10 comments on “The MGTOW Forums

  1. LOL bitch is crazy. Homeland security, vibrators, small dick insults, sex trade safe houses, rapes…all in one rant. That dude must have hit a nerve or something for her to get THAT mad. He’s wrong about one thing though.

    He thinks that only American women are this crazy and entitled these days. It’s pretty much the same all over the world these days (with the exception of Middle East) with varying degrees. Women in Europe are copying American ones and act like they deserve everything and those meek Asian chicks aren’t meek like everyone thinks they are. My Chinese friend says that Chinese clubs are packed with married Chinese women cheating on their husbands and looking to score meal ticket with a foreigner or someone more wealthy.

  2. If you scan through her blog, she fits the profile of late 40’s over the hill, sex starved cat lady. I feel bad for people like this. And this is no victory. Our little community was back in business in less than 72 hours. Only a handful of members are missing. Our new and improved layout and private hosting means we are now completely free and can do what we please.

  3. PS: As a member since July 2010, I have not once seen a post about safe rape sex trade houses, raping women for sport, or any of the other crap this obnoxious bitch claims she’s seen. No one on the side of good would have to resort to low level tactics like these.

    Only evil uses backstabbing and trickery to win, because it has no leg to stand on in the light.

  4. Just goes to show, you can’t stop the truth.

    In the past, they tried to ignore it.

    Now they’re simply afraid of it, and lashing out in anger.

    MGTOW will continue to grow, waking up the men of the world to reality, and there is nothing that will stop it.

  5. Even guys talking about how relationships get started and get sustained are getting flak for what they write – a lot of women would have it seem as if all their relationships “just happened”.
    Which makes it funny as so many of them “just happen” to pick tools as the people to spend their life with and find “so-called” “spineless and useless” men to pay for the tool’s happy fun time.
    Women with an axe to grind are extremely dangerous, and I don’t think we will hear much from people like JJ or Random spouting off shaming language now (but who knows, genetically engineered pigs may have wings)…

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