15 comments on “This Is The Future Of Women

  1. there you go. and they say women are the fairer more mature sex. so full of bs!

    and I bet you my 10 bucks that media is going to portray that girl as a victim. it might that her father was mean, or that boys in her school didnt think her tits were big enough. somehow she will get a pass

    if he was a guy, however, they would be talking about how “men” is the gender of evil

    • It’s all BS. This is what most modern women are like. Refuse to buy them a car and they pistol whip you. Stop being useful as a husband and they divorce you. If they don’t find you attractive enough they try to have you thrown in prison.

      If civilization hasn’t been destroyed by women by 2031, we will all be living in a military dicatorship because that was the only way to prevent women from destroying civilizaiton.

  2. That is not normal behavior. Something was going on there that you have no idea what it is. There is a far above zero chance that the girl is happy she is in detention and away from her psycho-bitch mother.

  3. PT, why are you calling the mother a pyscho? the girl is the one carrying the gun

    not like Im defending the mother, she might be sick too, but it sounds like you are taking sides with an armed girl

    would you do that if she was a boy?

  4. Tits or wheels,always a problem.

    At least with a vehicle the first 50,000 are usually trouble free.
    The wymyns today are trouble coming out of the box.

    Treat them like royalty or be imprisoned or worse.

    The avoidance is getting harder, they are becoming more desperate for fresh victims due to the economic crisis.

    • Think about the millions of men in jail because of feminism and for nonviolent drug offenses. There’s no reason for them to be in prison. Instead we let women who are violent or dangerous or a threat to civilization run free.

      We should release all of the men imprisoned because of feminism and nonviolent drug offenders from prison and we will have space for all the women who should be in prison. There probably won’t be enough space even after letting out the men imprisoned because of feminism and nonviolent drug offenders but we can always build more prisons.

      • No kidding.

        Include psychological damage (emotional terrorism) as a crime…

        I’d guess about 80% of all women would be in jail in a few months.

    • Based on the knee-jerk responses of many women when in any way approached by men, they would be in jail if the same standard of “harassment” – that they use against men – was used.
      We are all equal until the woman has an outcome that is not desirable.
      We are all equal until the woman is required to take responsibility for her action.
      We are all equal until allocation of resources to the most productive members mean that women do not get the majority share.
      We are all equal until the women are required to explain their behaviour.
      We are all equal until the women are required to apologise to men that they have no intention of using/duping for favours in the future.
      We are all equal until the equality requires sacrifice by the woman.
      We are all equal until the women need to bring more to the table by behaving ethically and addressing their responsibilities justly.

  5. This type of problem isn’t one you should blame on women, but instead on the law. For every woman you find that behaves like the 17 year old girl, I will find you a male that will behave the exact same way. It’s called being a sociopath and I know plenty of sociopathic males that would behave exactly like that 17 year old girl and not even flinch.

    The only difference is that if a 17 year old boy did that exact same thing to his mother, I guarantee he will be sentenced to around 5 years in prison. This 17 year old girl is going to get away with a slap of the wrist. This is not a problem of bad women sprouting up, bad women and bad men are always going to be around.

    The problem is the law that decides to take it easy on women and be harsh on men for the exact same crime. This is a serious problem that is caused by feminism’s meddling with the law. The way I see it, if women want equal rights to men, then they deserve equal punishment as well, it’s only fair they get the negative aspects of being a male if they want the positive aspects.

  6. Want to see the future? Move to Chicago and work in any neighborhood post office. At the rate things are going, the whole nation will be one big ‘hood, no matter what you look like. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to paraphrase Giuliani:

    “We are all African Americans now”

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