15 comments on “There Is No Such Thing As “Getting Over It”

  1. I wonder if those men get called “losers” for acting in that way, or is it a double standard, in the sense of average Joes are “losers”, but Mr. Alpha and his buddy attending places in this way are “winners”… ahahaha

  2. The buddy system is proof that feminists are lying about the true prevalence of false accusations. Men wouldn’t bother with such tactics if they only feared true accusations, since true accusations are easily avoided.

  3. I heard that male professors in American universities ask women visiting them in their offices to leave the doors opened. They also keep the meetings as short as possible in order to avoid any suspicions.

  4. This is complete horse-sh–. Professors at my school make inappropriate remarks and stares at female students all the time. (Like accusing modern women for wearing pant suits, which they consider ugly and unfeminine and joking about students back in the old days hooking up with nursing girls next door.) What world do you live in?

    • I was told that by a fellow female student from the United States. 😉 If you are in such a university, congratulations! You are in the place to be… :-))

  5. I get this too. Its a common shaming tactic – “you need to get over your anger towards women”.

    “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”.

    …ignore the 400lb gorilla in the room.

    “anyone who says it wants to make it all about me”
    This is key – this is how men are blamed for everything. Most people especially women – do not want to admit how atrocious things have gotten these days.

    Of course, the same women who do this will jump down your throat at the drop of a pin about “blaming the victim” too…

    • “Most people especially women – do not want to admit how atrocious things have gotten these days.”

      Yeah, it’s kinda hard for them to play the victim while acknowledging how they have the power to destroy a man’s career with just one harassment charge (even if it’s a lie), so they deny it.

      Most women would never do this, of course. BUT… it doesn’t take many, or even a few women lying about you to totally destroy your career and reputation — it only takes one. Hence the “buddy system”.

  6. It’s the best policy.

    The only thing that can save you against the word of a woman is an impartial witness… and even then, often the damage is already done.

    The truth is this, pretty much every professional man takes this sort of route in interacting with women. Anything else would risk their career, and risk a lawsuit onto the company.

    It’s pretty much unwritten standard company policy at this point.

    • Ah, the brave new world of equality, that makes everyone scared, since equality has now become code for “supremacy”…

  7. Our department secretary is a stupid, vicious cunt (more stupid than vicious, mercifully). Just before Christmas, it turned out that she and I would have been the only ones in our group in the office that day, so I called in sick. I absolutely refuse to be there alone with her.

  8. Get over it. More shaming crap designed to get you to fall in line. Like an abusive partner begging for forgiveness. Forget it. I will not forgive women a decade from now who let me and my friends sit alone or friend-zone me. I will shove it in their faces that they are 30+, and that I only date women under 25.


    • Why do you think women practice relational aggression, like spreading rumours that “this guy is a creep”, etc.?
      Because the older ones know their only fallback position is the guys they scorned while they had “something to attract the guys with” (they just didn’t want the guys that were serious about them, because, horrors, that would mean they couldn’t ride the cock carousel or attain social proof… or even trade up!).
      So they have to make sure that these guys are desperate for the women their age and older.
      So the only way to do that, is to say any man interested in younger women “is a creep”. Funnily enough, all that does is to make the savvy guys pick up stakes, earn money, leave the “city of witches”(and electronically disconnect from them) and find a new place to live… all of which, surprise surprise, make them more attractive!
      Yet another reason not to involve yourself with women who are past the stage of being able to carry a child to term without genetic defects. Sure, marrying one may be easy, but nobody is giving you a free ride or offering to pay for your future child’s medical condition, right?

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