35 comments on “An Example Of Why You Should Hide Your Virginity IRL

  1. I remember about 10 years ago, I started working for a company right out of college. I was a virgin as girls would have nothing to do with me in high school or college. In fact the cunts got their rocks off seeing me bullied by their bad boys. I had to deal with that for 12 years. At work, I never told anyone I was a virgin, but people kind of deduced it by my behavior and I did get teased alot in subtle ways. I did link two and two together until one day one of my coworkers started talking about his girlfriend in a thong and started mocking me saying stuff like “you should see what a woman in a thong looks like, etc” in front of everyone and they would all laugh. I remember flat out saying I will never see a woman in a thong since girls don’t talk to me. The funny thing is that after I admitted it, they all kind of ignored me. I guess by admitting it, I took all the fun out of them mocking me, or maybe they thought I was dangerous, I really don’t care. 15 years later, I am no longer a virgin, because I pay for it, but girls still don’t want to have anything to do with me.

  2. I’ll add this to the fray; if you are a long-term single man and growing older, with little sign of any sort of a relationship with a woman, there is automatic suspicion placed on you. No joke. Even if you *have* dated in the past.

    I think that if you are not perceived as desirable by women in this culture, you are considered broken or aborrent in some way. The misandry compounds this attitude. You are worthless somehow, and tainted. The heat and disgust towards men has become outright toxic.

    In the 80s, there was a term called the “Peter Pan Syndrome” about men that would not settle down. They were deemed as irreponsible playboys and bachelors that extended their singledom. It was a slam against men in a way, but I believe it was towards men that women wanted to settle down with them. God forbid those men were looking out for themselves. And men off the radar were not always the source of that shame, but often looked down upon as losers then as well.

    Now, it’s even worse. I’ve lurked on romance forums, and you read the usual blather, including the notion that men that have not been married by a certain age or gotten laid are have something seriously wrong with them. (Of course, women are supposed to be exempt from this criticism). There are hordes of women that truly believe this. Granted, I’m sure back in the day some people would speculate that a perpetual single man may be gay or “selfish,” and while families would place pressure on them to marry and have children, the nastiness exhibited towards leveled at men that are not in the loop and don’t interact with women intimately has reached caustic proportions.

    • I have noticed the same things. One thing I have been surprised by in the past is how I almost never get accused of being gay. Instead it’s, “You have mental problems and should be put in a mental institution” or “You need to be put in prison because you’re going to go Sodini soon”. (Like you pointed out women are supposed to be exempt from such criticism.) As homosexuality has become more accepted it has fallen out of favor as a method to attack men such as myself. Now (effectively) it’s, “You’re a terrorist.” When it was just “you’re gay” or “you’re immature” it was just words. Now, there’s a real threat of a man like myself losing my freedom, assets, and even my life.

      People wonder why I use the women who come here and say I should be thrown in prison as examples a lot. Think about it. I’m a nobody. My blog isn’t well known. Yet, multiple women thought it was necessary to come here and post comments saying how I need to be thrown in prison. They had to think so strongly about it just to choose to post that on an essentially unknown blog. That by itself is obsessive.

      Another factor involved is money (which I have a lot of) Despite onerous taxes that I have to pay that go straight to women, most of my wealth is still outside the control of any woman. They can’t stand that. The only way to access that wealth is for a woman to pretend she likes/loves me. No woman wants to do that but they think I shouldn’t be allowed to “hoard” money either. It’s like the question of, “why do bank robbers rob banks?” Because that’s where the money is, and I am a bank.

      • W&N,

        You are absolutely right. On a subconcious level, women want money from the undesireables to fund the children she produces with the bad boy, since the bad boy is unable to function in a structured society. This is purely biological. When I was younger, I used to be accused of being gay because of my attitude towards women. Now I get the same accusations as you. I am bitter as hell, but I harm no one. I do not even acknowledge the existence of women, since they dont acknowledge my existance. I do the things I enjoy doing and heaven help anyone who tries to take away my wealth or freedom due to the fact that women hate me.

        • It’s actually not that difficult for people to take away your wealth and freedom – relational aggression can do that easily. Say you’re at a bar, enjoying the music. A woman can claim you “offend” or “creep” her out for whatever reason. If she has a boyfriend like Scott Disick with anger management issues, YOU will have punches thrown in your direction. Alpha enough guys have managed to get charges against them dismissed, remember Kennedy and Chappaquiddick? Or, worst case scenario is the people around decide you are simply trouble waiting to happen and do shunning. In this connected world, the reason why many are so fake is it is the only way for them to live – being honest would get them trashed, but at the same time they want all the benefits of being fake.

      • I think you make good point here—the stigma of being gay has subsided with women to a large extent—to be viewed as a walking fury of hate towards women (a “potential” Sodini, etc.) has become the reinvigorated model bogeyman. Feminists still bring up the specter of Marc Lepine and any example of murderous action towards women—no matter how marginal—is used as an example of rampant misogyny in culture.

        Needless to say, this is an attitude rife for abuse towards men. There is a certain witchhunt mentality that is already in place . . . whether it is someone’s job on the line due to false accusations to child custody battles in court. If men are seen as a menace because they are not actively involved with women or saving themselves, we can be targeted even without proof. All it takes is heresy and the damage spreads.

        As for money, I’m not rich but I’m often viewed as someone that could be a mule. I have a blue collar work ethnic and single moms, gold diggers, and irresponsible women view that has a strength. They are right, but it’s for their own ends which I refuse to support. I’ve been dubbed as selfish simply because I don’t want to be a walking ATM for someone. So be it—I’m fine with them taking out their own garbage for once.

  3. I have noticed the same things. One thing I have been surprised by in the past is how I almost never get accused of being gay. Instead it’s, “You have mental problems and should be put in a mental institution” or “You need to be put in prison because you’re going to go Sodini soon”. (Like you pointed out women are supposed to be exempt from such criticism.) As homosexuality has become more accepted it has fallen out of favor as a method to attack men such as myself.”

    That’s because most gay men have a close circle of female friends and generally get along well with women, being liked by them and returning that likeness.

    • And yet at the same time gays collect from the same pot as women…
      If the numbers of gays go up, you’ll see how grasping against such people the women turn out to be, as their own slice of the pie gets diminshed.

  4. I think that what you are describing is a man who cannot be manipulated with sex.

    Such men would be a threat to women.

    This is probably the reason I have never heard of a single male being a politician either. Why vote for a man who doesn’t have a woman holding his leash.

    • Former PM of India – Atal Bihari Bajpayee.

      Not only single, but supposedly celibate for his entire life – and proud of it.

      Such a man could only be respected in the land of yogis.

      • Yes you are right . I’m single and proud of it. You know as a frenchman I will state only this. Do people pay for my rent. Obviously NOT. So nobody tell me what to do. Just mind your bloody business.

      • I’m sure some secretary at the Edinburgh Eye Pavilion had the best intention at heart but I strongly believe she got too close to my business for confort. Like so many of you anyway. Now butt out, about face. Now I’m far from being a freak. Some who say so only trully are. Do not get too complicated. I’ll tell you one thing. Asexual ain’t virgin. I have learnt just leave without it after having experienced very little about it in my adolescence. That’s a choice of life that is proper to me and shouln’d be criticized or even comment. It is an absolute shocker as we say in Scotland that people at work and the press could get their nose deep in my private business in order to sastify their own ego for celibrity bio. I’m not a freak cos I’m asexual. It’s simply a sexual orientation. I won’t tolerate ignorance and disrespect from anyone. This is what I’m and if some don’t like it tough. Yesss. I could only be respected in the land of yogis. Yes I’m single and fairly proud of it. And a message to all sex consumed. GET YOURSELF A LIFE.

  5. I have no need to hide my virginity, and most time I am not ashame. But maybe I have to change this opinion.

    I always thaught, If a girl sees you´re virgin, she will come and initate you… But it doesn´t work like that.. To get a girl you have to appeal like you wouldn´t need her. It´s like the joke about bank loans: To get one you first have to prove you don´t need it…

    But it is difficult to hide virginity: It was like telling a lie, in particular to yourself. And you see it from hunderd metres, don´t know how to disguise. Maybe wearing a playboy tshirt but that would be an ultimate taunt against myself…

  6. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 27. I never told anyone about it, because 1) that would have raised the question “why did it take you so long?” and 2) it was no one’s business anyway.

    Shortly after I started dating my very first girlfriend (who was just as timid as I was–I think, but can’t say for sure, that we both lost it at the same time) I went to a party (solo) and met another girl there. When I mentioned “Karen” in the conversation, she said “YOU have a girlfriend??!”

    And it was like that for many years to follow. After we broke up, two years later, I moved several times, an experienced a 10+ year dry spell. By the time I finally found a real stable job I was in my late 30s and still single. No one ever confronted me about it, and I never talked about my history, because again, it was no one’s business, but I knew there was plenty of snickering behind my back about what a dweeb I was, how I must be gay, etc.

    Even when I got married shortly before I left that job, the snickering continued, but took the form of “Good grief, who would be desperate enough to marry HIM!!??”

    And even since I’ve been here (almost 3000 miles away and 12 years later), in a place where no one has ever known me as anything other than “Melissa’s” husband and “Jeremy’s” daddy, I know they’re still saying the same thing.

    And you know what? I make the same suggestion to them that Dick Cheney made to Pat Leahy.

    W&N, you are so right. Never confirm or deny your status. Any inquiry should be turned aside with “Why are you asking?”

  7. I don’t mean to compare apples and oranges, but I was perceived as “gay” by most of my peers in the metropolitan area where I grew up.

    I’ve lived in several other cities since then, and rarely did people think I was gay.

    Sometimes moving to a different city can really change things.

    • Welcome to the sexual revolution a la the Marquis de Sade. Everyone has a duty to have sex. If you don’t you’re a freak.

      • The best part about this is “the men who are not wanted” will effectively have their reputations destroyed if they think they can get away with “being unattached to the women who want a back-up man to pay for them”.
        Or they’ll be falsely accused of rape by a woman who thinks she can get away with it.
        Or they’ll have rumours spread about them to make their continued employment difficult.
        Women who haven’t had sex with a guy they desire, are a real threat to community stability, because they face no bad consequences for ruining society by damaging productive mens’ reputations.
        …so much for that stupid statement of men being animals!

        • All a man can do is lay low and don’t share TMI with anyone. Read the “misandry bubble” it will burst by 2020 then our situation will rapidly improve. 🙂

  8. This is good news dudes!!!
    Yes the misandry and hate is unbelievable. But this points at one direction…
    THE GRAVY TRAIN IS DERAILING!!! Slowly but surely.
    Or else women wouldn’t have bothered if they had 10 suckers lined up to loot.

    Talk about silver lining….it is coming. Bitches and whores will have hell to pay.

    • I strongly agree. In fact men you SHOULD admit you are virgins. This sense of self-control is powerful and disarming. It will drive the enemy absolutely mad with rage to the point of murder. It will also accelerate the misandry and hatred allowing it to unravel sooner.

      Most importantly, band together and don’t shame each other for being virgins, don’t drink the orthodox Koolaid. If we’re lucky we’ll find a piece of Earth to build a new society and start-over.

      Look, if you allow evil to lurk in the dark it will grow and spread. Nero tried to burn and torture Christians, he burned Rome and tried to blame it on Christians. Nero lost and Christians took over with the rise of Constantine. Do not spurn martyrdom, I’m not talking about a victim mentality here (taking credit for the suffering of others) I’m talking about fearless transparency letting others mindfully judge who the victims are. It was witnessing the genuine suffering of others that convinced me, so believe it!

      Be warned, however, I think it will get a lot worse before it will get better. I suppose you will have to choose between a life of shame and fear or a life of inner-peace and freedom. However the scales will tip, maybe not for another hundred years but it will come to pass.

  9. Look here is the thing, I am not a virgin, I had my first gf when I was 24, that only lasted a month… A year and a half later, I sort of had a half-way relationship (in that she lived about 2 hours away and I was only able to see her once every other weekend, so it didn’t last longer than a month either)….

    But still I have lived TFL (True Forced Loneliness) all my life. Make no bones about this, women and their man-ginas are pushing us out ON PURPOSE. Most of them instinctively know this, though you won’t get them to admit to it.

    But no, I won’t hide my status. I won’t run and hide. Things will not get better with regards to this situation if people are too afraid to come forward. So what if they look down on me, they were already looking down on me before I started speaking out. The more people hide in the closet, the more we allow them to win over us.

    When gays remained in the closet, they were relentlessly persecuted. When they came out of the closet, yes they are still somewhat persecuted but there is a sector of society that has opened up to them. Things have improved for them, BECAUSE THEY STOPPED HIDING.

    I know coming out of the closet with our situation intails some risks, but, for things to ever improve, we need to take risks. Nobody ever overcame oppression without taking a few hard bumps.

  10. But there is an Orwellian world dictatorship coming, a NWO, anyone who calls this tin-foil hattery is a damn fool. Eugenics has been practiced against us our whole lives. And there is a library’s worth of evidence to prove this NWO agenda, entire books written by the elites themselves, bragging about this shit. Dating all the way back to Plato in ancient Greece (in fact, the word government comes from ancient Greece and it means “mind control”).

    • It’s more like the whole dictatorship thing is already here what with all these “rules” and “cliques” and just generally a bunch of loonie people running around being crazy. Just seeing how women have been so corrupted to become little/huge whores these days is indicative of something pretty bad. I think that Plato’s vision is used today, only it has been extremely modified and corrupted to the point where it is just a twisted beast barely resembling its original self. He had a good idea on how to run things efficiently, but with changes it could be nicer, but today’s version of his “city” is just plain wrong. I don’t agree fully with what he said, but it does make sense and with changes people could still have families and somehow keep the show running properly, but I never bothered to think that far since I mean, let’s be real, nobody is gonna listen.

  11. To me it’s not a matter if I can convince others or not, it’s about finding out for myself…. Honestly though, Plato was a child molester, he wrote openly about having sexual relations with little boys. All those elites were pedophiles.

    In “The Republic” he discussed using behavioral science to control the masses. If you look up the history of all these secret societies, they go all the way back to ancient Egypt, Babylon, Sumeria, etc. Anyone who was ever allowed to be anyone in politics had to belong to one of these secret orders. This “civilization” didn’t just evolve naturally. The word government comes from ancient Greece, and it translates to “mind control.”

  12. I think there is a higher meaning in life, but this higher meaning can only be discovered from within oneself, by trying to seek ultimate reality, which means letting go of all the illusions and traps in this matrix… Even if nobody else ever sees what I see, I see it.

  13. But hell, Plato also wrote openly about “the mysteries” and how initiates into the lesser mysteries were trained in Greece and initiates into the higher mysteries were trained in India… And how only the “elites” were allowed into the mystery schools.

  14. I’ll tell you what though, if you want more evidence that these elites are pedophiles, also look up the Kinsey experiments back in the 1950’s I believe it was, when Kinsey (a scientist) was performing experiments to “prove the sexuality of children,” by molesting children… Then think about also the Catholic Church, hell there’s more material I can share with you on that too. Especially relating to Bush Sr. having little boys over in the white house…

    People aren’t allowed to go anywhere in politics if they aren’t part of some secret society… In USA you have the Council nn Foreign Relations (CFR), in western Europe you have the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIF), the goal of these think tanks is that they raise tomorrow’s politicians up from children, these puppet elites are inbred into their bloodlines and are bred and trained for their role in the machine from the time they are young… And inbreeding also breeds psychopathy.

    Plato wrote about the “fisherman of men,” in other words how they would select people of psychopathic personality traits to bring up into the spotlight… This goes for Hollywood too, as most celebrities are picked for these traits (if not already bred for those traits).

    Anyone with real good intentions will be snuffed out of politics at the local city/county level, because of the corruption going on even at that level, the sharks can’t risk being exposed. There is no political solution, politics is their game…or no altering the coarse of the machine. We can’t really stop something that was so well planned out thousands of years before we were born. All we can do is arm ourselves with knowledge and try to plan for our own survival…

    Plato also wrote about the beehive, from beehive we get words like Behave, behoove, etc. Civilization was modeled off of the beehive, where you have the worker bees (us), then you have the drones one step above us (politicians and celebrities), and at the top you have the Royalty (the Queen).

    America is still under British maritime law, always has been. In fact all the presidents from George Washington to Barrack Obama are bloodline related to British Royalty. I could go further into all this…..

    • As a virgin man you’re expected to take on all the has-been-relationship-material women, who now have lost their looks, gained a baby, maybe STDs, a mental problem or abuse injuries.
      They chose their partners freely, BUT expect men like me to have no choice in choosing my partner, performing relational aggression so that they can annihilate any budding relationship.
      Don’t women believe in equality? Or do they only believe in equality when it grants them an advantage?
      As a virgin man, I will have a relationship with a virgin woman.
      All other women can pound sand, because I believe that they’ve lost the ability to be honest since the more “relationship experience” you get, the better a liar you become (Ever notice that it’s not the shy guy who has a harem, but the confidence trickster?).

  15. I wish I was still a virgin. If I could go back in time, I would lead a life of the purest virginity, maybe even become a Roman Catholic priest (even though I hate religion). The only reason I lost my virginity was because of peer pressure combined with a lack of self-control. I would even lie about being a virgin if I could, if it didn’t weigh so heavily on my conscience. But instead, I’ll settle for the next best thing, which is near-virgin. And if I was a virgin, I’d be loud and proud, just like the queers. I’d advertise my virginity because virginity is a reflection of pure inner beauty.

    • I know it’s fun for people to bang on about pedophile priests, but there is another thing to think about: what if some of those priests were innocent?
      It takes a monstrous society for people to put a false allegation against someone and have the person hounded out of their parish, along with the loss of reputation and possible threats to life and limb.
      Along with opportunistic, expedient and unaccountable lawmakers.
      What makes us think it is any rarer than a false rape accusation?

      • Any man who has made it thru life still a virgin should stay that way. I know I am and it’s by choice as I won’t be having sexual relations with women substitutes either, but I will enjoy the romance and companionship.

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