46 comments on “Women Lack Neither Sex Nor Relationships: Case Closed

  1. Sorry, but this is untrue. “How to find and keep a man” or “How to find the man of your dreams” or variants thereof is a MAJOR topic of women’s magazines, websites, talk shows, and self-help books. As far as books the first ones that come to mind is The Rules and He’s Just Not That Into You but there have been many, many, many others. And female dating coaches also have seminars for women. The industry does not work the same as Game advice but it is a vast industry with much demand. Much larger than men buying pickup advice, I would suspect.

    With that said, you and I both know that when most women say “I can’t find a relationship” what they mean is “I can’t find a superior man who wants to do anything other than stick it in my cooter.” The men that are her “equal” and would like to start a relationship are invisible to her. But as discussed I think we do need to allow for cases of physically or mentally disabled women who do not get any attention from men. A small amount though to be sure.

    • This is true about mentally or physically handicapped women.

      Another unfortunate fact to consider is that it is physically easier for males to rape females than the reverse. In this sense, refusal by a girl or woman to engage in sexual intercourse is not, in most cases, sufficient to stop a male from sexual intercourse with a girl or woman.

      • Rape seems to be an obsession of yours. Two posts in a row. You should talk to your therapist about that.

        • The original poster claims that women neither lack for sex or relationships because they can get sex whenever they want, and find any partner.

          I point out that males can force women and girls into sex. That is the reality.

        • But the overwhelming majority of men do not. And if they do, they are extreme consequences for doing so.

          Contrast the opposite for when women sexually assault others. They are often absolved of responsibility or given a slap on the wrist.

          Naturally, a mangina like yourself leaves this out.

    • Women aren’t hot for disabled men either. Even so, I doubt it’s an equal opportunity problem. I’d still bet that a disabled Scarlett Johansson would get a lot more interest than an equally disabled George Clooney.

      • I once saw a woman on TV (on Maury’s show, IIRC) who was born without arms, yet she still had a husband and two children. I highly doubt a man born with the same defect would have been able to find love like she did.

        • The fact that a low status woman can get sex far easily than a male of not just similar social, economic or physical standing but even higher?

          Its quite common.

    • What you don’t seem to understand about women’s magazines, talk shows, etc. is that the advice is not about any real man. It’s about the fairy tale prince. The romance novel hero. The ideal guy in their head that doesn’t exist in real life.

      But even handicapped women have NO problem finding someone, trust me. I saw this very topic discussed on another blog. Allow me to quote:


      “A few years ago a Norwegian paper wrote about a dating site with handicapped women, and they were immediately inundated with men seeking sex. All the excess men became a big nuisance as soon as the service got a little publicity. I considered trying it myself, but decided it would be pointless amidst the stampede. Make no mistake about it, even an obese handicapped retarded woman’s sexuality is worth infinitely more than a normal man. And any time men get a whiff of a sexual opportunity, of some loophole of easy sex, they will pounce on it in such numbers that I don’t stand a chance in the competition, even over women with the lowest mate value. You have to be an idiot if you really think men will be deterred by her being in a wheelchair or having to come to the woman’s house… A frustrated woman’s needs are met so fast there is no way she can know what real frustration is. At a maximum she would have to place an ad if she doesn’t get out much, and droves of horny men will pounce. Men like me who aren’t even the most disgusting men; she will have plenty to choose from.”

  2. The sexual rejects who are paying thousands of dollars for training that is mostly bullshit have got it all wrong. Did guys with painted black nails, manliner and a fuzzy hat teach men how to get women in the past? No, men were men, not emasculated boys who grew up with single moms.

    And then there’s guys who are jealous of others’ girlfriends. They aren’t missing out on much.

    “Never envy a man his lady. Behind it all lays a living hell.” — Charles Bukowski

    • You don’t think the welfare state and feminist entitlements from law, policies and social changes have anything to do with this? That women are almost all en-hareming themselves to a small percentage of highly physically attractive men causing literal sexual starvation for the vast majority of men?

      Instead you think it’s some sort of nebulous “masculinity crisis?” Pretty funny. I agree that guys with fuzzy tophats and “game” are bullshit, though. They’re just hucksters trying to make money off of very desperate men who have been excluded by this “feral mating” paradigm that modern women have created since the laws and social norms that held them to any code of conduct have been destroyed.

      This is of course nothing new. DNA analysis has proven that we have TWICE as many female ancestors than male ancestors. This is what women will do if you let them. They will go chase their vagina tingles to wherever they lead them and leave the vast majority of men sexless.

  3. First George Sodini mass murders and then kills himself, then PUA guru Gunwitch shoots a woman in the face, now this Loughner character attempts to assasinate a politician and ends up murdering 6 people, including a child.

    What do all these men have in common? Shooting for women out their league – both figuratively and literally!

    Roissy claims “game can save lives” as he asserted after the Sodini tragedy.

    But here we have Gunwitch, a guru of game and nonethelesss he attempted murder.

    What could have saved lives is if these men tried for women in their own league both looks wise and mentally imbalanced wise.

    But no, these men are trying for the mentally stable hot chicks, as is evidenced from Loughners poem about the “cute girls” in his school running to meet their “hot boyfriends” in the bathroom instead of him.

    That frustration – of not being able to land cute and mentally stable girls – led to the murders we witness today.

    • Loughner didn’t have anything to say when it came to women so he has nothing to do with anything. Sodini had gone to game/pua seminars and Gunwitch was a game guru. Since game doesn’t exist I’m not surprised either of them went nuts. Eventually their brains just cracked from believing in something that clearly didn’t exist.

  4. Actually what Loughner had to say about women in his poetry was on the news this morning. He was angry about the cute girls having hot boyfriends.

    Like I said, the guy with the strange tic needs to aim for the girl with a similar tic or something weird about her – not the normal girl.

    Expectations must be lowered if we are to be happy in this world.

    Expect nothing. That way you’ll be happy if you get anything.

    • In another post, white and nerdy mentioned that a 700 pound women had two husbands.

      Somehow I doubt they were young, handsome millionaires.

    • There’s nothing wrong with wanting a pretty girl, or trying to get a pretty girl. What’s wrong is believing that you absolutely, positively MUST have the pretty girl, no matter what… or else. It was this attitude that drove Sodini insane (and maybe Loughner too, though it seems not having a girlfriend was the least of his issues).

      Guys like that completely ruin their chances with women with that attitude. What kind of woman would want a man who was obsessed with getting her, a man who absolutely HAD to have her — or else? Only another psycho.

      • That is what likely had caused Jaycee Lee Dugard to lose eighteen years of her life.

        Such people are truly nithings.

  5. Michael says:
    Another unfortunate fact to consider is that it is physically easier for males to rape females than the reverse.

    That belongs in the “No shit, Sherlock” school of observations.

    In this sense, refusal by a girl or woman to engage in sexual intercourse is not, in most cases, sufficient to stop a male from sexual intercourse with a girl or woman.

    If an emphatic ‘no’ weren’t enough to stop most men from engaging in unwanted sex, almost every woman would be a rape victim. The only ones who believe that most women have been raped are lesbian academics and lawyers trying to expand their client base.

    • If an emphatic ‘no’ weren’t enough to stop most men from engaging in unwanted sex, almost every woman would be a rape victim. The only ones who believe that most women have been raped are lesbian academics and lawyers trying to expand their client base.

      But since one out of four women have been raped, often by members of their own families, it only takes a minority of men to rape a fourth of the women.

      • Michael says:
        But since one out of four women have been raped, often by members of their own families, it only takes a minority of men to rape a fourth of the women.

        If you believe in that one, I have some swampland in the middle of the Sahara desert I can sell you for a song. Statistics like those are compiled by organizations like NOW that are top-heavy with dykes and have a vested interest in promoting man-hatred. The real incidence of forcible rape is far, far lower than that.

  6. I was thinking of starting a blog as part of the “Omega” Roissysphere, which consists mostly of omega males who accept the premises of Roissyism but are at the bottom of the heap. And the racial hierarchy is in fact a support for the gender hierarchy. With r-K selection theory (rape and Kare). Whites are the Goldilocks race, so you see white females with black males and white males with asian females. So does Roissyite evopsych mean all men are sadistic rapists and all women are knavish gold-diggers? So yeah I could blog about my miserable existence and hopeless future. But I figure it be pretty repetitive. So instead I’m going back to school and I’m going to take some literary criticism classes. That way I can basically “blog” to a public audience mainly my teacher. And explore all the pessimistic, darwinist, racial, gender, issues I would on a blog, but using abstract metaphoric language. And using the Text as my building blocks instead of my boring life.

    • You wouldn’t get far spouting game and HBD to academics. And you don’t need a teacher as your audience, we’re all right here.

  7. I’m white and I’m dating a black girl whos pretty hot. According to a lot of people on this site, this never happens.

  8. Just to switch subjects slightly, here is, in order of importance, what most women look for in a man.

    1. Looks
    2. Confidence
    3. Social status
    4. Penis size
    5. Money

    I am convinced that looks and confidence are the key ingredients to getting women and far outrank everything else. A few women may place something else in the top 2, but these girls would be in the minority.

    Many PUA gurus say that social status is the number 1 thing, but they only want you to believe this because it is the easiest one to manipulate. And while they say social status is the number 1 thing, they still spend more time training a guy to be confident. A good looking, or confident guy will get more women than a guy who merely has good social status, hands down.

    Penis size matters, and the more women you know the more obvious it becomes. If you can’t figure out why that boring, average looking guy at work is getting so much pussy, there’s a pretty good chance he’s packing some serious heat in his pants.

    Money is overrated as a tool to getting sex. Women out on a weekend looking for sex could barely care how much you make. Although when it comes to finding a man to marry it would move up into the top 3.

  9. This is mostly right, but I’d put confidence on top of looks. I’ve seen horribly ugly guys with beautiful women simply because they had supreme confidence. However, a guy that looks like a model will not be with a beautiful woman if he has the confidence of a doormat.

      • The difference being that men don’t care squat about confidence and only care about looks. So a woman that is beautiful, but has low confidence will have many men swooning over her.

        • What men look for in a female

          1. Looks
          2. Daylight
          3. Confidence
          4. Social status
          5. Money

        • The way I see it from experience:

          1. Confidence
          2. Social Status
          3. Looks
          4. Money
          5. Penis Size

          To each their own.

        • What a woman wants in a man…
          1. Power
          2. Confidence
          3. Social Status
          4. Looks
          5. Money
          6. Penis Size

          What a man wants in a woman…
          1. Beauty
          2. Personality/Feminine charm
          3. Everything else

  10. Two reasons why I placed looks first
    1. It’s the only one where you can have NONE of the other 4 and STILL pull women.
    2. Go out on a Saturday night and see who the good looking women are hanging out with, they’re hanging out with good looking guys.

  11. I don’t see how you can divorce looks from social status. Short or ugly men have neither looks nor, since women are not attracted to men who can’t attract other women, social status. Naturally, one would expect this to diminish confidence as well.

    • There are guys out there with good social status but aren’t good looking, and visa-versa, while it’s the exception not the rule, I think it you can safely divorce the two. You’re right though, looks helps boost confidence, and also helps boost social status, but confidence and social status don’t help boost looks. Another reason why looks is (unfortunately) the key factor in attracting women.

      • I won’t deny that looks matter. When I looked my best, it was definitely a confidence booster and girls were attracted to me and would talk to me When I was out of shape and looked my worst, my confidence was pretty low and girls pretty much ignored me.

        However, you still need to have game to back up those looks because if you have no game, looks are useless. Looks may open the door for you when it comes to women, but game will get you through. I think it’s safe to say both matter, but in my opinion the average looking guy with average confidence will definitely get laid more than the guy who is good looking, but with low confidence.

        • Game is placebo. It doesn’t exist. It gives good looking yet shy men an opportunity to actually go talk to women. If you are good looking, you can get laid. This is to be seen in the admissions by the honest gamers that it really only works for a small percentage of men.

          If you are not, you probably can’t depending on whether you’re below the acceptable threshold but even if you’re not below that threshold you have to literally beg, scrape, kowtow, walk on shells and jump through hoops to get any.

        • Observer, if you actually pay attention to couples carefully, you will notice a recurring pattern. That women tend to date men that are of equal looks to them! You will notice that ugly women are with ugly guys, average looking women are with average looking guys and beautiful women are with good looking guys! WHAT A SHOCK!

          Honestly, look at yourself at the mirror and think to yourself. How attractive am I? Then once you figure that out, go for a girl that is the same level of attractiveness. You’ll only be disappointed if you go for girls out of your league. The reason why it is so hard for guys to find a partner is because not only they have to be equal in looks, a guy needs to have higher confidence and better social skills then her girlfriend (aka game).

          So no matter how you look, if you want to date girls that are equal to you in looks, you will need to have a higher level of confidence and better social skills (aka game) than the girl you aspire to be her boyfriend. If you don’t do this, you will have to aim lower than your level of attractiveness to compensate.

  12. Observer: sorry man but game does exist

    Random said “An average looking guy with average confidence will get laid more than a guy who is good looking with low confidence”: Sorry have to disagree. I knew a guy not long ago who was good looking but had pretty low confidence and he still picked up some hot women sometimes, I don’t know many average/average guys who can do that.

    • Just to clear things up, lets say a you need 20 points to get laid

      Highest possible score for each section
      Looks… 15 points
      Confidence… 12 points
      Social status… 9 points
      Penis size… 5 points
      Money… 4 points

      So yes, usually looks aren’t enough alone, you need to score points somewhere else (although different women would score things differently, I think this is fairly standard). This is obviously a very crude method but you get my drift.

      • Switch looks and social status and you’ll be closer to reality. Anyways, like I told observer, girls value looks, but they will be willing to settle with a guy that is of equal looks to them. Obviously they wouldn’t mind a guy that is better looking, but that usually doesn’t happen.

        The truth is women will not mind dating a guy that is of equal looks to her as long as he has game to elevate himself above her. If his level of game is below hers, then obviously he’ll need to be better looking than her to compensate.

        You give too much importance to looks and don’t realize how important game is. If looks were so important then you wouldn’t see hot girls dating guys that aren’t good looking, but got tight game.

    • Chances are that guy wouldn’t last very long with those girls. Once the girls figure out he is a loser with low confidence they will ditch him. A good looking guy needs at least average confidence or his looks aren’t going to help him for long. Looks may help him attract a woman, but he’ll need confidence to keep her.

      • Looks may help him attract a woman, but he’ll need confidence to keep her

        Good looking guys who lack confidence regarding women are rare. Having sufficient minimum height and facial attractiveness leads to early success with girls. I’ll go out on a limb here, but that tends to be a confidence booster, not a confidence destroyer. It’s guys like me, short and none too attractive, that have the confidence destroying experiences.

        • Of course, having the combination of being short and unattractive isn’t going to be helping you in attracting women. The best thing to do for any guy is to go for women that are shorter than them and about the same level of attractiveness regardless of your height or looks.

          Game will help any guy if they go for a woman that is shorter and the same level of attractiveness, it isn’t going to do much if they go for a tall attractive model. The problem is game is designed for hot 8s, 9s and 10s, so it’s best to tone it down with women that are less attractive. As a result, you get guys in this blog thinking that game doesn’t exist.

  13. The reason that pua gurus keep saying that “looks don’t matter” is simple… You can’t sell a seminar on looks.

    Most of the studies on one night stands however find that looks/muscularity tends to be a major factor. The guys with the best symmetry/muscle mass had the most one night stands.

    Do ugly guys get hot chicks? Sure, I’m ugly and I can pull it off. The trick however is that for every 1 point in looks that you lack, you need substitute 10 points of charisma or confidence.

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