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  1. “Er, which is not to say they don’t notice me; even in middle age I get lots of IOIs from waitresses and other female service personnel. Any PUA would tell you this is a predictable and unremarkable consequence of being an alpha male.”

    Or, Eric, they could be acting friendly because they want a good tip.

  2. I think hanging around real life womanizers helps clear the distinction between online status jockeys and those who are actually successful with women. That said, the only person I’ve ever met who brought up the subject of “game” in real life was overweight, short, poorly dressed, and socially awkward.

      • I’m not sure that’s the case. If the kind of guy who poses online as a “gamer” but who was indeed full of bullshit was hanging around with a real-life guy successful with women, I think the latter would probably just ignore the former or be kind to him but realize he’s not a factor in the social calculations. There would be no need to “call” him on his bullshit; a real-life natural is usually positive, upbeat and enjoying life and wouldn’t bother to take the time to get into some kind of spit-fight with a bullshitter. I mean, people who are socially successful generally have better things to do (like enjoying their times hanging out with friends, etc.) than status spit-fights.

  3. ESR is kind of celebrity in OpenSource circles, co he can feel alpha and act so; especially when compared to rest of nerds/geeks/hackers there.

      • That’s well said. Besides, if this Eric Raymond guy really were a “natural”, he wouldn’t feel the need to explain it in a blog to everyone. He’s be out spending his time with his female companions rather than blogging about it. Real “naturals” don’t feel the need to talk about themselves as self-consciously as Raymond does in that blog entry. And the present blog is correct that the kinds of women found at SCA conventions, etc. usually are not that attractive.

    • Vox has turned into what I’m now calling a game zombie. Game zombies over time spend more and more of their waking lives talking about nothing but game. They are keyboard jockeys in overdrive.

      Justin, as a Christian, I have a question for you. I have come to the conclusion that game is incompatible with Christianity at its very foundation. It’s not just using game for promiscuity although that’s part of it. Game is used by “Christians” to justify female sin ranging from divorce to lying. It also provides an excuse to attack Christian (and other) men who point out female sin and hypocrisy in the Church. It also provides cover for the lack of Christian compassion towards men whose only “sin” is being disliked by women. Justin, what do you think of this?

      • I think you are right on, friend. I came to the same conclusion: Game is contradictory with Christianity at the very core. During the “Great Game Debate” of a couple summers ago when the Spearhead first started, I analyzed it fairly deeply, and got attacked by Roissy’s White Knight brigade, led by the Ferdinand guy and the Hawaiian, really, countless others on Spearhead too, I forget most of them. I stopped posting there, it is just too abusive. It is gratifying to see you tear them up in their pretensions.

        Here is a good post on the subject by a guy named Anakin. He doesn’t renew his blog anymore, but it is a treasure trove of solid Christian thinking about men’s issues.


        • Game may be contrary to the Christian core, but it doesn’t stop women who self-identify as “Christian” while at the same time having sex out of wedlock or cheat on their husbands. And why? “Because he wasn’t leading enough”. The morons at boundless do plenty to reinforce this view. So again, it’s the man’s fault the woman fell, eventhough she is equal to men.
          As a matter of fact the churches are filled with born-again virgins. They make no secret of their faith, but somehow questioning their virginity is something “good men never do”, but the men they were with previously do not count.

        • I see the man as being the loser(in the sense of a person leaving his house unlocked is asking to be stolen from), if only for the reason that
          1. the wife he is marrying has probably seen more pricks than a cactus farmer
          2. she reserves the right to be disappointed in him at any time and society will side with her
          3. no blame can ever be attached to her previous behaviour
          4. he is always to blame for unhappiness in the marriage
          5. “he should be grateful he has her” <- should be the reverse
          When a woman says that you asking about the number of partners she had is something she doesn't want to answer, that is the sign of someone who thinks you either 1. don't deserve to know the truth or 2. matters enough to her future lifestyle that you have to be lied to so she can get it.
          Great way to start married life, with the prefix: "To love, honour, cherish and obey" <- note they said nothing about honesty…

  4. I’m not against learning ways to build confidence with women per se, but I do have a few hard-and-fast criticisms.

    -Like mentioned here, if those versed in game were so successful, why are so many post whores? Unless they are financially independent and can report anything and everything when not going after women.

    -A womanizer I know spent many an hour trying to woe women—even for someone that considered himself a “natural,” it took effort. He did rack up the numbers, but it burned much time. Time that I suspect that so-called Internet gamers would be using instead of posting numerously. (BTW, for him, it wasn’t just about getting laid; you can get laid with a few or just one woman with as friends with benefits; the thrill of the chase and trying to procure his image as a Lothario was part of his ego).

    -Speaking of ego, there seems an awful lot of gamers are not very happy about (even) constructive criticism. I made a comment about that if anyone paid $750 for a two-day seminar for PUA was being scammed. One PUA named Knackster pulled an Internet Tough Guy act on me; I simply laughed it off. I find it curious that PUAs that are supposedly battle-hardened from their field experiences would be so insecure about online barbs—even ones not directed towards them specifically. Oh, yeah, from seeing Knackster’s picture and a couple of videos, he’s overweight and not an Adonis. And has admitted health problems on top of it. I believe addiction is one of them.

    -And Mystery. One reason why he’s allegedly so popular and successful with women is—you guessed it—he’s popular and successful. Possessing certain elements can make you an “alpha” with women almost by default. Being immensely wealth and highly visible are pretty obvious ones.

    There is a few other things I could point out, but that’s a good start I should think.

    • Everything you said is true. The seminars are all scams but at least you know what the deal is. It’s about money. OTOH the gamers we encounter on the internet aren’t doing it for the money. It’s all about being a post whore and a keyboard jockey. I have gotten attacked by gamers I never heard of (and thus never interacted with or even read their blogs) simply for disagreeing with game. If the gamers were so successful they would be too busy to crusade against me.

      The married gamers are a joke. They produce no results whatsoever but we are expected to believe that they have done something. It’s just another example of why game doesn’t exist.

      Here’s the real question. Why are they so threatened by my blog? If they were correct about game, they wouldn’t crusade against me as much as they do.

    • Very good points there SR… Especially on this:

      1) Getting lots of chicks BURNS time… That is something everyone seems to forget, and heck even W&N as privy as he is to game-scams, tends to at time forget that getting chicks is mostly a function of how willing you are to burn time on them.

      The secret is that the biggest “naturals” have the biggest rejection rates… They literally hit on women day and night and just burn through hundreds of numbers like they breathe air…

      Same holds for the few gamers that actually do get laid… Its a function of MASSIVE number-gaming and just going through opportunities like mad… one chick after the other, after the other.

      2) How sensitive these online-gamers are

      I mean, if you disagree with them on anything or propose/ask for an objective point/argument/metric, they FREAK OUT and get all emotional and prissy.

      I once had roissy freaking out, calling me names, writing huge emotional rants directed at me, by merely suggesting that game is unprovable because you can’t measure it.

      • I’m not surprised Roissy freaked out at you. Even if you stick to your own blog, gamers will find it and freak out about you just like Hawaiian Libertarian Neo-Marxist did.

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