4 comments on “Women Are Stupid

  1. That reminds me of something funny I saw once.
    This comedian said: Women, if your cooch stopped working, what would you do to keep a man’s interest?
    The women in the audience said: “Give him lots of bj’s and anal”.
    The comedian looked shocked, and said “You could have said, talk to him, make him a good meal, participate in his interests. But it seems you only define yourself by your 3 openings… and yet if a guy says this he’s sexist or a misogynist? Incredible!”

  2. Note too that Elizabeth’s supposed gotcha! relies on the idea that you should immediatly scramble to answer her stupid demands and – should you fail to do the required monkey dance – she wins!

    Say, what?

    Isn’t that kind of like goose-stepping into a restaurant and demanding they give you a free meal, then when you get thrown out announcing that it proves they can’t deal with a string, independent woman asking for free food?

  3. Well, to be fair, most people don’t know about the referrer system.

    Paul Elam who’s one of the smartest guys in the Men’s sphere didn’t know about hiding referrers until I showed him systems to link to sites using a referrer-hiding service.

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