weren’t catcall equivalents you idiot. Catcalls come from strangers yellin from across the street.

        This is the equivalent of being at a party and having guys walk up and say “Hey there beautiful, what’s your name?”.

        You must be either a woman or a white knight. Why do you believe a random vagina-owner deserves unique and creative well thought out letters?

        These men don’t even know if she has initial interest. Guys have learned to only throw bait (opener) because they know it’s not worth the effort to write unique messages.

        If you spend 10 minutes per message, you’ll have to message hundreds of chicks till one responds.

        If you send a one liner, you’ll need to send hundreds of messages.

        She either likes you or doesn’t. It’s complete bullshit that women invented when they say that having a “unique approach” matters. That’s utter bullshit. It’s a lie. It might swing your chances ocassionally, but in most cases it doesn’t matter what you open with.

        • Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! I’ve been a member of Latin American Cupid, and I’ve used nothing BUT one liners. It saves time. I oftentimes use the Spanish equivalent of ‘nice tits’ or something similar, and I often get a response. Yeah, if they like you, what you open with does not matter.

          Unlike domestic dating sites though, a lot of chicks will message YOU first; that’s a nice change from what the typical experience is though.

  11. Not true. I slept with someone who said they didn’t even like me.

  12. I’m a 37-year-old female virgin, also not by choice. The last time I was asked on a date, I was 18. I think a big part of it is that I don’t socialize outside of my religious community.

  13. Most women ask themselves; “what can this man give me”? These selfish and judgmental creatures don’t want inexperienced guys, they want someone who can give them pleasure.
    Men are told to get some self-esteem, to stop thinking negative and so on. It doesn’t matter if a girl or a woman has low self-esteem or is thinking negative thoughts. men don’t care. It’s demand and supply. There is a reason why there are so many female prostitutes compared to male ones (and the male ones usually get gay customers). I’m pretty sure that the great majority of their customers would never have paid for sex if they had other options.

    Some people say; “you need to change your attitude. No wonder that nobody wants you when you are that bitter, angry and desperate.” But it’s the other way around, a lot of guys becomes bitter, angry and gets low self esteem after they have tried everything else and are still being rejected.

    Most male involuntary virgins are virgins for a single reason; females don’t want them. And I’m talking about both serious relationships and one night stands.

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