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    • The biggest part is taxes. I pay a lot of them even despite using every trick I can to reduce them (and being self-employed for several months now I have quite a few available now). Around 80% of my taxes are going to women. It’s not just welfare. Social security and medicare also go mainly to women since men die earlier. Most government workers at all levels of government minus the military, homeland security, and law enforcement are female. And of the military, homeland security, and law enforcement have all of their own female BS that I’m paying for. This is not just a matter of women holding these jobs. Government acts as a massive (useless) jobs program for women.

      It doesn’t stop there. I pay (and you do too) for government regulation that employs women in the private sector. There’s affirmative action, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. HR departments are mostly female and completely useless. I pay (and you do too) extra for everything you buy to pay for the salaries of these useless women. Everything would be cheaper if all these women were not employed doing nothing.

      There’s the legal fees I have had to pay to consult lawyers due to the sexual harassment false claims I have had to deal with. It isn’t that much because the women who accused me of that were all stupid but since it’s happened to me multiple times I have had to consult lawyers to be on the safe side. I have gotten sizeable “payouts” from various employers because of the false claims against me but that was not paid on behalf of the women who made the claims against me. It was paid so that I wouldn’t decide to sue my (now previous) employers so that doesn’t count as a resitution payment against the half million USD.

      Since I haven’t had the money I’m supposed to have, there’s also losses due to the fact that I didn’t have money to invest so that has to be factored in. Add this all together and I estimate what has been stolen from me at about half a million USD. It’s probably more than that, but a lot of this is the prinicple of the thing so I’m not going to chase down every cent.

      In theory the system is supposed to work as “I scratch your back. You sratch my back.” When it comes to women that has fallen apart for me. Thus anything going to women in payment that’s beyond what would have been paid without feminist socialism is theft from me. There is no reason I should be paying people who are hostile to me. In any other circumstance this would be considered theft. Thus I should get back my lost property of half a million dollars cash. Until that happens I’m fighting a defensive war, and I will treat it as such.

      • Smart men keep their eyes open no matter how inviting the environment. The system exists to transfer wealth to those who do nothing to uplift themselves and live in “i’m-a-victim-but-just-as-equal-to-you” contradiction.
        Stay sharp and mind the BS, you’re going to have to keep careful track of the people you interact with and limit their ability to harm you.
        An open society is only possible among people who can be trusted and a government serious about fairly enforcing the law.
        I see neither being done in the present-day-West, your ideas and attitude are correct for the situation you find yourself in.

  1. Hey, you’ve got a stalker!

    Seriously though, I’d say ignore them. This part of the PUA movement is just Manginaism 2.0 – underneath the goggles and the platform soles the basic premiss is still the same old one that any guy who gets El Shafto is clearly some kind of loser who obviously deserves it.

    If that true then these people should have no problem picking the ‘losers’ out in advance, right? It’s not like they’re desperately scrambling for an after the fact rationalisation, is it? They should be able to look at a bunch of office workers and tell which losers are going to get false sexual harassment suites, which newly-weds will come home to a house empty except for a letter from their lawyer, which…. well, anyone, really. After all, f we’re saying that every guy who gets nailed deserves it due to his bad behaviour, then there should be no problem picking these deviants out before hand.

  2. I would need to see a better and more accurate break down of all the avenues that your money goes to in order to determine if I should be responsible for your bitterness or not.

    If you are claiming that since the government has an agency like the EEOC to investigate claims of discrimination, how much of it was exactly on gender discrimination and how much of that was prior to your entry into the workforce and how much of each of your dollar going to the Federal/State government can be shown to be going to these type of agencies.

    Also, I need you to provide the statistical proof that your claim of women making up most of the US government payroll outside of the military and your evidence showing that your money itself is the one paying for their salaries and/or hourly compensation.

    Since the largest share of the budget outside the two mandatory programs (which you also have to show that your FICA taxes are supporting mostly women who did not contribute the amount you are now providing) is the US Military, you need to show that your money is not going directly to the military.

    You will also have to provide the start of your employment and annual amounts paid in taxes since the start of your employment.

    Please also remember to factor in any amounts that you have received back as a member of society from the government spending on either sex. (Example, your grandmother may have had SS and Medicare to keep her alive, you have benefited by the state collecting from other people to provide this benefit that allowed your parents to pay for the things you needed rather than things she needed. Alternative example, government spending on educational systems such as universities and/or loans/scholarships you may have received to fund your education at these universities as well as government support to keep tuition at a certain level.)

    Essentially what I am saying is that prior to being given any money in compensation for the amounts that you claim you have lost due to various government agencies supporting women, you need to show that this is not money that you had already received by using systems other people paid for, this was your money directly and that you have actually had to be working long enough for that amount to reach the half million mark.

    If not, then you are trying to scam people and that is just as unfair as the woman who filed those false claims.

    • LadyGodiva, or should I call you Elizabeth? That’s right I know what you’re doing.

      What I’m saying has already been verified by the National Organization for Women. They have admitted most government spending goes to women, and all levels of government employ women at a greater rate than men. You don’t get to play stupid when NOW has admitted what I say about government spending and employment is true. NOW even brags about how they redirected stimulus money from repiaring infrastructure that is experiencing critical levels of failure to women.

      The time I spent in school had more to do with indoctrination, especially feminist indoctrination, rather than real education so that was of no benefit to me. I should be compensated for the wasted time I could have been doing anything else.

      For my entire life almost all of government has been a hostile and feminist organization. If the government wasn’t the government, it would have been shut down long ago for violating RICO laws since feminism is no different than the mafia except the mafia is honest and has less power than feminism.

      Since I know you’re a feminist because of the blog you came from, yes you are responsible. Too bad you’re pathetic at trolling.

      • What a shock-you insulted me and are refusing to prove your claims.

        Instead of making an effort to show that you have a valid claim (and therefore should be compensated), all you do is talk about NOW’s president pointing out that social programs generally help women.

        Woopdedoo-do the actual breakdown of every cent of your tax dollars and show us where you are paying for social programs that have zero benefit for you. AND have not already been taken care of by other people paying for your way in life.

        In other words-put up or shut up.

        • Elizabeth why aren’t you posting under your real name? If you don’t you’re sockpupetting, and I ban those who sockpuppet on this blog.

          You effectively admitted to attempting to troll this blog on manboobz. Why should I take you seriously? I’m not going to provide proof to anyone who refuses to pledge a contribution to my resitution fund.

          Pay up or shut up.

  3. If you need to get laid that badly, email me and I will take you to a decent hooker in my area. Stop making this so complex

  4. Hi w&n

    I actually think the number is much higher than 500000. You probably have another 30 years or so of paying taxes. I figure you can add another 1000000 Or so to that figure. That is enough to hit a hooker every day for the rest of your life.

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  6. Dang – excellent observation – one that I wouldn’t have been able to make either.

    “bitter” – you just nailed it. They are using shaming language against you.

  7. Hello, fascinating blog here. I may be writing you up soon on my high traffic blog (5000 hits/day).

    You say that women keep saying that you should be thrown in jail or prison. Why are these cunts saying this to you, if you don’t mind my asking?


    • Since I’m not a mind reader, I can only provide you with guesses. I figure that it must be that women hate me so much that they don’t want me to be anywhere near them. I have tried to minimize my interaction with women but it’s not good enough for them. As far as I can tell women only want alphas and the rest of us are useless and dangerous as far as women are concerned. Part of the issue too might be that I’m willing to fight back against women. While I ghost in real life, this blog makes my views clear and I have had women post comments here that I should be put in prison.

      ADDITION: Another possible reason is money. Because I don’t have the opportunity to spend it on women, I have a lot of it. I’m not going to say my net worth but it’s high. It’s very high. Why do bank robbers rob banks? Because that’s where the money is. Between women and myself, I’m a bank. The problem with this explination is that it’s not obvious how much money I have. I don’t flaunt it so women wouldn’t know. However, I can’t help but think this is part of the explination.

      I looked at your blog, and I saw your incel post. I would suggest against using the incel forums as your reference point for incel. They really aren’t about dealing with incel. Instead they’re almost a cult that enforces leftism in a very stalinist fashion. They’re obsessed with kissing the asses of the supposed incel women on that forum to the point where newcomers get deleted a lot for not realizing they have offended the PC police there. In fact newcomers have had their accounts deleted seemingly at random for reasons that can not be figured out. Often time the deletions happen right before they would get access to the hidden forums. The Love Shy Forums have threads detailing the leftist PC police that operate there.

      The Incel Forums also have a history of problematic behavior. The current Incel Forum is at least the third iteration of the Incel Forums. Every couple of years it breaks down due to problems and a new set of forums get created. The last time this happened the administration got mad at what would become the clique that runs the current Incel Forum. According to the clique running the Incel Forum, they will tell you the Administrator of the previous forums suddenly went insane for no reason. I doubt this was the case. Given the fact that the clique running the current Incel forum is nothing but leftist PC police, the administrator of the previous Incel Forum was probably on to something.

      It’s also telling that the administrator who setup the current Incel Forum two years ago hasn’t been seen on the Incel Forum for months, probably well over a year.

      For dealing with these issues, the Love Shy Forums are way better. They have their problems but it’s not run by a cult of leftist PC police. It’s also based on a concept called “love shyness” which is basically incel but beyond that I’m not sure how to define it. One of its problems is that the idea of “love shyness” was created by Dr. Gilmartin who was basically a quack. His research was questionable (to put in mildly) and his book takes astrology seriously claiming its relevant to incel. The other side of that is that its probably the only academic research done on incel. The Love Shy Forums despite the name are more about general incel than Dr. Gilmartin’s theories, and it’s better than the Incel Forums because of the lack of leftist PC police.

      • You need to log the offensive actions of these passive-aggressive stirrers. They are merely trying to get you to react to their nonsense, like “PUA gamers” so that they can show you as being either insecure or dangerous.
        The reason for logging their actions is to have something to put against them if they choose to escalate situations – a sufficiently mangina guy or bitchy woman are perfectly capable of that.
        Remember, if you’re not fulfilling your dreams, you are fulfilling someone elses’.

  8. “1. No more sexual harassment complaints against me ever”
    You cannot control the behaviours of another, without subsequently removing their freedom.

    “2. No more about how I should be thrown in jail from women and manginas (and this includes any meaningless verbal statements)”
    Same as number 1.

    “3. A return of all money that has been stolen from me (primarily by government or on the because of government) on the behalf of women. I estimate that this is in the range of half a million dollars. This can be in cash or an “in kind” payment such as hookers but I would prefer the cash since cash doesn’t carry STDs”

    The price of living in society is taxes from that society. Said money only has value due to said society believing it has value. Your money is society’s way of representing your time and energy working for it. You have been giving it the power of which it uses to extract more from you.

    Rather reject society, and find your own value.

    However, bitterness is indeed a valid choice. One is perfectly entitled to be bitter about something if that is what they so desire. The game of bitterness is one I personally find unappealing, but all the power to you if it what you desire.

  9. We have a right to be bitter, just like the Native Americans had a right to be bitter, just like the Jews in Germany had a right to be bitter, just like the blacks in the south USA had a right to be bitter (etc).

    If people have not learned it from history by now, let me share [what should be] a bit of common sense. Treat other people the way you wanna be treated yourself. If you do not, then that person has every fucking right to be bitter.

    Don’t give me this shit about “you won’t die if you don’t get a date,” because 1. By that logic, a black man wouldn’t have died from not being able to drink from the same fountain as a white man, still it didn’t make it right. And 2. If this is what the current dating scene has to offer, I’d rather die alone than deal with this bullshit. But it shouldn’t have to come to that…. It is women and their man-ginas who force millions of men (and a select few women) onto the fringes of society, to be treated like sub-human trash. If this happened to any of you women or man-ginas out there, you would have the same fucking attitude, and you damn well know it!

  10. And fuck those damn “progressive” PC fuckers at the incel forum, I got banned from one of those forums the first hour I signed up, a few years back, for stating the obvious, that it’s more of a male issue than a female issue. But oh my god, we can’t have women feeling left out in playing the victim *shock*.

    It’s a fucking load of horse shit because most women will never go through this shit, and if we allow them to false represent what we’re going through, it will do nothing but trivialize our struggles and reinforce the (wrongful) stereotype that we’re just a bunch of emo tard losers.

    We didn’t CHOOSE this life style, IT CHOSE US… To be more accurately, SOCIETY chose us. This isn’t some pathetic fucking emo fashion trend, for those of us who really live this lifestyle, this is gutteral oppression!

  11. Here’s a thought. I seen this first hand today. Go into a book store, you’ll find there is a whole shelf for women’s studies and women’s rights… But none of them hardly carry anything at all on men’s rights.

    • I’m sure way back in the time of the civil rights movement, there was nothing there either about treating people of other races with dignity.
      But then again, women of colour couldn’t have been brought on the female liberation bandwagon, unless people of colour were treated with dignity.

      • Well they didn’t end segregation among blacks because they cared about human rights, they did it because they had an agenda and they needed someone to pitt against white society. The matrix always plays both sides. But that is another issue..

    • And of course, you’ll need to understand that many women want entry into the job market but at rates of productivity lower than a man.
      I think it’s because they believe women’s intuition is so much more superior to the idea of experience and learning new things.
      In some cases it approaches the situation of an extortion plan… create a pool of talentless hacks big enough to have criticism waived, then foist them onto companies telling them “if you want to gain more market share and appeal to women – who make over 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions – you’ll put a woman in this job instead of a man”…

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