6 comments on “Grab Some Popcorn

  1. As a former “gamer” I enjoy watching these catfights. Mostly because I know the stage they’re going through.

    This is the stage right before they wake up from the game trance. They’ll be looking back on their game days and CRINGING

    • Alek,

      For me it’s not about going through the trials and tribulations of Game. My thought on Game is that it has diminishing marginal returns. The buildup of inner Game is very valuable. Getting some play is really good too. But beyond that, what does it turn into but a glorified hobby not unlike collecting baseball cards?

      With Obsidian, its about him trying to tell white guys that they are shit. He develops his own value system by sayiing that “Game will fix all your problems” and that White Men in the manosphere are bitter because they can’t get laid and can’t learn Game, and he revels in that because he wants to stick it to a lot of the bloggers in the sphere who have rejected him or made fun of him at one time or another.

      • @Piggy

        I’m fine with with inner-game, even though I dislike the term because it has “game” in it 😀

  2. With any luck, it will end up like the “Gunwitch saga”, where people discover their PUA guru is really a meth-head who can only survive by blowing smoke to men, who think they can honestly adapt to what self-serving women only interested in “fun”, want.

  3. No offense, but I stay away from stuff like this. Or at least, I try to.

    Right now, there is an evil bitch named “Mary Kellett” that needs to be ousted from the district attorney’s office, and disbarred from practicing law.

  4. Obsidian is boring. The comment wars started by The Fifth Horseman on another article were much more entertaining.

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