4 comments on “Two Gamers Who Aren’t Deluded Manginas

  1. Women always expressed their admiration of myself on two points. The looks and the dick. Game? I never used that and frankly do not understand why I should. To maximize my success with women? Why would I want that? I am happy being a MG(his)OW!

  2. I got something to say – to back up what you are saying.

    I have watched many new young men get hired here (where I work). They invite me to their “Friday Fun Nights” – or other social gatherings.

    These young men really do get themselves into “game” – they are fully aware of feminism – and the destruction it has brought onto men and women – they are also fully aware of how bad things are for men – and they are aware that if they want to “get laid” – they must engage in fraud.

    Eventually, what game does not teach (and I agree with you that it is fake in the first place) – is to NOT develop feelings for a creature that ultimately has no feelings for you – and is incapable of such feelings.

    Yes, they all eventually get into a long-term relationship (move in with), get married – then – they get totally screwed.

    If I hear about any younger man proposing – I get in the middle of it.

    However – the word about me is out around here – and now people say, “do not tell Richard – but I am going to propose to XXXXX”

    • I think I have read on game blogs to not be afraid of losing the slut you are with. It is close.The problem here is that they also teach constant attachment to one or the other woman. As a follower of MGTOW, I have gotten used to going without women for a prolonged period of time. I only think of my past relationships and it makes me feel great. I also think of how my friends are treated as a feel good about being single bonus.

    • Be careful, Richard… because this trend of “don’t tell Richard I am going to get married” will escalate to “don’t tell Richard, but he did something creepy” to “Richard did something creepy TO ME”.
      Read the pointers from the False Rape Society and get ready to protect yourself. In a time when Western governments are slashing public-sector jobs, the women will be looking out for themselves… what better way to protect themselves from the axe by ganging up on a man and getting him fired, reducing office expenses?

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