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If you read The Spearhead like you should, you know that the MGTOW forums have been removed from proboardsHere is their new location.  (I have also updated the link in the sidebar.)

Why did proboards delete the MGTOW forum?  Some crazy woman complained to proboards.  Here’s what the fucked up bitch wrote.


Normally when I get anonymous or trollish comments, I just have a good chuckle and let it go. This time is a little different. 

On yesterday’s post I got a comment from Anonymous which called for the boycotting of American Women. When I read what this assbag had to say I was floored. Floored I tell you……….FLOORED!

He calls American women whores, thinks they should be out of Washington and courts claiming they have done more harm than good.

He even blames American Feminist women for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan!! You can find all of his rhetoric here. Read at your own risk and on an empty stomach.

This is an American man who I can only assume has an AMERICAN WOMAN as a mother and this is what he thinks of her and those like her?

Also this doesn’t speak highly of what he thinks of foreign women either. I can imagine he thinks them to be subservient throw rugs meant to be walked all over and discarded when over used.

Dear readers, I vacillated between posting this and not posting this. I AM IN NO WAY promoting his blog, and fear that I may be giving it the attention it does not deserve, that is NOT NOT NOT my intention. I can not make that any clearer.

What I do want to make clear to ANONYMOUS American Women hater is – I have your IP address, I have your location, you’re not as anonymous as you think you are. I’m not above turning your ass into Homeland Security just for shits and giggles… THIS American woman is

You are sir is an assbag. An assbag with an inflated sense of self. Did ya ever think that its NOT the women………. IT’S YOU!!

Maybe your dick is too small, is that why you landed on MY blog the very day I posted about vibrators? Were you looking for something to please that women you’re making for yourself in your basement? Did even she laugh at you when you dropped trough and she saw all 2 hard inches of you?

That’s sad.. really it is.

Don’t kid yourself… foreign women will laugh too.. they’ll just do it with a sexy little accent.

Face it dude, even June Cleaver told Ward to “stuff it douche bag, I’m getting a job and using these pearls for anal beads.. you wanna eat… you know where the kitchen is.”


Since writing this post I/we learned much about this nutbag. He belonged to a forum on ProBoards called MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) In this blog they posted links to female bloggers and female FB accts that had posted their family pictures, pictures of their homes, etc. They spoke of rape and hatred of women, the overseas/Thailand sex trades, “safe houses.” They have expresses joy at their growing popularity and how to “spam” and “link” female blogs. It turned into massive branched out hate group seeking targets, and not everyone affiliated with the sites may be dangerous, it will provide virtual support and easy targets to anyone who is.

We turned the forum into ProBoards and it has since been pulled. Sadly his/their hate rages on and for the one forum we got closed ( woot!!) there are more to take it’s place.
One small victory, but I’ll take it … baby steps y’all.

That boycott American woman guy spams this bitch’s blog, and she thinks this is an issue for Homeland Security? But that’s not the worst part.  I have never seen any talk about “safe houses” or any of that othe bullshit she’s talking about on the MGTOW forums.  She made that BS up, full stop.

If you have ever wondered why I get women coming on to this blog and saying I should be put in prison.  This is why.  INSANITY.  It’s not just me.  The MGTOW Forums were destroyed by an insane bitch.  Forum deletion isn’t a big deal but these INSANE women can cause real damage.


10 thoughts on “The MGTOW Forums

  1. LOL bitch is crazy. Homeland security, vibrators, small dick insults, sex trade safe houses, rapes…all in one rant. That dude must have hit a nerve or something for her to get THAT mad. He’s wrong about one thing though.

    He thinks that only American women are this crazy and entitled these days. It’s pretty much the same all over the world these days (with the exception of Middle East) with varying degrees. Women in Europe are copying American ones and act like they deserve everything and those meek Asian chicks aren’t meek like everyone thinks they are. My Chinese friend says that Chinese clubs are packed with married Chinese women cheating on their husbands and looking to score meal ticket with a foreigner or someone more wealthy.

  2. If you scan through her blog, she fits the profile of late 40’s over the hill, sex starved cat lady. I feel bad for people like this. And this is no victory. Our little community was back in business in less than 72 hours. Only a handful of members are missing. Our new and improved layout and private hosting means we are now completely free and can do what we please.

  3. PS: As a member since July 2010, I have not once seen a post about safe rape sex trade houses, raping women for sport, or any of the other crap this obnoxious bitch claims she’s seen. No one on the side of good would have to resort to low level tactics like these.

    Only evil uses backstabbing and trickery to win, because it has no leg to stand on in the light.

  4. Just goes to show, you can’t stop the truth.

    In the past, they tried to ignore it.

    Now they’re simply afraid of it, and lashing out in anger.

    MGTOW will continue to grow, waking up the men of the world to reality, and there is nothing that will stop it.

  5. Even guys talking about how relationships get started and get sustained are getting flak for what they write – a lot of women would have it seem as if all their relationships “just happened”.
    Which makes it funny as so many of them “just happen” to pick tools as the people to spend their life with and find “so-called” “spineless and useless” men to pay for the tool’s happy fun time.
    Women with an axe to grind are extremely dangerous, and I don’t think we will hear much from people like JJ or Random spouting off shaming language now (but who knows, genetically engineered pigs may have wings)…

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