26 comments on “I’m Not Paranoid But My Enemies Are

  1. Exactly! I am so afraid of those suggested pedophilia that I avoid a certain swimming bath. I found a better one anyway, but the old place where I sometimes went to swim brought me a memorably negative experience in the locker room.

    I have to say It is a swimming bath that has the reputation of rather being something for children. But there are also professional swimmers. And I am neither the one nor the other. I dont really look sporty, too slim, not a lot of muscle, walk a bit clunky, cause I also got slight psychomotorical problems,

    So once I dressed there, and a guy with his children arrived to dress also. I wasn´t inside a booth, I dressed at the locker boxes, like most people do. He came and saith: “What do we have booths for?” With that certain undertone in his voice. Maybe he simply wanted to his locker which I maybe stood infront, or I used to much space, but he doenst have to say it that way! I answered only “Yes” or something and went to the booth. I really was afraid he would call the bath attendant, and I hurried. That was kinda irrational, because I really dont like children in that way, and even if I would, I didnt do anything! Maybe I was a bit slow, but I take of my bathing shorts not before I dress the pullover.

    But my sheer look, that hot lustful body, a nearly satanic sexsymbol, – even seen from behind – is able to spill even the hardest child forever.

    The guy was an immigrant, kind of those holy guys who want to act like the perfect role models, like the best goody-goody citizens. Not few of them even join a nasty political party who wants to kick immigrants out!!

    Why do they tell stories of the black man who dispenses sweets on the street, when the big part of abuse happens within relatives and friends of the family? The answer is simple: In our society, where everything can be bought, children are the last real possession. But children shan´t be possessed!

  2. You should have written “…FALSE sexual harassment charges flung at me…”

    I am seeing a pattern emerging here.

    I think that the reason women label such men as being “odd” is another way for them to “brush” men aside.

    To be honest, I’d say they are scared of such men – but not because they really believe they are pedophiles or anything else…

    I am going to mull this one over.

    Interesting too – usually when a man is not successful with women in his youth – he also ends up enduring many other things from women too – like false sexual harassment claims, bitchiness at work – much other stuff.

    Again, I’m going to ponder this.

    • I’m of the opinion that all sexual harassment charges now are false potentially going back all the way to 1991 (Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill). The whole idea of sexual harassment is completely based on what the woman thinks of the man, not what he does or does not do. That’s is not an objective standard so all sexual harassment charges are false.

      I’m not sure all the reasons that women want to eliminate men such as myself. One reason I’m sure of is money. Women don’t want to deal with me but they can’t stand that I’m sitting on a growing pile of money that no woman can access now (the socialist policies of Western governments notwithstanding). Some of it is as simple as, “Why do bank robbers rob banks? Because that’s where the money is.”

      • “I’m not sure all the reasons that women want to eliminate men such as myself”

        Let me know if you figure any of them out – I too have wrestled with this one.

        Not only was I getting rejected in my youth – as I got older – women started getting in my face just to be bitchy many times – or their screwed up lives bled over into my own.

        I just don’t get it.

        • I’m not sure the reasons why women are so evil towards me. Having nothing to do with women isn’t enough for them. I get it. Women want nothing to do with me. I am giving women what they want, but that’s not enough. They still come after me with their evil so I forced to conclude that whatever the reasons are, they are sinister and evil.

        • It is the system! Don’t hate the players, hate the GAME!

          Don’t be too angry against girls. In a way, they are like us. I saw “Mishima: A life in four chapters”:

          Somehow we would be similar to beautiful women, because we were sick of the others staring. I dont really understood it, the stuttering virgin monk there meditated about beauty and began to hate beauty and burn down the temple. Another one, despite his frog feet, managed to trick the women.

          The writer Mishima himself became gay. I think I probably would also in Japan, after what I read about that society.

        • Biggest reasons why women like to thumb men down or bleed into their lives with drama:
          They want their sense of choice vindicated.
          In other words, they cannot be wrong about you being a creep. You are below her, and must compensate for her problems through your time. There is no reciprocity. You will not be thanked, except verbally so there is no chance you can actually raise your social value.
          Oh, and they love the alpha for the reason that he is able to sell you the myth that by living his lifestyle through consumerism, he is proving that you cannot find your identity by being yourself.
          Also remember that many advertising, HR and PR departments are made up purely of women…

  3. On another note, I have been reading this blog for a while and got me thinking a lot about single men, or their most extreme version, the virgins. I kind of do not understand the peer pressure put on men to be with women, or the view that being with them is something good. After few toxic relationships, I feel great single with occasional one-night-stands…

    • It’s all about control. Control of resources. Control of everything. If men were free then women would have to shape up for men to have anything to do with them other than sex.

      • Indeed, I have this sequence of experiences. From time to time a girl comes my way and shows interest, I invite her for a date, few months on I regret I ever made that move.

        I do not see any use for women other than sex. Women do not cook my food when I decide to dine well, women do not deliver my goods to the door, women do not fix things that break in my home. Woman will betray you quicker than you think. Women are only good for sex these days…

        • And it’s really debatable if they’re even good for sex. I’m sorry, but a woman needs to be a little more creative and open-minded than laying down and saying “Take me big boy.”

  4. They’re inventing reasons to hate us and abuse us. It is a commonality of all hate ideologies, to project evil intent onto the people you’re taught to hate. Another commonality is that the haters truly believe the subject of their hate is sub-human. Feminists hold this belief too. “Men don’t feel pain or emotion like women do.” There was actually a whole book written about that, called “The Female Brain.” Bestseller, naturally.

    We saw it during the days of institutionalized racism in the Old South. We saw it in Nazi Germany. It’s all rationalizing. “It’s good for me to hate/abuse/take advantage of this person because they are evil and/or sub-human.”

    Of course, note that male hatred does not prevent women from leaping into the arms of hardened criminals. Nope. If a woman was the host of “To Catch A Predator” it would have been called “To Catch An Unattractive Predator.”

    • I have never bothered with crap like “To Catch A Predator” so I could be wrong, but isn’t it already “To Catch An Unattractive Predator”? I know the host of that show is a man but who is watching that show? I would bet real money it’s women.

      • You’d probably be right on the money with that. A reason why many men are unable to form relationships with women is usually because the women spend more time with their female friends and 50%-chance-of-being-divorced female parent.
        Having been the kind of women that men couldn’t stand to be around, those women are now infecting the younger generation, as they knew that their shelf-life was limited to their beauty as they built their relationships around being superficial, coy and manipulative.
        It’s a variation of the theme “If I can’t have it, nobody will”, the “it” here being a stable, pleasant relationship.

  5. It is truly amazing to me that so many guys feel this way, but our issues are ignored and ridiculed by society at large. According to my observations, about 15% of men cannot get women. Can you imagine what would happen if the unemployment rate for women was 15%, or 15% of women were homeless. There would be rioting in the street and the next day there would be a slurry of anti-male/anti coorporation laws enforced. I think that not being able to attract women is actually a relatively minor issue compared to the mockery that men who cannot attract women receive. Heaven forbid we speak openly about the issue. Also, knowing that alot of us have done everything society told us to do, make money, have a good job, financially stable and these cunts hold that against us and prefer to go for hardened criminals. Can someone tell me why there are not more George Sodini’s running around.

    • It is a good thing we do not have more Sodinis. The guy was a pussybeggar. I understand that his predicament was hard, he did everything right, had money, was dressed well, went to a gym and ultimately did not look bad, and got rejected. He should have stumbled upon MGTOW like me, who had figured out that there is nothing desirable to expect from women. So what that you have your hour of fame when you fuck her, that gets boring after a while.

      The problem is that many men out there imagine a story like relationship which awaits them once they get women to appreciate them as potential sexual partners. People should get a reality check. I know that it is hard to explain to many of these dreamers what I’m saying, one needs to really go through some toxic experiences to find out that women out there are not what society paints them to be. A circle of friends is a good thing to have, you might meet your bewildered friend in a bar getting wrecked after a break-up. That should serve as a lesson.

      If someone really feels like hunting out there for women, I would suggest thinking along these lines:

      “She has cruelly rejected me, imagine how cruel this bitch must be with men that she actually dates.”

      • I think some of us put way too much stock in Sodini’s woman problems. He was a psycho who happened to have a grudge against women, but he was a psycho. If he wasn’t pissed at women he would have found some other group to target. That’s what psychos do.

        As discussed PLENTY of good men cannot find a woman, period. But they do not start shooting guns because they are not psychotic.

        • I think Sodini’s psychosis was a direct result of thinking about women in a wrong way. He did not have a grudge against women. He just did not expect to be treated the way he was.

          Let’s not mix in the shooting-spree into it, this is the only thing which distinguishes him from the rest. Other guys have different reactions to this. Many get frustrated, depressed and no less psychologically unstable. It does not make them go out and shoot but it is no less nasty.

          This is why I’m saying that the attitude the society has towards single men, virgins, unsuccessful in dating guys etc. needs to change. Men are shamed for not committing, single men are considered a danger, men who are unsuccessful in dating are continuously shamed and it is not just women doing the shaming.

          Have you heard that…

          “You need a girlfriend”

          line ever?

          This needs to stop!

        • I don’t think good men “cannot find a woman”. You mean, they “cannot find a good woman”. Throw some money and you will find a woman (question is again, is it a good woman) — I am sure at some level Sodini exercised restraint – otherwise he would have been charged previously with lewdness, indecency or being a public nuisance.

  6. Maybe sex surrogacy needs to be legalized in this society.
    I guess escorts could sort of be considered sex surrogates, but sex surrogates are trained therapists.

    • If by sex surrogate you mean hookers, I do not understand Americans. A lot of hookers like the lifestyle of buying luxury clothing, riding taxis, and having only to fuck to obtain the necessary funding.

      Some girls I met on my visits to States looked like they would definitely be up for this career.

      • A sex surrogate isn’t a hooker. A sex surrogate is a sex therapist or someone working for a sex therapist that has sex with someone undergoing sex therapy. For sex therapy there may be “homework” that needs to be done as part of the therapy. For someone in a couple then it’s done with the other half of the couple. But what if the person in sex therapy doesn’t have a signifigant other so what do they do? (Especially if their issues were preventing them from finding a partner.) The idea 30 or 40 years ago was sex surrogates.

        The problem is depending on how prositituion laws are written sex therapy could be illegal. In many cases it’s a legal gray area. Because of that no one wants to train to become a sex therapist. One of these days I should talk about my futile attempts to get treated by a sex surrogate.

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  9. One of these days I should talk about my futile attempts to get treated by a sex surrogate.
    Would love to hear about it.
    Write a blog!

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