29 comments on “Speak The Truth About Women, Get Accused Of Being The Next Sodini

  1. I do not know who Sodini is?
    I assume he did something bad at some time against one or more women.

    It is so sweet to live in a world where I know I can be safe around half the population,after all women commit zero crime.

    They are just cuddly fuzzy ponytails and lawn gnomes.

  2. Yep, this is the way we live today:

    A Bloke says “Modern life has produced a generation of women who exhibit all the worst traits of the old aristocracy, not least their cruelty, obsession with status, inability to tolerate criticism from the ‘lower orders’ and delusions of godhood ”

    A Woman Replies: “You dare criticise a woman! You must be a psycho killer, so you deserve to go to jail forever”

    This is what thirty years of unchallenged cultural hegemony has done to the female ability to argue a logical case.

  3. Sodini is a guy with unsolved issues and a blog, he insinuated he was going to kill people, and then he did it. He shot a few guys and girls in a gym and then committed suicide.

    Sodini is famous because of his blog and when you read it its pretty much a sad monologue about how asfixiated he feels and how lonely and clueless and loser he feels. He gives a good, nice man, yet pity vibe.


    So of course people are going to compare WN with him. Its inevitable. Same way people are picking on depressive guys at the high schools and thinking these can become school shooters.

    Dude, WN, I hope you dont go all Sodini. I know being isolated from the rest of the world can screw up you up. I hope you grow some balls and go after the answers you need and then do something about them. And I dont mean this “grow balls” in a derogative way, we all need to grow some balls.

    • Being isolated in of itself isn’t a bad thing. If it’s forced isolation, it truly can be harmful. That in itself can be a contributor in depression.

      As for myself, I’m not alone for more than 24 hours at all. In fact, like many people I have to remove myself to get some temporary respite.

      I think white and nerdy needs the isolation from Ameriskanks that could cause serious problem with his professional or personal life. It isn’t a matter of being neurotic or shyness; with the laws still stacked against men it’s bad enough. Even without support from a misandrist legal and societal system, it’s important to know the types of women that can wreck havoc on your life and keep them at bay or out of it completely.

  4. Sodini lashed out at women and other men because he was obsessed with getting sex, and he was bitter over his lack of success with it.

    Whereas W&N just wants to be left alone, more or less.

  5. What I don’t understand about the Sodini story is why didn’t he just pay for hookers if he was so desperate for sex? Why go through 18 years of sexual frustration for it to blow up on your face?

    I can understand W&N had not used hookers because his motivation is getting respect from women and not necessarily getting laid. W&N reminds me more of a pissed off version of Rodney Dangerfield rather than Sodini, lol.

    • It’s not respect I seek from women. It’s more indifference that I seek. I just want to be left alone to live my life without intereference.

      I’m not sure why Sodini didn’t go to hookers. After he started with game that wouldn’t have been an option because hookers are a “game failure”. It’s another reason why game caused his shooting rampage.

  6. Fair enough, that sounds like a noble goal. Honestly, I think if you want indifference, it might be easier to improve yourself until you reach the level of indifference rather than try to make women change because I don’t think they will:

    I think the scale of how women treat you is as follows from my observations:

    If you’re an alpha: You are a God to women, and they’ll literally do anything for you and will make you the greatest guy ever and make you believe it not knowing that they give you the power to be this way.

    If you’re a beta: You’re just a regular guy, while some women may be attracted to your strengths and some women repulsed by your weaknesses, most women view you through indifference.

    If you’re an omega: You are either a guy to laugh at and make fun of if you are perceived as nice and weak. If you are a guy that is perceived as mean and weak then you’ll be deemed creepy and a guy that should be looked upon as someone they don’t want around.

    How do I know this? Because during the lows in my life I was a temporary omega, and I was usually the nice and weak guy who was put down and made fun of by most women.

    Then there were times in my life where I was a temporary Alpha after a temporary huge boost in confidence that women looked me as some kind of Adonis.

    I’ve spent most of my life as a beta, which I am right now as that is probably my natural state and I notice some women may like me, some may hate me, but most view me with completely indifference as if I’m just another guy.

    If indifference is your goal then you need to make yourself become a beta. I think it’s a mixture of looks and social dominance that make you who you are in the scale. If you lack in social dominance, then you’ll need looks to compensate, if you lack in looks then you’ll need social dominance to compensate.

      • This is where figuring out who you are as a person comes in handy. This is what I did and it made me realize why some women were attracted to me and others weren’t.

        You simply need to find out what your personality is for one thing as thing can give you a good idea, some personalities are more attractive to women than others:


        Then once you find out what your personality, then you need to get to the dirty parts. Find out if you have any personality disorders, while some personality disorders may be attractive to women like antisocial personality disorder, some aren’t so attractive like social anxiety disorder. The truth is most people have at least one personality disorder.

        Then try to make yourself more aware of simple things you do like tone of voice, speech patterns and your level of social skill. Simply pay attention to how you talk, it makes a big difference for how women perceive you. Also try to notice what kind of body language you convey as well. This goes a long way for how women perceive your level of social dominance. I found meditation really helped me for this.

        Good luck

      • The problem is that everything says I should be a beta but I get treated as an omega.

        Its because you give a crap.

        What defines an omega vs. an alpha or a beta is how much he GIVES A SHIT.

        You still give a shit about how women treat you, and react to you, and what they do to you.

        Its kind of ironic, but the moment you no longer give a fuck what women do, or say to you or about you… All of a sudden they treat you like Brad Pitt.

        Try my experiment. Go out and piss off as many women as you can until you no longer give a crap what they think or how they respond. Magically… they start being nice to you.

        • I think that’s generally true, I notice women and most importantly people generally treat me better when I act like myself and I’m indifferent to how they perceive me. When I act like I care, people usually take advantage of this.

          I think not giving a shit is usually determined by how desensitized you are to women. The more desensitized you are to women, the less you care about how they think and in a sense you appear as if you are in control strong and above the women. If you’re sensitized, you appear weak, but in reality you are just heavily affected by what they say.

          I think every guy is capable of making the leap, it has to happen subconsciously. There are a variety of ways to get there, meditation is just one way of many.

        • I think every guy is capable of making the leap, it has to happen subconsciously. There are a variety of ways to get there, meditation is just one way of many.

          True, and a good point. It really is a SWITCH that happens inside your head. The moment it flips, all of a sudden its night and day.

          Like its literally overnight. One day women all treat you like a serial killer, (almost) spit in your face for daring to be in the same room as them.. and then the VERY next day…

          All women are running up to you, kissing your butt, trying to get your attention…

          Like the switch literally can flip-over that quick. It literally is on/off. And yes, you’re right. There’s more than one way to flip that switch. For some men its doing a bunch of escorts. For some men is like getting 200 rejections in a row. For some men its meditating on a mountain top…

        • >I notice women and most importantly people generally treat me better when I act like myself and I’m indifferent to how they perceive me. When I act like I care, people usually take advantage of this.

          I notice the opposite, though. It seems like everything that I do naturally turns people off. When I act like myself, I’m perceived as obnoxious and boring. When I smile naturally, mt face is perceived as disgusting. I became sensitized exactly because I kept getting those kind of reactions everybody.

        • Exactly it is a switch between living a hell or heaven when it comes to women. However, it takes lots of time to turn things right side up. Like, after meditating for a while or approaching so many women, a process begins where you are slowly getting rid of your weak self and introducing your strong self. The funny thing is that having this kind of mentality will help you in all areas of life, not just women.

          Like after a year of meditating I notice that in certain moments or around certain groups of people I act shy, lacking in confidence and insecure. At other times I act fearless, confident and strong. It’s kind of like a Jekyll/Hyde thing going on and it’s frustrating subconsciously switching between both several times a day. I guess after another year or so, I will finally shed my old self and become my new self.

          The key is to remain strong and keep pursuing your goal until you finally are transformed. Getting rid of negative people in your life who want to put you down is a good first step and hang out with positive people instead. They are insecure about themselves in reality and need to tear you down to make themselves feel better, but a truly strong person doesn’t need to do this.

  7. “I notice the opposite, though. It seems like everything that I do naturally turns people off. When I act like myself, I’m perceived as obnoxious and boring. When I smile naturally, mt face is perceived as disgusting. I became sensitized exactly because I kept getting those kind of reactions everybody.”

    It’s not just about being yourself though, it’s about like AlekNovy said it: “Being yourself and not giving a crap”. If you be yourself and care what others think about you, then obviously you are going to get negative reactions. It’s very hard to explain, but I’ll try my best to explain it to you.

    The true thing is that many of the things you see as “being yourself” is not really you. It’s just you acting as a lame version of yourself. The goal is to become the best version of yourself. Sometimes the two can be confused for each other. The lame version of yourself, which might be socially awkward or the best version of yourself, which is socially aware are both different versions of yourself.

    The truest version of yourself is probably in the middle, like some kind of neutral blank state where you are neither confident nor insecure, you just are. Anyways my point is when you be yourself, you are probably projecting your personality, but also portraying a host of negative attributes that are unattractive that cancel it out. You need to work at removing those bad traits and replacing them with good traits, it isn’t easy, but there are many ways to get there.

    You weren’t born with these bad unattractive traits. They were conditioned into your behaviour since childhood through reinforcement and you do it subconsciously without even thinking about it. You need to get rid of these bad traits and replace them with good traits. There are many ways to get there if you are willing to put the time and effort.

  8. Hey thanks for the primer on Sodini.

    Best conversation on the net, right here.

    I do like Alek’s idea to piss off as many women as possible and watch them love it.I have seen it, it is so true.
    The exception is that I do not care if they come around or not,
    the initial irritation is all I want now.

    It seems this Sodini gave the assessment of his self to an(outside party.)

    The self worth must come from oneself, not from the use of the penis.
    That would be like picking a greek ranking system on how well
    I took a dump in the morning.

    I agree that the guy flipped because he was after or having sex vs not having it.

    No emotional investment in not being interested.None.
    She’s free to go off her own way, and the sooner the better.

    • About the one thing that should enter the mind of a shrewd man (and this is even done by the alpha) is to withhold attention and be careful with money.
      In that respect all omegas and betas can do the same without validation from anyone else.
      One thing’s for sure though… the more money you have, the more options you have.
      Putting all your hope on a woman is a sure way to get cleaned out.
      So give yourself options by doing the things you like and improve yourself where you feel comfortable…

  9. In one of my posts, I got accused of being the next “Marc Lepine”. I had never heard of him.

    Whatever, I am no psychopath.

    This is called “getting desparate”.

    People have been going crazy and randomly killing people for decades.

    Think of “Jack the Ripper” and others…

    Now, the feminuts are just using MRA’s as an excuse for irrational behavior.

    Kinda like people who don’t like METAL used that…
    or rap…

  10. accusing someone you disagree with of being a potential serial killer or mass murderer is literally one step away from accusing them of being hitler, they have already lost the argument and are just spinning out of control

    • That’s where relational aggression comes in, and why it (“you are going to be a serial killer!”) is almost always used by women against men they either can’t exploit or are unhappy with in some way.
      You ever notice how all the write-ups for many serial killers say “He was so peaceful, I never expected it?”
      It’s kind of like when women say “only men go for looks, women are above such superficialities”, and then you look at the divorce statistics and the woman initiated it at least over 70% of the time. If the man really went for looks it would be the reverse.
      Let’s face it, the more men realise one of two things:
      1. Women either don’t know how to tell the good guys from the bad, AND
      2. Women want the bad guys,
      they will realise that either the woman is stupid, or lying.
      Which is a great start towards building the indifference that women say they want, in men who they find themselves attracted to.

  11. All I can say is, women have made their bed of razor wire in Hell, now they can sleep and bleed in it without me for company.

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